My First Givenchy’s for a STEAL!!!

Givenchy SS12 Runway “Guerra” 105mm Shark Tooth Sandals in Salmon Patent Leather and Gold Hardware

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Ooooooh these are my FIRST GIVENCHY’S!!! I finally got these babies that I’ve missed out on last year!!!  They were sighted on nearly every celebrity (my fav is Beyoncé – that woman is fab in everything though), so I wasn’t so sure of them at first cuz I don’t want to just follow a trend, but when I really wanted them later, of course they were all gone! I just noticed these recently on a random internet search and they were on sale too – I had a coupon code for 15% off, got free shipping cuz they messed up my overnight shipping, and lastly got another extra 15% in deductions for the metal being tarnished on delivery. So in the end I got them for 65% off!!! The box isn’t the original though and there are a few minor scratches on the soles, but I still love them! They’re just gorgeous, love the style, the heels, the shark tooth, the silver sole – I can’t stop starring at them! 

Comfortable? Hmm… the ankle strap is a little stubborn. It fits me well, but the main problem is that it’s kinda thick and restricts any ankle movement. I seriously only have 5-10 degrees of range of motion. So there’s no dorsiflexion at all lol. Otherwise, the heel height is perfect for me, there’s really good padding at the ball of the foot, and they fit my feet (length+width wise) really well.









Modeling Pictures:

Dress – Helmut by Helmut Lang
Bracelets (left arm) – All from Hermès
Cuff (right arm) – Raven Kauffman Couture
Leather obi belt – Bought on the streets in Asia!

***Leg toning tip***

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Then add your favorite bronzer, concentrate on the sides of your legs. My favorite is Lancôme’s Flash Bronzer which is an oil-based gel specifically made for legs and contains gleaming particles of glitter. Then add MORE shine and oil just on your shins to give the illusion of thinner legs! I used to use Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse Or, but now I’ve converted to MAC’s To the Beach Body Glow which is a cheaper alternative that works just as well!




^ gives us detailed pix of another version of the Guerra shoes on the left. The exact style that I have shown in my pix are also seen on several of the models including this particular model who wears it in the picture above on the right.


Celebrities in Givenchy Guerra:

Beyoncé is dazzling (as always) at the BET awards last year. Dress by Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture. I feel like I have touched a bit of heaven now that I own exactly the same shoes as Beyoncé!!! haha



Gisele Bündchen at the Met Gala 2012. She chose Givenchy Guerra in Black to show off those famous legs…



Julianne Moore was recently awarded her Star at Hollywood’s Walk of Fame October 3, 2013 and she chose to wear her Guerras in White!



Gweneth Paltrow (top left)
Rooney Mara (top right) – love that dress of hers, a custom make from Givenchy!
Anne Hathaway (bottom left)
Kim Kardashian (bottom right)



More celebs…
and yes that’s KK again with the same style shoes but in white! No, it does not surprise me that she owns everything…



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