Christmas Presents: Part II

Links of London Charms:


My mom got these for me a while back and saved them aside for me. She also bought some cosmetics, body creams and scrubs from Laura Mercier for me (not shown). I love their Pistachio body whipped cream (soufflé) which has the most sublime, sweet, and creamy scent! lol Anyhow, reveals of my charms:

Love Note Acorn Amazonite Charm

The pic doesn’t show the blue-green color very well. It looks more translucent white here than in real life.


Gold Chopsticks and Rice Bowl Charm

This one is just too cute to pass. How can I say no to my Chinese heritage? lol I love little quirky things like this charm 😀


Lastly a pic of my mini Links collection,

Links of London SS11 Sale!

I’ve been looking for a relatively affordable watch for quite some time now. I wont get into my rant, but I currently wear a really crappy Swarovski watch that cost me a mini fortune and keeps the worst time ever. The crystal is all banged up (red arrows), the company refuses to fix it even if I offer to pay, and the date oscillates from 1-2 days late…

So a couple of days ago, I went with my friend who wanted to go shopping because she had received a gift card which was about to expire. We walked past the LoL counter which was having their summer sale and I spotted this watch:

Links of London SS11 Sweetie Watch with Pink Mother of Pearl Dial and Pink Sapphire Crystals

I remember looking at similar watches online when I was browsing on their website, but I haven’t seen this pink version with crystals before! It’s very pretty IRL. There are three sizes, mine is the small 150 mm version.

^I wanna get the back engraved. What do you think? 😀


Tiffany and Links of London Purchases

This weekend is Holt Renfrew’s 25% GC event and I went with a friend to go shopping. I didn’t really have anything in mind to purchase, but I did want to take a look at the Tiffany’s counter since this year the company is included in the promotional event, amongst the list of designer exclusions. I need some nice silver jewelry to go with my new convocation outfit (which I’ve CHANGED once again from the Catherine Malandrino dress which was giving me wayyyyy too much trouble in finding accessories to match with it) 😀


Tiffany’s Bead Bracelet 7.5 Inches in Sterling Silver

I don’t normally like Tiffany’s silver, but the bracelet is very shiny! lol I was originally looking at a necklace with a freshwater pearl wrapped through a silver heart by Elsa Peretti but my friend liked the bracelet more. On second thought, I didn’t really like the necklace’s flimsy-looking chain and I’d probably get more use out of the bracelet since I can dress it up or down. It’s a very simple design, but very versatile. You really need to see it in person to appreciate it!


Links of London

– Lucky Catch Shell Charm in Sterling Silver with Handset Freshwater Pearl on Facetted Ball Chain Sterling Silver Necklace

I really love this necklace! It’s so charming with a cute little clam, slightly opened to reveal a beautiful white pearl inside! I’ve never seen anything similar! Since HR opened their new LoL counter last year, I’ve wanted to check it out but there was always too many people. I never looked at their online website before, so I asked the SA how their “system” works and you basically choose your own charms, pendants, and put them on a chain or bracelet. I was very surprised that their jewelry is relatively affordable. After I got home and did more research, I really like this brand! Their charms are very cute and I love some of their watches! Did I mention that I hate my Swarovski watch and that it’s the worst purchase I’ve ever made even though I wear it everyday? I will ask the SA next time I go to their counter if they can order a watch for me since I didn’t see any at the counter yesterday.


Lastly, another pic of me wearing both the Tiffany bracelet and LoL’s charm + necklace.