A Possible Reunion with LV?

So I haven’t bought anything from LV for maybe 2 years and suddenly I felt the urge to get one bag that I’ve always wanted but kept on putting off – the Suhali Lockit PM in White goat leather – because the entire Suhali collection is now discontinued. It is such a shame that LV is doing this because Suhali was simply one of its most refined collections. I honestly don’t care about the other leather lines that have replaced it, such as Mahina, Antheia, or Empreinte. To me, Suhali had the utmost refined leather that was on par with Hermès. It did not have the monogram bling which was what I loved about it, but I guess the newer leather lines are preferred by the current mass of buyers who want to show off the brand with the obvious monogram pattern…

Anyhow, I was glad my old SA was still working in the boutique. She informed me that Suhali was completely sold out in all of Canada, including small accessories. I was very sad and angry because my only hope to purchase it will be on Ebay now. Nonetheless, I had to buy something to cheer me up, so I got a small little useless keychain:

Louis Vuitton FW11 Limited Edition Les Illustrés Keyholder in Damier + Lavender Calf Leather Combo



GZ’s Skyscraping Booties!

Giuseppe Zanotti FW11 Eva 150 Booties in Black Suede

I was originally planning to get these on sale since the majority of GZ’s shoes go on sale at the end of every season, but these booties were selling out fast! I couldn’t wait anymore and had to order the last one available on the entire web in my size. Sure enough, most of his booties were all sold out in the popular sizes, with just a few random ones scattered around online.

The silhouette of the booties are just perfection. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post on GZ’s platform shoes, I love how there’s a small external platform with an internal one built in as well. The toes are refined and give the entire body a very sleek silhouette. With all this being said, you are walking on a steep pitch of 110mm… It’s definitely not the most easy pair of 150s to walk in, that’s for sure.

^Models from Saks Online wearing GZ’s Eva Booties for a variety of shoots.

October Haul and Soup for Maestro

Online shopping has been so convenient for me nowadays that it has been a while since I physically went shopping. I would say today was quite successful after 3.5 hours of looking at cosmetics and clothes. I really needed a winter coat, one that’s not so expensive so that I could wear it everyday without having to worry that omg I’ve destroyed my 1500$$$+++ designer jacket! My hunt ended up between a 99$ coat from H&M (58% wool) and a 228$ coat from Guess (60% wool). Although I loved the faux fur collar on the H&M one, I felt that the material was better quality on the Guess coat, plus I had 200$+ worth of points at The Bay which made it “free” from a certain perspective. The coat is really well-made and very beautiful in person!

My purchases today:

– 2 shirts, 50% off
– 2 sets of Calvin Klein lingerie (my favorite brand for everyday wear), 25% off
– 2 makeup products from Lancôme (Hypnôse Drama mascara and Effacernes – my makeup staples)
– 1 winter coat from Guess, “free” with points in exchange

Grand Total = only 150$ CAD (savings 400$!!!)

^Modeling pix of Guess wool coat
Ref. Boots are Christian Louboutin Bianca Botta 140


^My outfit of the day when I went shopping 🙂
Jacket – Jacob
Shirt – American Eagle Outfitters
Jeans – Mango
Boots – Yves Saint Laurent Chelsea Tassle 105
Scarf – Louis Vuitton LE Monogram Rock Shawl
Bag – Louis Vuitton LE Monogram Motard Biker


After a long day of shopping, I cam back home to make a water based purée soup! Here’s what you need to make this yummy and nutritious soup for a serving of 8 (or just freeze the rest if you don’t want to share with others haha):
– 1 full-headed brocoli
– 1 large zucchini
– 2 portabella mushrooms
– 1 cup ham (or whatever meat you have lying around, or skip this step if you’re a vegetarian)
– 2 tsp butter/margarine
– 1 Shallot
– 1 medium sized onion
– Salt to taste
– LOTS of white pepper to taste
– Pinch of thyme
– Touch of 10% cream

Step 1: Dice up brocoli, zucchini, and mushrooms. Boil everything for 15-20 mins under medium heat until soft. Dump everything in mixer and blend blend blend! Now dump everything back in to pot and add 5 cups water. (See pic 1 below)

Step 2: Under medium heat, put butter into pan until melted. Chop onion and shallots, now add to pan to simmer for a couple of minutes 5 minutes or until onions turn clear. Now add ham. Simmer everything for another 5 minutes. (See pic 2 below)

Step 3: Add your ham, onion, and shallots from pan into your veggie soup batch in the big pot. Boil everything for another 10-15 minutes under low-medium heat. Add salt and other spices to taste. Serve with touch of cream and enjoy your healthy purée soup! (See pic 3 below)


Maestro, my cat, was quite satisfied with the soup as well. He was so full that he went straight on my lap and fell asleep lol!