Haul Part III: The Blazing Fire in My Heart Goes to…


Bottega Veneta’s FW11 Large Intrecciato Nappa Veneta in Fire Opal Lambskin Leather

Umm… I find it difficult to describe this bag since no words can illustrate its beauty. I was MESMERIZED by the color, touched by its softness, and adored the way it curved onto my shoulders. The bag was just craving to be tenderly cared for, to be taken away, and swept into the air to be flown back with me to Canada (sorry, I forgot to mention that I was in New York). I’m very delicate with her. She has a lusciously soft suede lining, which I believe is made of pigskin. You may want to also take out her mirror if you ever need to refine your hair or makeup, or better yet while you’re at it, take a sneak peek and admire the reflections of her gorgeously woven lambskin once more. I’m in love…


Modeling Pix:

Outfit 1 – Bohemian Attire
I prefer this look with this bag. I think the Veneta is meant to be worn more casual, especially with the larger size.
Top – H&M
Skirt – Guess (I said it before in my previous post and I’ll say it again, this skirt is beautiful! I love how it flows with the wind!)
Shoes – Charlotte Olympia Black Suede Dolly 150 


Outfit 2 – Professional/Work Attire
I like how the light weight, pink shirt compliments the warm tones of the Fire Opal color under the setting sun and the burgundy suede BBs just balance all the hues and textures right down to my toes! I do think that I should’ve chosen a thicker gold-buckled belt though… The belt that came with the skirt just looks off in the pix…
Top – H&M
Skirt – Mexx
Shoes – Manolo Blahnik Burgundy Suede BB 105 

BV Imperial Knot Clutch is Here!

Bottega Veneta SS11 Knot Intrecciato Impero in Nero Satin and Karung Snakeskin Trim

At last after two entire weeks of agonizing waiting, my parcel arrived yesterday! I can’t believe Barneys actually got Canada Post to deliver this item with NO SIGNATURE on delivery for a $$$$ product! They just squished my package into my mailbox! Neiman Marcus and NAP would never do this, they’d always hire UPS or Fedex, and I always get my stuff within 5 days of ordering online. I’m just appalled by the entire slow process and the way they handled the shipment.

Anyhow I won’t get distracted, the Imperial Knot clutch itself is a beauty. My only complaint is that the soft satin material seems to catch dust rather easily. Otherwise, it’s perfection! The karung snakeskin frames the bag, adding just the right amount of sophistication. So classy and elegant! Definitely one of my best purchases yet! I’m really into this bohemian look these days. So I’m wearing my floral silk halter top and Aladdin-like wide silk trousers on this very hot day 😀

My First BV for Grad!

After MUCH contemplation on what dress to match my CL Pigalle Plato 140 heels, I further struggled on which bag to buy because I don’t have any suitable evening bags. I occasionally browse Barneys’ site to check out their large selection of inventory which is good for reference. I’ve never purchased from here in the past because they did not ship to Canada. However to my surprise, I *just* found out that recently Barneys has been collaborating with FiftyOne, the same company used by Saks, for international shipping! I AM SO HAPPY!!! This is a tremendous step for Canadians to shop online in the States, especially since Barneys has such amazing items and has unbelievable sales! Not only so, I found my beloved clutch that I shall be using for graduation, which is *the* perfect clutch that I’ve been wanting but could not purchase from Net-a-Porter because it has snakeskin and all exotics are prohibited by Canadian customs from importation. I don’t know why Barneys allows it to be sent internationally (shhh! don’t tell anyone!), but it’s probably because they overlooked it since the snakeskin is subtle around the bag’s trim. Anyhow, here’s a preview of my evening clutch, I will post actual pix later when they arrive next week.

Bottega Veneta SS11 Knot Intrecciato Impero in Nero Satin and Karung Snakeskin Trim

Photo below from Net-a-Porter

I don’t care much for BV’s everyday handbags, but I’ve always loved the smaller hand-embroidered items, especially the criss-cross weave on their evening clutches. This classic, black satin clutch is perfect and will last for ages. I didn’t want to spend too much on a bag that I wouldn’t be using often, so the price was also just right for me. In the next few pictures, I’ll show the other evening bags that I was considering.


Runner-Up 1: Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch

Lots of PFers had recommended this clutch to me and I do like it for its edgy-ness, but I really wanted something absolutely TIMELESS, and for the same price I’d rather own a classic BV clutch. Besides, I wanted black leather, but it was only available in either gold leather or black satin.

^Photo from Saks


Runner-Up 2: Lanvin Oulouette Black Satin Clutch

I like it, but don’t love it because it’s a bit plain and I’m not fond of the fabric jacquard lining. If I’m paying 750$ + taxes + customs + bank fees + conversion fees, it had better have a nice lining too.

^Photo from Net-a-Porter


Runner-Up 3: Lanvin Happy Medium Shoulder Bag in Beige

I’ve been eyeing this bag for a year now. I was going to buy it last summer, but all my CCs didn’t work in Shanghai! I couldn’t believe how backward the system is there! Then my cousin came by offering to put it on her Chinese CC, but she really didn’t like the it. Since then, I’ve been putting off this purchase and now that I was considering to purchase the satin clutch above, I asked myself why not buy this Lanvin bag that I’ve been wanting for a while instead? It’s more casual for an evening bag, but at least I’ll be able to use it more often as an everyday bag. Nonetheless, BV won against all these competitors. I guess I’m just not destined to own the Lanvin Happy bag and must not love it that much for me to keep pushing it aside.

^Photo from Net-a-Porter


Runner-Up 4: Lanvin Oulouette Ostrich Satin Bag in Champagne

This was actually the first evening bag that caught my eye in FW10. I remember everyone thinking that Lanvin had gone nuts that season with a very odd way of using fur (remember the black python pump with long, curly lamb fur? lol), but I liked this bag. The ostrich fur chain is detachable so you can shorten the strap for a more casual look. However, I went against this bag because it’ll clash with my grad dress and shoes which are already stand-out pieces. Too much going on!!!

^Photos from Style.com and My Theresa


Runner-Up 5: Prada Satin/Silk Wristlets

I was so confused amongst the above choices that I thought, what the heck, if I can’t choose one I must not LOVE any. So I might as well buy a cheap(er) bag. The Prada wristlets are great for a night out. They’re simple, classic, and affordable. However, I couldn’t even choose amongst these two: I liked the left satin bag’s shape but preferred the rectangular one for its silk material.

^Photo from Saks