Grad Ball and Convocation: I’m Officially Doctorized!!!

^It’s all in Latin!!! I have no idea what it says haha 馃榾


It was a really long day with the morning being our medical faculty’s celebration and the afternoon ceremony with the entire health sciences.聽I couldn’t wait to get out of that black gown, it was SOOOOOO HOOOOTTT that day and with our university’s tradition, we did the ceremony outdoors… I was really dehydrated and probably had a mini heat stroke lol, but at last it was over!聽We each received a gift from our dean. It was a long white labcoat with a nice pin, our name and title embroidered. Here are some pix:

For reference to what I’m wearing click here:

Graduation Ball:

I thought our ball was really great. We went to a nice restaurant/lounge/bar and had some really good food! I had a sea bass for my main course which I thought was ok… nothing amazing, but I loved their appetizers! I really enjoyed getting ready for this event: I went to Aveda Salon/Spa for 2 days lol. On the first day, I had a custom facial, seaweed body scrub and massage, manicure, and pedicure. On the second day, which was actually the day of the grad ball, I had my hair and makeup done.

My hairstylist was absolutely fantastic! I LOVE HER! She spent almost 2 hours on my hair and pinned up my hair strand-by-strand. I asked for a messy updo like Jessica Alba’s with a French braid in the front and it turned out amazing! She’s such a funny girl and asked me to take pix for her at the party so that she can show her future clients to get the same hair as me haha!

^Emmy Rossum’s hair is very similar to Jessica Alba’s, but without the braid and more volume.

However, not everything went as smoothly as planned. I had some trouble getting to the restaurant in time, because I wasn’t too fond of what the makeup artist did to my face. So I had to rush home, take off all that junk, and redo my own makeup and dress up all in half an hour (I took 45 mins though lol). In general, I honestly think I do a better job than most makeup artists, plus I’m always playing around with cosmetics and I love painting and drawing. I got some PMs recently for what I did with my makeup, so here’s the breakdown. I’m not giving the shades for my foundation or concealer cuz that obviously differs for every individual’s skintone, but for anything with color I’ve specified below.

1. Overall face (in order of application):

– Base/Moisturizer: La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Day/Night Solution for face聽and La Prairie Caviar Luxe Eye-Lift Cream for eyes
– Foundation: Chanel Long Lasting Luminous Matte Fluid Makeup SPF15
– General concealer: Make Up For Ever Full Cover
– Eye Concealer: Lanc么me Effacernes
– Face Powder:聽Lanc么me Dual Finish
– Bronzer: Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel (61 D茅sert Corail)
– Cheeks: I first put on MAC’s LE Emanuel Ungaro Collection Beauty Powder (Flower Mist Dew), then sculpted my cheekbones with MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish (Refined)

^I just had to put up this pic cuz my kitty wants to play too 馃榾

2. My Uneven Asian Hooded Eyes…

I have a love/hate relationship with my eyes in that I like how they’re uneven, but also it messes up the eye makeup even though the makeup is applied evenly… Anyhow, here’s the overall eye look with my bigger eye lol

I used about 5 different eyeshadows from what I remember to achieve a coral-brown look to match with my coral strapless dress. Usually anything with reddish tones is kinda dangerous unless you’re really skilled at applying it or going for a blood-shot eye look for Halloween. However, coral is very forgiving and soft. It works very nicely if you have the right tools. So here we go, below you have a better pic of a my hooded eye with the gradient of eyeshadows showing, as well as a side view.

– All good eye makeup starts with a good base. If you didn’t moisturize your eyes before, do it now. I used MAC’s Paint Pot in Vintage Selection as the makeup base which helps to prolong your eyeshadow and enhance the color. Just dab this on with your fingers.
– 聽Next, I used MAC’s 239 brush to apply MAC’s Melon Pigment – this is a heavily pigmented loose powder and I suggest a stiffer brush like 239 to help dab onto your eyes. Melon is the main eyeshadow I worked with, so just keep dabbing over the entire lid.
– Next, with the same 239 brush, apply MAC’s Tan Pigment very very lightly into the hooded crease starting from the outside and working inward about 2/3 in toward the inner eye. I did this about 3-4 times. Best to do things with a light hand, rather than apply too much to begin with.
– Next, I changed brushes to MAC’s 219 to apply MAC’s LE Magnetic Fields (veluxe pearl finish) eyeshadow to lightly line my upper eyelid. Do not go into the hooded crease, work only on the lashline! Working on an Asian hooded eye gives you little room for errors. So you need to be precise here.
– To line the lower lashes, I applied the same Magnetic fields eyeshadow 2/3 from the outside in but with a lining brush. I prefer Chanel’s angle liner brush which is synthetic and softer than MAC’s.
– Then, to highlight and sculpt, I used MAC’s Dazzlelight (veluxe pearl finish) eyeshadow with MAC’s 213 brush. Apply generously to the brow bone and glide the brush inward and down your nose. This really gives *light* to the inner corners of the eyes.
– Switch brushes, back to the angle lining brush to apply Dazzlelight to the inner 1/3 lower eyelid to highlight your eyes even more!
– If you’ve messed up, or anytime in between the above steps, you might want to enhance your base color – coral, by touching up with MAC’s Expensive Pink (veluxe pearl finish) eyeshadow and don’t forget to blend, blend, blend with MAC’s 217 brush! Expensive Pink is very similar to our Melon Pigment, but without the loose powder mess since your eyes are becoming more defined.
– Almost done here…. I lined my eyes with Lanc么me’s Artliner in Brown. It’s a fool-proof liquid eyeliner that makes fantastic cat/winged-eyes lol
– Lastly, load on the mascara. I used Lanc么me Hypn么se聽in Black.

3. Lastly, the lips (the above pic in section 1 didn’t have the lips done, so see below for the final result):

– I first put lipstick by Chanel Rouge Coco in La Pausa (08)
– Then added lipgloss by MAC Lustreglass in Love Nectar

Links of London SS11 Sale!

I’ve been looking for a relatively affordable watch for quite some time now. I wont get into my rant, but I currently wear a really crappy Swarovski watch that cost me a mini fortune and keeps the worst time ever. The crystal is all banged up (red arrows), the company refuses to fix it even if I offer to pay, and the date oscillates from 1-2 days late…

So a couple of days ago, I went with my friend who wanted to go shopping because she had received a gift card which was about to expire. We walked past the LoL counter which was having their summer sale and I spotted this watch:

Links of London SS11 Sweetie Watch with Pink Mother of Pearl Dial and Pink Sapphire Crystals

I remember looking at similar watches online when I was browsing on their website, but I haven’t seen this pink version with crystals before! It’s very pretty IRL. There are three sizes, mine is the small 150 mm version.

^I wanna get the back engraved. What do you think? 馃榾