Clothing in the Past

McQ Jeans by Alexander McQueen

Great jeans for summer! They’re a little big on me which gives me a “crotch” problem whenever I bend over…
Reference: H&M T-shirt and CL Very Privé heels; Swarovski teddy bear crystal necklace

SS10 Teenflo Lilac Cotton Blazer

Blazer jackets are really in right now and they instantly help to perk up an outfit! I was going on a high last summer and bought 4 jackets at the same time lol. I was traveling around in Canada, so several of the items are made by local citizens. This was a really expensive purchase for me. I know I spend thousands on shoes and bags, but when it comes to clothing, anything over 50$ is expensive for me lol. I did want to get a well-tailored blazer though and I’ve always had an eye on this Canadian brand.


SS10 Jacqueline Conoir Grey Silk-Blend Blazer

Another really expensive clothing purchase for me. It’s also a Canadian brand made in Vancouver. Good tailoring. I don’t wear it as often as my Teenflo jacket though.


United Colors of Benetton Black Blazer

Some people ask for casual wear, do you go for a black or navy blazer? I think most people from tPF answered navy, but for me I always end up grabbing my black one. It just goes with everything in my wardrobe which has a lot of black, grey, white, and jewel-tone colors. I think if you have more browns, then go for navy.


United Colors of Benetton Navy Stripes Blazer

Cheap 🙂 I got it on sale together with my black one above.


One-Shoulder Embellished Coral Jersey Dress

Local Canadian brand again. It’s a cute dress. I gained some weight last year, so I really don’t look good in some pix…


One-Shoulder Beige Silk Dress

Soft and flowy. Great for summer!


H&M Collaboration with Matthew Williamson: Hot Pink Bubble Dress

I sort of went crazy for this collection. MW is a genius! Love the bohemian dresses and his use of bright colors, feathers, and patterns. This dress is very cute, however I’ve never had a chance to wear it. I sort of messed up the pleats on the hips so now it’s a HUGE bubble. I look like the Blueberry girl from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory lol. The dress is also unlined which bothers me. I was really thin back then…

Cinderella Shoes for Grad Ball

I will be graduating soon from medical school and I’m planning to wear these Cinderella shoes to the grad ball. People think I’m funny for choosing the shoes first before the dress and having the dress compliment the shoes, instead of the other way around. Well we all have our priorities. I’d rather spend less on my attire and more on Louboutins :). Please welcome my sparkly, gorgeous new heels:

CL SS11 Boutique Exclusive Pigalle Plato 140 in Nude Glitter and Rose-Gold Specchio Leather

These are in fact the first shoes that I had my eyes on when I saw the inventory for this season. However, I thought that they were canceled from production later and diverted my attention elsewhere. I’m so happy that CL decided to market them again! I immediately called up my SA in the States the moment the shipment landed in North America from Europe and my SA told me they just got their inventory yesterday and didn’t even open up the boxes yet lol. I had them shipped to me within 17 hours and they are stunning the moment I opened the box to find these princessy shoes. I know, they’re quite a contrast from my bad-ass, edgy, punk-rock Mad Martas that I last purchased, but that’s me! Expect the unexpected lol.The color is like Tiffany’s rose-gold, truly more pinkish than what the stock photos show which make them appear more gold. I just brought them to my cobbler to have them half-soled, I think he’s in love…

I normally wear a size 36 for pumps and 36.5 for a looser fit (my CL range is 36-37.5), but these heels are HUGE!!! Pigalle is known to run very TTS or slightly large, so I got these in size 35.5, but they’re still gigantic on me as you can tell from the gap in the back. I plan on padding them like crazy lol: one heel pad in the front, another in the back, and a foot-petal in between! My first step in them almost made me fall and crash into a wall lol, but I’m determined to make them fit! I would recommend to go down at least 1.5 sizes from your USUAL CL size (don’t convert to Pigalle sizing, it’ll just get more confusing).

Below: Gwenyth Paltrow at the 2011 Oscars event wearing the Pigalle Plato 140 in Nude Glitter (reference: Michael Kors dress). It seems like to me that I have quite a few shoes in common with Gwenyth lol… The picture also shows the Multi-Glitter with Silver Specchio Leather version.

There are some little imperfections despite my SA telling me that no one has tried them on since they had just arrived at the boutique and wasn’t even on the floor yet. So I guess the little chip at the tip of the platform was from the shipment process. I was not very pleased to learn that the Rose-Gold Specchio is PAINTED on rather than being leather because I can see the plastic platform underneath which somewhat bothers me. I tested the heel however and it’s real leather :).

Another thing is that the glitter at the back of the heel seems a bit sparse. I don’t consider it as a defect though.


I’ve Gone Mad Mad Mad

Introducing my first Christian Louboutin SS11 purchase:

LE Boutique Exclusive Mad Marta 150 with Ostrich Heel, Black Fishnet and Calfskin Leather – AKA my FIERCE 3 *UHG* Shoes!

I saw these the first time on a dear PFer and they looked spectacular! Amongst the CL shoe aficionados, I’m still quite a conservative buyer. Many of my shoes can be worn to work, if not then as an everyday pair of shoes when I go out or to wear on weekends. However, I really wanted something different – EDGY, BEASTLY, and completely MAD! These shoes are my FIERCEST UHG yet!

I was really worried about customs because the shoes are not only my most expensive pair, but also exotic which is prohibited from being imported unless you have a special license. If you don’t, then the item is either confiscated or you’ll get a huge fine. When I got my parcel the next day, I was happily surprised that COD was only 28$!!! I win! lol I’m definitely going to buy from boutiques more now rather than from NM or Saks.

The shoes themselves are a little small and the toe-box is very tight. I would prefer another half size bigger, but that’s okay. As long as I don’t stand or walk in them for too long, then my toes won’t go numb lol. Plus, the heel height is the highest I’ve ever worn. I’m not really used to walking in 150s yet, so I’ll have to be sitting down most of the time anyhow. I haven’t worn them out yet cuz I’m waiting for the weather to get better, but I’m gonna rock the world in these bad-ass boys!!! haha! (Jokes, you’ll most likely find me sitting quietly and reading in the corner while drinking a cup of coffee)

Here’s Khloe Kardashian who also owns the Mad Marta in the Ostrich version that I have:
(picture credit –

^Above: Leanne Rimes (left) and Khloe Kardashian (right) in Taupe suede versions
Kim Kardashian (middle) in Taupe canvas version with python heel

^Above: Mad Marta 150 in different versions
– Taupe suede (left)
– Taupe canvas with python heel
– Black calfskin and ostrich heel (mine shown below with modeling pictures)

^The only other “imperfection” is that the ostrich pattern on the back is not very symmetrical. The left shoe has a bigger patch of ostrich skin. Otherwise, these shoes are truly a work of ART! The pictures on the net and here do not do them justice IRL.

CL FW10 Purchases

CL FW10 Ronfifi 100 in Black Nappa Leather – AKA My FIERCE 2 Booties

This is a beautifully crafted pair of booties that made its first appearance on the FW10 Ruffian runway show with the Ronfifi 100 booties and OTK boots both in navy flannel. It then went on to be featured in numerous magazine ads and was worn by various celebrities. The collection was available in various textures: Navy flannel, Military green flannel, Black Nappa, Brown Nappa, and Mustard Suede; with polished gold, antique silver, and pyramidal buttons.

I originally tried on the OTK style called Ronfifi 100 Supra, but the shaft was too long and really did not suit me. The knee-high Alta version was not available for me to purchase. I ended up with this pair of booties which is completely my style. I love booties because they’re so much easier to get in and out of and they look great with anything. The leather is very delicate and soft, so I’m more careful with them. I get lots of compliments on them and would recommend them to everyone! They’re my 2nd pair of FIERCE boots! lol

The shoes are cousins to the more dramatic Ronfifi 100 Supra and Alta, all of which are successors from last season’s famous Supra Fifre 120 and Fifre 120 booties (see pictures below for clarification of these styles). The shoes from both seasons are so widely popular because the elastic closures are really friendly and flatter most people’s legs since CL boots are made for women with thin calves. Take me for example, many people people are surprised that I can’t wear CL’s leg defining boots. My mid-calves measure the thickest at 14 inches and despite CL’s description saying their circumference is also 14 inches, I still cannot wear his boots.

FW09 Supra Fifre 120 – The ORIGINAL OTK boots that started the hype

^Clockwise from top left corner: Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Lindsay Lohan, Halle Berry, Selita, Katy Perry, and Raquel Zimmerman

^Kate Moss in Vogue Paris Oct 2009

^Cindy Crawford (sorry, not sure which magazine this is from)

^Christina Aiguilara in one of a kind Silver Supra Fifre 120

^Carine Roitfield – Vogue Editor

^Model in magazine advertisement

^Heidi Montag… I really hesitated on posting her on my blog, but I want to do the world some kindness in letting everyone know that THAT IS NOT THE WAY TO DRESS UP WITH THESE BOOTS! I’m sorry if I’m harsh, but she just has the wrong vibe with everything going on in her wardrobe (not to mention her life…). These boots are meant to be FIERCE, not cute-girly-wannabe-somewhat-tough-with-that-leather-skirt-and-glam-it-up-with-an-Hermes-Birkin. Anyhow, she just looks really skanky…

FW09 Fifre 120 Booties

^Kate Moss in Vogue Paris Oct 2009

^Cameron Diaz in the recent movie Bad Teacher

FW10 Ronfifi Supra 100 – OTK boots, sister to Supra Fifre 120 but without the platform. In fact all the FW10 are 100 heel height because they don’t have a platform

^Model from Flare magazine (Black leather version)

^Neiman Marcus advertisement (Black flannel version)

^Model from Harper’s Bazaar (Ronfifi suede)

^Natalia Vodianova in one of a kind brocade fabric version

^Vogue magazine advertisement

FW10 Ronfifi Alta 100 – Knee high boots, short version of the Supra

^Net-a-Porter model for brown nappa leather version

FW10 Ronfifi 100 Booties – sister to the Fifre 120 Booties

^Net-a-Porter product featured in Ruffian FW10 runway

^Celeb whose name I suddenly forgot…. lol but she’s wearing one of a kind Ronfifi boots in white leather.

Other versions:

FW10 Loubout 150 booties – Bigger 1 inch platform and open toe, compared to the Fifre 120 booties

^Victoria Beckham rocking the Loubout and being “Supra Mommy”

^Magazine ad of the Loubout 150



^Closeup of the custom made shoes for J-Lo


CL FW10 Lady Claude 120 in Patent Tortoise Leather

These are my absolute favorite pair of CL shoes for their SHAPE! The feminine curvature is just perfection! Of course, they’re not the easiest pair of heels to wear because of its steep pitch, but I’m willing to suck it in because it’s just such a beautiful style that oozes sex appeal. Someone once asked me to compare these with my Jimmy Choo Quiet in Patent Leopard. Which ones do I prefer? That’s a no brainer, the CL’s of course! I’ll definitely give points to JC’s patent leather because I really like how it has small amounts of gold shimmer that catch the light whereas CL’s has a darker tortoise pattern. However, JC’s has a weird pitch once you pass 3 inches, so I find they’re harder to walk in, especially with a thinner heel it doesn’t feel that stable to me. CL’s are more comfortable imo.


CL FW10 Mater Claude 85 in Patent Black Leather

The mother of the Lady Claude heels, the Mater Claude is a great pair of heels for work or for anyone who prefers a smaller heel. I have to say that I find the lower heel harder to walk in, but maybe it’s just that I’m too used to 4″ +++ heels. Funny thing with me is that I’ve never fell on my really high heels, but all sorts of misfortunes and embarrassing events have happened to me on lower heels, flip-flops, and flats lol.