Xmas’15 Reveal I: Valentino Noir!

FW15 Valentino Rockstud Noir Collection – 100mm Heels in Black Leather and Ruthenium Studs


I love Rockstuds and every girl who loves heels should own a pair. The usual classics are of course patent black and nude (Poudre), but if you want to add some pizzaz to your collection either the Noir and Rouge are excellent choices that are sure to grab the attention of passersby. The Rouge would be for times when you wish to be more bold and feminine, and I have yet to find my perfect pair (I’m picky cuz I want the patent red version!). However, I could not pass up the opportunity to buy these gorgeous, matte, black on black leather Rockstuds from the Noir collection when I found them on sale at The September for 30% off retail price! This is a relatively new online shoe shopping site dedicated to Canadians and from my experiences with them, they’ve been absolutely wonderful in their customer service. The Rockstud Noir heels almost never go on sale, so I was super happy to have found them in my size. They definitely have a different vibe than the other Rockstuds with platinum studs which seem more glam to me. The Noir collection is edgy, dark, and demure… a different kind of elegance… without further ado, here’s my first Christmas reveal!

Rockstuds100_Noir1 Rockstuds100_Noir2


Modeling Pix:

Rockstuds100_Noir5 Rockstuds100_Noir6Rockstuds100_Noir4

My baby wants to model in the pix too! He actually just recovered from a major hospitalization where he was found to be in DKA. So I apologize for not having the time to update my blog. It’s been very busy with work and taking care of him, his meds, going to the vet…etc. He lost so much weight from 16lbs to 11lbs, which is more than 30% of his body weight. In the end, I’m just so glad and thankful that he doesn’t have cancer and his diabetes is still manageable. Our New Year’s resolution will definitely be getting healthier, playing and exercising more! Thanks for letting me share my little Love’s story 🙂

Valentino Meets the Matador

Valentino SS15 Rockstud Heels 105 in Poudre/Nude Patent Leather


I couldn’t wait to try them on, so I ripped apart the parcel at work and had to take a pic! The colour is a classic, but it’s been hard for me to locate it in Europe given the exchange rate right now is not in my favour. So I’m glad that after a year of being on my wish list, I finally snagged it. I did go down half a size from my usual 36 because with my other Rockstuds, the straps have always been quite lose and stretch more with wear. However, these were incredibly tight… It’s quite frustrating because Valentino’s shoes appear to run all over the place in terms of their fit.

SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre1 SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre2 SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre3 SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre4 SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre5

Some detailed pix are shown below.

This pair’s platinum studs are all fixed properly and not crooked compared to some Rockstuds that I own. I find the classics (nude and black) are always better made probably because they pay closer attention to the details since they’re the best selling ones. Quality control has been an issue in my opinion which was why I’ve been hesitant to buy more. I should mention that unlike previous seasons, this is the first time that Valentino is including replacement studs and heels!!! Again, probably because they’ve been contacted so often now for stud problems…

SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre6 SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre7

Modeling Pix:

I actually forgot to post this reveal of my Clover Canyon dress that I got last season. I’m usually not a CC fan cuz the fit of their clothing just doesn’t suit me well. However I fell in love with the print of this dress called “Matador de Toros.” It’s simply stunning, great for a night out and it let’s me breathe, eat, and move around comfortably. Also shown with my Bottega Veneta Knot clutch (2nd pic below).

SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre8 SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre9 SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre10

Clover Canyon FW14 “Matador de Toros” Jersey Dress

When I got this dress last year, I was originally planning to buy the short sleeve cut-out back neoprene version, but my size was sold out. I’m actually glad I got this long sleeve version, because it’s so much more wearable. CC’s neoprene is very thick and may not be all that nice in the summer, whereas this jersey fabric is quite thick, but thinner than neoprene and actually moves with your body rather than sticking to it. I also think of it as a transitional dress for in between seasons.

Matador1 Matador2Matador3

Nude Comparisons:

Different brands all have their own version of the perfect nude. I tried to take the best pix I can in natural day light, but I have to say that in real life, the colours still look different than what’s depicted here.
Manolo Blahnik – MOST NATURAL for fair skinned gals. The colour looks somewhat yellow here but, it’s actually my preferred tone.
Valentino – Blue/gray undertones help to provide a bit of contrast to our natural peachy skintone.
Christian Louboutin – Very pinkish. It looks the nicest in 2D, but IRL, the pink tones are very overwhelming and not a perfect match on my skin. It’s about 2 shades darker. Good for those who have a tan or are olive skinned.


Lastly, group pic of all my Rockstuds!!! Thanks for letting me share, hope you all had a great weekend! 😀


Xmas Reveals IV – More Shoes!!!



1. Valentino FW14 Rockstud Booties in Pebbled Calfskin
I actually purchased the smooth calfskin version initially, but then these went on sale in Europe and I was able to snatch them up in my size. I’m a real boots gal and I can just live in them cuz they’re so comfy! Do be careful and check some studs that aren’t secured on tight, which was another reason why I returned the previous pair. Fit: Runs large to size.







Quick shot of me going out in them the first time, wearing Helmut Lang sweatshirt, Hudson jeans, and Céline Phantom.



Other versions of these Rockstud booties from the FW14 collection. For SS15, they will also be offered in an olive green colour (last pic) and be part of the “Noir” collection with black outsoles and studs.Valentino_FW14Booties

^Picture credit: Neiman Marcus Online

Pictures below from Valentino‘s FW14 and SS15 campaigns:


Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 4.43.31 PM


2. Manolo Blahnik FW14 BB 105mm in Patent Tortoise Leather
I’ve always wanted to try the round toe BBs, and loved this classic pair from a few years ago. Finally they went on sale at Saks and I purchased them immediately. They can be worn for many seasons and is a great pair for work. They run big though for my usual size, so I’ll have to pad them a little…






3. Salvatore Ferragamo FW14 Varina in Black Suede and Gold Metallic Cap Toe
These are so cute and I got them during the sales too. My only fear is that they’re quite delicate with the suede which will show wear and tear quickly, and I hope I won’t scratch up the shiny metal too fast cuz I tend to wear my shoes pretty hard. Or I can be really clumsy too and kick into things lol…





4. Salvatore Ferragamo FW14 Varina in Plume Crackled Lambskin
I like this pair cuz of the cool crackled finish and how soft the lambskin is, which is a different material than most SF’s standard calfskin used in their Varina flats. However what threw me off was the mix of silver and gold on the buckle… I guess the reason SF did not go with silver buckles is because it might blend in too much with the rest of the body? Gold does add more contrast I suppose? Oh well, I’m still keeping them 😀




Xmas Reveals III – Jewelry and Accessories

1. Cartier – YAY! My Amulette necklace is back from the spa having grown an extra 2 inches! Here is me wearing it on the longest length (can also be worn shorter at its original 16 inches). Love the holiday card that they sent me too!




2. Gmond – Tiger Pendant in 24K Yellow Gold



3. Eddie Borgo – Large Pyramid Bracelet w/ Pavé Crystals & Rose Gold Plating
4. Eddie Borgo – Mini Matte Cone Bracelet with Rose Gold Plating





5. Case Mate – Karat Collection: 24K Gold Leaf Foil Phone Case
It’s so blinged lol, perfect for my gold iPhone 6, and I had to waitlist for it cuz it was totally sold out in September when the 6 was just released. I had to wait like 2 months for it to be delivered, but it’s well worth it!




6. Prada FW14 Nero Daino Belt (Pebbled Calfskin) – 1 1/2 inches
I’ve been searching for years for an affordable, classic, black belt without any logos and couldn’t believe that Holt Renfrew had it at a fab steal of $139 from retail $415. And it wasn’t even a week ago when it was still something like ~300$ on sale, but only offered in Navy. This was the only one available and fit me perfectly at a size 75, which I can wear low on the hip and higher up on my natural waist.



^Picture credit: Bergdorf Goodman Online


7.  Valentino FW14 “All Over” Rockstud Gloves in Black Calfskin and Silk Lining
Best for last!!! I’m just in love with these gloves! Yes they’re blinged out and look kinda dangerous, but so chic and comfy at the same time. I was once told that one’s glove size should match her shoe size, which is not necessarily true for everyone, but it’s a trick that I’ve picked up. When in doubt, always go for the SMALLER glove size because the type of leather used tends to be extremely soft and will stretch a lot over time. Whereas for shoes, the reverse is true, i.e. always go for the BIGGER shoes because they don’t stretch as much. So don’t break your feet in attempt to break in those too small shoes! 😀






Modeling Pix:
Having some fun here and doing my Valentino brand impression lol. Don’t you find that with every brand, a certain image or colour pops up? Valentino invokes a scarlet red outfit for me, just like their Shanghai collection from this season. There’s a mix of the rocker-chic girl from our contemporary era with plenty of jewelry and studs, but all the while there’s a softness and romantic idealism behind everything like in the good old classic days. The only thing missing? Some lace, but it was too darn cold outside to wear a dress!! I guess I could have added a lace top with long sleeves to peak through 😛

Outfit Reference:
Coat – Burberry
Bag – Céline
Watch – Rolex
Rings and necklace – Cartier
Bracelets – Hermès, Eddie Borgo, David Yurman
Nail polish – Christian Louboutin
Lipstick – Chanel Rouge Allure in La Favorite (43)




Jennifer Lopez wearing Valentino‘s Rockstud gloves and clutch:



Other colours available:

Picture credits:
Red – Net-a-Porter
Black – Luisa Via Roma
Burgundy – My Theresa



^Harrod‘s Valentino boutique in London, Fall 2013. Picture credit: Coco’s Tea Party

Orange You Glad It’s the Designer SS14 Sales?!?!


So I did a little bit of damage recently…


1. Valentino SS14 Rockstuds Cage Flats in Patent Fluo Orange



Valentino has me hooked on its Fluo Orange color this season. I already have it in the 100mm heel version (non-patent kid leather, see here) and was just waiting for these flats to go on sale. Sizing is inconsistent as with most Valentino’s shoes imo. In the Rockstud 100mm heels – I prefer 35.5; kitten heels 65mm – either 35.5 or 36; ballet flats – 36; and I thought I would be safe with 36 for these cage flats, but they ended up being at least a full size too large. You can see the big heel gap in the last pic below. At least the multi-straps help to keep my feet in, and in a way I guess it’s a good thing because there’s less friction and blisters.

Side rant: I remember going to New York City and running around everywhere downtown in my new fuschia Rockstud ballet flats which absolutely killed my feet! I almost swore that Valentino’s flats aren’t made for me! That day was also incredibly cold and somehow I was in shorts… then it started raining getting my new Céline python Micro all wet, plus I was stuck in traffic for 9 HOURS – yes NINE on my way to Cornell University only to have a major wardrobe disaster with my Roland Mouret dress… /End Rant! I think my point for the rant is that Val’s flats can be killer blister formers! lol It was all worth it in the end to be present for your family on such a glorious day after all that hard work!! I know I have my usual p!ssed off look here, but I swear, I was super happy! haha 😀


^Outfit reference:
H&M blazer jacket
Femme wrap dress
Chanel 2.55 Reissue bag
Manolo Blahnik BB heels


Sorry I digressed, back to pix of Valentino’s Orange Fluo Cage flats lol:






Outfit Pix:

Equipment – Classic Silk Blouse
Elie Tahari – Leather Panel Jacket
H&M – High Waist Shorts
Jewelry – Akoya pearls and costume necklace




2. Elie Tahari Cropped Blazer Jacket with Lambskin Side Panels

See above mod pix for how the jacket looks when worn, which unfortunately does not show the leather details very well. It’s a great staple updated with some edginess. If you’re petite like me, try cropped jackets which do not overwhelm our small frame. They still look sleek and professional. You can wear them casually or in any work place environment.
Personal tip: Tailor clothing is best when the fabric is 100% polyester so that you avoid all that ironing. It’s easy maintenance so that you don’t need to take them to the dryer’s everytime. Use Perm-dry and when the clothing is about 80-90% dry, take it out and hang to dry. It will look perfectly ironed!






3. Vince Chiffon Silk Overlay Cashmere Knit Sweater

I love Vince’s sweaters!!! They’re so comfy but really pricey… The good thing is that most of them go on sale so I was able to snatch this up at a great deal. The silk layer on top is an interesting addition. I really like pieces that have some sort of unexpected texture or pattern: Mix up that heavy knit with something soft and flowy! A great item for chilly summer days!

Picture credit: Forward by Elyse Walker






4. Rag & Bone Labyrinth Legging Jeans in Blackout

I love the mesh and lambskin leather details!!! I already have a dozen pairs of jeans, so I really was not planning to get these, but when I tried on the size 25 – it looked amazing, but slightly too tight. So I had a major dilemma, to buy or not to buy, that is the question? lol So I asked Saks to order the 26 for me to try and they fit perfect! R&B never fails to impress with their designer jeans, comfy, well tailored, excellent quality, and they always  keep you looking chic!

Picture credit: Rag & Bone Online






5. Free People Peekaboo Lace Dress Slip

I saw Candice Swanepoel in this Lovers‘ lace dress and Christian Louboutin So Kate heels earlier this year and she looked absolutely stunning. So for a while, I was looking for a soft, light pink/red, romantic lace dress – think purely Valentino – to pair with of course my Valentino Rockstuds! I was ready to deem myself incapable of wearing lace dresses after I tried on a gazillion from high to low end – they all looked terrible! I dunno, maybe cuz my body ain’t fit for them or I just prefer raw edgy leather pieces? Then along came this dress that I actually placed an order for in red ~3 months ago when I saw good reviews, but they contacted me afterward saying that it was sold out! Ughh… the hunt continued until recently I got a chance to try it on in black… Ooohhh… Now I love black if you haven’t noticed from all my above purchases already, so it was fabulous! In retrospect, what was I thinking?!?! Red/pink?! Ewww… that is so not me… lol Ok I shouldn’t say that, but red is reserved for Roland Mouret!

Picture credit: Free People OnlineFreePpl_lacedress5





Lastly, a pic of Candice Swanepoel looking gorgeous as always…