My Spanish Acquisitions – Hermès, LaDurée, and Cosmetics

Hi everyone, I’m so sorry for not updating my blog. It’s been very busy this summer with all my travels, car issues, and then catching up with work. Yes, I am still alive and finally got a chance today to respond back to comments and post some new conquests since Spring! I know, it feels like forever since I last posted and I have so many things to catch up on. So I apologize for all the binge posts, but I hope you’ll enjoy at least some new goodies. Aside, I recently joined Instagram – you can also follow me @ceciliascloset888

Here’s a group pic of my mini haul from a recent trip to Spain.Travels1


1. Hermès SS15 Collier de Chien (CDC) Bracelet in Gold Plating, Epsom Leather and Jaipur Rose Color

I was at the airport terminal waiting for my next connecting flight to Portugal and had only 45 minutes. Of course we landed late and instead I only had 15 minutes to shop. The first SA was completely not helpful, I actually left the boutique. However, the next plane that I was to board was running late as well, so I returned back to the boutique to try my luck. Another elderly SA was so kind and brought out all the things that I wanted to see right in front of the previous SA. I think she felt very awkward standing there when she could have made the sale. I was happily surprised that they just received the new CDC bracelet in Jaipur Rose which is highly sought after. The colour is gorgeous and in the gold colour that I prefer. It’s a little heavy to wear, but very comfortable otherwise.

CDC_bracelet1 CDC_bracelet2 CDC_bracelet3 CDC_bracelet4


2. Hermès SS15 Clic H Bracelet in White Enamel and Rose Gold Plating

At the same boutique in Spain, I also purchased this Clic H enamel bracelet which was what I originally wanted to purchase because the Rose Gold was just launched this Spring and I was dying to get one because it’s been sold out everywhere. The first SA as I mentioned before told me that all the RG bracelets were immediately sold out, but then as I walked back into the store later, there was this display piece in the window which I had asked another SA to bring out for me to see. I know some boutiques can be picky about selling their demos, but the second SA had no problem with this. The only issue is that this was the Large model… It can be a little big when worn alone, but when I stack it with my other bracelets, it’s not bad at all as you can see from the pix below showing the difference between the Large and Small model (Clic Clac H black enamel bracelet). You can also compare the Rose Gold versus the usual Gold plating colour.

Travels2ClicClac3 ClicClac1


3. LaDurée Macaron Key Ring (Pink)

I used to hate macarons as a child because my cousin gave me a foul tasting one that she didn’t want and must’ve scarred my taste buds for a decade! I don’t even remember the flavour – liquorice??? Yeah I used to hate this as well haha! Only over the last few years, I began to rediscover their delicacy. I have to be careful cuz each of these tiny little nuggets are 100 -150 calories! Rather than indulging in their sweetness and working out at the gym after, keeping them close to my side as a keychain would be much more practical, right? I also saw a friend with this on her bag and I thought it was the cutest thing! The price is pretty steep though for something around 50 Euros at the airport??? Sorry I can’t remember. Available in Pink, Red, Green, Purple, and Blue.



Thanks for letting me share! Here are some other pix from my trip, enjoy!

IMG_4313IMG_5332 IMG_5226 IMG_4820 IMG_4318 IMG_4289

Bargain Hunting!

Recently, I’ve been really into bargain shopping lol. My friend introduced me to a whole new world that I didn’t know about before. I used to wait for the biannual sales, stock up items in my shopping cart way ahead of time, calculate Eastern/Central/Pacific time zones, set my alarm to crazy hours like 3AM, and as soon as the online sales started, I’d check out all my stuff!!! Yeah, you know you’re a serious shopper when you wake up that early for the sales! haha Anyhow, I discovered that there were outlet shops like Nordstrom Rack, Last Call, Off 5th, TJ Maxx… etc. just to name a few. I really enjoy the hunt for items and it makes me so happy to find something that I knew cost so much more! Here are a few goodies:

Red by Valentino: Glitter Swirl Flats – 65$ (Retail 350$)

These are super cute and comfy. I’m happy with it even though there’s no box or dustbag…






Helmut Lang: Gray Oxide Print Dress – 75$ (Retail 398$)

Often HL’s dresses don’t fit me right due to the asymmetric cut. I was glad this one fits me one and is very comfy. This is a medium size. HL’s sizing tends to be erratic… I can go from XS to occasionally a large…





David Yurman: Wheaton Ring 16X12mm in Prasiolite and 0.16CT Diamonds Set in Sterling Silver – 375$ (Retail 875$)

I know… this is like better than DY’s factory sales! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this in the counter at Last Call for a fraction of the retail price since this is a very classic style… Little did I know how much problems this later gave me…







Rag and Bone: Capri Jeans in Blush – 60$ (Retail 165$)

Really cute pants, great for spring and summer now. Since I’m petite, the Capri style fits me perfectly as jeggings.



^Photo credit:


Salvatore Ferragamo: SS12 Runway Heels – 289$ (Retail 800$)

I was so tempted to buy these gorgeous heels as seen on all the SS12 ad campaigns and worn by Gisele Bundchen! Not only was the price amazing at 65% off retail, I managed to find 3 pairs all in my size! In the end, I passed cuz I felt like the shoes really weren’t practical and I’m trying to re-focus my purchases on bags! I have enough shoes for now. Here’s a teaser pic:



^Photo credit:

That’s it for now! Will update you all with new purchases, keep living and shopping everyone! Have a wonderful weekend 😀

More David Yurman!

David Yurman Woven Cable Ring in Sterling Silver

I really love David Yurman’s jewelry for its practical luxury. They’re convenient, easy to wear for everyday, and perfectly accessorize your outfits. I like this ring for these exact reasons that I don’t need to worry about taking care of it that much and it’s fun to wear with my casual weekend clothing. This particular piece is also a pretty good deal considering how much silver you get and the price which is relatively affordable.





Jewelry Haul – David Yurman and More!

I’m usually not a jewelry person and I’ve broken my own rule of never buying high end jewelry for myself… I guess I can only argue by saying that most pieces I purchase are still considered to be somewhat costume-like or for casual wear, so in my defense, they’re still not “fine” jewelry lol.

Anyhow, I recently acquired a bunch of things, some of which are overdue reveals but I’d like to show what great steals one can score at 75-80% off from retail price. I also got 3 David Yurman items which were purchased from Neiman Marcus’ Gift Card Event which I “recycle” – a great tip that I’ll share with my fellow shoppers is that NM has these fab promotional events where they’ll give you a GC with 20-30% of your spending value with no restrictions at all (unlike Saks and many other retailers). You then spend the GC on ANOTHER promotional event to really boost your savings or use it on items that do not qualify for the promotional event (eg. Christian Louboutin or sales items)!


1. 1AR by UNOAERRE 18K White and Gold Plated Earrings

Hmm… never seen this brand before, but it was on Sak’s Fashion Fix, one of those super saver deals that I snatched for 30$. I’m not crazy for chandelier or any kind of earrings with too much “dangle” power lol, so these are pretty cute and classic imo. Not bad considering that they’re gold-plated and made in Italy!



2. Raven Kauffman Couture SS12 Crocodile Print Brass Cuff

RK’s a really good brand with fab accessories, including one of a kind handbags. There’s always a couple of evening bags that I really like. The jewelry line is also very unique with some very edgy pieces. This cuff is made with 100% solid reclaimed brass in the USA. There are 3 tones available, all of which are gorgeous! Mine is called “blacked brass” which I scored for 75% off from Mona Moore!

Picture credit: Raven Kauffman Online



3. David Yurman Large Oval Links Chain Bracelet in Sterling Silver – 7.5 Inches

This bracelet is quite tempting… I love the EXTRA EXTRA LARGE version but it’s so heavy!!! Unfortunately the extra large size was not available when I placed the order which is what I would’ve preferred, but this size is still kinda cute. I haven’t seen this one in person before, so I was kinda expecting it to be bigger. Nonetheless, it might go with my Tiffany’s bracelets better since they’re more dainty. I do love the easy clasp/hinge closure!!! And just for this 10/10 points 
OMG!!! I need to rant about how difficult it is to put on Tiffany’s bracelets in the morning when I’m always in a rush to run out lol…  Those tiny lil lobster clasps KILL my manicure AND are so hard grasp! As you can see, I’m petite and my hands are pretty small imo and I don’t think I’m clumsy at all… so I can’t imagine how some others manage. Tiffany has gotta be less stingy with its silver and make BIGGER CLASPS!!!

Picture credit: Neiman Marcus



4. David Yurman Pearl Quatrefoil Popcorn Chain Necklace in Sterling Silver Cable Links – 40 Inches

This is a gorgeous necklace chain that I fell in love with because it can be dressed up or down, and is so versatile. It looks good worn just like that, as a double strand necklace, or even as a bracelet! The freshwater pearls are mostly white, but a few have pinkish undertones. Largest pearls measure 10-11mm and smallest 4-5mm. It’s also one of the few more affordable styles still made in the USA. Surprisingly, it doesn’t bother me that this brand in particular imports their products from several developing countries – I’m not sure why, but I think it’s because I just really like the designs by DY. The quality is still excellent imo, so I’ll continue to buy more DY pieces!

Picture credit: Neiman Marcus



5. David Yurman Petit Albion Ring with 7mm Citrine Gemstone and 0.21TCW Diamonds in Sterling Silver Setting

Well this is a way looooonnng ago purchase that I forgot to post up. Citrine was the original stone that I wanted for my graduation ring last year, but it was not available in all of Canada. I had to either order online from the States which would’ve been very costly with duties and taxes, or buy a different stone color at Holt Renfrew. At the same time I had a big GC for HR and decided to just go with Blue Topaz instead. Nonetheless, I could not forget the beauty of the Yellow Citrine. So when I was in the States recently, I finally purchased it given that I had another huge GC at NM which basically paid it off for “free.”

Picture Credit: Neiman Marcus

Comparison pix with my DY Petit Albion ring in Blue Topaz

Graduation Ring

I used to wear my high school grad ring all the time until 2 years ago when I lost it. It was my lucky ring and ever since it vanished, my luck has been spiraling downward. Thus, for my medical school graduation, it’s time for a new ring and a new start!


David Yurman Petit Albion Ring with 7mm Blue Topaz and 0.20 TCW Pavé Diamonds Set in Sterling Silver

I purchased this last week after half a year of contemplation. I initially wanted the citrine color which is my birth stone color (well it’s actually a yellow topaz), but HR sold out in all of Canada. I was about to order the citrine online when I received a HR gift card which kind of shifted things around since it was a significant amount and I wouldn’t have to pay shipping or duty from the US. The blue topaz is very beautiful too and would match with my convocation outfit. So I went back to HR and was lucky enough to buy the last one available in my size.