Maxi Dresses for Petite Gals?


For the longest time, I thought I couldn’t wear maxi dresses because of my shortness at 5’2. However, recently I’ve had a complete change of heart ever since I tried on a long silk dress at H&M. I think it’s best to stick to straight A-lines and not go overboard with any fluffiness which will overwhelm our petite frame. Prints are fine too, just keep the motives small, again you don’t want any big flowers or geometric patterns to overwhelm you.

Today, I went to Walmart and surprisingly found two cute jersey dresses. People may find me weird in that I can spend a lot on bags and shoes, yet when it comes to most clothing (ie except for jeans, jackets, and special occasion dresses), anything over 30$ is expensive. Especially for mid-designer clothing like Guess, Marciano, Club Monaco, Miss Sixty, Parasuco, BCBG, or even Zara, I don’t think anything is worth 50-200$ in these stores. So if I were to spend this much money, I’d rather go online and get a top or dress from a real high-end designer which often goes on sale. I don’t even mind adding another hundred or two. You’ll get better material, craftsmanship, and they’ll be made in Europe. So yeah, I usually do NOT purchase things that are between 50-300$ on a regular brand lol. We all have our priorities 🙂

Anyhow here are my dresses today:

Black jersey maxi dress

I originally wanted the taupe color but they didn’t have my size. The black one is still very nice, except that I already have another black maxi dress from H&M. It also has some detailing around the waist (see boob shot lol). My mom really likes this on me. I’ll just have to keep in mind not to have the cats around whenever I wear this!


Leopard-Print jersey dress

Cute, comfy, casual dress. I just need to add a black belt…


My First BV for Grad!

After MUCH contemplation on what dress to match my CL Pigalle Plato 140 heels, I further struggled on which bag to buy because I don’t have any suitable evening bags. I occasionally browse Barneys’ site to check out their large selection of inventory which is good for reference. I’ve never purchased from here in the past because they did not ship to Canada. However to my surprise, I *just* found out that recently Barneys has been collaborating with FiftyOne, the same company used by Saks, for international shipping! I AM SO HAPPY!!! This is a tremendous step for Canadians to shop online in the States, especially since Barneys has such amazing items and has unbelievable sales! Not only so, I found my beloved clutch that I shall be using for graduation, which is *the* perfect clutch that I’ve been wanting but could not purchase from Net-a-Porter because it has snakeskin and all exotics are prohibited by Canadian customs from importation. I don’t know why Barneys allows it to be sent internationally (shhh! don’t tell anyone!), but it’s probably because they overlooked it since the snakeskin is subtle around the bag’s trim. Anyhow, here’s a preview of my evening clutch, I will post actual pix later when they arrive next week.

Bottega Veneta SS11 Knot Intrecciato Impero in Nero Satin and Karung Snakeskin Trim

Photo below from Net-a-Porter

I don’t care much for BV’s everyday handbags, but I’ve always loved the smaller hand-embroidered items, especially the criss-cross weave on their evening clutches. This classic, black satin clutch is perfect and will last for ages. I didn’t want to spend too much on a bag that I wouldn’t be using often, so the price was also just right for me. In the next few pictures, I’ll show the other evening bags that I was considering.


Runner-Up 1: Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch

Lots of PFers had recommended this clutch to me and I do like it for its edgy-ness, but I really wanted something absolutely TIMELESS, and for the same price I’d rather own a classic BV clutch. Besides, I wanted black leather, but it was only available in either gold leather or black satin.

^Photo from Saks


Runner-Up 2: Lanvin Oulouette Black Satin Clutch

I like it, but don’t love it because it’s a bit plain and I’m not fond of the fabric jacquard lining. If I’m paying 750$ + taxes + customs + bank fees + conversion fees, it had better have a nice lining too.

^Photo from Net-a-Porter


Runner-Up 3: Lanvin Happy Medium Shoulder Bag in Beige

I’ve been eyeing this bag for a year now. I was going to buy it last summer, but all my CCs didn’t work in Shanghai! I couldn’t believe how backward the system is there! Then my cousin came by offering to put it on her Chinese CC, but she really didn’t like the it. Since then, I’ve been putting off this purchase and now that I was considering to purchase the satin clutch above, I asked myself why not buy this Lanvin bag that I’ve been wanting for a while instead? It’s more casual for an evening bag, but at least I’ll be able to use it more often as an everyday bag. Nonetheless, BV won against all these competitors. I guess I’m just not destined to own the Lanvin Happy bag and must not love it that much for me to keep pushing it aside.

^Photo from Net-a-Porter


Runner-Up 4: Lanvin Oulouette Ostrich Satin Bag in Champagne

This was actually the first evening bag that caught my eye in FW10. I remember everyone thinking that Lanvin had gone nuts that season with a very odd way of using fur (remember the black python pump with long, curly lamb fur? lol), but I liked this bag. The ostrich fur chain is detachable so you can shorten the strap for a more casual look. However, I went against this bag because it’ll clash with my grad dress and shoes which are already stand-out pieces. Too much going on!!!

^Photos from and My Theresa


Runner-Up 5: Prada Satin/Silk Wristlets

I was so confused amongst the above choices that I thought, what the heck, if I can’t choose one I must not LOVE any. So I might as well buy a cheap(er) bag. The Prada wristlets are great for a night out. They’re simple, classic, and affordable. However, I couldn’t even choose amongst these two: I liked the left satin bag’s shape but preferred the rectangular one for its silk material.

^Photo from Saks

Finally, My Grad Ball and Convocation Dresses!

Grad Ball Dress: Sue Wong Coral Strapless Appliqué Dress

So I initially wanted to wear the Catherine Malandrino dress (below) but the fact that it was a bit too casual worried me. So I went hunting on NM, BG, Saks, NAP, Outnet, Bluefly, and Nordstrom again and I found a new dress from NM. Although I ordered a size 0, it was still too big on top and I had to go alter it. The couturière kept on pointing to my chest and saying “peanut peanut!!!” I had no idea what she was rambling about in Italian but she seemed like she knew what she was doing lol. Now that she fixed the dress a week later, I guess “peanut” means “perky” cuz my chest area sure looks like it from the pix (I’m wearing the same bra underneath as I first tried it), unless she was saying the size of my boobs are like that of a peanut LOL

^Photo from Neiman Marcus


I plan on wearing my Bottega Veneta Knot clutch in black satin, these earrings and a ring to compliment the dress.

Again, I wanted to go for a red-gold theme and wanted to add black accents since my clutch is black. I envisioned large coral-red chandelier earrings in gold setting with black jewels. So it was REALLY hard to find exactly what I had in mind. I almost gave up thinking that I’d just go for regular gold or black earrings (and I actually ordered a pair of black lucite elongated Marquis earrings from Alexis Bittar). However, I was so fortunate to have stumbled on another site while googling “coral earrings” and found these beauties! They’re almost exactly what I imagined! David Aubrey is a great brand making quality fashion jewelry by hand in the USA using various antique gemstones. The blue goldstones are gorgeous! I’m very happy with this purchase 😀


The Sorrelli Crystal Cluster Ring is also another fabulous purchase. I wanted a red and gold ring that would stand out from the black background of the clutch. One would think it’s easy to find a red ring… Nope! I had to scour through pages and pages of jewelry, but I do admit that it was faster to find than the coral earrings. I did some research and Sorrelli is another American brand founded by 3 sisters and they specialize in crystal jewelry.


An overview of my grad ball attire:


Runner-Up 1: Catherine Malandrino Volcano-Print Asymmetric Silk Dress

This was THE FIRST dress that I fell in love with because it was exactly what I was looking for: tie-dye print, red-gold theme, and knee-length. However it was not available in my size, so I went on in search for a substitute and ended up with the black Sue Wong Dress (not the pink one above, see below). Nonetheless, a couple of days later, this dress popped up again on sale in X-Small and I bought it without hesitation.

Although I absolutely LOVED it and it fit me like a glove, my only worry was that it may be too casual for the grad ball. I asked my dear PFers (39 voters) and the poll results came out to:
– 49% for Sue Wong (black dress)
– 33% for Catherine Malandrino
– 18% for neither dress (thus I got the Sue Wong coral dress above lol)

^Photo from Neiman Marcus

Runner-Up 2: Sue Wong Black/Gold Embellished One-Shoulder Asymmetric Dress

Although I was very impressed with the designer’s handiwork, the dress was at least one entire size too big on me (but it wasn’t that large for me to go alter it), therefore it didn’t look that flattering. I had to “hold myself” or else the dress just “draped” on me, rather than hugging my curves. I really didn’t like the chest and arm areas on this dress, especially since I’ve gained some weight recently. Then to my shock, after taking the dress out a couple of days later, I found the back area unravelling and beads falling everywhere (see pic)! I didn’t touch the dress since last time I tried it on, so I didn’t understand how it was already self-disintegrating! So I returned it.

^Above: Stock pictures from Neiman Marcus


Convocation Dress: Maggy London Blue Cotton Floral Dress

The dress fits me really well except around the waist area. The pleats pop out and make me look preggo… I’ll have to ask the same seamstress to fix it for me and also maybe bring up the hem… I know it’s supposed to be longer and hit right under the knee, but I like shorter 😀

An overview of my convocation outfit:
Chanel Reissue
Tiffany Bead Bracelet
Swarovski crystal earrings
David Yurman Albion ring
Louboutin Altadama in Royal Blue watersnake

LV FW11 Runway Show

Let me summarize this show, brief and to the point:

Bags: Stunning, structured, classic Lockit styles
RTW clothing: WTF?!?! Gives me the impression of Dominatrix Maids On Strike!??
Shoes: Meh… Don’t care

LV should just stick to trunks and bags. I don’t get how fashion houses these days try to diverge into every realm of living existence. Take Hermès for example, from taming horses and making saddles, they’re now even doing kitchenware, albeit fine China and porcelain. Then there’s Versace’s bedsheets and home decor stuff, not to mention all the other brands like Burberry, Givenchy, and Dolce and Gabanna who are trying to grab a bite of the cosmetics industry. I honestly think the only two brands that have done well in an “all around” way are Chanel and Christian Dior – whether it’s fashion, leather goods, eyewear, or makeup.

I’ve never liked LV’s RTW clothes. They’re just unwearable and gaudy almost every season. Below are just a few examples of the better attires from the FW11 fashion show:

Photos from

^I like the purple fur coat!

^Jessica Stam with croc diamond Lockit Clutch

^Maid on strike ready to attack the masters once they get home…

^The boots are interesting…

^Kate Moss to end the show while smoking…

^I took images from the show and compiled them together. I understand that we’re in France here and smoking appears to be a habitual practice (even though the 2006 American Cancer Society says only 20% of women smoke in France), but really? Is this necessary? I just think it’s a wrong message to send out to youngsters. The last model on the runway is usually the most important, giving a finale to the entire show, and being the ONLY smoker at the end to strut down like so just baffles me, no matter how much I like Kate Moss.

Anyhow, onto happier things. The bags were gorgeous! I’m sure the retail prices begin at $3000+ and only the sky’s the limit considering the use of exotic skins. I’ve always liked the Lockit, especially the Suhali ones which are more horizontal in shape than the originals. These Lockits on the runway are perfect, just like the Suhali bags. Not only so, LV has a smaller version in a clutch style that has an attached bracelet as a wristlet. The bags are very wearable with perfect colors suitable for Fall/Winter. Get your name down on the waitlist soon!

Grad Gift from Parents

^Daria Werbowy for Chanel ad campaign 2005 featuring the Anniversary 2.55 Reissue Classic Flap bag

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I’ll be graduating soon. I remember my parents saying a year ago that I can get *ANYTHING* I want as a gift (within reasonable means of course)! Back then, I was convinced that I’ll want LV’s Special Order Lockit PM in Patent Black Crocodile or an Hermès Birkin. However now that the time has come, I’m actually not fancying either one. Hermès is great for its leather and one day I’ll get a Birkin or Kelly for sure, but I really think that I’m too young now and I just don’t like the boxy styles. As for LV, ever since I left in 2008, I’ve had no urge to come back. Sure, there were a few items that I did get last year, but nothing makes my heart pound with excitement.

I have a confession to make: I’ve been recently lurking around in the Chanel subforum on tPF and interestingly something caught my eye… I’m kind of ashamed to admit that I’m drawn to Chanel now since I’ve always been a die-hard LV fan and anti-Chanel girl! lol Nonetheless, I’ve ALWAYS liked the Reissue since I first saw the ad campaign with Daria Werbowy for the anniversary of the 2.55 Classic Flap bag in 2005. I’m not too fond of Chanel’s quilted leather, especially with the Classic ones where the leather was more “puffy” and I don’t like the interlocking CCs. There was something about that picture with Daria and the bag had just the perfect amount of subtleness and class. All along, I was still waiting for an off-white reissue with gold hardware until now…

CHANEL SS11 Act I Dark White/Ivory Satin Calfskin 2.55 Reissue 227 with Gold Hardware

^Above: Official photo of 226 size from

Below: Pix of the smaller 226 size from the Purseforum

The bag is truly beautiful from the pix that I’ve seen on tPF. The color is off-white or “dark white” as they call it, with patches of beige tainted creating a marbleized effect. There’s also a slight sheen to it to help protect the delicate calfskin. Chanel’s calfskin is very durable, but many people thought this was lambskin because of how soft the leather is. The only downside apparently is that the lining is silk-satin, whereas the other regular 2.55 Reissues are leather, and they’re both the same price (which means relatively this satin-lined one is more expensive and luxe)! I would prefer leather lining for more durability.

My parents agreed to buy this for me and there are currently two available in our country, but only the slightly bigger 227 size is available. Apparently Chanel never sent the 226 size as seen in the above pix to our country. My only worry is that the 227 size will be too big on me since I’m petite. Whereas I do want to mainly use this as an evening bag, the size will make it more suitable as a day bag which means that the satin lining might eventually be a problem. Well we already reserved it in another city that has it in stock, so my dad will go pick it up in about 2-3 weeks since he’ll be there for a business trip. I guess I’ll try it on for size once he comes back 🙂