Prada 2008-2009

My first Prada bag was a small navy nylon tote that carried everywhere in high school, including for my med school interview. It was so light and functional, yet demurely beautiful without screaming for attention. I later gave it to my mom, who gave it to my cousin without even asking me! I was so upset! Anyhow, I don’t have pix of them, but it’ll always be in my memories 🙂

Prada FW08 Mordore Wallet in Purple Metallic Leather and Pink Calf Lining

– Purchased in 2008
– Again, I gave this to my mom cuz she liked it… but she never used it and just let it sit there. Now, she doesn’t even know where it is and *might* have given it away… >__<


SS09 Wrap Sunnies in White Acetate

– Purchased in 2009
– I saw these on magazine ads everywhere that season! I loved them and ran to my local Prada counter to try them on! They fit great! Nevertheless, I’ve never worn them out yet. I just always end up grabbing my LV sunnies instead… and compared to LVs, yeah, the quality is wayyyyyyyyyy inferior (or maybe it’s just cuz LV’s are superior to all other brands).


SS09 Tessuto Vernice Tote in Black Nylon and Patent Leather Trim

– Purchased in 2009
– My everyday school bag! I’ve gotten lots of compliments from both males and females. The bag is light weight and carries a ton!