Addicted to Lanvin…

Lanvin SS11 Miss Lanvin Key Ring

After purchasing Lanvin’s Happy, I’ve become more interested in this brand’s products. I saw this item on sale which is perfect since I need a new keychain. However, I didn’t expect the COD to come out to 40% of its value! Plus I paid a lot for shipping, so it wasn’t much of a deal in the end. The product itself is really cute! I love her flowy dress and pursed red lips!

More Than Happy With Lanvin

Lanvin SS11 Happy MM in Beige Buffalo Leather


I’ve been eyeing this style for more than a year now but the opportunity never came for me to make the purchase. I always had other priorities in mind. I did have a chance to buy it in black calf leather at the Lanvin boutique in Shanghai, but as crazy as it may sound, none of my credit cards worked in Asia!!! How horribly embarrassing lol. I tried calling the CC company, but there was a 12 hour time difference, then I tried going to the banks, but they only allowed me to take out 300RMB from my CC accounts (needless to say, my debit cards don’t work there either). It was a real nightmare! My cousin actually came by later and offered to purchase it for me, but I really didn’t want to trouble her since it is a significant amount of money. Anyhow, all this to say that China still operates on an almost exclusively cash based system. If you are traveling, take out LOTS of cash! Otherwise, your CCs will not work there!

Sorry about the rant again lol, the bag is beautiful! The year-long wait was well worth it since I couldn’t be more Happy with this bag that’s in a beautiful rosy-beige color and finely grained buffalo leather, which is so thick and soft! I love how you can remove the logo key ring and use it on its own. The quality is superbe, I’m very impressed! I wish that it came with a blue Lanvin box though, but I read that only the Lanvin boutiques and online store will provide one. Here are some more pix, enjoy!

^For reference: I’m wearing my Jimmy Choo Quiet heels in Patent Glitter Leopard

UPDATE: Although the bag itself is beautiful, it seems like the leather gets dirty very easily… I don’t recall rubbing it against black clothing or scraping it, but there are 4 large patches of black smudges all over the bag!!! The chain seems likely the culprit…