Rick Owens’ Mod Squad

Rick Owens FW11 Limo “Giacca Con Le Ali” in Dark Dust Lambskin Leather


First off, disclaimer lol – this purchase is probably one of my best sale deals ever, so I don’t regret splurging! When this season first started, my eyes darted straight toward this jacket. It was the only one that I felt like fit my criteria of being non-black and had something extra with the “wings” in the back, because I already have a classic blistered jacket with cords in black and I find the regular high neck biker jackets to be sorta plain… At the time, it was only available on Net-à-Porter and as much as I LUSTED for it, I could not justify spending 2875$US + about 20% duties/taxes/shipping = 3450$US!!!


I let the jacket go, convincing myself that it would never happen. I proceeded to search some more, this time through Europe. I thought to myself, if I were to buy something that expensive, I might as well get a shearling jacket which would be significantly cheaper in Europe (starts at 3K retail price or 4K in the States), rather than wasting my money to the government. Rick Owens is so well known for how his clothing hang and drape effortless on one’s body. My only worries then was how the jacket would look with the thicker material. Shearling is bulky and there has not been one single picture online that drapes well with it.

^Picture from Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman

When I received my 20% discount through Luisa Via Roma for its premiere clients the first round of sales (which included RO, Lanvin, and Louboutin – all taken off the site now for the general sale), I hesitated even though it would have been major savings (2400$ with discount). I am so glad that I did, because 2 weeks later, Net-à-Porter had its Secret Sale in collaboration with Facebook! I was lucky enough to have a dear PF member share the news with us. The sale was at an amazing 50% off for select products which included the original jacket that I wanted from the beginning of this season! A couple of us RO fans were able to score the same jacket at this fantastic sale price and I sort of joked about us being the Rick Owens’ Mod Squad lol. I can imagine all of us wearing his jackets strutting behind him! Oh gosh, he would HATE US!!! LOL

^Picture from Genevieve London

Anyhow, enough foolishness lol, let’s get on with the reveal of my new jacket! lol NAP always does a fabulous job with its signature gift packaging. I love the sturdy black box which is great for storing clothes, bedsheets, or whatever you want in your home! My DHL parcel was stated to be 18 lbs! I dunno if this was a typo for 8 lbs but it’s certainly not *that* heavy even with all the extra packaging material.

^This is perfect for me! I was just searching for a garment wrap/protector a couple of days ago 🙂

Ok now get ready for lots of pix… Ta da daaa daaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! lol

I took these pix after some “treatment” because initially with all the storage and shipping, the jacket had a lot of nasty wrinkles in random places which I’m almost positive are not part of the style. I was almost having second thoughts but I did not give up and took the jacket into the shower with me! You must be shocked but fear not lol, because I wasn’t actually bathing with it! It was just so that the moisture can help with smoothing out the wrinkles. A fantastic trick that I learned from a stylist who did this to all her shirt clothing because she couldn’t bother with ironing them! lol Most of the wrinkles are gone by now, but in some places like right under the breasts, back of the collar, and right in the middle of the “wings,” there are still some deep creases that wouldn’t lay flat. In between the  wings is the worst, cuz it gives the illusion of having an ass-crack as in the first pic below (sorry for the profanity, but it’s true lol).

Modeling Pix:

Outfit 1: Casual Attire #1
Shirt – H&M
Jeans – Rockstar
Shoes – Balenciaga Wrap Deer Booties 


Outfit 2: Casual Attire #2
Shirt and faux suede jeggings – both H&M
Shoes: Rick Owens Stivale Low Wedge Boots (middle) and Christian Louboutin Sigourney 100 Booties (far left and right)


Outfit 3 – More RO-Glam Style???
Skirt – Aqua
Shoes – Balenciaga again


Lastly, I took out my other RO jacket for modeling pix since I didn’t do a great job in the past. I think out of the two, I actually prefer my first black Blistered Biker jacket more. There’s something about the cords in the sleeves that make it so glam-rock! The leather is actually thicker too and hangs better unzipped. This jacket for some reason doesn’t drape so well. I dunno if it still has to do with the darn wrinkles again, or maybe once I break it in, the leather will get softer and hopefully hang better. Thanks for letting me share!

Outfit reference:
Shirt and jeggings – H&M again
Shoes – Charlotte Olympia Black Suede Dolly 150 

Rick Owens: Fallen Angels


A look at the upcoming SS12 collection where Rick Owens described his models as “electrocuted martyrs” walking through a wall of white light as a “gateway to heaven.” Style.com insisted on the religious connotations that the man designed within his clothing lines for the past few seasons, which frankly, I don’t agree with. Sure, superficially there are resemblances, from the hooded cape to the long dark gowns, but why can’t we just leave religion out? I don’t appreciate being called a “futuristic nun” and neither do I think my avant-garde fashionista friends will either, not that we care deep down… People need to stop over-analyzing things, just because the man said “martyrs,” it doesn’t mean that all his collections in the past were religiously associated.

Anyhow, I did not really like SS12’s clothing in general. I felt that the structure of the clothing overshadowed the shape, form, and fluidity of the lines, for which RO is so well known. There was definitely an exaggerated emphasis on clothing architecture which I suppose is what the designer is into these days since he’s starting out a new furniture collection. I do want to commend his use of color for the first time: orange!!! Of all the colors, I think I would have never guessed it, but that’s what I love about RO as well is that he’s absolutely unpredictable! There’s this sense of wildness that’s so well controlled and balanced – a kind of chaos contained within his clothes seeping through the raw and dark edges of every masterpiece. Here are a couple of my favorites:


As we look back on FW11, these 3 were my favorite looks. I loved the gloves, the boots, and I can’t imagine what the fur must feel like… Gorgeously understated elegance.


Lastly, I loved the FW11 jackets! As always, large shoulder lapels, luxurious lambskin leather, and soft shearling lining, but more shapely wings and definition around the waist. With the Net-à-Porter 50% Off Secret Sale for specific items, I was able to score the jacket of my dreams this season! I will soon reveal my third Rick Owens product once I receive the package! I will let you guess which one I conquered 😀

Pictures from Net-a-Porter and Neiman Marcus

Haul Part III: The Blazing Fire in My Heart Goes to…


Bottega Veneta’s FW11 Large Intrecciato Nappa Veneta in Fire Opal Lambskin Leather

Umm… I find it difficult to describe this bag since no words can illustrate its beauty. I was MESMERIZED by the color, touched by its softness, and adored the way it curved onto my shoulders. The bag was just craving to be tenderly cared for, to be taken away, and swept into the air to be flown back with me to Canada (sorry, I forgot to mention that I was in New York). I’m very delicate with her. She has a lusciously soft suede lining, which I believe is made of pigskin. You may want to also take out her mirror if you ever need to refine your hair or makeup, or better yet while you’re at it, take a sneak peek and admire the reflections of her gorgeously woven lambskin once more. I’m in love…


Modeling Pix:

Outfit 1 – Bohemian Attire
I prefer this look with this bag. I think the Veneta is meant to be worn more casual, especially with the larger size.
Top – H&M
Skirt – Guess (I said it before in my previous post and I’ll say it again, this skirt is beautiful! I love how it flows with the wind!)
Shoes – Charlotte Olympia Black Suede Dolly 150 


Outfit 2 – Professional/Work Attire
I like how the light weight, pink shirt compliments the warm tones of the Fire Opal color under the setting sun and the burgundy suede BBs just balance all the hues and textures right down to my toes! I do think that I should’ve chosen a thicker gold-buckled belt though… The belt that came with the skirt just looks off in the pix…
Top – H&M
Skirt – Mexx
Shoes – Manolo Blahnik Burgundy Suede BB 105 

Haul Part II: My First Balenciaga Bag!!!

Sorry for taking such a long time to post up part 2 of my haul, but I got distracted with other things. Anyhow, this is my first Balenciaga!


Balenciaga FW11 Classic City in Argent foncé Lambskin Leather

I must admit that I was never really into B-bags and didn’t quite get the hype of them… UNTIL NOW! I know that Bal’s known for its colors and leather, but this bag was like nothing that I’ve ever seen before. From the moment I saw it, I loved the soft silver-blue sheen and the fact that it’s not so “in your face” metallic, even though it still belongs to the metallic family. Then there’s the bag itself: I was always a fan of Louis Vuitton‘s heavy bags, but that’s only because LV’s light weight ones always felt somewhat cheap to me. However, Balenciaga bags are light weight, easy to carry, molds to your body, and hugs your curves when worn over the shoulder! They simply stand in a class of their own with this casual flare of coolness. I think I understand the hype now! 😀


^I do wish that the lining was nicer. I’ve never been a fan of cotton, for the price we pay…


Now for some fun modeling pix!!! lol I think this bag in particular is so practical and wearable with any outfit that you can take it anywhere with you! From work, to shopping, to going out…etc! It’s definitely and quickly become one of my go-to bags for just about everything for wherever I wanna go!

Outfit 1 – Casual Attire (AKA my Jean-Paul Gaultier look lol)
Top – Guess sweater
Jeggings – H&M (very comfy faux suede material, I own 3 pairs in different colors lol)
Shoes – Christian Louboutin LE Ostrich Mad Marta 150
I was debating between wearing these shoes and my CL Circus 120 booties which would have been more comfy to wear, but I think the Mad Martas completed the outfit perfectly. 


Outfit 2 – Bohemian Look
Top – H&M
Skirt – Guess (I love the way the skirt flows with the wind!!! The beading and embellishments are amazing!)
Shoes – Charlotte Olympia Black Suede Dolly 150 


Outfit 3 – Professional/Work Attire
This dressy professional look is probably more “me” than any of those casual clothing that I wear above. When I go to work, I ALWAYS wear pantyhose or some form of tights, whether it’s nude, black, sheer, or opaque. Maybe I’m old-school (even though I’m very young lol), but I think my work requires being conservative and professional, even if pantyhose is not fashionable these days.
Top – Mango
Skirt – RW & Co
Shoes – Manolo Blahnik Blue Suede BB 105

Haul Part I: Manolo Blahnik Shoes

I always go back to Manolo Blahnik when I need to rely on a good pair of classic and timeless shoes. Occassionally Jimmy Choo for a nice conservative pair at work, but it has always been MB – the man who made some of the most recognizable shoes in the fashion industry. With Louboutin heels soaring to 160s, I find myself more and more confused with some, or rather most, of his designs these days. Thus, I turn back to MBs.

The BB is a classic design with a sharp, delicate, and pointed toe, that does not protrude endlessly like some of his other designs… I’m not fond of very pointy shoes since this makes the foot appear larger, which is always a no-no for me. However, the BB is perfect with a relatively straight 105 heel and I LOVE how the vamp has a rounded square cut. I originally fell in love with this particular style back in 2009: it was an exclusive design for Neiman Marcus made with purple-blue satin and black lace overlay. To this day, I still haven’t worn it out yet, thinking that I’ll save it for that one special day…

Anyhow, I was searching all over the States for my size, which was completely sold out! Finally, when I was about to give up, I received a call from my SA at Holt Renfrew for their Private Shopping Night event. To my surprise, the shoes that I’ve been searching for all over was here all along and were available in my size too!


Manolo Blahnik FW11 BB 105 in Blue Suede Leather



Manolo Blahnik FW11 BB 105 in Burgundy Suede Leather



Group pic:


BB Collection Picture:

Far left – MB FW09 BB 105 Purple-Blue Satin with Lace Overlay