BV Imperial Knot Clutch is Here!

Bottega Veneta SS11 Knot Intrecciato Impero in Nero Satin and Karung Snakeskin Trim

At last after two entire weeks of agonizing waiting, my parcel arrived yesterday! I can’t believe Barneys actually got Canada Post to deliver this item with NO SIGNATURE on delivery for a $$$$ product! They just squished my package into my mailbox! Neiman Marcus and NAP would never do this, they’d always hire UPS or Fedex, and I always get my stuff within 5 days of ordering online. I’m just appalled by the entire slow process and the way they handled the shipment.

Anyhow I won’t get distracted, the Imperial Knot clutch itself is a beauty. My only complaint is that the soft satin material seems to catch dust rather easily. Otherwise, it’s perfection! The karung snakeskin frames the bag, adding just the right amount of sophistication. So classy and elegant! Definitely one of my best purchases yet! I’m really into this bohemian look these days. So I’m wearing my floral silk halter top and Aladdin-like wide silk trousers on this very hot day ūüėÄ

In Love with Ferragamo FW11

I’m in LOVE again!!! For the longest time since FW08, I haven’t been this excited for a fashion collection. Everything about Ferragamo this fall is absolute perfection. I’ve lost my long love for LV, CL is peaking as a trend rather than an art, and luxury is becoming more dismal with more bells and whistles than ever imagined. Ferragamo’s collection speaks to me¬†from the core:
– Well tailored
– Simple cut
– Classic lines
– Black and white theme
– Tiger/Leopard motive

Their handbags are catching my eye every season as well with subtle, structured bags, and use of luxurious skins from its well known Italian heritage. I can’t wait for the FW11 collection to come out in stores! I have my eyes set on the white exotic clutch shown below in the first pic. It’s literally making me salivate…

First five photos from

^Exotic tiger belt: again, I’m all for anything feline!

^These crystal sequined  shoes with a quirky checkerboard sole are just fabulous!


Other photos below compilation from

^Crystal and sequin minaudières for an elegant evening look

^These gowns are just gorgeous with a perfect flow and momentum with every stride.

^These faux-wrap dresses have a bit of DVF feel, but obviously way more luxe.

^This is what I mean by perfect tailoring! I’m not too much into the masculine-feminine look, but these suits have the right balance that has a hint of masculine tailoring around the shoulders, but softened all around with a shortened hem, cropped blazer, cinched waist, and of course down-to-there deep V-neck cut. Beautiful!


The Purist

It’s really ridiculous how the luxury world has become. This week, I had a couple of interesting conversations with a couple of PFers.¬†I’m not an elitist, I come from just an upper-middle class family, but I am a PURIST. And even *I* feel that luxury no longer feels like what it’s “supposed” to mean. We all want a taste of luxury, which is essentially exclusivity, and yet when this “luxury” is distributed amongst the mass, it has completely lost its meaning.

I remember my first LV bag, my first Chanel wallet, my first pair of CL shoes….etc. It was a feeling that I cherished. I wasn’t able to buy them easily, because I didn’t have the money then, and mostly because things were not easily accessible. Now you can buy these items online, browse through thousands of items and do comparison shopping. Really?!?! We need to do comparison shopping for luxury items? Compare shipping and currency rates when we’re already spending in the thousands range? This is completely because we have a choice now of where to purchase. If luxury companies stayed completely exclusive, we’d be forced to buy at the boutiques and accept whatever conditions they set for us. I’m not saying who deserves to buy luxury, but still, isn’t it a bit absurd to hear that people living in rural areas are able to purchase LV or other “luxury” items online either through official online boutiques or Ebay?! And then they complain that they feel embarrassed to carry their LVs out in the countryside. This is why luxury has gone mainstream.

Not only so, all this nit-picking of little imperfections that customers complain about nowadays would disappear as well. I was SO HAPPY to have bought my first LV, nevermind the minor flaws, I felt fortunate to have just one little luxury item for which I worked hard for a year. Nowadays, just because we have the money to buy luxury goods, we forget the basics, and think that we have a “right” to complain about every little issue with our purchases. We no longer cherish what was meant to be something exclusive, because luxury is no longer exclusive anymore.¬†I mean seriously, every few teenagers owns an LV? I don’t have an issue with their age, but rather how widely distributed LV allows their products to become, that with a wish of having a B-day present, parents will grant their child with an LV bag. I won’t get into what is good parenting, but what truly bothers me, is that LV is so easily accessible that it’s losing its integrity as a “luxury” company, and imo, to relatively MASS PRODUCE is fundamentally wrong in the luxury world.

Quality is not the only thing that establishes a high-end designer, but rather the exclusivity that one feels will immortalize the brand into the future. It’s what will make the brand survive in the long term and if LV continues to produce in mass and care only about PROFIT, it will soon plummet as quickly as it has risen. It may sound like I don’t care about LV and only bashing it, but I have a deeper LoVe with this brand and I care about its reputation and image in the future.¬†I don’t want to see LV die off. Thus I preach for more exclusivity with this brand. I want to see LV shut off its online site because luxury does not belong online. It’s the experience in a boutique that defines luxury shopping. I miss being able to chat with my 3-4 SAs, having a drink at the boutique, and practically living there making a visit every few days to check out new items. I may seem hypocritical in that I buy online and want boutique shopping as well. All I’m saying is that I would be happy even if my purchases become limited, because that’s the way it’s supposed to be, I only buy online because it’s accessible.

If luxury companies stay completely exclusive, then only the very very wealthy will be able to make the purchases, but that’s perfectly fine with me again because I’m pretty grounded and I know that luxury is NOT supposed to be for me nor for the average citizen. Yet, it’s the middle and upper-middle classes right now who are driving the luxury world, and somehow I just don’t think this is right. I’m not an elitist, just a purist thinker.


I haven’t read this book yet, but apparently I have the same views as this book: How Luxury Lost Its Luster.