M. Mouret, dites-moi comment vous êtes si ingénieux?!

Roland Mouret FW12 “Angel” Stretch Double Crêpe Dress in Cream and Petrol Blue

I was recently on The Purseforum and there was a thread that had asked members “If you can only wear one designer, who would it be?” Naturally, my glamourous, surreal, unpractical, and hopelessly romantic side screamed ROLAND MOURET! I am currently trying to work at buying clothing that can be dressed up or down. One of the reasons why last season’s Angel dress caught my eye was because I can see myself wearing this to work on a casual Friday, go off to a nice work/business related dinner after work, or out on a date without going home to change!

I did have a huge hassle with the first dress that was sent to me, which was defective and the black ribbon sash had torn off. I thought I’d never find my size again as NAP had sold out, but I emailed their customer service who graciously ordered me another new dress AND during the sales at 70% off!!! Sounds great right? Nope, cuz UPS messed up my shipment. After much effort of speaking to UPS customer service  that was absolutely useless and delayed my initial return by 3 weeks and all along collaborating with NAP, I was finally able to get my brand new replacement dress which was perfect. I can’t say enough Thank Yous for NAP’s patience.

Lastly I had my seamstress work her magic in altering the dress perfectly to my petite size and height. She is amazing!!!






Modeling pix:
RM Angel dress worn with Manolo Blahnik BBs and Swarovski jewelry
Hehe, my little darling is in the background…




RM Angel dress in other color-ways:



^The Angel dress as seen on Jennifer Lopez who pairs it with Christian Louboutin Pigalle Strass. JLo looks fabulous, this dress really emphasizes her curves beautifully!



^Jessica Biel wears the Angel dress with Jimmy Choo Anouk heels. She’s gorgeous, but I can’t help but to suggest maybe a better fitting bra for her?!?!



^Picture credit: Neiman Marcus online

The Workable Skirt

Roland Mouret SS12 “True Blue” Skirt



For a while now, I’ve been trying to be more stylish at work. I really need to incorporate some color into my work wardrobe, other than the typical black and gray neutrals that I own already. I consider this my “entry” skirt and I think I can make this rather fashionable skirt into a work skirt. I already own RM’s Herbert dress in a coral red/cream color from this season and I knew that I would love this skirt as well made of the same materials. I was also lucky enough to have purchased it at an amazing 75% off from retail price. The mod pix below are of the altered version cuz I had to get it hemmed. As with all RM’s clothing, they’re made for the 6 foot tall woman, that I simply cannot wear without having my dear seamstress work her magic.





^Outfit reference:
Mango top and cardigan
Manolo Blahnik BBs in satin lace



^Picture credit: Net-a-Porter Online



^As seen on Januray Jones in a rather distasteful way…

My Ultimate Dream Dress <3 <3 <3

Roland Mouret SS12 Herbert Dress in Cream and Red Double Wool Crepe and Scalloped Plissé Finish

^Credit: Style.com


Usually I buy items that *I* love first and foremost, THEN if I see celebrities wearing the same thing, they help to affirm my purchase as a good choice. So I’m not so much influenced by celebrities’ attire or accessories, but when I saw the runway pix as well as on these lovely ladies in RM’s hit dress of the season, Herbert, my heart skipped a beat. Of course, I would not even think about it at full price, but with an OCPD mind of stalking sale items daily, I’ve secured the last XS size on sale possibly in the world 


The dress is simply gorgeous and I do think Rhea Durham wore it the best of all the celebs! I love how RM gives the wearer the flexibility of wearing it “off shoulder” with the grosgrain ribbon in a slightly sexier version or as a normal “on shoulder” look. The material is made of thick virgin wool (which made it quite hot and sweaty for me to take pix that day lol). The skirt is wool on the inside and nylon zigzags on the outside. The dress also comes with a black grosgrain ribbon belt, which I think looks kinda cheap and flimsy, so I threw on a black patent leather bow belt instead in the modeling pix.


For reference, I’m 5’2 and the dress is on the long-ish side which I will need to alter. At first I thought of keeping it this length, since it seemed like even the celebs wear it quite low/long at the calves… Nonetheless, after a couple of recommendations from tPF members and my seamstress, I’ve decided to cut it to just below the knees. The pix below are the original, non-altered version.
The shoes are Christian Louboutin Lady Peep in Python Fairy Tale Mandarin Red

^Close up of replaced belt

More pix of other colored versions of the Herbert dress:

^Credit: Neiman Marcus


^Credit: Net-a-Porter


^Salma Hayek, Katherine Jenkins, and Aubrey O’Day


Valentine’s Day Revisited!

Roland Mouret SS12 Ezra Dress in Berry Red Stretch Cotton

YAYYYYYY my dress has arrived!!!!!!! 

^Credit: Net-à-Porter

So back in February when I was blogging about what to wear for Valentine’s Day, I picked a couple of my favorite red dresses of the season. My first choice was RM’s Ezra dress that really spoke to my style. I paired it with Louboutin’s Pigalle 120 (which I just bought as well). Normally RM’s dresses are sold out pretty fast in the smaller sizes, so I was super lucky to have snatched this from one of the European stores at a great price on sale.

The neckline is gorgeous, which I always love about Monsieur Mouret’s work. I dunno, there’s something about it being so sexy, yet very conservative at the same time. Unfortunately, I find the fit to be a little bit off. I did get it one size larger than my usual size which may explain the bunching of fabric around the hips. I’m a little self-conscious about it since my hips are a little wide. I definitely need to bring the dress to my seamstress to get the “crotch problem” fixed!!! Otherwise, I love the dress – and oh! – did I mention that this is also my first red dress?!?! I felt like I need to stop buying black and other neutral colors. Time to step out of my comfort zone and face my childhood fear of the color red!!! 


Modeling pix with CL’s Pigalle 120:


As seen on Kate Winslet for Elle China:

Maggie Q on the View?


Other colors available:


My Heart Goes To Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret SS11 Helena Dress in Black Stretch Crepe

^Photo Credit: Neiman Marcus


I just realized that I had forgotten to do this reveal on my blog. I purchased it for some time now, but must have slipped through my mind with all my other purchases lol. Anyhow, I have found the man who’s captured my heart – Roland Mouret, designer of the famous Galaxy, Titanium, and Moon dresses as worn by Dita, Jennifer, and VB respectively below.


He speaks to your body’s curves, his dresses exude high class with every tailored cut, women embody sensuality with their every move, and as the man says so himself, he dresses his women to be undressed. What I also love about his character is the surgeon in him. Monsieur Mouret’s father was a butcher. He has acquired the skills from him that gifted him with the precision of a surgeon, allowing him to have a keen eye on tailoring his dresses to perfection.

The first time I saw one of his dresses in person was on my friend’s mother at our graduation a little more than a year ago. She wore a black fitted dress with the most amazing square neckline I had ever seen. I later found out that it was by Roland Mouret after seeing it again on the Gossip Girl‘s Lily Van Der Woodsen who wore RM’s Myrtha dress. From that moment on, I knew that one day I would own as many RM dresses as I can possibly wear! lol

^Credit: Ellanista, with original photo from Neiman Marcus


Then one day, I was fortunate enough to have picked up the Helena dress at a great price. This dress has a beautiful square/heart-shaped neck-line, strong shoulder 3/4 sleeves, and it’s also super comfy. I get a lot of compliments when I wear it. I generally like form-fitting styles (but not bandage tight like HLs), conservative, simple, well-tailored cuts, and something that brings the eye upward like a nice neck-line which I love about RM’s dresses. Somehow, he’s able to combine sexiness and formal attire, creating a sense of sensuality in his clothing that truly speak to my style.



Lastly, modeling pix with Giuseppe Zanotti’s Taz black satin and jewel-embellished heels:

^As seen on Courteney Cox