Paris Purchase II: The Long Awaited Croc Phantom!

Céline FW13 Small Square Phantom in Black Crocodile-Embossed Calfskin


I recently came back from my trip to Europe and I only had one free day in Paris to do all my shopping. I went to nearly all the Céline boutiques, except for one, and they were pretty much packed with people. I was on the verge of despair because all the new Fall items that I was interested in had still not arrived yet. I think the SAs were fed up with all my questions, but I persisted and kept nagging them.
Per chance with my last question, I inquired about any Phantoms available. I think the SA pitied me seeing that I was so desperate and finally revealed that they had something *good* in stock: the one and only, highly sought after, CROC EMBOSSED PHANTOM that just arrived the same morning and it has been months since they last received stock!
Long story short, I hauled her home in a gigantic Céline shopping bag along with another little accessory 







^Not shown, but I can wear the Phantom pretty comfortably on my shoulder for those who are wondering if it’s doable as a shoulder bag. The bag is VERY heavy and I had to carry it almost the entire day while I was visiting the Louvre. So I had no problems with it over my shoulder. Although, I don’t think it’s possible with a thicker jacket…

Some “In Action” Pix:


^Phantom at the Louvre

Europe Trip 2 101.2

^Phantom at the Eiffel Tower
Reference: Marciano top, 7 For All Mankind jeans, Prada slippers, Louis Vuitton sunnies, and Hermès bracelet

Paris Purchase I: Cute Little Céline Wallet

Céline SS13 Multifunction Compact Wallet in Pink/Rust Lambskin

I saw a similar wallet on the Purseforum from a member who bought the same style wallet but in blue and red. It was a really cute wallet I thought at the time and I’ve never seen it before in the States. It’s got just enough CC slots, bill folder, and a coin pouch – all neatly put together in a compact wallet. So while I was in Paris, on my trip to the last Céline boutique on Grenelle, I spotted this cute little thing and then it was a done deal 😀




Summer is Here!!!

Céline SS13 “Pouch” in Orange/Vermillon (27VM) Lambskin

I’ve been eyeing the Pouch for quite some time now, but I probably would not have bought it had I not had a really bad day. I went to pick up my David Yurman ring which was resized smaller. The ring was a disaster and I was so upset that they ruined it. However, this SA at Neiman Marcus literally told me to go and “live with it” because she has suffered from chronic back pain for decades and she had to just “live with it.” I wasn’t even that upset at first thinking that maybe we can just send it back to DY’s official factory for them to look at it because the resizing was done locally by a third party affiliated with NM. It was really this SA’s attitude, shaking her head, pointing at me, putting her hand in front of my face…etc. that had really disturbed me. Anyhow after the fiasco, I went straight over to the Céline counter. At first I really liked the pink/rust combo, but changed my mind in the end because I felt like the orange/red combo had more of a *POP* in color! Especially from a distance, the colors are just so rich and saturated. I was able to use my NM gift card with it too, which made the price very  affordable.






Comparison pix with Céline’s Large Trio:

The Pouch has the same dimensions as each of the compartments of my Large Trio. The differences are in the lining and zipper: The Pouch is lined in lambskin, whereas the Trio uses wool and cotton blend; and the Pouch has a golden brass zipper that runs down the side, whereas the Trio has leather zipper tabs. Lastly, even though both are Vermillon red, the Pouch has more blue undertones.




Modeling Pix:

H&M floral blouse
Rag & Bone Capri jeans in Blush
Tiffany Sparkler necklace in Citrine
Hermès CDC belt and Clic Clac bracelet
Valentino Rockstud kitten heels in Gardenia



My favorite celebrity pic is Taylor Tomasi Hill, looking fierce in a Burberry leather jacket and Céline’s Cobalt Blue Clutch!


My First Red Bag – The Chameleon!

Céline SS13 “Large Trio” in Vermillon (27VL) Lambskin:

YAY!!! My second Céline bag in the color that I wanted – RED! I’ve been waiting to buy a red bag for a very long time, but I’ve always felt like such a bright color is best suited for smaller bags. I’ve finally found the perfect “small” bag that can still hold a ton of stuff, that’s why I call it the Chameleon! It was sort of an impulsive purchase, but the color and larger size are difficult to come by. The color is really gorgeous with a slight coral/orange shade under different lighting. I love how versatile it is:
1. Wear it as is with the shoulder strap
2. Separate the compartments and wear as a clutch
3. Use the pouch for other belongings inside bigger bags
4. Or wear it as a “flap” clutch or “Rolled Trio” look that I invented after seeing the SS13 runway bags. I’ve outlined some step-by-step instructions as to how we can achieve the inspired “Rolled Trio” look below.










^Photo Credit:

At one point I was really interested in the Soft Rolled Trio from SS13 runway, but for 2100$ retail and you do not have the option for detaching the compartments? No thanks, plus I like the shoulder strap option of the regular Trios. So my ever inquisitive mind started clicking and here’s what I have come up with to get the same look in a few simple steps! In fact you can get TWO different ways to wear it!

Step 1:
Detach the 3rd compartment (the one on the back without the Céline logo).

Step 2:
Invert the 3rd compartment and reattach onto the body of the bag.

Step 3:
Tuck in straps into middle compartment. Given the anatomy of the straps, you cannot fully tuck them in without some of it peaking through, but fear not…

Okay, so here is what we have so far to give everyone a visual:




How much stuff can the Large Trio carry?

Quite a lot! These are all my regular items that I usually throw into my Balenciaga bags or Prada totes. I was very surprised to see that it can carry almost the same amount of stuff and yet still look small, neat, and compact. Given its discrete logo, I’ve actually been using this bag at work and it’s just fabulous for all the things that I can hoard. So yeah, the Chameleon at work: small, yet hoards a ton; bold red color, but discrete branding; great at work in the day, then out for play! lol



Celebrities with Regular Trio:


^Olivia Palermo with Orange Trio


^Dakota Fanning with Glacier Trio


^Kim Kardashian… what does she NOT own? This girl has everything…


^Kourtney Kardashian (the lesser known sister, but I like her very much!)

Waiting No More… My First and Very Rare Céline!!!

Céline SS13 Micro Luggage in Natural Python, Black Calfskin, and Suede Wings

I must admit that I did not believe in the hype of the Luggage line a year ago when my initial interest in Céline began. Nonetheless, my curiosity continued to grow. Hype, trend, or eventual classic? Only time will tell. I finally thought to myself that I might as well buy a Luggage to see what the fuss is all about, especially if I’m still interested in it after a year. I was initially yearning for a tricolored bag, in the Micro size, but after contacting *the world* no one had anything that stunned me. I thought I’d go for a particular color variation this season in the blue/black/white combo, but that was also sold out. I had my mind set on the Micro size, which also limited my selection of colors and patterns, as this size is a boutique exclusive.

Finally, my SA introduced me to the python collection after I kept nagging her for all these bags that she didn’t have in stock. Even though at first the prices had shocked me, my ears perked up right from the first bag that she had described to me… Rare? Go on… Newest in stock? Ok… Boutique exclusive? Very interesting… And of course after she sent me the pic, I knew this was THE ONE!!! The One that I waited for a year! The One that made my heart palpitate! The One that is still relatively safe and conservative but still got a kick of awesomeness ! Without further adieu, here’s the reveal 








So what is there exactly to love about the Céline Luggage line? Is it the infamous “wings” created by its creative director, Phoebe Philo, who started this cascading trend of flared sides across the handbag world? Or is it the pure celebrity factor that seems to have this bag donning the arms of even Meryl Streep and Oprah Winfrey?? Or maybe the fact that Céline refuses to go global via internet, hyping up their exclusivity to high end luxury departments or their boutiques only?? Or simply its fine craftsmanship of pure 100% luscious leather made from la crème de la crème of materials??? Even my Chanel Reissue 226 was not leather-lined, but rather some polyester or cotton fabric that I no longer remember… Recall that I am seriously *irked* by designer handbags that are not leather lined… I mean for 2000$+++ leather should be used by default, but most brands seem to be skimping on the details and try to save cost from the inside… *cough* Louis Vuitton *cough*cough*

Whatever the reason(s) for how successful Céline’s Luggage line has become, I adore my new bag. She is a darling, classy, elegant, and very sophisticated. Her skin is baby-soft, especially on the inside that I’m afraid to scratch up. For this reason, I’ve gone to order a couple of purse organizers (which I usually do not use) to keep her clean and pristine. I wore her the first time and received so many compliments from sales associates and other shoppers. She definitely caused some stir at the Céline counter in Neiman Marcus that unfortunately does not carry the Micro size, nor this particular color/pattern combination. In the end, she is so worth the wait, the hunt, the anxiety, and all the troubles that she’s given me to acquire her!!!

Modeling Pix:

Silk blouse – Vince
Leather pants – J Brand
Python belt – Club Monaco
Python heels – Christian Louboutin
Chinese jadeite bangle




Some of my favorite pictures of celebrities in Céline:

One of my favorite actresses is Lucy Liu. I always think of her as the ultimate Asian warrior princess – feisty, chic, smart, and she’s got that kung fu power!!! lol Loved her in Charlie’s Angels and Kill Bill. Anyhow, Lucy Liu was the first person to entice me to the world of Céline with that gorgeous stamped croc Trapèze.



Sorry, I just had to dedicate a few pix to Lucy Liu as O’Ren Ishii! She was amazing, loved those cat-eye looks, her cocky attitude, but too bad they had to kill her off so early.

Another two celebs whom I respect highly. Who else to carry this designer’s bags other than the very elegant, talented, platinum selling artist Céline Dion? Seen here in a Jil Sander coat, Céline Phantom and shoes. Kate Walsh also carries a Trapèze and walking effortlessly down the hustle and bustle of life. I love her in Private Practice!!!



Last but not least, the person whom I think wears the Luggage the best amongst all celebs is Nicole Richie. She’s got the edge… the sunnies… and the Rick Owens biker jacket that amps up the coolness factor! Sure, she’s come a long way since her earlier days, but I love her in these pix as she really shows off  that casual chicness of the Luggage bag!