Birthday Celebration!

Cartier Trinity Ring in 18K Rose, Yellow, and White Gold – Small Size




The first piece of Cartier jewelry that I remember seeing in real life was a Trinity ring worn by an anesthesia fellow from Singapore a few years ago. At that time, I really admired her skills, knowledge, and there was this gracefulness about her that was so elegant. I loved how she would twirl and play with her ring, every time she was in deep thought.




I knew that at one point I’d purchase this ring, but before doing so, I wanted it to mean something special to me. I mentioned earlier this summer that this year has been a personal struggle for me as I had to find myself again. Reality no longer seemed real, and everything in my life felt distorted in that what seemed unfounded became the truth. In the end, I did find myself and I realized that no matter what happens, I can always depend on my family for unconditional love and support. Thus, I wanted to have our names personalized onto each band with the 3 colours representing one of us. I was so happy that it was delivered just in time for my birthday, but even more delighted to know that we will always be linked to each other no matter what happens in the future.

Modeling pic:


^Ref.: Wearing Christian Louboutin‘s original “Rouge” nail polish. See here for review.


Later for dinner, I went to celebrate at Bouillon Bilk, a fine French restaurant that I have not been to yet. The inside has very nice, simple decor all in white with a centre bar. Service was fantastic and the food was exceptional. I would say that they do not cook in a traditional French manner, but very modern with quite unexpected flavour combos. Portions are relatively small, but perfect in my opinion for myself because I don’t want to feel like I’m in a food-coma afterward. The only con? It’s located actually in a really shady area of downtown Montreal, where I’ve always avoided (and thus I’ve never tried this restaurant before). You do not want to walk the streets here alone at night… but you’ll be fine in a big group!



Our dishes? Check them out:

Appetizers – 3 types of fresh oysters (can’t remember names) in a dozen from Nova Scotia; Duck tartare; and Hamachi! I loved the latter raw fish with such exquisite presentation and fine taste!




Main Course – Grilled sea bass on a bed of hearty veggies, pistachios, pears, mushrooms, and other greens. I usually don’t eat the skins of fish or meat, but I had to make an exception this time and the pairings with the side veggies were amazing!!!



Dessert – Cheesecake made in-house with warm peaches, apples, toasted pecans, chewy dates, and graham crackers all drizzled in thick caramel sauce. Now I’ve had a lot of good desserts in Montreal and France, but I have to say that to this date, this is hands down THE BEST cheesecake I have ever had in my life!!! It was so good that we ordered a second serving on top of a “banana split” with sorbet and chocolate brownies! That’s right and I usually hate dates and prefer “homogenous” cheesecakes in that I like them soft, smooth, and custard-like; not mixed with a bunch of random things lol. So the fact that this dish won me over by its taste speaks volumes!!! I cannot rave enough about it! 😀



Thanks for letting me share my joy! Happy shopping on Cyber Monday for the upcoming holiday season!


I Found My LOVE in NYC + Rant! lol


^NYC Haul: Louboutin shirt, Saks’ gift bag filled with cosmetics/fragrance goodies, Clé de Peau skin care set, Tom Ford highlighter/concealer pen, and Google Glass from Mr Porter!!! But best of them all are the jewelry pieces from the house of:

Cartier LOVE Ring with Pink Sapphire Set in 18K Rose Gold

Well there you go, I broke my own rule of never buying fine jewelry for myself even though I’ve been yearning for the classic LOVE ring for years. I recently went to Toronto’s Cartier boutique with a few friends and couldn’t get it out of my head. Still I did not purchase it because I knew it would always be around in the permanent collection. However when I was traveling to NYC, I saw this pink sapphire version and it was just LOVE at first sight. I was sold! I love the extra thick band compared to the classic ring and it’s perfect for daily wear! Well this is all good, ready for the rant now? lol

Rant Part I: The Saks’ Cartier (let’s call this boutique A) did not have my size, and told me boutique B had it… Ok so I ran 10 blocks up just at the time of their closing and the security guard would not let me in! I called the SA back at boutique A, and she was like, “Oh I did not mean boutique B, I meant it would be located at boutique C!” Really?!?! You made me run up all this way and tell me I went to the wrong place??!!? What irked me the most was that she was trying to make a sale for a smaller ring size which she had in stock, and I insisted that’s way too small for my liking! Talk about deceiving… Anyhow, so I head to boutique C and got like 5 SAs all worked up cuz they said they don’t have this item reserved for me and the SA I’m referring to who took for phone call from SA at boutique A did not exist! Wtf?!?!?! I was pretty upset… The flagship store did have great customer service and tried to amend for all this confusion, which I really appreciated. Rant to be continued in second reveal below… lol





Cartier FW14 Amulette Necklace with Diamond, White Mother of Pearl, and 18K Yellow Gold

Of course I was also interested in the Amulette necklace but couldn’t decide between the black onyx or white MOP. I think in pictures, black onyx with rose gold looks best. However in real life, I was pretty taken aback by how gorgeous the white MOP is with it’s almost translucent pendant which is hard to capture in pictures and I guess that’s why in 2D, the white MOP looks “flat.” Unfortunately Cartier does not offer this with rose gold, only 18K yellow gold, which the house apparently believes best compliments the design. Cartier offers a complimentary 2 inch extension for those ladies who wish to wear it as a longer pendant, and I have mine currently getting its spa job!

Rant part II: After that SA from Saks‘ Cartier (boutique A) “inadvertently” made me run up and down Manhattan, can you believe that she LIED to me trying to make a sale for the necklace now?? So yeah, after she insisted that the much smaller LOVE ring is more suitable for me and I politely declined and asked to see another item, i.e. the Amulette collection, she said, “No we do not have the white MOP necklace, in fact, I just checked last night’s inventory in all of North America, and it’s sold out. We only have the black onyx, so I think you should take this before it’s also sold out!” Anyhow, later as I went to the flagship boutique (C) to hunt down the LOVE ring as this was my priority, I casually asked whether they may happen to have the white MOP Amulette necklace as well, and the nice SA said, “but of course we do! Here is our selection!” and they must have had like at least half a dozen in the drawer! I swear I will never shop at this Saks’ Cartier boutique!





Modeling pix:




Traveling in NYC:

My other adventures included meeting some wonderful ladies from The Purseforum. We met at Saks‘ first, with them serving us champagne and delicious macarons, and getting their gift bag filled with goodies as shown in the first picture. Next we gathered at Barney’s that went through serious lengths in preparing us a fabulous light lunch/snack. I loved how we could order everything right from the touch screen menu of the table AND shop from the same screen as we ate!!! Finally we had to check out Barney’s new penthouse, which was reserved for our private shopping day. What a great time it was as we shopped, drank, ate, and chatted along. I finally got to meet my other lawyer and doctor friends who are just like me, i.e. addicted to shoes and bags!





^And I had to get some more goodies and macarons at Ladurée which I devoured all too soon lol!