My Returning Edgy-ness

Balenciaga Wrap Deer Booties

– Purchased in 2010
– Dark brown upper grained deer-skin, black suede wedge heels
– So I have this inner rock-chic style that I’ve been suppressing for the longest time ever since high school. My career just does not allow any of this “bad girl” attitude to come out lol. It was sort of an unexpected purchase since I was just roaming around and found these new Balenciaga booties that Mona Moore got in stock. I was told to try them on and I LOVED them! They’re so edgy and unique!!! I was actually debating between this and Rick Owen’s Stivale Low Wedge Boots, but liked these instead cuz it had a nicer almond toe. (Eventually, I ended up getting Rick Owen’s boots as well lol, see my RO page for comparison of the two shoes!)

As worn by Gwenyth Paltrow:

Haider Ackermann

Unisex Lava Wallet/Portfolio in Anthracite Suede

– Bought in 2010
– I really like Haider Ackermann’s clothing! Has this cool androgynous edgy vibe that’s been getting to me these days. I was debating on keeping this or giving it away as a gift. I regret having given it away… It’s a beautiful portfolio with amazing velvety suede.

Other Stuff 2008-2010

Cole Haan Air Nessa Boots

– Purchased in 2008
– My everyday Winter boots for the past few years! It’s starting to break down though, so I think after this year, they’ll have to go.


Repetto BB Flats in Patent Black

– Purchased in 2009
– Honestly I don’t get what the hype is all about with Repetto’s shoes, just cuz Bridget Bardot wore them back in the 60s or 70s? They’re quite flimsy, like Lanvin’s flats… Also, I took these pix just once after wearing them and the inner sole was already starting to detach and the leather was getting all wrinkly.


See by Chloe Barcellona Flats in Bronze Vernice

– Purchased in 2010 at Brown’s
– PAINFUL! Very narrow front, I can’t walk in these shoes at all!


Sam Edelman Gladiator Flats in Black

– Purchased in 2010 summer at Brown’s and interestingly I found the same but FAKE shoes in Shanghai a couple of weeks later! I’m really surprised that these shoes, which is not by a top designer, actually got copied in China.
– Made with leather and stone embellishments
– Pretty comfy, except that they stained my feet black!!!

My Only GZ Shoes

GZ FW10 Taz in Black Satin

– Purchased in 2010 Boston
– Grey embellishments on T-strap
– Black resin heel
– I’ll be wearing these the first time this weekend for our med school Internos! Can’t wait! I just hope I won’t slip on the icy winter ground haha!

Manolo Blahnik 2009-2010

Since Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, the man has become the modern day Cinderella shoe-maker.

Mr Blahnik is strictly anti-platform (yes I know he used to do the occasional platform in the 80s and 90s) and I admire how he can keep up his esthetic values in a time where platform-aholics demand for insanely high heels. “Yes, yes, yes. No more platforms, please. I’m so glad!” as said by the man himself and I agree with him that platforms, especially if they’re more than 1 inch, completely distort the shape of one’s feet, not to mention that they’re extremely clunky and your feet look HUGE! Not to mention that I have a very tradition Chinese perspective that women’s feet should be small and dainty.

I do have to agree that having a small platform less than 1 inch is much more comfortable on your feet and helps to absorb all the shock. So as with everything, there are pros and cons to platforms.

MB FW09 BB in Purple Satin and Black Lace Overlay

– Neiman Marcus exclusive
– Purchased in 2009
– They’re incredibly beautiful, but I’ve never worn them yet… Maybe they’ll be my “something blue” in the future…



MB Campari in Patent Nude

– Purchased in 2010
– Very comfy, but after a year of only wearing them maybe 15 times to work, the leather is starting to crease really badly near the front toes… I think it has to do more with the very pointy style rather than the quality because almost all other Camparis I’ve seen have the same problem.


MB SS10 Tere Flats in Blue Denim

– Purchased in 2010
– My favorite everyday flats


MB SS10 Tere Flats in Black Patent Leather

– Purchased in 2010
– My fav work flats

Lastly, group shot of the Teres: