Yves Saint Laurent Steal!

Yves Saint Laurent FW10 Chelsea Tassel Boots 105 in Black Suede

I forgot to post this, but I purchased these beautiful knee-high boots almost two weeks ago at 70% off from SSENSE since they’re from the previous season. I never noticed them until this season’s sale and couldn’t resist the steal, so without any hesitation I made my order. A day after my order was placed, I actually found my UHG – Christian Louboutin’s Forever Tina available in my size at a about a similar price! I was thinking of canceling the YSL purchase, but thought against it since they’re probably more wearable. It’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made, because these boots are just so gorgeous and comfortable that I have no regrets at all! They’re simply stunning IRL! The suede is really luscious and gives a great casual look.


Transforming Guest Room into Display Room / Walk-In Closet!

I recently moved into my new place and as promised, I’ve been busy turning my spare bedroom into a display room for all my junk! With all the fabulous ladies on tPF, I’ve been inspired by several members (particularly bagladyseattle) who took their time and shared with us how they miraculously turned a very ordinary room into something truly spectacular. Since a couple of months ago, I’ve been planning for this transformation, but could not really put my ideas into action since I knew I would be moving.

So I’m very excited to show you all this room! I met a new friend recently who helped me assemble the middle shelf with glass doors (see pix below), but I didn’t want to bother him again for more work. So I discovered another side of me with my hidden manly  powers as I put my own muscles to work haha! I also saved at least 80$ if I’d decided to hire someone! 😀

Two shelves assembled successfully!!!

Final result:

Left Shelf:

Louis Vuitton items:
(Top to bottom, left to right)
– Damier Azur Saleya GM
– Monogram Trotteur
– Monogram Manhattan PM
– Motard Biker
– Multicolore Lodge PM
– Multicolore Sologne
– Multicolore Speedy 30
– Onatah Cuir GM
– Suhali Le Talentueux
– Miroir Lockit
– Monogram Pégase 60
– Monogram Batignolles Horizontale
– Damier Hampstead MM

Right Shelf:

Other bags and accessories:
(Top to bottom, left to right from second row)
– Marc by Marc Jacobs leather goods
– Chanel Reissue 226
– Tiffany & Co Taylor Hobo
– Non-designer purple bag for work lol
– Prada Tessuto Nylon Tote
– Linea Pelle Sydney
– Moschino bags

Close-up pic of first row of right shelf:

– Tiffany & Co Continental Crocodile Wallet
– Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch
– Dries Van Noten Embroidered Silk Clutch
–  LV Obsession Rond Sunnies (background)
– LV Soupçon Rond Honey-Glitter (background)
– LV Soupçon Rond Tortoise Glitter (background)
– Chanel Glasses (background)
– Prada Sunnies (background)
– LV Charms Porte-Monnaie
– LV Vernis Clés
– LV Multicolore Wapity
– LV Multicolore Zippy Coin Purse
– LV Multicolore Agenda PM
– LV Multicolore Bookmark

Middle shelf with glass doors for my shoe collection:

Top Left:

First Row:
– Giuseppe Zanotti Taz
– Prada Bow Pumps
– Louis Vuitton Grenadines
– Dries Van Noten Embroidered Sandals

Second Row:
– Charlotte Olympia Dolly
– Charlotte Olympia Dalva
– Jimmy Choo Quiet
– Jimmy Choo Glenys

Third Row:
– Rick Owens Distressed Booties
– Balenciaga Wrap Deer Booties
– Dries Van Noten Python Heel Booties
– Miu Miu Booties

Bottom Left:

First Row:
– Jimmy Choo Gilbert
– Jimmy Choo Colorado
– Manolo Blahnik Campari
– Manolo Blahnik BB

Second Row:
– Manolo Blahnik Teres Black Patent
– Manolo Blahnik Teres Denim
– Repetto BB Black Patent

Third Row:
– Dries Van Noten Camel-Python Boots
– Yves Saint Laurent Chelsea Tassel Boots 105
– Prada Platform Boots

Top Right:

First Row:
– Jimmy Choo Phyllis
– Jimmy Choo Palm Denim
– Christian Louboutin (CL) Triclo 100
– CL Drapiday 120

Second Row:
– CL Very Galaxy 120
– CL Very Privé 120
– CL Décolzep 120
– CL Lady Claude 120

Third Row:
– CL Short Tina 120
– CL Mad Marta 150
– CL Altadama 140
– CL Pigalle Plato 140

Bottom Right:

First Row:
– CL Bébé-fusée 80
– CL Mater Claude 80
– CL Rolande Bouclé 120
– CL Simple 85

Second Row:
– CL Orniron 100
– CL Sigourney 100
– CL Décolleté-328 100
– CL Ron Ron 100

Third Row:
– Prada Motorcycle Boots
– CL Piros 120
– CL Ronfifi 100

My Louboutin dolls and other toys:


It was really fun doing this entire project and installing the shelves myself, but not so much when I hammered my thumb 3 times…. lol After all this work with smashed up nails, I sat back and decided to do my own French manicure. My first attempt turned out great! I used nail polishes from Rimmel and OPI for reference.

First I painted the whites – about 2-3 coats very slowly with Rimmel’s 110 French White.
Next, apply 1 coat of Rimmel’s 140 French Rose.
Finish with 2 coats of OPI’s Passion nail polish.

Final result, ta da!!! Perfection!!! I just saved myself at least 50$ from going to a professional (and I honestly think I do a better job… My last manicure left me with all these bubbles and the whites were not even!). Well I hope you all enjoyed my summer closet project and thanks for visiting everyone!

FW11’s Must Have Shoes!


I wasn’t planning on making this post, but DSQUARED2’s Ice Skate Calf boots made me go gaga and my heart ached nostalgically for them! I used to do competitive figure skating, so these boots speak a lot to me. I like their quirkiness, the fact that they’re real head-turners, and I understand that they may not be suitable for everyone, but if you’re young, like to have a laugh about fashion once in a while, and can afford them, you can buy them through Luisa Via Roma (LVR) for 1392 Euro for the booties or 1800 Euro for the knee-high boots, that’s about $2000US and $2600US respectively. These are very limited in quantity!


For those of us who want more wearable options, this fall is all about leopard prints, bold bright red and royal purple colors. Charlotte Olympia’s infamous Dolly shoes are revamped and reintroduced from last year’s Polly. Made of leopard ponyhair and patent red leather heels and island platform – they are simply the most fabulous pair of leopard heels! LVR currently has them for pre-order at 732 Euro (about $1100US), to be shipped by Sept 30. Grab a pair now, cuz that’s what I did! 😀

Love CO’s Dolly but not sure about walking in dangerously high pumps at 150mm? Fear not! Charlotte Olympia gives us the option of comfort and confidence with gold T-straps on a pair of silver metallic pumps! These heels are featured in CO’s video campaign. Pre-order at LVR for 774 Euro (about $1150US).


Don’t worry, I would not forget about all the CL beauties this season. Again, we see an array of golden leopards, royal purples, and glittering reds. I’m really feeling for leopard prints, which is why my favorites are in the top two: Maggie 160 in Leopard Ponyhair/Black Kid Leather Combo ($1095US) and Madame Butterfly Pump 120 in Ponyhair ($995US; reintroduced from last year too just like CO did to her Polly!). I’m currently on the priority wait-list for the Maggie, but I have yet to think about the dangerous heel height of 160 mm… Recently, I’m just not into CL’s 150s or beyond, since I honestly think their shoes are poorly engineered at this height, which is why realistically, the MBP 120 is more practical for me.

Second row: Maggie 160 Royal Blue Suede/Purple Kid Leather Combo (estimate $995US); 8-Mignons in Purple Suede ($1195US)
Third row: Pigalili Plato in Volcano Strass Mix; Lady Peep in Red Strass Mix (both estimate > $3000US)
Purchase all at ChristianLouboutin.com or call your CL boutique to wait-list.


Lastly, if you’re not a heels type of gal, there are some pretty ballerinas as well. I particularly like these air-light flats by Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott that remind me of the Greek god Hermès’ winged sandals! How clever, you’ll run like the wind, and if you’re keen, there’s a matching wings leather jacket too! lol Buy at LVR for 108 Euro (about $150US).

Pearls: a Reveal, a Story, and a Rant…

1. My Reveal:

Akoya Pearl Earrings 7.5-8mm with 14K Gold Post-Backs

These beautiful earrings are a recent gift. Judging from the certificate, I’d say they’re an AA grade??? They have a soft rosy overtone and are made in Canada. I want to share them with you cuz I don’t have any collectible pearl earrings. Most of mine are Chinese freshwater pearls which are not worth much (and I’ll tell my story about my dislike for them in the next section). I’ve been reading up on pearls and these are the traditional, classic pearls to which the experts refer. They take 1-2 years for cultivation in colder, saltwater rendering the nacre to crystalize more slowly and densely. As a result, the nacre is thinner and the overall size is usually 5-10mm with the average being 7-7.5mm. It still shocks me that only one Akoya pearl can be cultivated in a Pinctada fucata oyster in its lifespan! Not only so, only about 20% are put into the trade with only 5% considered to be collector items!


2. My Story for Why I Despise Freshwater Pearls from China:

(Copied from my post on tPF)

I’ve never really been interested in pearls (or jewelry until recently) and I just want to share an experience of mine. I travel to China to visit my relatives every few years and obviously I do lots of shopping there. China has a huge market for producing and exporting their pearls. So what happens is that often in department stores, after you spend several hundred RMB, you gather points or whatever so that you can get a gift in return. These gifts with purchases are often pearls.

As I went toward the counter to get my gift, I saw buckets of oysters – yes LIVE oysters (or some form of mollusk)! The ladies at the counter just pried open all the shells with a knife and dug into the poor oysters to get the pearl out! Then they just threw the oysters into a bucket. I asked, “what do you do with those oysters in the buckets?”
“Oh they’re garbage,” she answered so casually as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do… 
I just think it’s really inhumane to USE live animals for a frivolous liking for mankind. I mean, one can argue that it’s inevitable when making any kind of luxury purchase, but it’s a different story when you’re completely taking advantage of animals and I think it’s a form of cruelty to just dig into their body and throw them away! They can be cultivated again to make more pearls if you wish or maybe, I dunno, consuming them would be better, but I think it’s preferable than just having them rot in some alleyway in the garbage cans after they’ve been dissected so heartlessly by the SAs.


3. My Rant Continued:

The Chinese freshwater pearl market, as well as many other nearby Asian countries in the trade, uses pearls in endless forms. Another big thing coming out from them, is their use in the cosmetic industry. Thousands of freshwater pearls are extracted and those that don’t make it to the top-notch grade to be termed “Freshadamas” are eliminated from the system to be either made into cheaper jewelry or crushed into “pearl powder,” called 珍珠粉 in Chinese.

Of course it’s good to make use of the pearls, but when people claim things like “Pearl Powder improves/prevents osteoporosis, wrinkles, aging, and stimulates fibroblasts for collagen growth” or weirder claims like “stabilizes emotions; alleviate spasms and tremors; improve visual sight, increase eyesight, cure eye pterygium and pinguicula; inhibiting vascular growth and inflammatory proliferation of eye tissues; clear internal heat; detoxicate; and (my favorite) prolong life expectancy,” it just makes me want to cry out for all the non-evidence based crap in Chinese medicine.

If you’ve never seen pearl powder before, they’re sold in little packets of 30-50 grams. You can EAT them by putting 0.5g in your beverage, pudding, or any food every other day to increase calcium absorption (mainly CaCO3), provides a dozen amino acids and minerals in your diet. Or you mix something like a gram with a few drops of milk to make a paste that you use as a purifying, softening, and brightening facial mask every week. My final verdict – All junk and hocus pocus!!!

Oh, I should mention that although there are many methods for using pearl powder and whether or not the benefits are achieved, other routes of intake, other than oral and topical as mentioned above, are not recommended – PLEASE DO NOT SNORT THIS STUFF! The solubility is also poor, so PLEASE NO IV INJECTIONS AS TEMPTING AS THEY MAY LOOK! And I say this with all due respect to some wacko scientists who actually are indeed doing these things to increase their bioavailibility to prove the myths of Chinese medicine to be true…

Charlotte Olympia Act II

Charlotte Olympia SS11 Dalva in Nero/Oro

My conquest from NAP’s summer sale! I fell in love with them the first time I saw them  online 😀

However, patience is key my friends – wait for the sales unless there’s something that you can’t live without. They’re very comfy for a height of 140 mm, although I have yet to run around in them all day. I got them TTS (35.5), but the fit is still slightly large. One thing that I noticed about CO’s shoes is that the ink runs a lot more than Louboutin’s suede… I don’t know if this is a quality issue or what, but I’m going to write to their customer service to let them know about the dye issue. It’s not *that* bothersome, and it doesn’t stain my feet (the insoles are perfect), just the ink on the outside suede sometimes transfers when it glides on a lighter color. Here are some pix:

I also got a gift from NAP. It’s a tape measure that you can use to measure your shoulders, breast, waist, and hips so that you can record them in a little booklet that they give you for reference to your size when you shop online.