A Possible Reunion with LV?

So I haven’t bought anything from LV for maybe 2 years and suddenly I felt the urge to get one bag that I’ve always wanted but kept on putting off – the Suhali Lockit PM in White goat leather – because the entire Suhali collection is now discontinued. It is such a shame that LV is doing this because Suhali was simply one of its most refined collections. I honestly don’t care about the other leather lines that have replaced it, such as Mahina, Antheia, or Empreinte. To me, Suhali had the utmost refined leather that was on par with Hermès. It did not have the monogram bling which was what I loved about it, but I guess the newer leather lines are preferred by the current mass of buyers who want to show off the brand with the obvious monogram pattern…

Anyhow, I was glad my old SA was still working in the boutique. She informed me that Suhali was completely sold out in all of Canada, including small accessories. I was very sad and angry because my only hope to purchase it will be on Ebay now. Nonetheless, I had to buy something to cheer me up, so I got a small little useless keychain:

Louis Vuitton FW11 Limited Edition Les Illustrés Keyholder in Damier + Lavender Calf Leather Combo



LV FW11 Runway Show

Let me summarize this show, brief and to the point:

Bags: Stunning, structured, classic Lockit styles
RTW clothing: WTF?!?! Gives me the impression of Dominatrix Maids On Strike!??
Shoes: Meh… Don’t care

LV should just stick to trunks and bags. I don’t get how fashion houses these days try to diverge into every realm of living existence. Take Hermès for example, from taming horses and making saddles, they’re now even doing kitchenware, albeit fine China and porcelain. Then there’s Versace’s bedsheets and home decor stuff, not to mention all the other brands like Burberry, Givenchy, and Dolce and Gabanna who are trying to grab a bite of the cosmetics industry. I honestly think the only two brands that have done well in an “all around” way are Chanel and Christian Dior – whether it’s fashion, leather goods, eyewear, or makeup.

I’ve never liked LV’s RTW clothes. They’re just unwearable and gaudy almost every season. Below are just a few examples of the better attires from the FW11 fashion show:

Photos from Style.com

^I like the purple fur coat!

^Jessica Stam with croc diamond Lockit Clutch

^Maid on strike ready to attack the masters once they get home…

^The boots are interesting…

^Kate Moss to end the show while smoking…

^I took images from the show and compiled them together. I understand that we’re in France here and smoking appears to be a habitual practice (even though the 2006 American Cancer Society says only 20% of women smoke in France), but really? Is this necessary? I just think it’s a wrong message to send out to youngsters. The last model on the runway is usually the most important, giving a finale to the entire show, and being the ONLY smoker at the end to strut down like so just baffles me, no matter how much I like Kate Moss.

Anyhow, onto happier things. The bags were gorgeous! I’m sure the retail prices begin at $3000+ and only the sky’s the limit considering the use of exotic skins. I’ve always liked the Lockit, especially the Suhali ones which are more horizontal in shape than the originals. These Lockits on the runway are perfect, just like the Suhali bags. Not only so, LV has a smaller version in a clutch style that has an attached bracelet as a wristlet. The bags are very wearable with perfect colors suitable for Fall/Winter. Get your name down on the waitlist soon!

LV Purchases 2008-2009

I didn’t buy much in 2008-2009, because I had an issue with the new manager as explained previously with my Motard Biker.
Fear not though, cuz I made up my purchases with Christian Louboutin shoes 😉 I found a whole new realm of goodies to explore!

Anyhow, here are my last few LV purchases:

Soupçon Rond Sunnies in Tortoise Glitter Acetate

– Purchased in 2008
– I fell in LoVe with LV’s sunnies, especially their Soupçon line, and decided to get this pair. Yes, I know that it’s the same exact model as my first pair, but that was in Honey Glitter, this is Tortoise Glitter! See the difference? lol


Damier Ebène Hampstead MM

– Purchased in 2008
– Great for work and carries a ton! This is also one of my heavily used and abused bags lol. After my Batignolles which I thought was too loud for work, this became the perfect professional and conservative bag that I bring with me almost daily.


Vernis French Purse in Amarante

– Purchased in 2008
– My everyday wallet. Very durable but the glazing is starting to peel a bit.


Multicolore Mini Zippy Wallet in White Canvas and Pink Calf Lining

– Purchased in 2009
– Another everyday wallet. Great for small purses and essential cards and coins. The lining is so pretty 🙂


Multicolore Bookmark in White Canvas

– VIC gift from LV Montreal staff. My SAs knew that I’m hardcore with my studies 🙂

LV 2007 Bags and Luggage

LV Multicolore Speedy 30 in White

– Purchased in 2007
– My lil travel bag. Apparently I started a trend on this bag to have customers’ initials hot-stamped onto the front pocket. It took me a while to convince the hot-stamping manager in Toronto to do this for me because no one has done this before. Most people just have the clochette stamped which is a much easier job to do and if they mess it up, it’s also easier to replace rather than an entire bag gone to waste. So after my success, my SAs all started to recommend customers to have their hotstamp placed here.


LV Epi Pochette Accessoire in Red

– Purchased in 2007
– Gave away. Kind of useless.


LV Damier Azur Saleya GM

– Purchased in 2007
– My big travel bag. Was supposed to use it for school, but I no longer need to carry heavy textbooks with me all the time.


LV SS07 LE Monogram Miroir Lockit in Silver PVC

– Purchased in 2007
– This bag was an “Insider” bag that few people knew about in the beginning. The original launch of the Monogram Miroir line came out in FW06 with the collection including Speedy, Papillon, and Pochette. The Lockit was rumored to follow since December, but did not realize until June (or July?) 2007. Only the “Insider” people who wait-listed even before its launch and anticipated it 6 months earlier were able to purchase it from the long wait-list. I was fortunate enough to have met a group of very knowledgeable “Insiders” on tPF and was thus able to secure one. Actually I was able to secure two since I wanted it so bad and had both my SAs in Montreal and Toronto hold one in both Silver and Gold for me! I let the Gold one go to another buyer since I really didn’t need two. The Miroir line was highly successful and LV actually was planning to make part of the permanent collection by subsequently testing out small batches of Miroir products and seeing how the consumers responded to them. These items for example include the Miroir Bellevue which was launched as a one time shot for the launch of LV’s Hong Kong Flagship store, as well as various Heart coin purses, makeup pouches, and a very special Sac Plat (designed for March Jacob’s bf, I think, and ended up going to a dear PFer I met on tPF! Small world eh?). I’m glad LV did not make Miroir permanent, cuz it should stay LE and it’s symbolic for special events.
– Rant: I had to use a lock one day and the only one I had was from this bag, so I used it for my LV luggage when traveling. The US security took me aside and demanded to search my bags, not because they saw anything suspicious inside (cuz I had nothing honestly), and security dude said it was because my lock was “suspicious.” Wow… I’m like, this is LOUIS VUITTON, the luggage pros. Their locks are completely compatible with all airport security systems internationally. *sigh* It was useless arguing with them. They cut my lock and subsequently gave me a pamphlet for locks that had  “special features” and it’s like, “Really?! Does my lock look like THAT?!?!?” And now my bag is missing its lock. I’m going to have to go back to LV one day to have France custom-make one for me.


LV Suhali le Talentueux in Black Goatskin

– Purchased in 2007
– The Suhali line of products is LV’s crème de la crème collection. It has the most sumptuous goatskin comparable to Hermès. This is also my favorite bag cuz of its name. I love all the Suhali bag names, such as Le Fabuleux, L’Absolue, L’Ingénieux…etc. The only bag style in this line that does not carry “Le” (meaning “The” in English) is the Lockit, which originally did not belong to the Suhali collection, but was later incorporated into it (as well as into other lines such as the Miroir featured above) with its 50-yr relaunch in 2006.
– The heatstamping really blew me away in how excellent of a service LV provides (or at least to me). LV basically stamped my initials wrong twice and finally got it on the third try. However, what really impressed me was that after the first try, my SA just took off the clochette from other bag they had in stock, but since they stamped this wrong again, she had to order another bag from France for me just for the clochette, which means that through this process TWO bags could not be sold in the time being. And these are all at the cost of the boutique which means at least 6000$ loss of sales for a month!


LV FW07 LE Runway Bag Monogram Motard Biker in Black Lambskin

– Purchased in 2007
– Featured in all major magazines, this bag was the “It” bag of 2007. Made with varnished lambskin and intricately embroidered monogram print, calf leather trim, and golden hardware. This bag weighs a ton, yet is balanced by its delicate nature. Absolutely stunning piece of art! One of the best bags made by LV of all time imo. Nonetheless, I had issues with it: the original bag I got started unravelling near the handles and I never even carried it! I showed the threading problem to my wonderful SAs at LV who all agreed that there was a problem, however the new manager was reluctant to exchange it for me because there were only 2 bags in stock (they’re LE, and unlikely to get more) and the other one was already reserved for another VIC. I didn’t like the attitude she gave me treating me like a kid, and basically said that she was doing me a favor when there’s an obvious defect! And I’m not a nagging client either like most customers who check every single detail and exchange several times for an item before they can make up their mind. And my purchasing history at LV was PRISTINE, so if I came in now, there was clearly a problem. I really didn’t like how she tried to make me just “tolerate” the defect… I thus boycotted against her! My wallet was happy. Anyhow, I heard other customers had issues with her as well which is why she got transferred elsewhere. Good riddance!


LV Monogram Pégase 60 Rolling Luggage

– Purchased in 2007
– This particular size 60 was discontinued shortly after I bought it in Spring 2006, due to changing airline regulations and increasing security. The next comparable size is slightly smaller, the Pégase 55.

LV 2007 Accessories

LV Soupçon Rond Sunnies in Honey Glitter Acetate

– Purchased in 2007
– Western version (fits my face better than N95 masks! I prefer these than the Eastern version, even though I’m obviously Asian)
– The sunnies have light sparkles/glitter and has LV’s signature locks from their malletier as shown on temples.
– I was not really into LV’s sunnies until a dear PFer to whom I was really close at one time strongly recommended them to me. I saw his sunnies and went tachycardic lol. Soon after my local LV boutique started their sunnies collection! I was the first one there at the boutique even before the display case was set up! lol I was there actually for another purchase and became suspicious of this “hole” in their wall…. immediately I went are those set up for SUNNIES?!!?!? My SAs were like, SHHH! Not so loud and brought me to the corner to show me their new stock! lol

LV Monogram Vernis Clés in Framboise

– Purchased in 2007
– Light sparkles under varnished patent calf leather. I wasn’t really into any Vernis bags at the time because the styles were all very stiff and structured. However, I did want something in Framboise, so I got this little one.


LV Inclusion Ring in Pomme D’Amour Resin

– Purchased in 2007
– Gave away


LV Inclusion Hair Cubes in Amarante Resin

– Purchased in 2007
– Again, I gave away the white one to my cousin.


LV Mini Lin Grenadine Shoes in Ebène Canvas and Studded Patent Calf

– Purchased in 2007
– One of my worst purchases ever. I’ve only worn them twice cuz the shoes are uncomfortable and I think they look stripper-ish… I will always keep in mind to never have a guy influence my shopping again – lesson learned!


LV Multicolore Wapity in White Canvas

– Purchased in 2007
– Cute, good for running errands at the local dep or pharmacy. I also brought her back to China with me for one summer. Wow, the heat, humidity, and dirt were a disaster to my Wapity. No wonder all the LV bags in China look really dirty with a heavy patina.


LV Damier Ebène “Louis Vuitton Paris” Belt

– Purchased in 2007
– Gave away as gift


LV Glacé Mat Initials Belt in Black Calf

– Purchased in 2007
– Beautiful smooth leather.
– Also gave away as gift. It’s actually one of my dad’s favorite belts now that he wears when making his big-shot presentations lol.


LV Obsession Rond Sunnies in Black Acetate

– Purchased in 2007
– Features LV’s Landscape technology which is supposed to improve clarity, color, acuity…etc. Honestly I don’t see that much of a difference compared to my other sunnies, just the higher price! LV’s sunnies are already incomparable to any other brand, hand polished, hand-made, anti-scratch, anti-fog, and just simply like no other. So maybe that’s why I don’t see much difference.
– These are also the Western version, but don’t fit me as well and keep sliding down.