A Colourful Summer Ahead

Aquazzura SS15 Amazon 105 in Multicoloured Suede and Elaphe Snakeskin


I apologize for the late reveal, but aren’t these shoes amazing?!?!? I can’t wait for the Summer to arrive as I’m dying in this dreadfully long Winter that’s treading into Spring now. I’m really into Aquazzura‘s shoes these days, and this style is certainly one of his show-stoppers that’s become quite iconic to the brand. The classic version can be found in all black calfskin and suede. Other variations in materials include all sorts of colours and exotic skins, but this is the first time that a multicoloured and multi-textured version has been made available. I love the gorgeous array of tropical colours and the luxe snakeskin, wrapping altogether your feet in this magnificent piece of art.

SS15.Amazon2 SS15.Amazon3 SS15.Amazon4 SS15.Amazon5

Detailed Pix:

The iconic golden pineapple logo of the brand dazzles the soles! And see all the rich colours, zebra-striped snakeskin, and fluffy suede texture in the second pic!

SS15.Amazon6 SS15.Amazon7

Modeling Pix:

I do have to admit that the shoes are not easy to put on! I think it took me a full 5 minutes to put on the one shoe, that’s why I only had enough energy to tie up one rather than both to take this pic lol. I’m so lazy haha! I was so worn out after a day’s work that I didn’t want to take outfit pix anymore, but I promise you that later on in the Summer I will make sure to do so! Anyhow, as enduring as the process is to put them on, the result and effect of the shoes are stunning and so worth it! Given the multiple straps, they’re as comfortable as they can be. I would probably not recommend wearing them all day if you know you’ll be on your feet much of the time. These shoes are made for light walking and mainly sit-downs!

Amazon1.2IMG_5957Outfit Reference:
Nordstrom mesh top
Helmut Lang trousers and bra top

Advertisement and Campaigns:

Aquazzura online March 2015:1

Bergdorf Goodman:BGX2E72_ez

Designer Edgardo‘s sketch:84d7ae0b5bbeb58c09ef99a5ea9362bb

Saks Fifth Avenue ads:121514_PA_BANNER_SH_AQUAZZURA10914391_770533823032459_281769367_n

Past campaigns:aquazzura-_amazon-sandals 617106_379054272178154_417410204_o


Clementine McVeigh in classic black calfskin Amazon:ClementineMcveigh.instagram

Ciara and Blanca Suarez (below) both wearing the Amazon in elaphe snakeskin with zebra stripes:Ciara.websta.meblanca-suarez-and-zuhair-murad-dress-fall-2013-2014-rtw-gallery

Cara Delavigne on the Issa 2013 runway wearing the blue snakeskin Amazons:CaraDelevigne.RunwayIssaSS13

Ariadne Artiles wearing the grey suede Amazons in Vogue Spain:AriadneArtiles.VogueES

South China Morning Post March 2015 featuring zebra print elaphe snakeskin Amazons:SouthChinaMorningPost.March2015

Online model from Mytheresa.com:1005072000_2_zoom


You Sexy Thing!


AQUAZZURA SS15 Sexy Thing 105 in Black Suede and Metallic Gold Heels

These heels are apparently the shoes that shot the designer brand to fame and have been spotted on numerous celebrities. Despite the new brand claiming to have launched in 2011, the shoes were actually featured a year earlier in Elle of May 2010. Every season, there’s some sort of update on the heel, use of different materials, colours, or a slight variation in design. Black and beige suede appear to be always available as part of their permanent collection, but my favourite of all the variations is actually these gold metallic heels. I’m not sure how to categorize these as it was originally offered last season FW14, but also made available now via Net-a-Porter. So they could be part of the permanent collection too perhaps? I like how the shoes are meant to be worn casually in the daytime. The gold heel adds a more glamorous touch making it suitable for evening wear as well. Not only so, there will be less signs of wear and tear, compared to the classic black suede heel.

SexyThing1  SexyThing2 SexyThing3SexyThing4 SexyThing5

^I actually ordered from NAP first but they were giving me a really hard time with shipping issues. Then per chance, I saw Barneys had this last pair available again from last season’s sale for 50% off, so I jumped on them as they were my size too! You snooze you lose NAP! 😛

Outfit Pix:
J Crew cardigan
Helmut Lang jersey dress

SexyThing6 SexyThing7SexyThing8

Other pictures and celebrities:

Also available in green, red, beige, and blue (with gunmetal heel).Aquazzura.SexyThing.MetallicHeels

Fora de série magazine in March 2012

Aquazzura SS13 Campaign by Diego Diaz Marin

Aquazzura FW12 Campaign by Diego Diaz MarinAquazzura-SEXY-THING-Diego-Diaz-Marin14

Net-a-Porter model SS15406120_ou_xl 406120_fr_xl


Pitti Immagine W Cruise 2014 event at Palazzo Corsini in Florence June 2013IMG_6189 Aquazzura-Cruise-Collection-2014-Pitti-W

Neiman MarcusNMX1SPE_ez

The beautiful Olivia PalermoOlivia_palermo_NYFW_BCBG

Kendall Jenner2-Kendall-Jenners-Sprinkles-Beverly-Hills-Band-of-Outsiders-Mixed-Plaid-Sweatshirt

Devon WindsorAquazzura Cocktail Party Hosted by Edgardo Osorio Photocall- Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015

Alesha Dixon

CN Traveler

Trending Lace-Up Shoes

AQUAZZURA SS15 Belgravia Flats in Black Suede and Gold Metal Heels


When I love something, I really LOVE it and can get somewhat carried away… lol Just a little… The Belgravia style is perfect for spring and summer this season when we’re bound to expect lots of lace-up shoes as the latest trend. I could not decide whether I wanted the Belgravia kitten heels or flats, so of course, I bought both!!! I explained about my issue with the kitten heels being smooth calfskin to my surprise, instead of black suede that I had ordered. However, one of the reasons for why I decided to keep them in the end is that I ordered the flats in black suede as well. So having a different texture gives my Aquazzura collection a bit more variety since every pair so far has been black suede lol.

BelgraviaFlats1 BelgraviaFlats2 BelgraviaFlats3 BelgraviaFlats4 BelgraviaFlats5

^Notice the pineapple logo is stamped and not a plaque as found on Aquazzura‘s heels. This makes sense as the plaque will get worn down with wear. I should also mention that the gold heel is a real piece of metal (bronze?) and not laminated leather, which would easily show scratches. The fit is again true to size and very comfortable with the soft leather. For those who are worried about the ties, I found it quite easy to get in/out of the shoes and not time-consuming at all to do the lace-up.

Outfit Pix:
Vince silk tank top
Helmut Lang modal bra
BCBG nylon mini-skirt
Jewelry: Aldo, J Crew, Cartier

BelgraviaFlats7 BelgraviaFlats8

Other pictures and celebrities:

Barneys New York modelf4e8e1c4e98a3277aeb26f1338bd9c72

Lifestyle Asia featuring Aquazzura event at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong

Brooklyn Decker spotted in these beige suede flats last year.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Net-a-Porter had these gorgeous grey elaphe snakeskin flats available last season

The Effortless Cool…

Aquazzura SS15 Sloane 105 in Black Suede Leather

Woohhhooooo my 3rd pair!!! 😀


These heels are simply the most effortlessly cool shoes that I own at the moment. They are “simple” but the cut-outs add a whole lot of chic and edge. Did I mention that they are just so comfortable? The suede is incredibly soft and mould to your feet’s curves. I don’t know how it will fit for those with high arches… I imagine the suede will likely stretch and accommodate to your feet, but they’re definitely a perfect fit for me. I like to tie the laces twice around my ankles to give it more of that “wrapped” look, rather than doing a big butterfly knot in the back. Since these are suede, I will only be wearing them on relatively good weather days. So I can’t wait for spring and summer to come! We are unfortunately still buried in snow where I live here…  Anyhow, I’m super pleased with this purchase as they’re not my usual kind of go-to heels, but I’m glad to have gone out of my comfort zone and discover a new style.

Sloane1Sloane2 Sloane3 Sloane4 Sloane5 Sloane6

^Detailed shot shows the metallic tips which are black on this pair, compared to my other Aquazzura heels which have gold tips.

Modeling Pictures:
Guess sheer cotton top
Helmut Lang asymmetric bra
Topshop see through skirt
Rings by H&M, Aldo, J Crew, and Cartier

I had some fun with these mod pix and did a “walk” shot to capture the flowy movement of the skirt and shoes peaking through. Enjoy the pix!

Sloane8 Sloane9 Sloane10 Sloane11Sloane7

Celebrities and Other Pix:

Aquazzura’s FW13 Campaign

LA Confidential magazinecontent_Pop-Art-Fashion-2

Pitti Immagine W Cruise 2014 event at Palazzo Corsini in Florence June 2013Aquazzura-Collection-2014-Pitti-W-Florence IMG_6223

Net-a-Porter‘s model wearing Sloane heelsaquazzura-black-sloane-cutout-suede-sandals-product-2-12786485-887535106

Neiman Marcus’ advertisement for AquazzuraBGX1SY4_bz

An Unexpected Surprise?

Aquazzura SS15 Belgravia 75 in Black Smooth Calfskin

Please welcome my 2nd pair of Aquazzura heels! This style was actually the first pair that had caught my attention when I saw them being worn by Kate Bosworth in The Edit from Net-a-Porter December 2014. The photography was beautiful and background scenery could not have been more charming. This style appears to be also one of the brand’s most popular and I was really ecstatic to receive it last week.


However when I opened the parcel, my heart actually stopped for a second as a wave of shock and unexpected feelings washed over me. I usually like to be well prepared for everything, so when I saw the shoes in smooth calfskin, I was initially really upset. The pictures and descriptions featured on Lane Crawford where I had made the purchase were all for black SUEDE. I then contemplated for a long time as to whether or not I should keep them because I would prefer the lush suede material but then the smooth leather is more practical, less likely to show wear/dust, and I can wear them out in the rain. In the end I did decide to keep them.

I did contact Lane Crawford about the inaccuracy in their product description, but no one responded back for like 2 weeks. I was pretty appalled by the misrepresentation of their products and actually wrote about it here on my blog… Then the next day, a customer representative had contacted me… I don’t know maybe someone from the company is reading my blog here cuz I wrote “BUYERS BEWARE” lol, but in the end they were quite apologetic about the entire thing and explained that they had actually sold out the ones in black suede. They had just received new stock in for these smooth calfskin Belgravias instead and decided to ship out the new inventory without informing me. They also didn’t have time to take pictures of the new inventory or update their online items… Ok… very interesting… This would never happen in North America… Anyhow they did offer me a 30% credit back so I guess that was a generous gesture. Nonetheless, I would still be cautious of buying from them again…

Belgravia1Belgravia2 Belgravia3 Belgravia4 Belgravia5 Belgravia6 Belgravia7

The shoes are very comfy but narrow at the toe box. I would say so far with my experience, Aquazzura’s run true to size. If you have wide feet, I would recommend going half size up to accommodate for the front. I love the dustbag which is very useful and is a real bag to carry your shoes around rather than the typical felt bag. I like all the attention to detail in this pair like the gold lace tips, pineapple logo, and the stitching is really well done.

Modeling pictures:
J Crew necklace
Elie Tahari leather blazer
H&M stripe shirt
Roland Mouret for Banana Republic skirt

Belgravia9 Belgravia10 Belgravia11Belgravia8

Celebrities and other pictures:

The gorgeous Olivia Palermo, campaign for FW14 collaboration.image article-2405152-1B824B22000005DC-302_634x929 Olivia-Palermo-NYC

Model in Woman Magazine Angola January 2014Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 5.32.21 PM

Aquazzura’s cocktail party at Hotel Le Marois in Paris, September 2014
312aa8174e93dce2d05623615c20fef5c4b9637b 10653300_709180092498902_5763228333524162849_nAquazzura-Ph-Bassetti-03 Aquazzura-Ph-Bassetti-14 IMG_6245

Barneys New York – The Window featuring what their stylists wear to workLook_2

Net-a-Porter featuring Aquazzura heels in July 2013Aquazzura_FashionFixTeaser_640x414_TJ_V1