My First Pair of Stuart Weitzman’s Shoes

Stuart Weitzman Highland 85 in Black Suede Leather


I finally got my SW over the knee boots!!! I’ve been yearning for these boots for months since I saw them on many Instagrammers last fall. They’re not terribly expensive in comparison to some of my other shoes, but it’s just mentally hard for me to justify spending full price on a pair of non-Louboutins! I was initially waiting for them to go on sale during the Winter, but I was told by the sales people at SW’s official boutiques that they never reduce the prices for these classics. I was disappointed but determined to purchase a pair on sale. So I roamed the internet, called all these boutiques around the world, and in the end I gave up. They were indeed full price everywhere, except for some odd coloured ones, like red, blue, beige…etc.

Then I thought about purchasing alternatives that are more affordable. I found these Karen Millen OTK boots that are very feminine and cute. However, they only had the 110mm heels, whereas I preferred the lower 85 heel which was not available in my size. Although they were very good quality, $650 was still very expensive. I was hoping they’d go on sale too, but I guess last sales season really was not meant for me.


In the end, I went back to Holt Renfrew and made an order for the original SW boots that I had in mind. The selection is very good: available in a variety of colours, suede or smooth leather. All the different versions of OTK boots made by SW can be confusing. After analyzing all of them, the three most sought after boots are:
– Highland: Average shaft length 24 inches, round toe
– Hightstreet: Average shaft length 24 inches, almond toe
– All Legs: Tall shaft length 27 inches, almond toe (great for those who are tall!)

I was pretty sure I wanted Highlands in black suede, but almost got swayed by these taupe “Praline” boots… I kinda like them, but I don’t have a lot of grey, beige, brown, or tan colours in my wardrobe which I think would suit this colour best. Here I tried them on in a changing closet. I dunno, my pale skin looks even more washed out and I kinda felt like having elephant legs!


So why are they so popular? I think these OTK boots are perfect because they don’t scream “OTK stripper boots” at all, they’re demure, practical, and casually chic for everyday wear. You can dress them up with a midi skirt, mini skirt, or tuck a pair of jeggings inside to keep you extra warm during the cooler seasons. Not only so, they’re very comfortable at 85mm that you gain some height without compromising practicality. I love all the suede colours, but not the smooth kid leather version… I know it’s easier to maintain, but the smooth leather is very shiny and can be more difficult to wear in my opinion. Anyhow, without further ado, my reveal!

SW_highlands6 SW_highlands7

^Details of the boots: Leather back tie to help prevent the boots from slipping when worn with bare legs, because the inside is lined in slippery satin.
Tip: When putting on OTK boots, it’s much easier to fold the boots mid-way first, especially if you plan on wearing jeggings. Then step into the footbed, and pull them up all the way!

Outfit reference:
Louis Vuitton Monogram shawl
Guess black top
BCBG mini skirt

SW_highlands1 SW_highlands2

Other than the official SW boutiques, these boots are available through a variety of retailers: NM, BG, Saks, Nordies, Bloomies, Browns, Holt Renfrew, David’s, The September, Lane Crawford, Luisa Via Roma…etc. However, the fact that I was able to redeem some points for HR’s gift card helped to dampen my shopping damage! In addition, another justification was that I was driving back home with a storm soon to come the next day. Obviously, I would need some new designer boots to conquer through the snow! Alright, I’m joking – I would never wear suede out in any wet weather condition! This was a great advice given to me by my dear cobbler many years ago. It’s impossible to revive the fluffiness of suede once it gets wet. It can also alter the shape and lining of the leather during the drying process. However, my S6 with all its quattro beastliness would gladly run through any storm!


Here are a few other goodies that I picked up. Since I’m on the road often, I like to pack just my essentials for skincare and makeup, which means that I often leave out my nice masks and other face creams. So my skin becomes dry easily in the Winter. I bought this value pack from Sephora to quench my skin’s thirst and another Guerlain eyeshadow palette.

^Group pic with my recent duty free purchases.

Thanks for letting me share another great shopping day and it’s so nice to come home to find a box of chocolates waiting for me to devour! 🙂



The Nutcracker 2015


Sorry I’m trying to catch up to some old pix, but I’ve always loved the Nutcracker ballet that it’s become a tradition over the past few years. Despite seeing the same performance every year around Christmas, each time it’s still such a delight to rejoice around your family and loved ones. It really brings back childhood memories of adventure, love, and dreams of fantasy. It’s a real Winter Wonderland told in its most artistic form that I have to share with everyone about this awesome day!


I started the day early in the morning to get my hair done. I’ve been going to Aveda Institute for more than 5 years now because I really love their service where I can get everything done in one place: hair, makeup, and spa. The Academy is also a learning school so they have junior stylists which I prefer more than senior stylists. I’ve been to all sorts of salons and consistently the attentive service and end result of my haircut are better here. Not only so, I really enjoy their herbal tea. I think I was pretty sick one time with a cold, and this tea was just felt amazing against my sore throat.

Outfit of the day reference:
H&M top
Elie Tahari jacket
7 For All Mankind jeans
Rolex watch
Hermès CDC belt
Céline Trapèze bag
Manolo Blahnik BB heels

IMG_8939 Extensions

Then I headed to another salon to get a manicure, pedicure, and eyelash extensions. I could’ve stayed at Aveda for the mani and pedi, but I got a promotion to try their lash extensions which was something new that I had discovered last year. I’ve always wondered how some Asian girls had beautiful long lashes that did not look fake. I actually have pretty long lashes, but they’re very sparse as with my eyebrows. One day a friend revealed to me that she recently discovered them as well and I was really impressed! “Naturally,” I had to try them as well 🙂 Here’s a pic of my eyes looking in all directions right after the aesthetician applied them. If you’re interested in trying them, here’s the scoop of the nitty gritty details:

How long does it take for application? 1.5 – 2 hours depending on the aesthetician
How long do they last? 1 month or so if you only want them for a one time deal, and not long term
Longterm maintenance? Every 2-3 weeks for fill-ins, brushings, detangling…etc.
Downsides? Cost, cannot touch water for the first 24 hours, no oil-based eye makeup or skincare products, I had to change my skincare regimen and be careful when washing my face.
Can you see the glue? No, the glue is clear.
What kind of glue is used? Various types, but I prefer the medical grade.
What kind of lashes are used? I tried a few and Faux Mynx is the best and most natural for me. You can also specify the length and curvature of lashes. I use a variety for a more custom look – speak to your aesthetician for what works best with your eye shape.
Cost: Initial application is $100-150, and maintenance is about $60-80 for me.

So after 2-3 months I kinda get fed up with the high maintenance. It’s also recommended to give your lashes a break every 3 months. I personally have not found any damages done to my own natural lashes, but while I had the fake ones on, I did have to pull out a few that became twisted with the extensions. It’s hard to explain, but sometimes the extensions will criss-cross, become tangled, or turn upside down, that no matter how I brushed them, they’d still be a mess. So that’s when I’ll go see my aesthetician, or if I can’t make it in time, then I’ll have to resort to pulling them out >___<


Finally, I’m all made up and ready to go see the Nutcracker in Roland Mouret’s Angel dress, Iro fur jacket, Christian Louboutin Altadama water snake heels and lipstick in Miss Clichy. Accessories in Chanel, Rolex, and Cartier.

Of course after the show, I had to check out our city’s famous holiday display for 2015. Another childhood tradition that I’ve always loved to watch all the little puppets and dolls dance in preparation for the season. There’s always a cute theme that children adore and bring families together.

Thanks for letting me share my belated post!


The New LBD and Skincare Discoveries

Elizabeth and James FW15 Otto Mesh Cut-Out Dress

I generally do not purchase much contemporary brand clothing, with the exception of jeans. However, when I saw this dress, I really liked the design, cut outs, mesh detailing, and overall updated look to a classic LBD. It’s very well fitted, maybe a little too tight… but it does have some stretch to the material. I’m still somewhat unsure if it’s showing too much skin… This is a good time for me to comment that with such a deep V cut, I’m glad to have a small chest! haha Nonetheless, I’ll probably never wear it out like most of my stuff…

Styling tip: Simplicity is key. Have 1-2 accessories, but the dress already calls for a lot of attention. So keep everything to a minimal. I would NOT wear a necklace, especially not a vertical bar necklace that drops down to your cleavage! That is too much!
Worn below with Christian Louboutin So Kate Leopard Print Ponyhair heels.

ElizabethandJames.OttoDress_CL.SKleopard ElizabethandJames_Otto2

Other pictures from retailers:

Intermix:Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 11.45.51 AM

Neiman Marcus:
Models here show the back details and also the dress available in white.NMTAD33_az NM-60N4_ez


Guerlain Météorites Oxygen Care Moisturizer & Radiance Booster

Two months ago, Guerlain just released two new products in the Météorites collection, which has yet to be updated over the last decade since its original release. Although I believe they were already debuted in Asia for a while. One of the new additions includes a moisturizer which is the first time being introduced in the collection. The other addition is a variant of the current Perles primer, which I have used in the past and loved it.Guerlain

When I saw the new items online in the summer, I was unclear as to what the differences were between the 3 products, and the 2 primers have very similar names… I tried to look them up but no reviews found yet. I’ll try my best to explain:
– Oxygen Moisturizer (left): Gel-like texture, good for the summer, and provides light hydration. Good for combo-oily skin. Non-silicone feel (which I hate). Barely visible light-reflecting particles in tones of pink and blue (rids of yellow sallowness and redness).
– Light-Perfecting Primer (middle): These white pearls are like the original pink ones in that they are “crushed” evenly with every pump. However, the texture and particles are completely different than the original. The product spreads smoothly, but there are LARGE WHITE SPARKLES (not mini glitter), like seriously big chunks of sparkles! Not what you’re looking for if you want a more “mature” look, but definitely prom night appropriate!
– Light-Diffusing Primer (right): Most of us have tried the original pearl primer which is a lovely non-silicone base that has tiny particles to reflect light. It makes your face have a gorgeous glow and I certainly hope that Guerlain does not discontinue this for the white pearl primer…Guerlain_MeteoriteMoisturizerGuerlain_MeteoriteMoisturizer_Swatch^Swatch of the Oxygen Moisturizer:
You can see the small light particles on the left, and after spreading it over my hand (right) there’s a sheen as shown under the sun.

Lastly, a friend recently introduced me to the Faceshop‘s masks. The company is of Korean origin and has been quite popular in Asia from my understanding. I don’t really care for their makeup or other products as they seem a bit… juvenile? However their masks have received great reviews and I always try to get a bunch when they have promotions like “Get 5 free with the purchase of 10 masks.” It contains a porous sheet that you apply onto your face for 10-15 mins and the serum left over is usually good for another 2 applications, which I use as a toner. Cost is about $2 per mask, which is not bad if you can get 2-3 uses from the product. I do also like the more expensive masks that cost $4-10 each. In particular the one in the lower right corner. My Chinese is not good… Beautiful Woman __________ ?something I had another friend and we were both like, what is that 3rd character!??!?! haha Anyhow, the last one has a jelly texture and is supposed to “lift everything up” according to the salesgirl. I don’t see my face or wrinkles being lifted, but it does feel very hydrated and plumped.


Thanks for letting me share and have a great weekend! Stay tuned for some exciting reveals next week 🙂

Summer Outfits

A few of my favourite looks this summer – sorry for the binge posting again!!

A gorgeous Clover Canyon dress in the Matador print
– Christian Louboutin Sweety Charity mini bag and Décolzep heels

Classy outfit for going out to dinner
– Nordstrom silk top and lace skirt
– Chanel Reissue 226 bag
– Christian Louboutin So Kate heelsOOTD_July2015_2

A simple black dress to rock in my fiercely ferocious Audi S6 aka my Beast!!
– Christian Louboutin So Kate Rocaille watersnake heels
– Céline Large Trio purse
– Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch
– Hermès, Tiffany, and David Yurman bracelets
IMG_6286IMG_4001^Later I came back home and brought the Beast to the spa! He was so pampered and spoiled as always 🙂 Yes I did also change into my spikey flats to be more comfortable.

Casual leggings and simple white shirt for running some errands around town
– Christian Louboutin Sweety Charity mini bag and Cabo heels
– Louis Vuitton Soupçon Rond Honey Glitter sunnies
Audi.S6_June2015.Mtl OOTD_June6.2015IMG_3760

Another casual look in a black lace T-shirt and shorts
– Céline Trapèze handbag
– Hermès Clic Clac bracelet
– Cartier Trinity ring
– Aquazzura Amazon heelsAmazon000

Another time wearing these Aquazzura sandals out with a Helmut Lang dressHL_AquazzuraAmazon0
^Yikes!! Love the look of the shoes, but definitely not made for everyday walking!!

A hot pink flowy dress for one of those heat-stroke days
– Valentino Rockstud heels IMG_3782 IMG_3777

Casual pink T paired with jeans
– Hermès bracelets
– Céline Trapèze bag
– Valentino Rockstud flats
– Chanel Allure lipstick to finish the look

Shopping in a simple Diane Von Furstenburg dress
– Balenciaga Mini Giant City bag
– Aquazzura Belgravia kitten heels
– David Yurman Albion ring and braceletDVF

Below I’m at Aritzia looking for another casual dress but having a hard time choosing between the black and grey… I went with the grey dress in the end, but I think my heart yearns for the black which is always my go-to-colour, easy to match, and always looks sleek. Aritizia_dress

A look from last summer when I had my haircut asymmetrically…
– Hermès Kelly and Clic Clac bracelets
– Christian Louboutin So Kate in Vernis Mouchette

And this was right before I had my hair up in a ponytail often
– Louis Vuitton Damier Hampton tote
– Valentino Rockstud Cage flatsOOTD_2013

On weekdays, I have a more polished look for the office. My usual is a simple black shift dress and cardigan on top
– Prada Saffiano Executive tote
– Cartier Amulette necklace and ring
– Manolo Blahnik Titanium BB heels

Another professional outfit and I love pairing a light pink shirt with a grey skirt!
– Manolo Blahnik Titanium BB heelsIMG_7178

Another sweet and feminine outfit for work
– Prada black patent heelsIMG_6690

Don’t forget that accessories are very important and really bring together any outfit
– Gianvito Rossi Satin Collar “Tuxedo” heels
– Louis Vuitton Damier Hampton tote
– Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch
– Cartier Trinity ringIMG_7127 IMG_7095

Black shift dress again with black cardigan
– David Yurman pearl necklace and Albion bracelet
– Gianvito Rossi black leather pumps
– Prada Saffiano Executive toteIMG_3935

Dim Sum and Shopping Day


There’s nothing like a delectable meal to satisfy my tummy before a day of shopping. I’m very pleased to finally find a dim sum place with pleasant ambiance in Montreal that’s suitable to my taste after all these years. The Crystal has been at Chinatown here for a couple of years now, but it was difficult to notice at first because of its location on the second floor of this revived, yet nearly deserted building from many years ago. Unlike the usual dim sum dishes offered inconspicuously at most Chinese restaurants, the Crystal offers more variety and interesting dishes concocted from classical Cantonese cuisine. Definitely a must-dine place if you’re ever in town.


Outfit reference:
Nordstrom mesh top
Rag & Bone jeans with leather and mesh panels
Hermès Clic Clac bracelet
Hermès Collier de Chien belt
Cartier Love ring
Nadri earrings
Céline Phantom bag
Valentino Rockstud booties

I really like the black mesh top which I bought at Nordstrom along with the grey see-through sweater shown below as well. It has very much an Alexander Wang look – that casual American coolness mixed with ingenious technical fabrics, to result in clothing that’s easy to wear and comfortable.


My other new discovery is that Zara actually makes really nice trouser pants! I’m always looking for dress pants that can carry me from the office to personal affairs without looking like I actually stepped right out of the work environment. Perhaps I’ve grown to fulfill my curves more, but a few years ago, I remember trying Zara’s clothing which were all too large for my petite physique. This Z1975 pair is especially comfortable and is office appropriate despite the label calling it “denim,” it’s actually not, but rather made of thin stretch material of cotton and polyester.

As I’m infatuated with mesh these days, so is the fashion industry, which is incorporating it into all sorts of clothing. Lululemon offers this long sleeve top, with finger holes and a bold green stripe in the back, that I thought was nice for the Spring when it could be still a bit chilly; as well as mesh leggings to allow for breathability in the popliteal areas. Unfortunately, I find the top too constricting when I’m doing strenuous exercise that the mesh accents become useless as I’m boiling in my own heat.

Lululemon2 Lululemon3

I also acquired some new jewelry by Nadri with the opening of Nordstrom recently and these two pieces have caught my eye that I actually ended up going back several times to the department store to check them out before settling my mind finally for their purchases. The necklace is quite sexy I imagine especially if worn with a low cut top as it dangles right in between one’s bosum. For this reason, I have not dared to wear it out yet, haha! The matching earrings are also a quite unique and edgy, which you can see me wearing in the above pix at dim sum. Both are well made with glass crystals and plated in 18K gold.

Nadri1 Nadri3 Nadri2

I recently saw a friend wearing Vince’s Addie heels which encaptured my attention. I managed to try them at Nordies, which I instantly fell in love with the leather and comfortable fit. However, the thick strap was not to my fondness as I found it to be bulky and I was not completely enthralled with the $400 price tag for only contemporary shoes. To my later surprise, I actually found The Bay to carry Vince Camuto’s Vamelia, which is a similar derivative, but I was even more impressed with the buttery soft nappa leather than the supposedly better brand Vince. Not only so, Vince Camuto offers their version with a thin buckle strap which is exactly what I prefer instead of Vince’s push-stud closure.  And only at a fraction of the cost at a special price of $90 that I found online at Amazon compared to the in-store retail $175, it was a no brainer for me that I had to get them!

VC_Vamelia1 VC_Vamelia2
VC_Vamelia3 VC_Vamelia4 VC_Vamelia5

Comparison to Vince’s Addie and another similar style Addison:
I do love Vince’s crocodile print which makes me think of it as a perfectly pairing to my Céline croc-embossed Phantom! These almost mule-like shoes are surely a hit for this season as they’re easy for downtown wear and produced en masse by various designers high and low. I plan to wear mine with cigarette pipe skinny jeans, and of course in black to elongate the leg lengthening effect, yes think Givenchy-like! Happy shopping everyone!

^Picture credit: