Catching Up With Valentino

Valentino SS14 Rockstud Heels in Orange Fluo Calfskin



I’ve been head over heels for Louboutin’s So Kate heels and failed to notice the beautiful shoes made by Valentino this season. I already own a few pairs of Rockstuds in different heel height versions: 100 mm, 65mm kitten heels, and 10mm flats. My preference is the 100mm, but my size was sold out in the patent leather version!!! I searched high and low since I’m late this season, and could only find it in the regular calfskin version which is less shiny. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised to see in real life that the Orange Fluo color is so vibrant once I opened the box! It’s actually quite difficult to capture the true color, but a Purseforum member is pretty accurate in saying that it’s alike a fluorescent Highlighter orange. I love the color, it makes me feel happy and smile 🙂








Outfit Pix:

Helmut Lang asymmetric wool coat
RW&Co two-tone top
Hudson coated moto-jeans
Céline croc phantom
Valentino Rockstud heels

Going out for breakfast at Chez Cora with my parents. I may have quite a bit of designer items, but ultimately, the biggest luxury for me is to be able to spend time with my loved ones. Especially if it’s for breakfast!!! I rarely have time in the morning to have a decent meal, but when I do and am able to be with my parents, it’s a real blessing.



Bargain Hunting!

Recently, I’ve been really into bargain shopping lol. My friend introduced me to a whole new world that I didn’t know about before. I used to wait for the biannual sales, stock up items in my shopping cart way ahead of time, calculate Eastern/Central/Pacific time zones, set my alarm to crazy hours like 3AM, and as soon as the online sales started, I’d check out all my stuff!!! Yeah, you know you’re a serious shopper when you wake up that early for the sales! haha Anyhow, I discovered that there were outlet shops like Nordstrom Rack, Last Call, Off 5th, TJ Maxx… etc. just to name a few. I really enjoy the hunt for items and it makes me so happy to find something that I knew cost so much more! Here are a few goodies:

Red by Valentino: Glitter Swirl Flats – 65$ (Retail 350$)

These are super cute and comfy. I’m happy with it even though there’s no box or dustbag…






Helmut Lang: Gray Oxide Print Dress – 75$ (Retail 398$)

Often HL’s dresses don’t fit me right due to the asymmetric cut. I was glad this one fits me one and is very comfy. This is a medium size. HL’s sizing tends to be erratic… I can go from XS to occasionally a large…





David Yurman: Wheaton Ring 16X12mm in Prasiolite and 0.16CT Diamonds Set in Sterling Silver – 375$ (Retail 875$)

I know… this is like better than DY’s factory sales! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this in the counter at Last Call for a fraction of the retail price since this is a very classic style… Little did I know how much problems this later gave me…







Rag and Bone: Capri Jeans in Blush – 60$ (Retail 165$)

Really cute pants, great for spring and summer now. Since I’m petite, the Capri style fits me perfectly as jeggings.



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Salvatore Ferragamo: SS12 Runway Heels – 289$ (Retail 800$)

I was so tempted to buy these gorgeous heels as seen on all the SS12 ad campaigns and worn by Gisele Bundchen! Not only was the price amazing at 65% off retail, I managed to find 3 pairs all in my size! In the end, I passed cuz I felt like the shoes really weren’t practical and I’m trying to re-focus my purchases on bags! I have enough shoes for now. Here’s a teaser pic:



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That’s it for now! Will update you all with new purchases, keep living and shopping everyone! Have a wonderful weekend 😀

Rockin’ in Those Rockstuds!

Valentino SS13 Rockstud Flats in Patent Fuschia Calfskin

A part of me is a real girly girl and I LOVE hot pink anything, which reminds me of Barbies and candies lol. When this color came out, I knew it would be a hit, but I felt like I already purchased 2 pairs of Rockstud heels recently that I should pass on these. Fast forward a few months, Neiman Marcus just so happened to receive another batch of inventory when they were also doing their promotional GC event. I couldn’t resist and purchased these flats.

Comfort – Not the greatest… because the front is narrow and pushes my toes flat down when most shoes have a natural curve to allow your toes to angle up 10-15 degrees.

Craftsmanship – I don’t know what is up with Valentino, but this is my second pair with a CROOKED stud (as you can see in the 3rd pic of the shoe on top). My other Rockstud kitten heels also had this problem. That’s 2/3 shoes with defects = 67% prevalence! Do Valentino not hire quality control staff?!?!

Overall – I’d give these shoes 8/10 as the style definitely deserves extra points, but comfort-wise and quality both lose a point each.








Silk dress – Vince
Jewel necklace – Vintage
Enamel bracelet – Hermès
Crocodile hammered cuff – Raven Kauffman Couture
Crystal ring – Sorrelli

Valentino has Me Hooked!!!

Valentino SS13 Rockstud Kitten Heels in Patent Pop Gardenia Calfskin with Platinum Gold Studs

Wow… I pre-ordered these from Europe and within hours of them appearing online, at least 80% were instantly sold out. My size tends to be really popular and is usually the first ones gone (why are there so many tiny Asians with small feet in this world?!?! lol). I only blame myself to be short and cursed with Asian genes, rendering my feet so tiny! Then again, at least in the west, my friends and colleagues can’t ask to share my wardrobe or shoes 😀

Anyhow, these kitten flats seem pretty comfy. I can usually stand in the 100mm version for 4-5 hours, so these should be easy on my feet so that I can wear them all day. The pink is really gorgeous, a beautiful pastel baby pink with gray undertones. The nude straps and platinum studs are still the same as my other pair. I was not very happy when the shoes arrived and a few of the studs were already stained. Very weird. I tried to clean them but they won’t budge so I left them alone as they’re not too noticeable. Again, I still don’t think the worksmanship of Valentino’s is as good as Manolo’s, Jimmy Choo, or Louboutins… one of the studs was really lopsided. It’s like they didn’t pay attention to aligning the studs straight on the straps…







Christmas Presents – Reveal III

Best for last,

Valentino SS13 Rockstud 110 Heels in Patent Black Leather

I missed the boat on these last year, but when I saw them on a PF member recently, she just totally rocked them! I loved her sleek look together with a feminine rocker chic look. Plus, she was just gorgeous herself. The entire look was stunning. So I began to develop an interest in Valentino’s shoes. I’m still not fond of the big bows, lace, or other frilly details, but the Rockstud shoes are totally hot.

I feel like they have just enough glam-rock style and perfectly placed studs, cuz Louboutin’s completely spiked and studded shoes are an over-kill for me these days. CL’s shoes are seriously being mass-marketed as well and it’s like they have no new ideas, every season is the same shoe with a little change in color or detail. I don’t know, I’m just a little disappointed in CL’s loss of creativity and rather vulgar shoes that are being produced these days…

Enjoy the pix!


Lastly, modeling pix:

Necklace – Tiffany’s Heart
Blouse – H&M
Bracelet – Jadeite Jade
Belt – Hermès
Jeans – 7 For All Mankind High Shine pants