Take Me Higher in Butterfly Chiara Heels!

Sophia Webster FW15 Chiara Heels in Fuschia Hologram, Patent Neon Orange, Iridescent Gold, and Black Suede


Sophia Webster first caught my eye a little more than a year ago when she created the “Evangeline” heels which have a pair of angel’s wings. Then the Chiara heels with butterfly wings came out and made my heart flutter in joy. Nonetheless, I was not sold on the price tag of this contemporary brand. For the same amount, I could buy a nice pair of high end designer heels that are made in Europe, rather than a developing country. So I waited for the sale to happen because I also had a DIY project in mind…

Here’s my reveal but keep on reading for my special project!

SW_Chiara1 SW_Chiara2 SW_Chiara3 SW_Chiara4

The shoes are super cute, especially the heart on the outsole. I love the colour pattern with the hot pink holographic wings, bright orange divisions, and golden edges. I’m not too keen on the black toe band and would’ve preferred a PVC or nude strap so that the wings really are the focus of the shoes. Overall, I don’t regret purchasing them. However, I’m not sure if I would purchase more from this brand. The quality is obviously not what I’m used to from premier designers, but it’s not horrible. The leather is a bit stiff and the edges are kinda scratchy. It’s these details that I feel like are lacking and could really help to polish the brand more. The fit is true to size in my opinion and pretty comfortable when I was walking around in my home. I’m still very excited for the weather to get better and take them out for a fly!


Outfit reference:
Equipment silk blouse
BCBG mini-skirt

Inspired DIY Project*
Many years ago, I was very good at arts and crafts. I haven’t touched them in a decade, but got inspired when I saw Sophia Webster’s Glitter Evangeline heels. I preferred Chiara’s vibrant pattern with the hologram, but cannot live without glitter. So I thought why not get crafty and make it a glitter project myself?! Sure enough, I went out to buy all my supplies. Although I purchased the heels a while ago, I did not have time to sit down for this project until a week ago, which was why I’ve delayed my reveal until I had the final masterpiece done!sophia-webster-light-pink-evangeline-glitter-angel-wing-sandals-pink-product-4-102979236-normal

What you will need:
1. Glue – Any kind of white glue, Allen’s art glue, Viva’s Glass Effect Gel, Mod Podge, Glossy Accents, Multi-Medium Matte Glue…etc. I probably would not use E6000 or hot glue… I’m also not a fan of glitter glue because I find the glitter is not as dense but these were only from the dollar store that I played with as a child. There could be better quality ones out there now.
2. Glitter – Choose any kind to your liking. I prefer the ones with very fine glitter because the chunky ones are hard to spread, but again this is only from my experience decades ago. Not sure how advanced technology has made glitter these days, but choose with caution.
3. Sealant – Use any kind of varnish or even hairspray can do the trick!
4. Various small hard tipped brushes to work in small areas.

Everything is pretty self-explanatory. I applied glitter all over the orange divisions on the wings as shown below. It took about 3-4 coats to get the glitter effect that I wanted. Each coat took approximately 2 hours to apply, and I gave 5-6 hours to dry in between each coat. Then I applied 2 coats of sealant on top. Total amount of time = 1 full weekend and it was totally worth it! I was delighted with the final result as you can see in the pictures below.



I was so ecstatic that I even made my first video! Thank you all for letting me share my new pretty shoes and first DIY project 😀

Other pictures of the infamous Chiara heels:chiara-swaw15103-2.62thumb.php

Campaign from Sophia Webster’s FW15 collection:

Neiman Marcus advertisement:NMX2QRM_ez

Other colour patterns:

Rossi Diaz flew to the MTV VMAs last year in these Mint Green heels:2015+MTV+Video+Music+Awards+Arrivals+J6_MQrojiwMxCO5VFaBWEAAPUJASophiawebster_featureimage_360nobs-640x431

As seen on Anna Dello Russo and Kaley Cuoco in Iridescent Neon:Anna-Dello-Russo-Sophia-Webster-Chiara-Butterfly-Sandals-3kaley-cuoco-and-sophia-webster-chiara-sandals-gallery

Mini Chiara baby shoes and grown up heels in Spearmint:Sophia_Webster-63-11

Sophia Webster in collaboration with Barbie:140

Lastly, the bridal version for something Blue:SOPHIA_3

*Disclaimer: The DIY project is only for my personal entertainment. It is not intended for resale as all shoes are for my own use. It is not to promote counterfeit designer goods. Credit is given to the creator herself, Sophia Webster, for her original design of the Evangeline Glitter heels which have inspired me. I am not responsible for other people’s actions should my DIY project inspire others to create similar products. 

My First Pair of Stuart Weitzman’s Shoes

Stuart Weitzman Highland 85 in Black Suede Leather


I finally got my SW over the knee boots!!! I’ve been yearning for these boots for months since I saw them on many Instagrammers last fall. They’re not terribly expensive in comparison to some of my other shoes, but it’s just mentally hard for me to justify spending full price on a pair of non-Louboutins! I was initially waiting for them to go on sale during the Winter, but I was told by the sales people at SW’s official boutiques that they never reduce the prices for these classics. I was disappointed but determined to purchase a pair on sale. So I roamed the internet, called all these boutiques around the world, and in the end I gave up. They were indeed full price everywhere, except for some odd coloured ones, like red, blue, beige…etc.

Then I thought about purchasing alternatives that are more affordable. I found these Karen Millen OTK boots that are very feminine and cute. However, they only had the 110mm heels, whereas I preferred the lower 85 heel which was not available in my size. Although they were very good quality, $650 was still very expensive. I was hoping they’d go on sale too, but I guess last sales season really was not meant for me.


In the end, I went back to Holt Renfrew and made an order for the original SW boots that I had in mind. The selection is very good: available in a variety of colours, suede or smooth leather. All the different versions of OTK boots made by SW can be confusing. After analyzing all of them, the three most sought after boots are:
– Highland: Average shaft length 24 inches, round toe
– Hightstreet: Average shaft length 24 inches, almond toe
– All Legs: Tall shaft length 27 inches, almond toe (great for those who are tall!)

I was pretty sure I wanted Highlands in black suede, but almost got swayed by these taupe “Praline” boots… I kinda like them, but I don’t have a lot of grey, beige, brown, or tan colours in my wardrobe which I think would suit this colour best. Here I tried them on in a changing closet. I dunno, my pale skin looks even more washed out and I kinda felt like having elephant legs!


So why are they so popular? I think these OTK boots are perfect because they don’t scream “OTK stripper boots” at all, they’re demure, practical, and casually chic for everyday wear. You can dress them up with a midi skirt, mini skirt, or tuck a pair of jeggings inside to keep you extra warm during the cooler seasons. Not only so, they’re very comfortable at 85mm that you gain some height without compromising practicality. I love all the suede colours, but not the smooth kid leather version… I know it’s easier to maintain, but the smooth leather is very shiny and can be more difficult to wear in my opinion. Anyhow, without further ado, my reveal!

SW_highlands6 SW_highlands7

^Details of the boots: Leather back tie to help prevent the boots from slipping when worn with bare legs, because the inside is lined in slippery satin.
Tip: When putting on OTK boots, it’s much easier to fold the boots mid-way first, especially if you plan on wearing jeggings. Then step into the footbed, and pull them up all the way!

Outfit reference:
Louis Vuitton Monogram shawl
Guess black top
BCBG mini skirt

SW_highlands1 SW_highlands2

Other than the official SW boutiques, these boots are available through a variety of retailers: NM, BG, Saks, Nordies, Bloomies, Browns, Holt Renfrew, David’s, The September, Lane Crawford, Luisa Via Roma…etc. However, the fact that I was able to redeem some points for HR’s gift card helped to dampen my shopping damage! In addition, another justification was that I was driving back home with a storm soon to come the next day. Obviously, I would need some new designer boots to conquer through the snow! Alright, I’m joking – I would never wear suede out in any wet weather condition! This was a great advice given to me by my dear cobbler many years ago. It’s impossible to revive the fluffiness of suede once it gets wet. It can also alter the shape and lining of the leather during the drying process. However, my S6 with all its quattro beastliness would gladly run through any storm!


Here are a few other goodies that I picked up. Since I’m on the road often, I like to pack just my essentials for skincare and makeup, which means that I often leave out my nice masks and other face creams. So my skin becomes dry easily in the Winter. I bought this value pack from Sephora to quench my skin’s thirst and another Guerlain eyeshadow palette.

^Group pic with my recent duty free purchases.

Thanks for letting me share another great shopping day and it’s so nice to come home to find a box of chocolates waiting for me to devour! 🙂



January Sale Haul

January is a great time post holidays to get some fantastic deals on everything. Whether you’re looking for new clothing, shoes, accessories, or anything else like home appliances and furniture, you can score a great bargain! This year I got some new jewelry pieces from Nadri, Marchesa, Kate Spade.

Nadri makes really cute and trendy pieces that are relatively affordable and most items are pretty good in quality with gold or rhodium plating. The pearl earrings that I got from them are actually full price for the new season, but still too cute to pass. The bar necklace is amazing though and I have to admit that I was so distraught after I returned it in the past, then I began looking for it everywhere until my luck brought them back to me even better the second time around on sale! Marchesa usually makes designer dresses but recently branched out into the costume jewelry market to compliment their gowns. I also like Kate Spade for their whimsical pieces, but would not purchase them full price. I personally don’t think that imported items should cost more than $50, and it’s not like I’m impressed by their materials which are mainly made with glass, plastic, and brass.


I have a black tie event coming up so I hope to wear these trendy earrings soon!

Next I went to MAC for their Back to MAC program which is a fabulous idea to encourage consumers to recycle primary packaging materials. Rather than just throwing out used or unwanted lipsticks, containers, or other supplies, you can compile them and with every 6 products brought back to the program, MAC offers any lipstick of your choosing (except their Viva Glam collection) as exchange for your loyalty and contribution to helping the environment. What a great incentive! So I gathered all my stuff and got two lipsticks in Capricious (lustre) and Please Me (matte).


And of course I bought everything from Aritzia, which is a Canadian company that offers chic and comfortable clothing. I used to boycott against this company as they have very poor customer service, and still do from my personal experience. So now I just buy online. There’s a lot of allegations in the news and I won’t go into the details, but their staff are mostly made up of very young sales employees. Proper training should be made in place to not appear so eager… I don’t know if these girls get commission or not, but they appear like hawks and whenever you say I’m just looking, they turn around so fast and make a “Hmmmmmrrrrph” noise, scrunch up their face, or roll their eyes…etc. Not very professional or courteous. On the other hand if you say you are looking for item X, they bring out 20 unrelated items for you to try… and it’s like, no just let me try on this one thing please… The store items and online pricing are also completely different, usually with the online products cheaper and having better selection of sizes/colours. I also don’t like their exchange/return policy. Despite all the cons (and I can continue listing more), I do like the cut and fit of their clothing as they’re generally made smaller and the quality is decent for everyday clothing. They only offer twice a year sales, so it’s a good time right now to take advantage of the discounts!

Aritiza1 Wilfred Free Isidora sleeveless jersey dress
3 Wilfred Free Klum long sleeve jersey dresses
1 Wilfred Free Bitter long sleeve shirt
1 Wilfred Free Alanna slit skirt
1 Paradise Mine skinny jeans
1 Babaton Oswald trouser pants
1 Wilfred Free Anouck dress
1 Citizens of Humanity skinny jeans
1 Wilfred Bisset blazer jacket

Outfit reference below:
Aritzia Wilfred wool jacket
H&M lace top
J Crew pants
Kate Spade necklace
Christian Louboutin Simple pumps
Mansur Gavriel tote bag

Happy shopping and thanks for letting me share my January haul! 😀



Xmas’15 Reveal III – Haul of Everything Else!

Besides the two pairs of shoes from Valentino and Louboutin, I also got a bunch of other things for Christmas this year from family, colleagues, and friends including lots of cosmetics, clothing, and food which I can’t manage to list them all. So here are a few highlights:

Xmas2 Xmas4

My mom got me this beautiful display piece with hand embroidered silk pandas! I love pandas they’re so cute and a really memorable childhood moment was when my family and I went to the only specialized panda zoo in China back in the days after a disastrous ride up the rocky mountains. I was able to play with a mother panda and see real baby pandas! It was such an amazing trip! Unfortunately the more modern day panda zoo of the same facility no longer allows visitors to hold pandas anymore for liability issues. Anyhow, my mom recently brought my niece to the zoo and purchased this souvenir piece for me! Thanks mommy!!!

Now I don’t really know what to do with this piece… It’s a Chanel brooch which I doubt its authenticity… I appreciate the gesture, but I’m not a person who just goes for the name or brand of a product… A simple gift would be more than welcome, like a mug or candles which I always love. Sometimes it’s so hard to refuse gifts from some people close to you who don’t get it…


I also got three sets of lingerie from L’Agent by Agent Provocateur and another set from the main collection Agent Provocateur (AP). I will not be sharing these pieces for obvious personal reasons, but they’re super gorgeous! Between the two lines, I really don’t see too much of a difference in quality. L’Agent is obvious more affordable usually between $100-200 per set whereas AP is probably double the price. However the materials used are often the same, and both are imported (eg. Morocco and China). I believe only the Soirée luxury collection from AP is made in the UK or other European nations. So to be honest for a few pieces of skimpy clothing, I like L’Agent which helps save me some money, but when I really want to spoil myself then I’ll purchase from the main AP collection 😀

Another fabulous piece of clothing that I bought from the sales was IRO’s “Karare” lamb fur jacket. It is absolutely stunning, so warm and comfy! It’s available in black, beige, and also in a faux fur version as featured below from IRO’s campaign this season. This shaggy fur look seems to be really popular this fall/winter and I used to think that fur is only suitable for special events. However, this piece can be dressed both up or down. It can glam up a casual look, or enhance an evening night out look as well!

11203260_5845441_1000 iro_woman_fw15_000023
IMG_9572^Outfit reference:
IRO fur jacket
Equipment silk blouse
Joe’s skinny jeans
Valentino Rockstud booties
Celine Belt bag

I recently took notice of T by Alexander Wang’s criss cross top which I was waiting forever to go on sale. I initially fell in love with the grey colour, but purchased the navy which I think is more wearable. It’s also available in black. This style has been around for 2 years now, and has been worn by a few celebs including Nicki Minaj who owns several versions. I usually have a lot of difficulty wearing clothing from his brand because I don’t really have the sporty, androgynous physique but it’s such a cool and fun piece to have in any girl’s collection. Time is too short to pass up thinking if I’m too old for crop tops! haha I didn’t wear them when I was a teenager, I guess I’m a late bloomer and will wear them in my later years of life!!! 😛

^As seen on a model in the brand’s campaign last year.

And because I need to catch up to those potential teenage years, I purchased another crop top from Jonathon Simkhai in Sahara Rose. I like the criss cross action again and the cut-out details in the back. This style is a bit harder to wear than the one above because you definitely need a beige bra for it to not show through the cut-outs. It’s actually a very sweet and romantic style that doesn’t look skimpy at all in my opinion. The neutral colour definitely helps as there is less contrast showing your skin. I personally don’t like the skirt because I find the horizontal thing between the slits awkward. If it was just a tube skirt, I would have definitely purchased the whole set. The only picture that I could find of a celeb or model wearing the skirt nicely was Kendall Jenner with Drake in the last pic.

602941_ou_xl602941_bk_xlIMG_9529Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 10.28.33 PM
Lastly, my baby love is slowly recovering from his illness and he adores his Christmas snowman toy!! Thanks for letting me share everything and Happy New Year!!!


Waitlisted for Mansur Gavriel?

Mansur Gavriel Large Tote in Black/Flamma Calfskin Leather


Anyone interested in fashion these days can attest to the highly sought after Mansur Gavriel handbags as the newest brand achieving cult status. The name comes from two very talented female designers who got together in 2012 to conceive the brand. Since then, the waitlist for their famous bucket and tote bags has been endlessly long. So what is so special about their bags?
1. Minimalistic design: Great for those who want a sophisticated bag without the logos. All the bags have only a small print in the front in gold lettering.
2. Vegetable tanned leather: Meaning quality leather that’s dyed without all the carcinogenic chemicals and is biodegradable. The natural tan colour, Cammello, is obviously the most personable as it is nearly a “naked” leather that will patina over time with your daily imprints.
3. Affordable price: $500 – 1000 for a contemporary brand made at a single factory in Italy!

After contemplating for quite some time between the small and large totes, I finally decided on getting the large one. I knew I wanted black and I love anything with a splash of red! So it was easy for me to decide on the Flamma interior colour. I had a chance to purchase this bag last year, but missed out on the SA’s phone call and then the bag got sold to the next person on the waitlist. However, it was really per chance that day when I was roaming around Holt Renfrew and purchasing some other items, that I randomly asked about the Mansur Gavriel tote since I knew it was soon to be restocked soon. They checked their online system’s availability, and then the bag became mine!

MG_Tote2 MG_Tote3 MG_Tote4 MG_Tote5

I plan to use the bag for work as it’s polished and discrete looking. One of my other tote bags for work is my sturdy Louis Vuitton Damier Hampstead MM which I’ve used for many years now. In comparison, the LV bag has a shorter height by 3-4 cm, but the base is wider by 1 cm. I’m used to having the 2 patch-pockets and a bigger zippered pocket inside my LV, whereas the Mansur Gavriel tote has no pockets at all. The pouch that comes with it is supposed to carry your small belongings, but I find it extremely flat and unable to put much inside… I really do like how lightweight the bag is compared to my LV which is quite heavy with the alcantara lining and hardware.


Outfit Pix:

Work Attire:
Helmut Lang coat
Mexx blazer jacket
J Crew trousers
Manolo Blahnik heelsIMG_8562 IMG_8563

Casual Look:
Vince cotton sweater

H&M shirt blouse
Mondor leggings
Michael Kors bootsMG_Tote7
Lastly a pic to show how much the bag can hold – a gigantic binder and more that’s for sure!!! Wearing an oldie but goodie here in Christian Louboutin Orniron booties 🙂