Louboutin’s New Lipsticks


Last month, Christian Louboutin debuted his new line of lipsticks with an array of different shades in 3 finishes: Sheer Voile, Silky Satin, and Velvet Matte. It can be a little tricky to differentiate the 3 finishes, but Sheer lipsticks have a bubbly “pinecone” appearance, Satin lipsticks have a shiny polished look, and Matte ones have a smooth matte finish. All the lipsticks are in gold packaging, except the classic “Rouge” colour is in black packaging and available in all 3 textures again.

I actually knew about this rumour more than an year ago that CL would be coming out with a makeup line and there were mixed opinions about how a shoe company is branching out into the cosmetics industry. I’m a bit of a purist in that I think every company should stick to its roots and focus on doing what it’s best known for and not diverge out. Then the opportunist in me agrees that now’s the time for CL to ride its high while it remains to be the top selling shoe designer since most other premier designers have all branched out.

Regardless of how I feel emotionally about this brand since I’ve been part of its birth and seen it rise to fame, I do think that that they are great gifts! They’re certainly the most expensive lipsticks compared to any other high end cosmetic brand, selling at $90 US ($115 CAD) + tax each, but as a nice present, they’re still affordable which is why I think CL is very interesting in terms of its marketing strategies. Not only so, I am impressed by the quality, texture, and pigmentation of the product itself. Everything is presented in a high gloss box, that opens up to the lipsticks being encased in a red cushion, comes with a black mesh travel pouch, and yellow ribbon. I wouldn’t wear it as a necklace myself, but may attach it to the inside of my bag, so that it doesn’t get lost amongst all my other belongings.



Review of the shade You You (Sheer Voile):

The name You You comes from one of CL’s very classic heels, which is an open toe pump of a modest 100 mm height with a small 10 cm platform. It’s a very comfortable pair, and this lipstick is just as comfy as the shoes themselves with a very richly moisturizing feeling. I’m very impressed by how smooth the texture is and how deeply pigmented it is for a sheer shade which is usually just a hint of colour. It feels like a balm, without the stickiness, and lasts many hours if you don’t eat or wipe your mouth. The colour is quite intense like a very dark rose. It’s very beautiful and great to wear on weekdays or if you need something quick to put together your whole makeup look!


Review of the shade Miss Clichy (Silky Satin):

This colour also derives its name from a pair of shoes that is now discontinued for 3-4 years. I personally did not find them comfortable and prefer an exposed platform, rather than a hidden 1 inch platform of 140 mm height. The colour however is actually very similar to the You You above, but darker, more saturated, and has more blue undertones. I thought the Satin texture was interesting because I’m used to Chanel‘s and Guerlain‘s lipsticks, and CL’s satin is definitely more moisturizing.  It’s got a bit of sheen to it as well, which I was not expecting. The colour wears well for many hours and does not feather from my one time experience when I went out last week.  Another gorgeous colour to wear for special events or going out to a nice restaurant!

christianlouboutin-missclichy-8052000_X320_4_1200x1200_1441102562Christian Louboutin Miss Clichy 140mm Black A

Swatches of the colours below, thanks for letting me share and have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend everyone 😀




So I really love these lipsticks in Silky Satin that I got 3 more to add to my mini collection! I think these are great as gifts for the holiday season as well and you can bet that a few of the closest people to me received them for Christmas 😀
Bottom 3 lipsticks are the new additions all in the following colours from left to right:
Belly Bloom, Bikini, and Impera.


Third Time’s the Charm?

Spikes Take I – Unfortunately I missed the boat on getting my grubby little feet into the original studded Very Privé heels when they were first released in 2009(?) and worn by countless celebrities. I was so desperate to get them later but none were available in black anymore… I’m usually not one to follow trends, but I was later relieved to have NOT purchased them as CL started to mass produce spiked heels in a not so admirable way that merged to tackiness in my opinion…Christian-Louboutin-Very-Prive-Spikes-120mm-Peep-Toe-Pumps-Black-Red-Sole-Shoes-2271

Spikes Take II – Later I did give in again about 2 years ago and pre-ordered from Saks the Pigalle Plato 120 with silver spikes, thinking that this was also a relatively easy to wear comfy style. However when I opened the box, it was NOT love at first sight… In fact, they were painful and really stiff to wear that I immediately returned them. I did feel bad for my SA who had specially ordered them from California for me…

Spikes Take III – Finally third time’s the charm… I don’t think I need any more explaining. The pictures will speak for the shoes themselves!!! I love how crazy they are!!!

Christian Louboutin FW15 Limited Edition Scarabée Collection Pigalle Follies Spikes 120 in Rose Digitale

CL_Scarabe1 CL_Scarabe2CL_Scarabe3 CL_Scarabe4

Modeling Pix:
CL.FW15.PF120_ScarabeCL_FolliesSpikes.Scarabe2.2IMG_6908Here I’m wearing them out for the first time with tone-on-tone shorts and my Céline large Trio bag!

I do want to comment on the prototype pic from CL’s official website of this style – notice how the blue and pink tones are the inverse of the actual product?! Another reason for why sometimes shopping in person is a better idea just in case if sometimes the actual product depicted is not what you were really hoping for, but in this I don’t really mind. It’s just one of those details that I often notice!christianlouboutin-folliesspikes-3150035_M286_1_1200x1200_1430737583

Other products offered in the same collection:
christianlouboutin-panettonewallet-3155047_M286_4_1200x1200_1432811705 christianlouboutin-sweetycharity-3155082_M286_4_1200x1200_1432811720bags_3^Picture credit: Christianlouboutin.com

Others: 18897394361_43dbdbe073_k

Thanks for letting me share, hope everyone had a lovely summer!

The Loudest Shoes

Sometimes a pair of shoes does not need all that jazz or bells and whistles to make them a pair of statement heels. The shape of these gorgeous heels are classically cut and the silhouette is distinctly Louboutin. However what is so striking about this pair is the fluorescent colour! The neon trend has been going on for a few summers now, and most prevalent in the young adult population, but has slowly trickled into the premier designer’s products that has become a hit with a few brands. I was quite hesitant to purchase them and from looking afar or online in pictures, they didn’t seem much of my style until I tried them on my feet – wow I was instantly sold! 😀

Christian Louboutin SS15 So Kate 120 in Fluo Mat Jaune and White Jazz Leather Heels

SS15.SK120_FluoYellow2 SS15.SK120_FluoYellow1

Modeling Pix:
SS15.SK120_FluoYellow00 SS15.SK120_FluoYellow0

Sorry no outfit pix yet, but here is Christina Millian wearing them.

Pictures below courtesy of Net-a-Porter online:

Feeling Drab in the Winter?

Don’t let the Winter Blues dull your outfit! Even if the days are shorter and the weather is freezing, I grew up in Montreal (honestly the most fashionable Canadian city in my opinion) where -20C does not stop us gals from going out bare-legged in sky high heels. Of course, a warm coat is necessary but nothing too puffy please. It’s still gotta have style and shape. I may cuddle up in some comfy sweats at home, but there’s no excuse in not trying to dress well when going out. You want to look like you’ve tried (ie. not rolled out of bed and you put on an old sweatshirt), but not so much that everything’s over the top, just a “pulled together” look.
*Tip: Always wear a belt if you want to complete any look, even if you’re wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Sometimes we’re on the run and have no time to plan our outfit, but trust me a nice belt will definitely up your game. I learned this from the men!!

In today’s outfit, I’m adding some summery elements and bright colours to an all black outfit, as well as borrowing from my work-out clothing that I often wear to the gym. You have the see-through top to emphasize the “lightness” amongst the darkness lol, and of course the hot pink bra underneath is a subdued statement piece on its own. And to keep things simple, I’m not wearing much makeup, just a bright coloured lipstick to match the bra and shoes.

Lululemon See-Through Mesh Box T-shirt
Lululemon Energy Bra
Rag & Bone Skinny Waxed Jeans
Prada Black Leather Belt
Céline Large Trio Bag in Indigo
Christian Louboutin So Kate Heels



You may have noticed that my CL heels modelled above are different than those in my reveal pictures here. The reason is because I first ordered a pair in one size, which is larger, but then my usual size became available. So then I returned the first pair for which the pix were taken already, but now I’m modelling with the 2nd true fitting pair. However, I actually prefer the pattern on the first pair… My shopping life can be very complicated lol.

Anyhow, I’m ready to head out and tread through any extreme weather – just need to grab my Mackage coat! Have a safe and warm weekend for everyone in the east coast!

First Pair of CL to Kick Off SS15


Christian Louboutin SS15 So Kate 120 in Multi Tie Dyed Patent Leather

I soo sooo soooooo very much love the So Kates and I think I lost count how many pairs I have now lol. Nonetheless, please welcome my most recent addition, which I almost skipped out on because at first I was like… meh… too many colors, don’t know how to wear them. Of course, later when I really wanted them they were sold out everywhere in my size. Then to my surprise, I found a pair and the rest was history. I love how bright and summery they make me feel, and it’s about time that I catch up on the neon yellow/green trend, which is only on the front vamp, making them much easier to wear than full neon bodied shoes.

SK_Multi2 SK_Multi3 SK_Multi4 SK_Multi5 SK_Multi6

So what exactly made me change my mind about purchasing these shoes? This girl – Blissmemories!!! I found her on Wheretoget.it which is an online website with different users helping each other for their shopping needs. Her entire look is amazing, difficult to pull together, but she did it! I love the mix of neutrals and the pop of colors on her sunnies, sweatshirt, and of course CL heels (which is btw the same pattern but in a different style called Pigalle Follies 100). Then there’s the mix of different textures: (faux?) fur jacket, smooth leather and suede on her Celine Trapeze, kinda unexpected boyfriend jeans, that beautiful wavy hair… And did I mention her smile? I like that slight quirky personality shining through which just completes her look! I don’t think I can do a better modelling pic than her, so let’s just admire how simply perfect this blogger looks!