Winter Party and Skating!!!

Last weekend we had our annual department winter party which is oddly in the new year compared to most organizations which is often in late November or December. I was only expecting a hundred people or so to show up as the party is limited to first come first serve, but we were able to get 500+ people! Despite the huge turnout, the food was not the best… In a way, I’m glad because that’s less unnecessary calories devoured!

As with any event, I always plan a week ahead to try on various outfits and I decided to go with my Roland Mouret Martha dress with the perfect matching Louis Vuitton wallet, which I used as a clutch. I still remember purchasing this wallet from the limited edition Monogram Charms collection in 2006. The collection was fabulously made with a silk scarf wrapped in vinyl to give it a patent look. The calfskin then embedded a cute dangling LV locket. The wallet is still in pristine condition and this was only my second time using it! Lastly, the shoes were the most difficult to choose, but I settled with my Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 140 in rose gold glitter to go with the rest of my jewelry.


I try to keep my makeup simple on most days with a bit of BB cream and eyeshadow+mascara. When it comes to more special events, I’ll do a cat eye or winged look. I do like to play around with all my lipsticks otherwise I’ll never have a chance to wear the bold colours. So here I was swatching some CL lipsticks for fun.FullSizeRender 3

Speaking of winter parties, I never mentioned my other holiday event where we had to do a cookie exchange with our colleagues! Wow… I made 8 dozen cranberry with white and dark chocolate cookies!!! I remember being so flustered because I totally forgot about it! People called me to remind me and I rushed out in the middle of the night to buy ingredients! lol In return I got a lot more cookies back which I tried to give away…CookieExchange2015Party_PCU5nps2
^Wearing my flapper dress with Céline Trio (large) in Vermillon red.

As for the rest of last weekend, we went skating!! It was so fun having hot chocolate on the ice! I got to pull out my trusty LV Trotteur bag and all my old figure skating gear, including tights to protect my skates! It was pretty cold though at -15 Celsius, so I kept warm in many layers: 2 pairs of tights, track pants, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, LV Monogram shawl, Mackage jacket, and my cute fur mufflers! Unfortunately, I think my face froze… The next few days, I had a real bad flare up of my eczema and was trying to use all sorts of moisturizers to condition my skin. I ended up going to Sephora to buy another one of those value packs where they give you deluxe sizes and a few full size products at a steal. I’ve only tried a few, but I’m already loving the Origins mask!

Skating2016.2 Skating2016Sephora_WinterQuencher
^On our Sunday drive – it’s nice once in a while to be chauffeured around town!

Thanks for letting me share and I hope everyone had a great weekend as well! 😀

A Mother Daughter Day


I wanted to take my mother out recently because she has been through a lot in her life and deserves the world. She is the type of person who never asks for anything lavishing or extraordinary, and only puts her mind in the best interest of the family. Even with food, she saves the best parts for me and oftentimes waits for others to eat first before doing so herself. Of course we bicker and both of us can be a handful for my father, but we always know that deep down our love for each other is unconditional. I wanted to treat her on her birthday and cherish every moment because life really is all too short to not love the people around us.

Sometimes there are a lot of misunderstandings between friends, lovers, and family members that result in a broken relationship. Trust and love can take years to build, but they are easily fragmented by a single event. I was really touched recently by a family that came together to support each other with the passing of their loved one. We could all still see the tension in the family, despite the tranquility in the room. However there was a composure that dominated over any drama, and during these rough times we often see a reunion of families. One of the greatest things that we can help each other in life is to forgive and forget about perceived wrong doings in the past, love each other again, and learn to accept one another for our differences. We may have heard these simple words of wisdom before, but only realize their significance until it is too late because we cannot let go of our pride. So why wait until life is about to end, rather start today and take care of the people who are dearest around you?

Thanks for letting me share our special day together 🙂
louis-vuitton-sarah-wallet-evasion-monogram-canvas-small-leather-goods--M61359_PM2_Front view

Louis Vuitton FW15 Limited Edition Evasion Collection Sarah Wallet in Monogram Canvas

We first spent the day shopping and my favourite SA at LV helped us choose the wallet. Originally I was planning to get my mom a Monogram wallet with some red lining or accents to match with another one of her bags. However this LE piece had really caught her eye and I could tell that she loved the cute print as well as hot pink interior. My only concern is with the silk print which I know often rubs off with regular use… Anyhow, we still purchased it and had it hotstamped which I love to do for all my accessories for that extra touch of personalization!LV_wallet2 LV_wallet1LV_wallet3

We shopped around some more and pre-ordered a couple of other items (reveals to follow once they arrive!!!). My mother is not big into cosmetics, but I did buy a few items, including snatching up the last Yves Saint Laurent Blur Perfector compact which has been sold out all over Canada. I was passing by Sephora and could not believe my eyes that this YSL product was just sitting there on the shelf. Apparently it’s been raved about by thousands of women, and is meant to “perfect” your skintone, “blur” imperfections, and mattify as well. You can use it both under makeup or above to mattify throughout the day (which is most often recommended by users).

However, I personally find that it makes the sponge dirty when used on top of makeup and prefer to use it underneath to smooth out any blotchiness. The trick is to apply it VERY sparingly and only TAP, do not SWIPE or drag this stuff across your face! Is the packaging cute and sweet? Yes. Is it a miracle product? No. Am I impressed by the results? Meh. I’ve only used it a couple of times and now it’s thrown somewhere at the back of the bathroom counter…YSL1 YSL2

We then went to the spa together. My mother was quite happy to have met her friend there and started chattering away while I enjoyed my pedicure while overlooking the lake.Spa

Lastly, it was dinnertime with the family where we went to our usual favourite restaurant. It’s a great French restaurant that is highly praised for its creativity in stimulating the taste buds! We love how some simple ingredients mixed with some exotic seasonal items can evoke our sense of taste to a whole new level! The menu is constantly changing and we really enjoy each refreshing experience. To start, we shared the oysters and then each got our own appetizers: Tilapia fish tartare with pineapples, radish, basil, and tempura (top); Lobster with melon peanut sauce and barley (middle); Sea urchin linguini (bottom).

Main dishes:
– Guinea hen with liver mousse, leeks, kiwi, and nuts (top)
– Cod fish with clams, bacon, corn, radish, and sweet onions (bottom left)
– Scallops with pears, shiitake mushrooms, zucchini, and eggplant (bottom right)BB_Entree

– Hazelnut cake brulé with nutty cream, figs, pears, cranberries, grapes, macadamia nuts, and raspberry sorbet (top)
– Upside down peach cake with cream filling and caramel, vanilla ice cream, and papaya (middle)
– Lemon génoise fruit cake with almonds and black tea ice cream (bottom)BB_Desserts

My Spanish Acquisitions – Hermès, LaDurée, and Cosmetics

Hi everyone, I’m so sorry for not updating my blog. It’s been very busy this summer with all my travels, car issues, and then catching up with work. Yes, I am still alive and finally got a chance today to respond back to comments and post some new conquests since Spring! I know, it feels like forever since I last posted and I have so many things to catch up on. So I apologize for all the binge posts, but I hope you’ll enjoy at least some new goodies. Aside, I recently joined Instagram – you can also follow me @ceciliascloset888

Here’s a group pic of my mini haul from a recent trip to Spain.Travels1


1. Hermès SS15 Collier de Chien (CDC) Bracelet in Gold Plating, Epsom Leather and Jaipur Rose Color

I was at the airport terminal waiting for my next connecting flight to Portugal and had only 45 minutes. Of course we landed late and instead I only had 15 minutes to shop. The first SA was completely not helpful, I actually left the boutique. However, the next plane that I was to board was running late as well, so I returned back to the boutique to try my luck. Another elderly SA was so kind and brought out all the things that I wanted to see right in front of the previous SA. I think she felt very awkward standing there when she could have made the sale. I was happily surprised that they just received the new CDC bracelet in Jaipur Rose which is highly sought after. The colour is gorgeous and in the gold colour that I prefer. It’s a little heavy to wear, but very comfortable otherwise.

CDC_bracelet1 CDC_bracelet2 CDC_bracelet3 CDC_bracelet4


2. Hermès SS15 Clic H Bracelet in White Enamel and Rose Gold Plating

At the same boutique in Spain, I also purchased this Clic H enamel bracelet which was what I originally wanted to purchase because the Rose Gold was just launched this Spring and I was dying to get one because it’s been sold out everywhere. The first SA as I mentioned before told me that all the RG bracelets were immediately sold out, but then as I walked back into the store later, there was this display piece in the window which I had asked another SA to bring out for me to see. I know some boutiques can be picky about selling their demos, but the second SA had no problem with this. The only issue is that this was the Large model… It can be a little big when worn alone, but when I stack it with my other bracelets, it’s not bad at all as you can see from the pix below showing the difference between the Large and Small model (Clic Clac H black enamel bracelet). You can also compare the Rose Gold versus the usual Gold plating colour.

Travels2ClicClac3 ClicClac1


3. LaDurée Macaron Key Ring (Pink)

I used to hate macarons as a child because my cousin gave me a foul tasting one that she didn’t want and must’ve scarred my taste buds for a decade! I don’t even remember the flavour – liquorice??? Yeah I used to hate this as well haha! Only over the last few years, I began to rediscover their delicacy. I have to be careful cuz each of these tiny little nuggets are 100 -150 calories! Rather than indulging in their sweetness and working out at the gym after, keeping them close to my side as a keychain would be much more practical, right? I also saw a friend with this on her bag and I thought it was the cutest thing! The price is pretty steep though for something around 50 Euros at the airport??? Sorry I can’t remember. Available in Pink, Red, Green, Purple, and Blue.



Thanks for letting me share! Here are some other pix from my trip, enjoy!

IMG_4313IMG_5332 IMG_5226 IMG_4820 IMG_4318 IMG_4289

Good Morning Spring

I’ve been really busy at work recently and finally this weekend I got a chance to relax. I’m not much of a home person, but I was pretty happy doing domestic chores today! Not to mention the weather was beautiful, a bit cold, but really bright and sunny without a cloud in sight. The morning started with my usual breakfast these days which includes a low calorie yoghurt (Source or Iogo are my favs). I add some blueberries (or raspberries sometimes) and mix a variety of organic cereal all together. Typically on weekdays, I don’t have time to drink my smoothie, and opt for my coffee, but this morning I made some fresh strawberry+raspberry+blueberry+yoghurt smoothie. The good thing about these is that I make a batch and just freeze the servings.

Boo is here too joining us for breakfast 😀


I was requested to model my Louis Vuitton Petit Soupçon Cat Eye Sunnies for someone who was looking into purchasing a pair for herself. So here it is, moi at home… Sorry I’m not really dressed to go out… but it’s the weekend! I don’t like to get too fancy if I’m not going anywhere special. So please excuse the indecent bra straps and all…


Ok now I showered and more ready to go out (it’s like 2PM hahaha), but I forgot to put back on my Cartier Amulette necklace cuz I don’t wear it pendant que je fais la douche…
Anyhow references for outfit are:
LV Soupçon sunnies
Anzie topaz earrings
Helmut Lang moleskin coat
Cartier Love + Sapphire Ring
Hermès Clic Clac bracelet


Prepped skin with Lancôme Énergie de Vie Dullness Relief & Recharge Daily Lotion (discovered this yesterday and was bought into the “exclusive to Sephora” from Asia line… lol see below for details)
La Prairie Cellular Emulsion Matte Pore Minimizer Moisturizer
Hourglass Veil Foundation – No.1 Ivory (got this as a sample cuz I need a moisturizing foundation rather than my usual for oily/combo skin and it’s the 2nd lightest in the range, but still too dark on me!!!)
Chanel Double Perfection Compact Powder – Vanilla/Lumière 10
Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet – La Favorite 43
Clé de Peau – Beauté Celeste Shimmering Gloss No.2
Ciaté nail polish in Loop the Loop (couldn’t help but also take a pic of my new nails that I got done yesterday which is a new yummy buttery lemon shade)


Sephora Haul
Yesterday I was playing around at Sephora and managed to get some goodies! I wasn’t really planning on buying anything, but wanted to see if there were any new products to help soothe my skin this season, which has been really irritated, red, flakey, dry, then oily and breaking out! Ugh!!! So upsetting and impossible to control cuz of the near -40C weather where my rosacea AND eczema skin get flared up! So my makeup has been awfully difficult to apply/blend. Hopefully these products will help…

From left to right, top to bottom:
Lancôme Énergie de Vie Dullness Relief & Recharge Daily Lotion and Gel Cream – I don’t know how I feel about this… The first day I tried the lotion, I liked the “thick toner” feel almost like an extra layer of moisturization, but then I noticed a few hours later my cheeks and nose got really red and almost swollen (yeah, think “slapped cheeks” appearance which is often pathognomonic for Parvovirus lol). I tested out again the next day though to confirm if it was an adverse reaction, but then it was fine on the second application and I also added the day cream on top. So I don’t know if my skin settled on its own, or if the day cream was the one that counter-acted against the lotion. Well I just looked up the ingredient gentian extract as I’m blogging now and apparently gentiana lutea has vasodilatory effects and is an alkaloid… That explains it. Definitely not good for my rosacea. Will be return this… 
Shu Uemura Anti/Oxi Refining Anti-Dullness Cleansing Oil –
Contains green tea to help calm my skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Definitely a keeper and great mini size for the gym!
Guerlain Lingerie de Peau BB Beauty Booster – My 2nd replenishment cuz I love it so much! This BB cream has stronger coverage than others, but still lighter than a foundation. I use it pretty much daily other than weekends (when I use my Chanel Les Beiges which is super sheer and light).
Original Beauty Blender – I’ve been hearing all these raves about this egg shaped sponge to help blend out makeup… I thought I’d try it cuz like I said, my skin has been a real blotchy canvas to apply foundation cuz of the horrible weather. Result? Meh… Nothing too special, other than the horrid price of $26??? Not worth it…
AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel – Lovely! Contains papaya extract, green tea, and lactose to gently slough off dead skin cells and rejuvenate skin without physical abrasives, like traditional exfoliants. I still haven’t figured out the packaging which is my only gripe. It says that on first application, you flip the bottle upside down to prime the pre-filled cup inside for the perfect measurement, so that you don’t end up dumping too much. Ok… does not really work? Every time it dumps out a different amount? So I have to caution everyone to be really careful so that you don’t end up wasting the product which is really powdery and a mess to clean up. You also cannot put it back inside the bottle!
Tip:  I mix it with milk so that its natural sugars and lactose boost the actions of the product!
Ciaté Mini Nail Polishes:  Iced Frappe is a pretty lilac; Loop the Loop is shown above on me, and Pepperminty is pastel turquoise. This is my first time buying from this brand. I haven’t tried the other two colours yet, but I really liked the smoothness of the application with Loop the Loop. I typically find pastel colours to be difficult to apply cuz it emphasizes all imperfections, so I was quite impressed even while I was playing with them in-store.

Sephora1 Sephora2

Comparison of my previous tube of Guerlain BB on left and new replenishment on right. Notice the differences in labelling. I should mention that my old tube was purchased from USA, whereas the new one is from Canada. The colours are still the same though despite the slightly different names.

Guerlain AP_EnzymePeel^Closeup of the powdered product from AmorePacfic.

This pic below was from another day when I modelled my other relatively new pair of sunglasses from Louis Vuitton called Mimosa. It’s a real classy aviator style that actually works well with my face. See original reveal here.


After a weekend of domestic duties and shopping, there’s nothing like cuddling up with my little baby boy (and his new BB is Boo lol). Thanks for letting me share everyone, stay tuned for some exciting new reveals coming up soon!!!


Louis Vuitton Haul

FW14 Classic Monogram Keepall 45 Mon Monogram Custom Order in Red and Black



So I travel a lot and find myself struggling with all these bags: shopping bags, food/take-out bag, personal bag…etc, plus I always have my Starbucks coffee to juggle. I really needed something to consolidate everything and I’ve always had my eye on the LV Keepall which is a staple of the luxury house. However, I never really felt the urge to buy it because it’s part of the permanent collection. Only until recently when I got into my exercise frenzy did I realize that I would also be able to use the Keepall as a gym bag! Of course, I had to get it personalized with LV’s “Mon Monogram” which typically takes 6-8 weeks to deliver for the hand-painted item to be made in France. Otherwise, most classics from the permanent collection are made in the USA factories. I was pleased to find out that my rush order took only a month to arrive! Woohoo! Thanks for letting me share my super late reveal 😀








Now I chose red and black stripes/initials, with a red interior (typically brown canvas), for the Louboutin addict in me haha! I just love the pop of colour against the pale new vachetta leather!

Along with this major purchase, I couldn’t resist buying more LV sunnies… To this day, I swear LV still makes the best sunglasses after trying various designer brands. And they’re one of the few luxury houses that still does everything from beginning to finish in-house and all made by hand, rather than outsourcing to 3rd parties. Clearly they’re significantly more expensive, about twice as much as most other brands, but totally worth it in terms of their excellent quality. I’ve dropped mine on the floor numerous times and I’ve never had a chip or breakage. So I purchased not just one, but 2 pairs!! lol



Left: SS14 Mimosa in Brown Glitter
– Gold metal frame aviator style
– Hand-polished acetate tips with flower logo
– Rhinestone set Monogram flower hinge
– “Western” fit nose-bridge

Usually aviator styles don’t suit me, but I was pleasantly surprised at how classy and chic these looked. A real gorgeous pair with subtle logo details. It’s also my lightest-weight sunnies!





Right: FW14 Petit Soupçon Cat Eye in Brown Glitter Acetate
– Gold metal frame and hand-polished acetate
– Classic S-lock metal hinge
– Monogram flower details
– “Western” fit

So I got something more subtle above, and obviously we need to balance this with an all out glam oversized pair LOL! Sorry for some some metals parts looking smudgey. I forgot to wipe down the metal and rid of my greasy finger prints before taking the pix…




Lastly, a pic of my LV sunnies collection (yes I LOVE their brown glitter acetate lol) and taking my new Keepall to the gym! Stay tuned for more reveals!