Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Alright, so it’s not exactly my B-day yet, but it will be soon! Given that CL shoes these days sell like hot cakes, I had to buy these babies now. I’ve already been stalking them daily for the last two months, so I’d better get them now at a good price instead of regretting later on. Without further ado, please let us welcome,

Christian Louboutin Bambou 140 in Leopard-Print Grand Watersnake



I ordered them from Pam Jenkins UK and Royal Mail took 3 weeks for delivery!!! Now shipping was much cheaper at about 30$ and lower customs duties compensated for the long time, but I’m used to the less than 5 days delivery from CL boutiques, NM, and many other European boutiques.

However, the wait was well worth it! The shoes are STUNNING IRL! What a beautiful combo of leopard-print together with watersnake! Pam Jenkins should, by the way, really improve their photography skills… Their pictures online do NOT do these babies justice.



As for the fit, I’d say TTS -to- half size small. I got them half size up from my US TTS and they fit me perfectly even though you see a small gap at the back. I honestly don’t think I can go any smaller, otherwise I hate the feeling of tight shoes. However, if you prefer to have your shoes worn snug, take TTS.



Compared to Bambou heels in other materials (suede, patent, and glitter), these watersnake ones are definitely more loose length-wise and forgiving in the toe box. So if you want to purchase them in other materials, definitely get half size up 

Now for some modeling pix!!! For  reference:
– Sweater by DKNY
– Tank top by H&M
– Skirt by BCBG
– Necklace by Alexis Bittar
– Ring bought from a local boutique in Vancouver. Sterling silver with amber resin and topaz stones.


And as seen on celebrities:


Now there’s just one thing that ponders me… Unless my eyes are deceiving me, aren’t these spare heel taps a tad small??? LOL
Now I don’t know of any CL shoes with a heel in a half moon shape, so I doubt that it was a mix-up with another pair of shoes from Pam Jenkins, but I will contact them to double check. I suspect that it’s more of a major CL FAIL from the company’s end!  Good lord I don’t ever use CL’s spare heel taps, since they usually suck anyhow. I will definitely show my cobbler these FAIL heel taps lol!


And a last look at the gorgeous heels of the Bambou 140 Leopard Watersnake, as she exits from her grand debut…


A look at my updated shoe collection:





First row:
– Jimmy Choo (JC) Quiet in Patent Glitter Leopard
– Giuseppe Zanotti (GZ) Taz in Black Satin and Rhinestone Jewels
– Manolo Blahnik (MB) BB in Blue Satin with Lace Overlay
– Dries Van Noten (DVN) Embroidered Sandals
– Christian Louboutin (CL) Very Privé 120 in Patent Azuro
– CL Lady Claude 120 in Patent Tortoise
– CL New Déclic 120 in Woodstock Nude Earth
– CL Rolande Bouclé 120 in Geranium Suede

Second Row:
– MB Tere in Patent Black
– MB Tere in Denim Blue Fabric
– Miu Miu Lurex Jewel Flats
– CL Bébé-Fusées in White Patent and Gold Specchio Leather
– JC Palm Denim Wedges
– JC Phyllis Espadrilles in Patent Turquoise

Third Row:
– (Shoe not shown, getting repaired, but the spot is for my JC Gilbert in Snake Print Metallic Leather)
– JC Colorado in Patent Tie-dye Smoke Green
– MB Campari in Patent Nude
– Prada Bi-Color Bow Pumps in Patnet Amaretto-Nero Combo
– CL Simple 85 in Black Kid
– CL Decollété 328 100 in Patent Black
– CL Ron Ron 100 in Patent Shocking Pink
– CL Triclo 100 in Patent Black

Fourth Row:
– Charlotte Olympia (CO) Dalva 150 in Black Suede
– CO Polly 150 in Leopard Ponyhair and Patent Red Leather
– CO Dolly 150 in Black Suede
– CL Bambou 140 in Leopard Watersnake
– CL Altadama 140 in Royal Blue Watersnake
– CL Maggie 140 in Leopard Ponyhair and Black Kid Leather
– CL Very Galaxy 120 in Silk Satin and Fuxia Sequins
– CL Pigalle Plato 140 in Mini Nude Glitter and Rose-Gold Specchio Leather



Fifth Row:
– Rick Owens Tall Stivale Wedge Boots
– Balenciaga Wrap Booties in Deerskin
– CL Ronfifi 100 in Black Cuoio Leather
– CL Circus 120 in Black Suede
– CL Mad Marta 150 in Ostrich and Black Kid Leather
– CL Orniron 100 in Black Kid
– CL Sigourney 100 in Brown Laminato
– CL Décolzep 120 in Black Kid

Sixth Row:
– DVN Camel Python Knee-High Boots
– Prada Tall Platform Knee-High Boots
– Prada Motorcycle Boots
– Yves Saint Laurent Chelsea Tassle Boots 105 in Black Suede
– CL Bianca Botta 140 in Black Cuoio Leather
– CL Piros Botta 120 in Black Suede


Giuseppe Zanotti’s Return to Fabulousness!

Giuseppe Zanotti Fall/Winter 2011 Collection


So Giuseppe Zanotti, the King of blinged out shoes, has been in the shadows for the past couple of seasons. There were always a couple of okay-looking shoes, the kind that you’d think “Oh that’s nice, but I’ll wait until they go on sale.” Since last season, I was already noticing a change with some of his platform heels. Nonetheless, I could live without them.

As we slowly strut into fall/winter of 2011, Giuseppe Zanotti has been quick in climbing the new heights of the season! With his platform shoes in the 150 mm heel height, they are definitely competing in the spotlight against Christian Louboutin‘s famous heels. Of particularly interest to me, are his Double Platform Booties 150 which look rather similar to CL’s Daf booties 160 as seen on Victoria Beckham recently. I can’t help but to fall in love with Giuseppe‘s! I ADORE the combination of 20mm inbuilt platform together with a small 10mm visible platform, which definitely REFINES the toes while providing extra height! Unlike CL’s Daf booties which have a completely hidden platform of 60mm, making the entire shoe appear extremely chunky. Not to mention that Giuseppe’s Platform booties are only 695$ compared to CL’s Daf booties which are almost double the price at 1295$ for the suede and leather versions (leopard print is 1695$). My heart is really itching to buy them NOW!!!

^CL’s Daf Booty 160 in Leather, Suede, and Leopard Print Ponyhair respectively.


Here are some of my other favorite Giuseppe Zanotti shoes this season:

I love these lady-like pumps in the first row. They actually remind me of Yves Saint Laurent’s Tribute pumps but again, there’s something about the small visible platform of GZ that appeal to me more than YSL‘s big chunky platform. As you can tell, I really don’t like it when the visible platform is more than an inch, but the hidden platform can’t be that big either (like CL‘s) which then makes the foot look big and clunky.

1-6. Buy through Neiman Marcus Online
7. Available at Saks Online
8. Available at Barneys.com 
9. Available at Net-a-Porter 


1-2. Buy at Barneys.com
3. Buy at Net-a-Porter
4-6. Neiman Marcus Online. Number 4 looks stunning – 1295$US!


***A Very Special Reveal to End the Year***

Ok, so I admit, I don’t know if that was too bold of a statement to make lol. However, indeed my next reveal is one that is very special to me because it’s the first pair of CL boots that actually fit me around my calves! Please welcome,


Christian Louboutin FW11 Bianca Botta 140 in Black Lucido Calf Leather

My calves measure exactly 13 inches which isn’t huge, but I’m pretty short at 5’2 which makes the leg curvatures rise up quicker/lower than compared to a taller woman, kwim? The left leg fits me perfectly, but oddly enough, the right leg is still quite tight… They have an elastic material on the medial aspect of the boots which makes them more forgiving.


I particularly LOVE how the platform and heels are NOT covered by leather, but rather made of wood which is more resistant to nicks and scratches from wear and tear!


Modeling pix:


Dress/Tunic – Dynamite
Belt – H&M
Tights – Hue 


It’s funny how I was searching for a pair of boots the night before and actually made an order in the States for CL’s New Simple Botta 120 on the same day, but ran into these Bianca Botta, which I think is so much sexier!!! It must be the platform that gives them the extra *ooomph* even though I usually despise a thicker platform lol. The next day, I was stuck in Toronto for a while cuz they cancelled my plane home, and I wound up wandering to David’s to try on the New Simple Botta which also fit me around the calves! I conclude now that CL is making boots at least an inch bigger than 2-3 years ago since I wasn’t able to fit into the Babels back then. The Simple boots are probably more practical for everyday wear, but it’s not like you’re going to be treading dirty, slushy, Canadian snow in CL boots, so for that wow-factor for more special days I still prefer my Bianca Botta!!! Here’s a comparison pic of the two boots: