Something About the CDC…


Introduced to the Hermès house in the early 20th century, the Collier de Chien (often abbreviated as CDC for those who may not speak French) is a modern day classic. It has survived the journey of time for it be worthy of cult status and is highly popular amongst the current day trends. People who don’t follow fashion find it intriguing with the cling-ing sound as we walk by and upon closer inspection, I often get people trying to play with the cute ring. I couldn’t help but purchase another CDC belt to match my Jaipur Rose CDC bracelet! Not only so, it’s harder to find a reversible belt by Hermès these days that has 2 colourful sides. Most often, you have one colour and the back is the typical black in Swift leather, whereas in the past, duo tone colours were more common.

Hermès SS15 Belt Kit in Jaipur Rose Epsom/Vermillion Swift Leathers with Collier de Chien Buckle in Rose Gold

CDCbelt2 CDCbelt3 CDCbelt4

Side by side comparison of Vermillion Swift (top smooth leather) and Jaipur Epsom (bottom grained leather):
– Vermillion is like a bright cherry tomato red
– Jaipur is a peachy pink almost like a dusty roseCDCbelt5

Comparison of the Rose Gold and regular Gold plated buckles (shown with my Orange Togo/Black Swift CDC belt): CDCbelt6

Lastly, a group pic of my recent Hermès accessories:IMG_5978

My Spanish Acquisitions – Hermès, LaDurée, and Cosmetics

Hi everyone, I’m so sorry for not updating my blog. It’s been very busy this summer with all my travels, car issues, and then catching up with work. Yes, I am still alive and finally got a chance today to respond back to comments and post some new conquests since Spring! I know, it feels like forever since I last posted and I have so many things to catch up on. So I apologize for all the binge posts, but I hope you’ll enjoy at least some new goodies. Aside, I recently joined Instagram – you can also follow me @ceciliascloset888

Here’s a group pic of my mini haul from a recent trip to Spain.Travels1


1. Hermès SS15 Collier de Chien (CDC) Bracelet in Gold Plating, Epsom Leather and Jaipur Rose Color

I was at the airport terminal waiting for my next connecting flight to Portugal and had only 45 minutes. Of course we landed late and instead I only had 15 minutes to shop. The first SA was completely not helpful, I actually left the boutique. However, the next plane that I was to board was running late as well, so I returned back to the boutique to try my luck. Another elderly SA was so kind and brought out all the things that I wanted to see right in front of the previous SA. I think she felt very awkward standing there when she could have made the sale. I was happily surprised that they just received the new CDC bracelet in Jaipur Rose which is highly sought after. The colour is gorgeous and in the gold colour that I prefer. It’s a little heavy to wear, but very comfortable otherwise.

CDC_bracelet1 CDC_bracelet2 CDC_bracelet3 CDC_bracelet4


2. Hermès SS15 Clic H Bracelet in White Enamel and Rose Gold Plating

At the same boutique in Spain, I also purchased this Clic H enamel bracelet which was what I originally wanted to purchase because the Rose Gold was just launched this Spring and I was dying to get one because it’s been sold out everywhere. The first SA as I mentioned before told me that all the RG bracelets were immediately sold out, but then as I walked back into the store later, there was this display piece in the window which I had asked another SA to bring out for me to see. I know some boutiques can be picky about selling their demos, but the second SA had no problem with this. The only issue is that this was the Large model… It can be a little big when worn alone, but when I stack it with my other bracelets, it’s not bad at all as you can see from the pix below showing the difference between the Large and Small model (Clic Clac H black enamel bracelet). You can also compare the Rose Gold versus the usual Gold plating colour.

Travels2ClicClac3 ClicClac1


3. LaDurée Macaron Key Ring (Pink)

I used to hate macarons as a child because my cousin gave me a foul tasting one that she didn’t want and must’ve scarred my taste buds for a decade! I don’t even remember the flavour – liquorice??? Yeah I used to hate this as well haha! Only over the last few years, I began to rediscover their delicacy. I have to be careful cuz each of these tiny little nuggets are 100 -150 calories! Rather than indulging in their sweetness and working out at the gym after, keeping them close to my side as a keychain would be much more practical, right? I also saw a friend with this on her bag and I thought it was the cutest thing! The price is pretty steep though for something around 50 Euros at the airport??? Sorry I can’t remember. Available in Pink, Red, Green, Purple, and Blue.



Thanks for letting me share! Here are some other pix from my trip, enjoy!

IMG_4313IMG_5332 IMG_5226 IMG_4820 IMG_4318 IMG_4289

Black Friday Haul IV – Coated Jeans

7 For All Mankind The Skinny in High Shine Black


My other mission in the States was to get some coated/waxed jeans cuz they tend to be hard to buy for short, stumpy people like myself… Leather pants are really popular the past season and coated denim is a great way to fake the look. A lot of people don’t like leather pants cuz they can get hot underneath really easily, but for me, I don’t want to hassle with the professional cleaning.

So I was surfing the net and making my checklist of which jeans to try on. My usual fav brands are 7FAMK, Hudson, and CoH. This time, I had my mind set on J Brand’s two pairs, but when I tried them on… oye… they were HORRIBLE – tight, sloppy, ill-fitted, crunchy-hard fabric, and CHEAP looking. It was really per chance that I walked into 7FAMK’s boutique as they were having a sale and tried on one of theirs. I did see their waxed jeans online before but they are totally different in person. I thought they were too pleather-ish looking and too shiny as can be seen in the modeling pic. Nonetheless I was blown away by how good they felt and looked. Sleek, edgy, and such silky comfy jeans!!!

Point is – jeans are hard to buy online or by looking at pix. MUST SHOP IN PERSON! I need more 7FALM’s waxed denim now!!! 


Modeling pix:

Mango T-shirt
Hermès CDC Belt Kit
Louboutin Leopard Maggie

Rick Owens Shearling Lambskin jacket
Mango T-shirt
Hermès H-buckle Belt Kit
Louboutin Leopard Maggie 

And if we’re talking about jeans, I think it’s necessary to do a “butt shot” lol

Black Friday Haul III – Hermès Belts

Hermès FW12 Belt Kit 32 mm in Orange/Black, Togo/Box Reversible Calfskin with Polished Gold-Plated Collier de Chien Buckle



^Everything looks fab right? WRONG! I went home all happy… only to find out later upon closer inspection that the belt looks very SLOPPY in craftsmanship… Yo, I’ve had H&M belts with better glazing than THIS!!! In fact, the glazing is minimal that there’s almost none to begin with… Anyhow, I’m not impressed with the black overhang dye which runs THROUGHOUT the belt, not just the two locations pictured below!


Anyhow, here are some modeling pix. I will keep the belt for now because it’s hard to come by my size and colorway that I like. However, in a year or two with my wear, I’m definitely going to bring this back to the boutique to have the edges re-glazed.

Another thing is that I’ve figured out why H only puts in 3 belt holes, because they’re stingy and want to limit people’s selection and convenience. So that if a person buys the wrong size, they’ll often decide to still keep it, but then be still unsatisfied and they either bring the belt back to the boutique to get more holes punched in (which seems to be a hassle) or buy another belt afterward. I dunno, I don’t think this is very kosher practice… Smells like fish to me.


Also as promised, I have some belated mod pix of my previous H-belt in Navy Togo leather:


Black Friday Haul II – Hermès Bracelets

Hermès Clic Clac H-Bracelet in Black Enamel with 18K GP Hardware

Like I said, when I like something, I will buy in pairs. After my first Orange enamel H-bracelet, I was hooked. It’s really comfortable and since I love black, I was bound to buy a black one sooner or later. Introducing my second H-bracelet…



Hermès FW12 Kelly Double Tour Bracelet in Black Patent Mississippian (aka American) Alligator with 18K GP Hardware

Then I got a third bracelet to add to my mini collection… Umm… this is one of those moments where IMPULSE purchases are so bad LOL!!! I could not resist getting it after seeing it right in my face… It’s rare to come by an exotic bracelet that I like and according to the paperwork, there were only 3 imported to the USA from France.


Lastly, a modeling pic of me wearing the bracelets (I take a XS or S in all the sizes):