Xmas Reveals IV – More Shoes!!!



1. Valentino FW14 Rockstud Booties in Pebbled Calfskin
I actually purchased the smooth calfskin version initially, but then these went on sale in Europe and I was able to snatch them up in my size. I’m a real boots gal and I can just live in them cuz they’re so comfy! Do be careful and check some studs that aren’t secured on tight, which was another reason why I returned the previous pair. Fit: Runs large to size.







Quick shot of me going out in them the first time, wearing Helmut Lang sweatshirt, Hudson jeans, and Céline Phantom.



Other versions of these Rockstud booties from the FW14 collection. For SS15, they will also be offered in an olive green colour (last pic) and be part of the “Noir” collection with black outsoles and studs.Valentino_FW14Booties

^Picture credit: Neiman Marcus Online

Pictures below from Valentino‘s FW14 and SS15 campaigns:


Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 4.43.31 PM


2. Manolo Blahnik FW14 BB 105mm in Patent Tortoise Leather
I’ve always wanted to try the round toe BBs, and loved this classic pair from a few years ago. Finally they went on sale at Saks and I purchased them immediately. They can be worn for many seasons and is a great pair for work. They run big though for my usual size, so I’ll have to pad them a little…






3. Salvatore Ferragamo FW14 Varina in Black Suede and Gold Metallic Cap Toe
These are so cute and I got them during the sales too. My only fear is that they’re quite delicate with the suede which will show wear and tear quickly, and I hope I won’t scratch up the shiny metal too fast cuz I tend to wear my shoes pretty hard. Or I can be really clumsy too and kick into things lol…





4. Salvatore Ferragamo FW14 Varina in Plume Crackled Lambskin
I like this pair cuz of the cool crackled finish and how soft the lambskin is, which is a different material than most SF’s standard calfskin used in their Varina flats. However what threw me off was the mix of silver and gold on the buckle… I guess the reason SF did not go with silver buckles is because it might blend in too much with the rest of the body? Gold does add more contrast I suppose? Oh well, I’m still keeping them 😀




Holiday Reveals IV – Hail to Manolo’s BBs!

Manolo Blahnik FW13 Digas 105mm Booties in Black Calf Leather and Silver Studs

As you all may know, I absolutely adore Manolo’s BB pumps. It’s a classic style that will transcend all ages and fashion trends. So when I saw these booties, they reminded me of the BB style. Manolo not only makes beautiful shoes, but they’re also wearable, comfortable, and practical. I see myself wearing them a lot to run for errands and such on weekends. The studs add some edginess to an otherwise classic boot shape.

Stay tuned for another exciting reveal when I receive my next parcel in the mail soon! 😀







Modeling Pictures:




Outfit Reference:
Sweater – Vince
Jeggings – Hudson Jeans

I also want to put out a disclaimer – I’m at someone else’s home right now, so this is NOT my dirty mirror! lol


“An Urban Shoe Myth” – The Famed Shoes of the ’90s!

Manolo Blahnik FW13 Campari 105 in Black Patent Leather



As many of us may remember from Sex and the City‘s series 4, Carrie Bradshaw brought fame to these Mary Jane pumps over the last decade when she found these in Vogue‘s accessory closet. They were deemed “An Urban Shoe Myth” as they were sold out so quickly after they were conceived in 1994. This shoe was Manolo’s and probably the world’s best seller for practical everyday wear. They came in various heel heights and different colors to suit everyone’s preferences. Not only were they well made, they were also extremely comfortable. They were certainly the “it” shoes of the ’90s and will continue to be a forever classic in the world of shoes!







Modeling pictures:

Outfit reference:
Wool, silk, and leather blazer – Helmut Lang
Silk and cotton tank – Club Monaco
Waxed jeans – Hudson Jeans
Jewelry – Tiffany & Co, David Yurman, and Links of London

Wardrobe tip:
I usually gravitate toward black outfits, but I don’t demonstrate these attires as much on my blog because black tends to be very difficult to capture on camera even for professionals. However, they can also be a bit harsh and daunting in real life depending on your style. So to balance its raw, edgy fierceness (especially with these motorcycle jeans and leather accents), wear something slightly feminine like a silk top or as demonstrated here – a pair of Mary Janes – sweet and ultra feminine with its grown up high heels updated by Manolo.




For me, any woman MUST own a pair of Campari’s – or multiples for shoe addicts like me! That’s why these are my second addition after my nude 90’s which I bought in 2010. I wore my nude Campari‘s so much that I’ve pretty much exhausted the life out of them. My cobbler has repaired them so many times, that finally he said that there was something that he couldn’t do – fix the scratched leather at the toe point because you can’t just patch on a piece of leather here. So I waited for a long time, and finally found these babies for 67% off at Neiman’s Last Call!!! I could not believe that these classics were available when they are NEVER discounted in the stores. Good things happen to those who wait 😀

Here are some pictures comparing my new shoes and my old ones. Again, heel height 105 vs 90.



As much credit as I want to give Sarah Jessica Parker, I actually did not fall in love with these shoes because of her. It was British Vogue‘s stylist Emma Elwick-Bates who was featured in one of Net-A-Porter’s fashion videos in 2011 (Magazine 120). She was in full on action styling models and running around, rocking these Campari’s. Here are some screen shots that I took:



Last but not least, I just have to link to this Youtube video featuring SJP as Carrie at Vogue:



The Perfect Black Pumps

Manolo Blahnik SS13 “BB” 105 in Patent Black Titanium Calfskin

Woohoo! I finally got a pair of black BBs but with a spin on the classic black patent!  I was hesitant on getting them at first cuz NM online said they’re specchio which is usually like a delicate metallic sheen/coating that easily scratches, but I pre-ordered them anyhow cuz Saks swore that they’re patent. Anyhow, now that they’ve arrived, they’re truly PATENT leather – even on the box it says so!!! I can see myself wearing these to death and I don’t want to have to worry too much about keeping them clean. The Black Titanium is more gray than black to be honest. There’s also tiny flecks of metallic shimmer, not glitter mind you, and they remind me of Christian Louboutin‘s Black Grease Paint which was gorgeous back in CL’s more classy days…

Anyhoo, these shoes are just PERFECT for me: my fav shoe style + comfy height of 105 mm + I think they’ll look great with just about any outfit!

Btw, sorry for the nasty indoor pix… it was snowing really hard yesterday, so I couldn’t take pix outside under natural lighting. The last closeup pic is a true representation of the shoe color imo.








^Outfit Reference:
Prabal Gurung for Target top
H&M blazer jacket
Danier leather leggings

Lastly a look at my Manolo Blahnik “BB” collection:



The BB’s heel can be a little erratic… The older styles had a “curved square” heel as you can see on my Satin Lace BBs on the right. Then over the years, this has evolved to a “straight square” heel for most styles as can be seen on my Black Titanium BBs on the left. However, once in a while, you can also get a “rounded” heel with my Flesh BBs in the middle.
Which one is my favorite? Hmm… it’s really hard to say, but I think the newer straight heels look more modern. The rounded heels are more feminine. However the curved square heel is ever so classy as well. I love them all!!!

I Can’t Resist a Pair of BBs on Sale – and “FREE” for Me!

Manolo Blahnik FW12 “BB” 105 in Fodera Rosé Suede

I love Neiman Marcus! I was able to snatch these up from the FW sales for only 250$ from a regular price of 600$. Not only were they a fabulous deal already, I used my NM gift card that I’ve earned from previous promotional events. So these shoes came out to be literally “FREE” for me!!! This was also one of those gorgeous colors from last season, but will fit great into my wardrobe for spring/summer. These shoes definitely need babying cuz they’d likely get dirty really easily.







^Outfit reference:
Chinese silk top
Ann Taylor cashmere cardigan
RW & Co dress skirt
Club Monaco python belt
Tiffany, David Yurman, and Sorelli jewelry
Louis Vuitton Onatah GM bag