Chanel Les Beiges + Allure Gloss

Finally this weekend I got a chance to relax a bit after a week of chaos at work. My Guerlain Lingerie de Peau BB Cream is about to run out. It’s a fabulous light foundation in my opinion but these days with the harsh dry winter, my skin seems to be parched more than usual despite all the hydrating masks and night creams. At times, I have trouble putting on any liquid type of foundation because the dry patches just become more accentuated turning into a flakey mess. So I really wanted to buy something that’s extremely light and easy to apply. I suddenly remembered that Chanel has their Les Beiges Fluide which I tried on once last year but felt to be too “dewy” in the summer. I decided to give it another shot now that my skin really dry and may need the extra moisture.


Chanel Les Beiges All-In-One Healthy Glow Fluid SPF 15 in N.10

I like this for how sheer it is, and as you can see on my inner wrist, it practically disappears. I used my middle finger to blend and compared to my index finger which does not have any product on, both have about the same amount of lines. So it does not accentuate any wrinkles, creases, or flakes. Sorry my hands are so dry… and in the third picture below, I used Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Color Powder (with an all over sweep over the 3 shades) to set.

– Very natural finish
– Easy to apply (fool proof and is a great beginner product for those who are just entering into the world of foundations)
– Sheer
– Hydrating
– Does not accentuate fine lines or flakes
– SPF 15

– May not be the best if you’re looking for something with more coverage
– Quite heavily scented. This does not bother me, but not recommended if you’re allergic/sensitive to fragrances.
– Limited color selection, but given how sheer the product is, I don’t think you really need 20 shades…

Beiges1 Beiges2 Beiges3

Comparisons to Chanel’s CC Cream and Guerlain’s Meteorite Baby Glow

Chanel’s CC cream was way too thick and heavy for my liking. It does have more pigmentation for those who are looking for a more medium-full coverage.
On the other hand, Guerlain’s new Meteorites Baby Glow has been on my radar for the last few months as it was previously an Asian-market exclusive. I was pretty excited to check it out at the Guerlain counter in person since it’s kinda hard to locate, but I felt like I was let-down… The product is very sheer but even more so than Chanel’s Les Beiges. I feel like you need to have near perfect skin to be able to wear it, otherwise I do need some coverage to hide my acne scars. I was also afraid that it would be sparkly, but luckily it’s not. There’s a faint glow at certain angles, but relatively safe to wear for everyday. Overall verdict? Meh… Not as impressed as their BB cream, which I still love and will always be a staple.


Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss – One Click – in Sensible (15)

The Allure Gloss debuted Fall 2014, with new colors added to the line for their Spring/Summer collection. It’s an update from their earlier Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss from 2010, which featured a traditional twist-open tube. The new Allure Gloss has a fancier “One Click” top where the tube is basically using a spring mechanism to open. I like the idea of a highly pigmented gloss and a little surprised to find that even when the colors look very rich when applied on my hand, it still goes on quite sheer on my lips. I think they’re very wearable, especially the 15 which is the lightest color of the summer collection. How long does it last? Hmm… about 3-4 hours with eating in between which is pretty long for me. At first it’s a little sticky upon application, which I dislike because I find as the day carries on, most glosses become even thicker. However, I kinda liked it more at the 2-3 hour mark where it felt more soothing and hydrating. I’m still undecided about the texture, but overall I like the packaging and I like the colors!

Below I’m wearing Essie’s nail polish in Eternal Optimist (676). The top half of the last pic shows me wearing Rouge Allure Gloss 15 in my bathroom lighting, and bottom half in natural daylight. On my face, I have Les Beiges Fluide and Powder. Thanks for letting me share! Happy Sunday 😀




How Do YOU Get Ready For Summer?

Every summer, I have a day that I’d like to pamper myself to get ready for wearing shorts and skirts. So this always calls for a pedicure and I’ll get either another haircut, body wrap/exfoliation, or some other spa service. Depending on where I’m traveling, I like to check out new spas/salons around the country, otherwise I’ll go to my usual places. It’s important to take care of yourself and de-stress from whatever you have going on at work, so I hope that you will all have a wonderful start to a new season! Please take a moment for yourself and enjoy life 😀



The day started with a pedicure to prep my feet ready for wearing all those open-toed shoes and sandals in the summer. You want to get rid of that winter flaky skin, callouses, and other nasties down there. I won’t speak more (eg. fungus) lol. You get the point.

Then I spent hours getting my hair done. Previously I had these dark caramel highlights on the top half of my head with lighter blonde highlights underneath which gives it a nice “ombré” effect. Then I wanted to try something new and thought about getting red highlights… My stylist thought instead of highlighting the whole head, a red toner might give it a cool effect, so we tried this instead. Result? The first time it didn’t work, the red was barely seeable, so we re-did the job with a more intense red and got the result below. At first I was like… hmm??? Not sure, then I really liked it. The color is what I call “multi-dimensional” because in most lighting, it looks the same as before with some blond/caramel-ish highlights, but under the sun and halogen indoor lighting, the color  turns into a bold fiery color! Kinda cool… no? lol I’ve always loved Disney’s Ariel, I guess this is as close as I’ll ever get to being a mermaid!


All the pix here were taken outdoors, last one below was in my car stuck in traffic, so I thought I’d take a selfie with my iPhone even though I’m usually against selfies… Anyhow I digressed lol, you can see that the color is really different from every angle and lighting! The haircut also looks really nice with my tortoise Chanel glasses.



The day was of course not done yet, unless we do some late afternoon shopping! So I went over to Holt Renfrew to check out their “$100 off of $300 sale” on contemporary items – blah nothing interesting as usual. Their CL collection on display was pitiful, but there was a pair of So Kate in patent black leather in size 35 that came in today. Meh, still nothing amazing as most were left overs with odd sizes.

Then I went over to the Chanel cosmetics counter to check out the new Les Beiges Healthy-Glow Multicolour powders. Yikes… 2 sales associates doing makeup application on 2 customers, which is fine, I understand they’re busy, but at least they should smile and make eye contact with me after I stood there for what seemed like forever. I had to call 2 other sales associates from different counters to help because they were all just standing there watching me being ignored. Finally this nice SA from all the way ACROSS the floor came over to help – yes it was THAT BAD!

Alright enough ranting, I decided to still get Les Beiges Multicolour palette 01 which is a limited edition compact highlighter/bronzer/all over powder thing that’s supposed to be the “do it all” which often works out to be a “not at all” deal. The top part has a light soft shimmery color, the middle is like their usual Beiges powder from the permanent collection, and the bottom color is a subtle blush. Use them alone or blend everything together to get a “healthy glow” which I find can be a little too much shine after 2 hours if you have oily/combo skin like me. I use this only on my cheeks now, and continue to use my Chanel Double Perfection compact powder in the T-zone area.

– Beautiful packaging
– Nice concept
– Smooth glowy initial application
– Very sheer, not intended to be a foundation

– Not suitable for oily/combo skin
– Brush is kinda prickly and kinda cheap?
– May enlarge pores if you apply too much (note this is NOT a foundation, so do not try to pile on more to get more coverage)
– Middle powder does not blend well and is very hard… It does not have the same velvety texture or consistency as the other 2 parts…





I didn’t buy this lipstick on the same day, but it was a gift to me recently. Might as well add it to this post now. I’m usually not into matte lipsticks as they tend to be drying, but I really like this Rouge Allure Velvet in La Favorite (43). It’s a very pretty coral-pink color that applies smoothly and comes in a spring-loaded tube. Now this can get technical, so it even comes an instruction manual!






Lastly, one can’t be ready for summer without FLIP-FLOPS! I found this super cute pair at Aldo and had to have them! Then along came other accessories because they had this 20% off of 3 items, and I’m always a sucker for deals! The phalanges rings are pretty cool inspired by Balenciaga‘s runway. Alright that’s it everyone, have a great weekend and thanks for letting me share again!




Look Sharp in Chanel Glasses

Chanel FW13 Oval Acetate Eyeglasses with Interlaced Lambskin Chains in Tortoise


I forgot to post this purchase a while back in fall of last year when I ordered them. These are a bit retro looking with a slight cateye style. I felt like I need to step out of my comfort zone as I usually prefer more conservative styles. I like how that these glasses aren’t over the top wild, but are still professional looking. The interlaced chains are very pretty on the temples. They were also available in Black, Navy, and Clear acetate.






Just a few pix of my old Chanel Titanium Glasses with Rhinestones:



Meltonian: Spa-Time for Shoes and Bags!

After much research online, I’ve finally found the right products to protect my shoes and bags! I waited for more than a week for its delivery since it’s not available in Canada. With much enthusiasm, may I introduce the two star products,

MELTONIAN Water & Stain Protector and All-Purpose Cleaner & Conditioner

These are two great protectants that will help clean and prolong the longevity of your shoes. These products are tried and tested by hundreds of PFers and often used by Chanel’s factories when bags are brought back to the boutiques for maintenance, cleaning, or repair. The ingredients are very gentle making them suitable for expensive leathers and exotic skins.

Here are the descriptions for both:

MELTONIAN Water & Stain Protector
– Protects leathers and suede from water-based and oil-based stains. Allows surface to breathe and protects all colors. Helps prevent salt stains on boots and shoes. Also good for use on rainwear, hats, jackets, and other outdoor apparel.

MELTONIAN All-Purpose Cleaner & Conditioner
– Designed for cleaning and conditioning all types of leather grains including gloved, smooth, and distressed leathers. Using the same time-honored formula originated by Properts, this special wax free product is also ideal for caring for distressed leather, patent leather, imitation leather, and plastic surfaces. It may also be used to clean and condition all types of reptile skins including alligator, lizard, and snake. Helps promote the natural shine of leather while protecting against salt stains, water spotting, and cracking. Excellent for two-tned shoes. Not recommended for use on suede, nubuck, or napped leathers.


Now, let us witness the **magic** of Meltonian with my CHANEL Reissue:

The pic below shows the original, naked, state of my bag. Sorry, the pix aren’t great cuz my camera died and I’m using my cell, plus it just finished raining so the daylight is a bit dark…


Time 0 – My bag immediately after being sprayed with 1 coat


Time 30 mins – My bag sprayed again with 2nd coat


Time 60 mins – Another half hour later, I spray the final 3rd coat

As you see, Meltonian DOES NOT CHANGE THE COLOR of the leather! This is a much feared consequence of many other sprays and protectants out there. I’ve heard one or two PFers say that apparently Meltonian’s spray changed their shoe color, but after my experience here, I think that must be rare and happened only because there was an intrinsic difference in the leather. Also, Meltonian DOES NOT LEAVE ANY RESIDUE on the leather! Immediately after I sprayed my bag, I felt like it had a bit of sticky-tackiness but after it dried completely, I almost cannot feel any difference compared to its pre-spa experience lol. Maybe there’s slight film-feeling, but honestly, it’s no big deal.

Lastly, I also tried the Meltonian’s lotion on my CL Rolande Boucle just to clean up the inside leather which tends to get dirty and it did a great job cleaning the insole! Although the company recommends NOT to use it on suede, I tried a bit just at the back of the insole where there’s a patch of red suede behind the beige smooth leather. That part gets dirty fast too, but I thought it’s no big deal because it’s on the inside, plus I just want to test out how the lotion works on suede. Turns out that THE LOTION REMOVES some of the color as seen on my white cloth!!! Thus proceed with caution if you want to try it on suede!

Lastly, I brushed the outside suede twice, both against and with the grain with an Ultrasoft Sensodyne toothbrush, and finally sprayed Meltonian twice over the entire shoe. Now the red geranium suede looks brand-new!!! The spray DOES NOT MAKE SUEDE “CRUNCHY”! I’m very pleased with the results 😀 (Sorry, no pic)

I also sprayed my Rick Owen’s leather jacket and I plan on cleaning up all my shoes and bags – I just ordered another 2 spray cans!!! haha

The Fairest and Most Refined of Them All – I’m in LOVE!

CHANEL SS11 Act I Blanc Foncé Satin Calfskin Classic Flap Bag / Reissue 2.55 with GHW – Medium (226) Size

My first Chanel has arrived!!! She is GORGEOUS and is the PERFECT size for me!!! As I’ve mentioned previously, I was worried that she was the large size, but it was just a miscommunication with the SA! The leather is just DIVINE and I love how there are beige patches “marble-ized” over the body. I haven’t been this excited for a bag in a long time! She’s definitely worth the wait!



I kind of wish the inside was leather rather than satin… Oh well… At least the SA compensated this by being super generous and gave me a hard-cover book of Chanel’s SS11 campaign with pictures taken by the man himself – Karl Lagerfield. She also put in a gift card, stickers and tons of ribbons 😀



Lastly, here I am going out with her for the first time (last night) to La Perle.
Ref: I’m wearing CL Rolande Bouclé 120 in Geranium Suede
American Apparel skirt and H&M sweater