Belated Reveal: My Continued Love for MB

Manolo Blahnik SS12 BB 105 in Patent Flesh Calfskin

This was my 4rth pair that I forgot to post up. One of favorite go-to shoes for work. It goes with just about any outfit I put on and looks FABULOUS in the spring and summer. The sunlight reflects off of the shoe and gives it that beautiful glimmer. Not blingy metallic, but just subtle enough of a sparkle to give your legs some shimmer. The shoes really compliment your legs too if you have a light tan! If you don’t have a tan and have very fair skin like me, don’t worry either, these shoes will still look gorgeous on you! They have a beautiful pink tone that is a great update on they typical “nude” heels.










Celebs love their BBs:



^Sarah Jessica Parker also loves her classic black kidskin Manolo BBs!!!


^Liv Tylor in Nude BBs


^Milla Kunis in turquoise suede BBs


^Katie Holmes in brocade BBs


^Kate Middleton in her classic navy BBs

My Very Unexpected Purchase

Pigalle 100 in Turquoise Patent Leather


I’ve been on a hunt for Pigalle 120 in black patent leather for what seems like a decade now. Other shoes always got in the way and given that it’s CL’s most classic design, I always pushed it back. However, this time must be the closest that I’ve gotten to the same Pigalle design! It was an unexpected purchase because it was too good of a deal to pass up. Matches Fashion offered me a special discount of 20% off and free shipping from London which made a total of almost 30% in savings. So I succumbed to the price…

^Reference: Mexx silk dress with jewel embellishments

The Pigalle 100 style is horrendously painful… As soon as I put them on, pain shoots up my legs. I ended up going out for Dim Sum in them to force breaking them in and just walking 2 blocks away killed my feet. Unlike other shoes, the toebox is so small that it crushes your toes cutting off all circulation and I swear if you wear these shoes for an entire day, you’ll end up getting ischemic toes and gangrene lol. Please don’t wear them if you have diabetes…

Well this is not a very attractive image of my feet, but they’re very swollen and red just after 2 hours coming home from dim sum!!!


Color comparison to my Very Privé in Patent Azur:

The colors are quite similar but the Azur is a bit more darker and the Turquoise is much more fluorescent bright.


Comparison to Manolo Blahnik’s BB 105:

Recently Manolo’s BB has been very popular and there were several people wanting to compare this style to Louboutin’s Pigalle 100. I personally think they’re two completely different styles.

N.B. Please note that the Pigalle here is like 1/4 size too small, but the BBs are 1/4 size too big on me lol… So overall I would say that the BB here is relatively half size bigger than the Pigalle if that makes sense…

1. Heel height – BB is 5mm higher at 105mm

2. Type of heel – BB is MUCH thinner, maybe 1/3 of Pigalle’s and is slightly curved.

Shoes below lined against flat surface perpendicular to table, so that they’re aligned from the heel, showing accurate length comparison.

3. Toebox – BB is slightly longer and wider.

Like I said, the relative size difference is about half a size. So the BB’s length is probably only about 4-5 mm longer than the Pigalle, rather than what the pic shows at about 10 mm


4. Level of comfort is probably what ultimately differentiates the two styles.

BB is like 100000000 times more comfortable cuz they’re about 5mm longer and 5 mm wider than the Pigalle. Plus, Manolo’s patent leather (suede and fabric too!) is MUCHHHHHH softer than CL’s patent leather which is rock hard, which I guess makes it more difficult to break in… I have 4 pairs and wear them to work, dinner, shopping, just about anything! I can’t imagine wearing the Pigalle anywhere other than sitting on my couch! These new Pigalles will definitely be my home shoes for doing chores… lol

Haul Part I: Manolo Blahnik Shoes

I always go back to Manolo Blahnik when I need to rely on a good pair of classic and timeless shoes. Occassionally Jimmy Choo for a nice conservative pair at work, but it has always been MB – the man who made some of the most recognizable shoes in the fashion industry. With Louboutin heels soaring to 160s, I find myself more and more confused with some, or rather most, of his designs these days. Thus, I turn back to MBs.

The BB is a classic design with a sharp, delicate, and pointed toe, that does not protrude endlessly like some of his other designs… I’m not fond of very pointy shoes since this makes the foot appear larger, which is always a no-no for me. However, the BB is perfect with a relatively straight 105 heel and I LOVE how the vamp has a rounded square cut. I originally fell in love with this particular style back in 2009: it was an exclusive design for Neiman Marcus made with purple-blue satin and black lace overlay. To this day, I still haven’t worn it out yet, thinking that I’ll save it for that one special day…

Anyhow, I was searching all over the States for my size, which was completely sold out! Finally, when I was about to give up, I received a call from my SA at Holt Renfrew for their Private Shopping Night event. To my surprise, the shoes that I’ve been searching for all over was here all along and were available in my size too!


Manolo Blahnik FW11 BB 105 in Blue Suede Leather



Manolo Blahnik FW11 BB 105 in Burgundy Suede Leather



Group pic:


BB Collection Picture:

Far left – MB FW09 BB 105 Purple-Blue Satin with Lace Overlay 


Manolo Blahnik 2009-2010

Since Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, the man has become the modern day Cinderella shoe-maker.

Mr Blahnik is strictly anti-platform (yes I know he used to do the occasional platform in the 80s and 90s) and I admire how he can keep up his esthetic values in a time where platform-aholics demand for insanely high heels. “Yes, yes, yes. No more platforms, please. I’m so glad!” as said by the man himself and I agree with him that platforms, especially if they’re more than 1 inch, completely distort the shape of one’s feet, not to mention that they’re extremely clunky and your feet look HUGE! Not to mention that I have a very tradition Chinese perspective that women’s feet should be small and dainty.

I do have to agree that having a small platform less than 1 inch is much more comfortable on your feet and helps to absorb all the shock. So as with everything, there are pros and cons to platforms.

MB FW09 BB in Purple Satin and Black Lace Overlay

– Neiman Marcus exclusive
– Purchased in 2009
– They’re incredibly beautiful, but I’ve never worn them yet… Maybe they’ll be my “something blue” in the future…



MB Campari in Patent Nude

– Purchased in 2010
– Very comfy, but after a year of only wearing them maybe 15 times to work, the leather is starting to crease really badly near the front toes… I think it has to do more with the very pointy style rather than the quality because almost all other Camparis I’ve seen have the same problem.


MB SS10 Tere Flats in Blue Denim

– Purchased in 2010
– My favorite everyday flats


MB SS10 Tere Flats in Black Patent Leather

– Purchased in 2010
– My fav work flats

Lastly, group shot of the Teres: