Winter Party and Skating!!!

Last weekend we had our annual department winter party which is oddly in the new year compared to most organizations which is often in late November or December. I was only expecting a hundred people or so to show up as the party is limited to first come first serve, but we were able to get 500+ people! Despite the huge turnout, the food was not the best… In a way, I’m glad because that’s less unnecessary calories devoured!

As with any event, I always plan a week ahead to try on various outfits and I decided to go with my Roland Mouret Martha dress with the perfect matching Louis Vuitton wallet, which I used as a clutch. I still remember purchasing this wallet from the limited edition Monogram Charms collection in 2006. The collection was fabulously made with a silk scarf wrapped in vinyl to give it a patent look. The calfskin then embedded a cute dangling LV locket. The wallet is still in pristine condition and this was only my second time using it! Lastly, the shoes were the most difficult to choose, but I settled with my Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 140 in rose gold glitter to go with the rest of my jewelry.


I try to keep my makeup simple on most days with a bit of BB cream and eyeshadow+mascara. When it comes to more special events, I’ll do a cat eye or winged look. I do like to play around with all my lipsticks otherwise I’ll never have a chance to wear the bold colours. So here I was swatching some CL lipsticks for fun.FullSizeRender 3

Speaking of winter parties, I never mentioned my other holiday event where we had to do a cookie exchange with our colleagues! Wow… I made 8 dozen cranberry with white and dark chocolate cookies!!! I remember being so flustered because I totally forgot about it! People called me to remind me and I rushed out in the middle of the night to buy ingredients! lol In return I got a lot more cookies back which I tried to give away…CookieExchange2015Party_PCU5nps2
^Wearing my flapper dress with Céline Trio (large) in Vermillon red.

As for the rest of last weekend, we went skating!! It was so fun having hot chocolate on the ice! I got to pull out my trusty LV Trotteur bag and all my old figure skating gear, including tights to protect my skates! It was pretty cold though at -15 Celsius, so I kept warm in many layers: 2 pairs of tights, track pants, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, LV Monogram shawl, Mackage jacket, and my cute fur mufflers! Unfortunately, I think my face froze… The next few days, I had a real bad flare up of my eczema and was trying to use all sorts of moisturizers to condition my skin. I ended up going to Sephora to buy another one of those value packs where they give you deluxe sizes and a few full size products at a steal. I’ve only tried a few, but I’m already loving the Origins mask!

Skating2016.2 Skating2016Sephora_WinterQuencher
^On our Sunday drive – it’s nice once in a while to be chauffeured around town!

Thanks for letting me share and I hope everyone had a great weekend as well! 😀

The Most Romantic Céline

Céline FW15 Mini Belt Bag in Light Smoke

YAYYY!!! It’s here! The first Céline bag of the season! I’m so excited!!! 😀176103A31.08SL_1

When I think of Céline, I envision minimalism, modernity, creativity, neutrals and monotones. It’s not often that Phoebe comes out with romantic colours like red, pink, and purple. I actually prefer it this way. The brand should stick to its roots of what it’s best at and not diverge out like many other brands offering the same product in 100 colour ways. Too many options sometimes is not a good thing and to me that means a lack of focus where it has lost its historical qualities.

However, what I’m most impressed by Phoebe‘s work, is that even when she has introduced more pinks and reds this season, the exact tone chosen embodies a level of maturity. I love how the name “Light Smoke” perfectly depicts the subdued pink of this bag in a soft and airy way cast by grey-blue tones which is more prominent under certain lighting. A true light pink would have made this bag too delicate and prone to getting dirty. So the balance with the grey is perfect and will also help to disguise any wear and tear.

There have been previous Belt bags that I’ve liked, especially last season’s tan with hot pink edges. However, there was always something that I did not particularly like about some of the colour ways, because I’m frankly not much into brown colours these days. My wardrobe leans toward black and white, instead of neutrals like beige and brown. So another reason, why I fell in love with these colours is because the Indigo is more resistant to showing dirt when used as a hand-held bag.

Of course, one can also use it with its strap, which frees your hands. It’s quite a versatile bag, where one can carry it on the shoulder, in the crook of your arm, or by hand. Owners of the Céline Trapèze will feel very familiar to the bag as the two designs are quite similar and can be carried in the same ways. Both bags are exactly the same size in every dimension that I measured (see last pic for reference). The only real difference is the opening mechanism of the bags. For those who find the Trapèze to be too difficult to get in/out because of it’s “tab+turn-lock” closure, will find the Belt to be much user friendly in that it’s more of a “hook” where it latches onto the body. Both styles have a zipper for extra security. The Belt bag does feel much lighter though and seems to be less structured compared to the Trapèze. So I would definitely say that it has more of a casual feel.

Other Details:
Leather exterior: Calfskin
Leather interior: Lambskin
Leather quality: 10/10
Country of origin: Italy
Interior Compartments: 2 flap pockets
Exterior 1 large zipped pocket
Size: 27/23/13 cm – thanks Kelly for catching the typo! (about 2 cm smaller on both sides compared to the regular Belt)
Removable shoulder strap (would prefer an adjustable one, and the length seems kinda short?)

In one sentence, this bag is practical, functional, beautiful, and perfect for those of us with petite frames. Thanks for letting me share and enjoy the pix! 😀

Celine_Belt1 Celine_Belt2Celine_Belt4 Celine_Belt5

Celine_Belt6 Celine_Belt7

Modeling pix below to show bag relative to 5’2 height:
– Club Monaco sweater
– Roland Mouret skirt
– Christian Louboutin heelsCeline_Belt9 Celine_Belt8

Lastly, reference pic in comparison to the Trapèze. Again both bags are exactly the same size in all dimensions, including the straps have the same lengths. Hope this helps!



Feeling Drab in the Winter?

Don’t let the Winter Blues dull your outfit! Even if the days are shorter and the weather is freezing, I grew up in Montreal (honestly the most fashionable Canadian city in my opinion) where -20C does not stop us gals from going out bare-legged in sky high heels. Of course, a warm coat is necessary but nothing too puffy please. It’s still gotta have style and shape. I may cuddle up in some comfy sweats at home, but there’s no excuse in not trying to dress well when going out. You want to look like you’ve tried (ie. not rolled out of bed and you put on an old sweatshirt), but not so much that everything’s over the top, just a “pulled together” look.
*Tip: Always wear a belt if you want to complete any look, even if you’re wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Sometimes we’re on the run and have no time to plan our outfit, but trust me a nice belt will definitely up your game. I learned this from the men!!

In today’s outfit, I’m adding some summery elements and bright colours to an all black outfit, as well as borrowing from my work-out clothing that I often wear to the gym. You have the see-through top to emphasize the “lightness” amongst the darkness lol, and of course the hot pink bra underneath is a subdued statement piece on its own. And to keep things simple, I’m not wearing much makeup, just a bright coloured lipstick to match the bra and shoes.

Lululemon See-Through Mesh Box T-shirt
Lululemon Energy Bra
Rag & Bone Skinny Waxed Jeans
Prada Black Leather Belt
Céline Large Trio Bag in Indigo
Christian Louboutin So Kate Heels



You may have noticed that my CL heels modelled above are different than those in my reveal pictures here. The reason is because I first ordered a pair in one size, which is larger, but then my usual size became available. So then I returned the first pair for which the pix were taken already, but now I’m modelling with the 2nd true fitting pair. However, I actually prefer the pattern on the first pair… My shopping life can be very complicated lol.

Anyhow, I’m ready to head out and tread through any extreme weather – just need to grab my Mackage coat! Have a safe and warm weekend for everyone in the east coast!

When Trio V Meets Trio I…


Céline SS15 Large Trio Indigo Lambskin

The Trio is a very well designed cross body bag that looks compact, but can carry a ton of stuff the same amount as I would typically throw into any bag. This includes my usual wallet, keys, cell, pager, badges, pens, compact powder, lipgloss, and a bunch of random papers for work (sometimes my glasses too). My trusty Vermillion Trio was the perfect bag for me in hospital running around everywhere before I had my own office. Now it’s retired with wrinkles, scars, and other damage done to its delicate lambskin, I wanted to reward her years of hard work with a new companion – Meet Trio Indigo!

Trio_Indigo2 Trio_Indigo3 Trio_Indigo5 Trio_Indigo6

Will they like each other? Or quarrel to their death? They do have their differences in that Trio I likes to shine in the spot light more, always wanting to be the centre of attention, whereas Trio V is more shy often staying in the background, although no one can deny her beauty even amongst a rack of other Trios…


Dun Dun Dun Duuunnnnn!
I think they like each other as I found Trio V to be embraced by Trio I, and now they’re INSEPARABLE!!!
However, they still maintain some of their own differences in that Trio I is a righty (zipper opens to the right) versus Trio V is a lefty (zipper opens to the left), and the zipper tabs are slightly different too. Overall they don’t mind each other and now live happily ever after…

The End. Thanks for letting me share!

Trio_Double Trio_Double2

Another Addition to My Growing Céline Collection

Céline FW13 Trapèze in Ink, Navy, and Indigo Smooth Calfskin and Lambskin

YAY! New and just in boutiques! I’ve sort of liked the Trapèze model but always hesitated because I think it might be a little too big for me? and I never found a color combo that I liked. I mean most were nice, but nothing really suited my wardrobe with the colorblocking effect, there was always one color that didn’t work with me. However, when I saw this color combo, I knew it was perfect! Not exactly colorblocking because they’re all in the same blue color family, which really works for me as I wear a lot of blue and cool tones. FYI: It’s 100% calfskin on the outside, and 100% lambskin on the inside!







Modeling Pix Reference:

T shirt – American Apparel
Pants – Club Monaco Sarah Trousers
Shoes – Manolo Blahnik BB heels





As beautiful as this bag is, I’m afraid that I’m developing some aversion to the clasp. This is quite distressing because it’s very difficult to get into and out of the bag! Everytime I need to access the bag, there are multiple steps: (1) stabilize bag either on surface or rest it on my body/leg, (2) push down top clasp, (3) unscrew interior lock from vertical to horizontal position, (4) lift flap, (5) unzip interior zipper, and then do all steps backwards now to close the bag. This is a total of 10 STEPS!!! If I leave the interior unzipped, then I still have 8 steps to go through!!! How very irritating for a person like me who gets impatient so easily lol! Ughhh… I think I’ll need some time to adjust to the clasp… Another thing is that I’m surprised that for brand new hardware, there are already scratches? Maybe it’s just the way it is, but I prefer all metal parts to be very polished and shiny…



Lastly a group shot of my Céline family:

Thank you for letting me share!