My Returning Edgy-ness

Balenciaga Wrap Deer Booties

– Purchased in 2010
– Dark brown upper grained deer-skin, black suede wedge heels
– So I have this inner rock-chic style that I’ve been suppressing for the longest time ever since high school. My career just does not allow any of this “bad girl” attitude to come out lol. It was sort of an unexpected purchase since I was just roaming around and found these new Balenciaga booties that Mona Moore got in stock. I was told to try them on and I LOVED them! They’re so edgy and unique!!! I was actually debating between this and Rick Owen’s Stivale Low Wedge Boots, but liked these instead cuz it had a nicer almond toe. (Eventually, I ended up getting Rick Owen’s boots as well lol, see my RO page for comparison of the two shoes!)

As worn by Gwenyth Paltrow: