***The PERFECT Shoes***

Charlotte Olympia FW11 Polly in Leopard Ponyhair and Patent Red Calf Leather

I actually bought this pair of shoes in replacement for CL’s Leopard Maggie 140, which I thought I would not be able to get since I was added late onto the wait-list. However, after purchasing the Polly, I was able to miraculously snatch up the last pair of CL Maggie in my size in the States. So which do I like more? CO or CL? It’s a no brainer for me, my heart pours out to CO’s Polly!!! I’m absolutely head over heels for them! The ponyhair is beautiful, so soft, and well groomed. The red adds a touch of pizzaz. Not only is it gorgeous, it’s also incredibly comfortable and light-weight, like its sister Dolly. The style is a reissue from last year from CO’s FW10 collection, but the difference this year is that the red is now patent instead of kid leather. I personally prefer patent since it’s easier to maintain and more scratch resistant. Anyhow, this pair of shoes is perfect and really speaks my style. I’m in LOVE LOVE LOVE with them!!!


FW11’s Must Have Shoes!


I wasn’t planning on making this post, but DSQUARED2’s Ice Skate Calf boots made me go gaga and my heart ached nostalgically for them! I used to do competitive figure skating, so these boots speak a lot to me. I like their quirkiness, the fact that they’re real head-turners, and I understand that they may not be suitable for everyone, but if you’re young, like to have a laugh about fashion once in a while, and can afford them, you can buy them through Luisa Via Roma (LVR) for 1392 Euro for the booties or 1800 Euro for the knee-high boots, that’s about $2000US and $2600US respectively. These are very limited in quantity!


For those of us who want more wearable options, this fall is all about leopard prints, bold bright red and royal purple colors. Charlotte Olympia’s infamous Dolly shoes are revamped and reintroduced from last year’s Polly. Made of leopard ponyhair and patent red leather heels and island platform – they are simply the most fabulous pair of leopard heels! LVR currently has them for pre-order at 732 Euro (about $1100US), to be shipped by Sept 30. Grab a pair now, cuz that’s what I did! 😀

Love CO’s Dolly but not sure about walking in dangerously high pumps at 150mm? Fear not! Charlotte Olympia gives us the option of comfort and confidence with gold T-straps on a pair of silver metallic pumps! These heels are featured in CO’s video campaign. Pre-order at LVR for 774 Euro (about $1150US).


Don’t worry, I would not forget about all the CL beauties this season. Again, we see an array of golden leopards, royal purples, and glittering reds. I’m really feeling for leopard prints, which is why my favorites are in the top two: Maggie 160 in Leopard Ponyhair/Black Kid Leather Combo ($1095US) and Madame Butterfly Pump 120 in Ponyhair ($995US; reintroduced from last year too just like CO did to her Polly!). I’m currently on the priority wait-list for the Maggie, but I have yet to think about the dangerous heel height of 160 mm… Recently, I’m just not into CL’s 150s or beyond, since I honestly think their shoes are poorly engineered at this height, which is why realistically, the MBP 120 is more practical for me.

Second row: Maggie 160 Royal Blue Suede/Purple Kid Leather Combo (estimate $995US); 8-Mignons in Purple Suede ($1195US)
Third row: Pigalili Plato in Volcano Strass Mix; Lady Peep in Red Strass Mix (both estimate > $3000US)
Purchase all at ChristianLouboutin.com or call your CL boutique to wait-list.


Lastly, if you’re not a heels type of gal, there are some pretty ballerinas as well. I particularly like these air-light flats by Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott that remind me of the Greek god Hermès’ winged sandals! How clever, you’ll run like the wind, and if you’re keen, there’s a matching wings leather jacket too! lol Buy at LVR for 108 Euro (about $150US).

Charlotte Olympia Act II

Charlotte Olympia SS11 Dalva in Nero/Oro

My conquest from NAP’s summer sale! I fell in love with them the first time I saw them  online 😀

However, patience is key my friends – wait for the sales unless there’s something that you can’t live without. They’re very comfy for a height of 140 mm, although I have yet to run around in them all day. I got them TTS (35.5), but the fit is still slightly large. One thing that I noticed about CO’s shoes is that the ink runs a lot more than Louboutin’s suede… I don’t know if this is a quality issue or what, but I’m going to write to their customer service to let them know about the dye issue. It’s not *that* bothersome, and it doesn’t stain my feet (the insoles are perfect), just the ink on the outside suede sometimes transfers when it glides on a lighter color. Here are some pix:

I also got a gift from NAP. It’s a tape measure that you can use to measure your shoulders, breast, waist, and hips so that you can record them in a little booklet that they give you for reference to your size when you shop online.


Caught in Charlotte Olympia’s Golden Web!

Charlotte Olympia Dolly in Nero/Oro (Black Suede and Gold Leather Platform)

I went to pick up my shoes at the UPS Customer Service Center on Friday since I was traveling a couple of days earlier and couldn’t be home for delivery. The COD wasn’t too bad, only 83$ woohoo! I couldn’t wait to open them! The shoes are MAGNIFICENT! I’m impressed by the overall quality which is definitely better in comparison to CL’s classics in the same price range (eg. VP, Ron Ron, Decollete, Pigalle). Just the intricate scallop detailing on the insole which is sewn on rather than glued, already gives CO a lot more points. The suede is fluffy and feels ever so slightly thicker than CL’s. Lastly, the level of comfort far exceeds that of CL’s with the same heel height! You won’t believe it but these are the same heel height as CL’s 150 shoes and after the first day with my Mad Marta, I’m embarrassed to admit that I could NOT walk in them. I was so depressed thinking that I can’t do 150s when I’ve always been so ambitious thinking that I can conquer *any* heel height lol. CO’s Dolly renews my hope! They’re so comfortable, like a pair of CL Ron Ron 100!!! The shoes fit TTS and I can’t wait to buy more! 😀


Heel height comparison pix between CL and CO:

– Like I said, the height is exactly the same – 140 external and 150 internal (true height), but CL’s is very difficult and uncomfortable to walk in because of an extremely narrow toe-box and super steep pitch – like going en pointe back in my ballet days, I was literally hopping on my toes for 3 hours last time I wore them. CO’s Dolly is super comfy like a pair of CL Ron Ron 100 for me! I can’t praise enough of CO’s shoe engineering team!

Charlotte’s Web of Shoes


Who’s read Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White? Just about every kid right? Didn’t you love it?!?! Cuz I sure did!

One of my favorite books has evolved into a shoe line allowing me to continue fantasizing my childhood dreams. Ever since 2 years ago when I laid eyes on this new designer’s signature emblem, which is a golden web casted on the soles of every shoe, she’s marked a place in my heart. The designer says it perfectly in that there’s a certain nostalgic feel to her shoes. Only until recently, did she open her website for international buyers. I love the “girliness” of her designs as well as the fun, quirky attitude that she has!

Charlotte Olympia is without a doubt one of the most highly sought after upcoming new designers and this marks my new unhealthy obsession for her shoes 😀

I was desperately searching far and wide for her shoes, but of the few upscale boutiques that carried some limited styles, they were all sold out in my size. I stalked her website and at last, my effort and persistence finally proved to be worthwhile as I saw the new inventory being restocked yesterday. I was able to grab a pair of the infamous Dolly in black suede in my size. Even while I was doing so, several pairs were already sold out within a few hours, and another pair in red suede that I wanted to purchase was also snatched from my basket! I originally planned on getting two pairs since I’m paying an exorbitant amount for shipping – 100 GBP?!?!? That’s about 160$ CAD! Anyhow, maybe it’s best to just buy one pair first and see how the sizing fits me.

Preview for CO’s SS11 Dolly in Black Suede:

^Picture from CharlotteOlympia.com

^Picture from Net-a-Porter


Pictures below are of Charlotte Olympia’s flagship store in London on 56 Maddox Street.
Original from HauteCouturista.com


I’ve been doing more research on this brand and I found an interview with the designer which you can read about here at Sandra’s Closet. There’s also an exclusive video featuring Portia Freeman on Style.com that shows CO’s Fall 2011 collection. The video is fantastic, I highly recommend watching it, but if you’re at work or can’t access it, well lucky for you, I’ve snapped some pix of them here lol. Please click pix below to enlarge.

^Opening scene of Portia Freeman as Madame Rouge wearing “Leopard heels”

^Portia Freeman as Miss Chambers featuring the star shoes in the video

^Booties worn by maid, Miss Chambers 🙂

^Golden-blue leopard heels

^Some fabulous sparkly pink CO stockings with her signature web (sorry it’s a little blurry, but it’s the best I can do).

^Kitty flats

^Carmen-like wedges

^Fuschia pink sandals with leopard head detail

^Golden T-bar sandals

^Portia Freeman as Lady Web wearing some lovely quirky gloves 😀

Another two pairs of kitty wedge shoes for FW11 (not shown in video)


Lastly, some random pix that I found on the net:

^SS11 Dolly in Black Canvas

^Moda Joyce Magazine August 2010 featuring the designer herself, Mrs Olympia Dellal wearing Dolly in Black Suede

^At her boutique in London, the designer is wearing AW09 Greta in Red/Pink Metallic Leather

^Harper’s Bazaar UK March 2011 featuring Mrs Olympia Dellal wearing Carmen, and Dolly in Beige Canvas

^Elle UK Magazine April 2011 Gwen Stefani wearing SS11 Dolores in Red Canvas

^Gwen Stefani in SS11 Andrea in Gold (fabric)

^CO’s SS11 campaign featuring Dolly in Red Suede

^”The Room” at the Bay in Toronto

^CO’s FW10 campaign featuring Eve in Green Suede

^FW10 Polly in Leopard Red

^Lea Michele wearing either FW10 Ellen or Dolores in Black?

^Nicole Kidman wearing SS10 Dolly in Green Python

^Kate Moss wearing an older design from FW08 Olivia in Red Velvet (or FW10 Ophelia in Red Velvet?)

^Emma Watson wearing FW08 Masako (platform) in Black Satin and Suede

^From theGoldenDiamonds.com

^Karolina Kurkova wearing FW10 Paloma in Yellow Satin

^Closeup pic of SS11 Paloma in Black Satin

^The Beautiful Life promo with Mischa Barton wearing FW08 Cindy in Piano

^SATC gang in Tokyo with Cynthia Nixon wearing FW10 Dolly (with ankle strap) in Black Velvet

^SJP wearing SS10 Dolly in Dusty Rose Canvas


^Hilary Duff wearing SS10 Dolly in Dusty Rose Canvas

^Kim Kardashian wearing SS11 Dolores in Red Canvas

^Closeup pic of KK’s Dolores in Red Canvas

That’s it for now! To see more pix that I’ve posted, come visit tPF here: