Who Killed Detective CC?!?!

Christian Louboutin SS16 Baila Spike 100 in Patent Black/Leopard


When Christian Louboutin featured the “Who Killed Amazoula?” video clip on their website, I was immediately drawn to the red straps on a pair of spikey leopard heels worn by Detective Baila. I loved the whimsical storyline where Detective Baila was called upon to investigate the death of a rich socialite, wearing a pair of knee high leopard Amazoula heels, while it seemed like she had just applied her lipstick and was in the midst of getting ready to go out.unspecified

Detective Baila then interviewed the maid who was wearing the Wawy Dolly 120 heels in Shocking Pink. With the help of the guard, in a pair of dashing Laperouse dress shoes, he showed the detective around the home placing cards of suspicious items for further investigation.unspecified-3image-3

However, upon notification that Detective Baila went missing for a month, her colleague Detective CC was named the new chief investigator. As Detective CC entered the room, clad in a Burberry trench (yes both detectives have similar tastes in fashion and shoes lol), she noticed that the scene was somewhat different than what Detective Baila had described. The maid was not to be found, and the guard was gone as well! She quickly jotted down some notes in her Lanvin notebook of the Ron Ron heels in the original Shocking Pink from 2009 and Intern Spike Flats bearing the CL crest since 2012.IMG_5094 IMG_5049

Detective CC carefully analyzed all items that could be gathered as evidence. There were multiple CL lipsticks scattered all over the room, but only one in Sheer Voile with an interesting pearl chain… Was this Rouge only for a pretty face or the first trace to the case?IMG_5098

Detective CC decided to gather all pieces of evidence to bring back to her friend in forensics medicine as there could be DNA found in the Rouge lipstick and nail polish. The glass bottle of the nail polish showcased the most dramatic 8 inch heel ever created by CL which is not only a true “objet d’art” but potentially the object of choice as weapon…IMG_5135

However just as Detective CC was about finish collecting all the evidence and call it a day… The unthinkable happened – Detective CC was brought down!!! She clutched onto the pieces of evidence as she called out for help!!!IMG_5146

In the end, a piece of evidence was stolen!!!IMG_5147

Who was the killer? Who killed Amazoula? Where is Detective Baila? Save Detective CC!!!FullSizeRender

This story is inspired by Christian Louboutin’s Spring Summer 2016 collection’s campaign video which can be found on the official website or via Youtube:


The shoes are amazing with the mini spikes, and I’m just head over heels in love with them! I’ve seen a few versions of this style with the lower 85mm heels and flats, as well as in all white and black, but the 100mm black/red/leopard is what I really wanted. So I went searching for them all over and called every boutique that carries CL in my country. Unfortunately this was not available, and I had to order them from the States again. The extra customs and duties were all worth it because I love the them so much and they’re surprisingly very comfortable. My usual size was actually sold out and I was afraid that the smaller size that I ordered would not have fit, but I took a chance because the open back sandals are usually more forgiving in terms of fit. It turned out perfect in size and the straps too are perfect in fit.

Baila1 Baila2 Baila3 Baila5 Baila6Baila0

More pictures:

As seen on Britney Spears recently posing for V Magazine (black version with silver spikes)Britney-Spears-V-Magazine-2016-Cover-Photoshoot05

Carey Mulligan on the red carpet in the same black version:Carey-Mulligan

Jennifer Lawrence also in the black version:632e1866ba4a744b00f759eb1104e9ff

At Cushnie et Ochs’ FW15 backstage runway in the similar “Rivierina” heels:Christian_LouboutinNYFW_15_Cushnie_et_Ochs_1


Ready to Go Out and About


Whenever I have a chance to go out, I always try to think of an outfit a few days ahead and play with different accessories. It also provides me with a chance to post on my Instagram account ceciliascloset888. The above picture was taken when I was preparing to go out to one of last year’s Christmas parties. My bedroom is kind of a mess on most days, so I generally don’t take pictures here! I had a few dresses in mind, but settled with my Roland Mouret Herbert wool dress which is more warm compared to some of my other dresses. It’s absolutely one of my favourites and can be worn with the sleeve on or off the shoulder. I was playing around with my shoes and wondering which pair to go with the dress and finally decided on these Christian Louboutin Lady Peep python heels, which I’ve never worn before.

FullSizeRender 2IMG_9010

Another outfit prep from late last fall is shown below of my Christian Louboutin So Kate heels with this gorgeous silk scarf which I wore to a really beautiful Indian restaurant. I had a lot of difficulty finding an accessory with these heels, but this scarf just compliments the watercolour theme so well that it’s become my go to accessory whenever I wear these heels. I paired it with a simple white dress to really emphasize the shoes and scarf.


I must have been very into the watercolour theme last fall! Here’s another outfit below of a very pretty dress that I purchased from H&M. I was told in the past that Asian skin tones generally should avoid yellow and green tones as it would make our skin more sallow, but I really loved this dress that I had to purchase it. I think it was also on sale too for $20 which was too good of a deal to pass! I love finding a good steal 😀 It’s also super comfy in a very stretchy neoprene kind of material, which will allow me to actually eat when I’m out for dinner. I paired it with a J Crew costume necklace and Christian Louboutin Altadama heels in Perche Soleil.


On another day, I missed my Christian Louboutin Filter pumps so I took them out from my shrine of shoes. These shoes are quite comfy and I thought I’d get a lot of wear from them, but somehow I haven’t been reaching for this pair all that often. I tried a couple of outfits, but they just don’t work for me. Unfortunately, I may have to let these go… *sigh* On the other hand, the colour is a perfect pairing with my Essie nail polish in Sole Mate and CL’s Miss Clichy lipstick, which I love for going out on a date. It’s rich and saturated in colour, but feels perfectly smooth and hydrating.


I often wear my Loubies for going out because they’re not that appropriate or professional for the work place. However, once in a while I’ll also pull out my Manolo Blahnik BB heels like when we went to this restaurant below. The “Titanium” colour is so versatile, I can wear it to work with a formal attire, or with a casual chic outfit, or make it more dressy like with this Mexx silk dress and glittering tights! These tights used to be my favourite because they’re super fun and keep me warm in the Winter months.

ExpressFullSizeRender 2 copy

Here I was just playing around for fun when I got this new Guerlain lipstick. It has more of an orange hue, or deep coral, or vermillion shade? I’m going to call it “Chinese red” lol! Initially I found it hard to wear, but I imagined it being paired with my Céline Trio and Christian Louboutin Jaws, both of which are not a true red. At least in the picture below, I think they look great together and could be worn with a simple LBD.


I think I was feeling feisty and needed to show my cougar side below! Raaaawwwrrr! No I’m just kidding! To this day, Christian Louboutin still makes the best leopard print. These So Kate heels and Sweet Charity mini-bag are the perfect example. I get so many compliments when I wear this duo together that they really call for a lot of attention – sometimes to a point where I feel uncomfortable… So a tip that I’d recommend is be sure to keep the rest of the outfit simple if you’re wearing something similar, especially in a leopard print! Unless of course you want the attention, then hold your head up high and strut your stuff girl!


Lastly to end the night, here’s a different kind of outfit in Agent Provocateur, which can only be paired with a pair of black patent Christian Louboutin heels! 😉 Even for this, I had to choose between So Kate or Pigalle 120? I can be so indecisive, but whichever you choose, make sure they’re sky-high and walk with confidence! Have a great night and weekend everyone!


Summer Ready in a Glittering Swirl of Shocking Pink

Christian Louboutin SS16 Pigalle Follies 100 in Shocking Glittart Patent Leather


I purchased these shoes a month ago and it’s been a while since I had one of these “had to have” moments. What’s so special about this pair? No – not the style, not the silhouette, not the colour; rather the return of an old pattern called “Glittart.” I have been interested in CL shoes for about a decade. I’ve seen how the brand went from barely known to being in the current spotlight for the most recent years. Many years ago, when I was just a newbie to designer heels, I loved the Glittart pattern which is a swirling mix of sparkling tone on tone colours all embedded within patent leather. So it really pays homage to the original design bringing back old school memories of when I first strutted down the streets in my Eventa Glittart heels after my university classes.


The glitter swirls don’t show up that well in this pic, but I really loved this sassy Mary-Jane style. They were great for everyday wear and easy to walk in with a mid-heel height of 85 mm. However, I’m done with practicality and subdued grace. My heart now yearns for the bold and beautiful, why dress down when I can dress up?! Reveal pix of my all grown-up version arching to be higher, taller, pointier, and hotter in Shocking Pink!!! 😀

PigalleFollies.ShockingGlittart3 PigalleFollies.ShockingGlittart4PigalleFollies.ShockingGlittart6PigalleFollies.ShockingGlittart5PigalleFollies.ShockingGlittart7

Other pix from Christian Louboutin‘s official website and Saks 5th Avenue when Monsieur Louboutin was invited for a signing event:


Last mod shot, sorry no outfit pix yet because it’s freezing cold outside and I feel that these are best with a summer dress which I’ll pair together in the future. As for the fit and sizing of Pigalle Follies compared to So Kate, they both run the same for me i.e. I take 35.5 for both shoe styles regardless of whether they’re 100 or 120 in heel height. CL has done a lot in the last 2 years to standardize their sizing system compared to a decade ago when shoes really had to be tried on in person as they were running all over the place. So kudos to them for really simplifying shopping especially for those who have never purchased their shoes before.


Comparison pix of So Kate 120 and Pigalle Follies 120 versus my new Glittart Pigalle Follies 100. First the 2 styles are very similar that I really have a difficult time differentiating the two (that’s why I actually whited out the label in the pix cuz I mixed them up lol). When the 120 is put next to the 100, there is a clear height difference. However, the human eye is not good at absolute comparisons, and the naked eye can only differentiate things when they are put relative to each other and this applies to colour tones, shades, sense of time, and much more. So what I really like about these 100 heels is that on their own, the shoes still appear very high while maintaining comfort, without having to resort to the extreme 120.

Hope the pictures, comparisons, fit and size suggestions helped everyone! Thanks again for letting me share and have a great weekend! 😀

Winter Party and Skating!!!

Last weekend we had our annual department winter party which is oddly in the new year compared to most organizations which is often in late November or December. I was only expecting a hundred people or so to show up as the party is limited to first come first serve, but we were able to get 500+ people! Despite the huge turnout, the food was not the best… In a way, I’m glad because that’s less unnecessary calories devoured!

As with any event, I always plan a week ahead to try on various outfits and I decided to go with my Roland Mouret Martha dress with the perfect matching Louis Vuitton wallet, which I used as a clutch. I still remember purchasing this wallet from the limited edition Monogram Charms collection in 2006. The collection was fabulously made with a silk scarf wrapped in vinyl to give it a patent look. The calfskin then embedded a cute dangling LV locket. The wallet is still in pristine condition and this was only my second time using it! Lastly, the shoes were the most difficult to choose, but I settled with my Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 140 in rose gold glitter to go with the rest of my jewelry.


I try to keep my makeup simple on most days with a bit of BB cream and eyeshadow+mascara. When it comes to more special events, I’ll do a cat eye or winged look. I do like to play around with all my lipsticks otherwise I’ll never have a chance to wear the bold colours. So here I was swatching some CL lipsticks for fun.FullSizeRender 3

Speaking of winter parties, I never mentioned my other holiday event where we had to do a cookie exchange with our colleagues! Wow… I made 8 dozen cranberry with white and dark chocolate cookies!!! I remember being so flustered because I totally forgot about it! People called me to remind me and I rushed out in the middle of the night to buy ingredients! lol In return I got a lot more cookies back which I tried to give away…CookieExchange2015Party_PCU5nps2
^Wearing my flapper dress with Céline Trio (large) in Vermillon red.

As for the rest of last weekend, we went skating!! It was so fun having hot chocolate on the ice! I got to pull out my trusty LV Trotteur bag and all my old figure skating gear, including tights to protect my skates! It was pretty cold though at -15 Celsius, so I kept warm in many layers: 2 pairs of tights, track pants, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, LV Monogram shawl, Mackage jacket, and my cute fur mufflers! Unfortunately, I think my face froze… The next few days, I had a real bad flare up of my eczema and was trying to use all sorts of moisturizers to condition my skin. I ended up going to Sephora to buy another one of those value packs where they give you deluxe sizes and a few full size products at a steal. I’ve only tried a few, but I’m already loving the Origins mask!

Skating2016.2 Skating2016Sephora_WinterQuencher
^On our Sunday drive – it’s nice once in a while to be chauffeured around town!

Thanks for letting me share and I hope everyone had a great weekend as well! 😀

Xmas’15 Reveal II: Dining Out in New Loubies!

Christian Louboutin FW15 Dorissima 100mm Heels in Patent Nude


I purchased these heels just before my birthday which is close to the holiday season and was able to benefit from the private pre-sale just before the major end of year sales. I was eyeing this new style called “Dorissima” since the beginning of the season and loved how lady-like it looks. It’s very similar to another style called “Fifi” but I’m not quite fond of its super thin heel. I prefer a slightly thicker but still slender heel, which feels more robust when I walk. Dorissima also has a lower cut vamp for more toe cleavage. My toes are pretty short, but if you have long toes, it may not be the most suitable for you as they might bunch up… The heel height is also very comfy for me at 100mm. Overall, it’s a great pair for any occasional so I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use from them!

Dorissima1 Dorissima2 Dorissima3 Dorissima4


I don’t have any modelling pix yet, but I did wear them out to a nice Japanese fusion restaurant (see second pic below). I sat and dined much of the time, but from the few minutes standing up and walking, the shoes were super comfy. No complaints and patent leather always wears hard with all the beatings that I put my poor shoes through! lol Other than starring at my own heels, the dinner was great as well and one of the most memorable times I’ve had in recent years. The service was fab and presentation of the dishes was awesome. I’m very fortunate to have tasted many fancy and exotic foods in my life, some I may not have been able to appreciate their delicacy, but there were few moments that were very special that I actually remembered. And this time, it was for me a moment that I took to heart because it wasn’t just about ordering random novelties on an expensive menu. I was so happy to simply share this day with someone who’s become so dear to me that I actually didn’t care what was on the table. It could have been a Harvey’s hot dog (which I love btw), and I would not have smiled any less!

Thanks for letting me share my holiday joys and happy shopping everyone 🙂

JatobaJatoba2 Jatoba3

Sorry for the poor quality pix in the restaurant.
The lighting was bad, but here’s my outfit for reference:
Jonathon Simkhai FW15 cut-out top
Club Monaco tie-dye mesh skirt


More posts to come!!!