Christmas Presents: Part IV

Christian Louboutin FW11 Filter Pumps 140 in Burgundy Metal Patent Leather and Swarovski Crystals



I have to admit that I was not the greatest fan of these pumps when I first saw them. It was weird in that they appealed to me, but there was something missing… I’m sorry, these days I seem to be extra picky about my purchases lol. I love the color and adore CL‘s patent leather, however the heel looked off with the crystals at the end which gives the illusion of a shorter, stumpier heel. I also had an issue with the clear heel tap which is harder to replace. At least they give you a spare one of the correct size, unlike my CL Bambous which had a real FAIL! Anyhow, I was able to snag these at 50% off from NAP, otherwise there’s no way I’m paying full price for them.

^Comparison pic to my Louis Vuitton French Purse (Porte-Monnaie Viennois) in Vernis Amarante which is a type of patent leather used by LV. The Amarante color is very similar to CL’s Burgundy Metal, but the latter seems to have more red undertones and is less dark compared to LV.

Modeling pix:

The shoes are very comfortable as I expected. They have a Bianca look but is better balanced with a thicker heel. I was never a fan of the Bianca for this reason. I found the toe to be too round and clunky relative to its thin heel.

Modeling pic from NAP:




Christian Louboutin FW11 8 Mignons 120 in Amethyste Suede and York Glitter Trim



I was at Saks on Boxing Day and found these on sale. The discount was not great at only 30% off, but as soon as I tried them on, they looked so pretty, delicate, and feminine! The detailed hand-woven straps are very impressive in their craftsmanship. As much as I liked them at the beginning of the season, I was still reluctant to make the purchase due to the $$$. So I did what I usually do in these situations and I asked myself, “Will I regret not purchasing them?” You know my answer!!! lol I should also mention that I’m only a fan of the 120 height, NOT the 150s because the thick platform completely goes against what I think is dainty and feminine in a shoe. Also available in Oyster Champagne satin (150) and patent leather (120), Chartreuse suede (150), and Black satin and suede (both 120 and 150).



I should mention that the toebox runs quite narrow and small, so if you have wide feet, it’s probably not the best idea to wear them since your toes will be falling out through the straps. I’m a narrow B, or bigger A, so I think I can get away with not falling out of these shoes. There are times when my toes want to run away and I’d have to shift them back in if that makes sense lol. I just hate toe over-hang! It’s very unsightly, like your boobs popping out and having a Janet Jackson crisis lol. I can’t imagine those with bigger feet and on the 150s… Anyhow, I have to admit that they’re not the most comfortable pair with all the straps going on, but hey, I’m a sucker for prettiness! 😀



Celebs in 8 Mignons:


Christmas Presents: Part III

Mackage FW11 Liz – White Puffer Coat with Rabbit and Coyote Fur Hood


^Mackage FW11 Runway

So I mentioned that I despise Mackage right? lol Let me re-iterate since I’m a repetitive person: Mackage is not worth my money and I refuse to buy their stuff!!! I’m annoyed that their coats are no longer made in Canada for a company based in Montreal where I’m from (I guess I’m sad and angry since I know them pretty well?); for coats that are starting at 500$+ I also expect to have real down feathers like before because frankly I don’t care for their new high-tech Dupont filling; and lastly I think they’re too hyped since every other 20-something young adult is wearing it in Montreal. I do understand that the States and other Canadian cities aren’t saturated with the brand yet, but I hope you can see where I’m coming from because it’s really irritating to see every girl wearing the same thing as yourself!!!

Anyhow, clearly I did not buy this coat myself… lol I guess I don’t mind receiving it as a gift, especially since I moved away to another city where I don’t see Mackage often. I hope this post doesn’t come off being too hypocritical! LOL Sorry, I just have the same love/hate relationship as I do with Hervé Léger

I’m wearing American Apparel‘s glazed matte leggings and Giuseppe Zanotti’s Eva booties below.

The coat is very warm and has an inner vest-layer as well – but I still prefer down filling! I want feathers!!!

The collar is convertible from a shawl-like drape around the shoulders into a zipped up hood.


Usually I take an XXS with the brand, but I was okay with an XS here. Details include leather trimmings, tabs, and pulls. The fur is rabbit on the inside and coyote on the edge of the hood/collar. I don’t understand why the rabbit fur is from China, I think it should be Canadian origin as well like the coyote trim. It’s not like rabbits are a scarcity since they’re one of the best reproducing species that exists. We all know about Fibonacci‘s rabbits, right?



Other modeling pix:


^Revolve Clothing


Christmas Presents: Part II

Links of London Charms:


My mom got these for me a while back and saved them aside for me. She also bought some cosmetics, body creams and scrubs from Laura Mercier for me (not shown). I love their Pistachio body whipped cream (soufflé) which has the most sublime, sweet, and creamy scent! lol Anyhow, reveals of my charms:

Love Note Acorn Amazonite Charm

The pic doesn’t show the blue-green color very well. It looks more translucent white here than in real life.


Gold Chopsticks and Rice Bowl Charm

This one is just too cute to pass. How can I say no to my Chinese heritage? lol I love little quirky things like this charm 😀


Lastly a pic of my mini Links collection,

Christmas Presents: Part I

The holidays are all about food and delicious sweets for me. I actually look forward to eating more than receiving tangible gifts lol. So my mom got me a bunch of stuff for Christmas including goodies from my favorite gourmet shop Première Moisson in Montreal. The boutique sells authentic French pastries and cakes of all sorts that your mind can imagine, specializes in bread-making (I LOVE their olive rings), pastas, meats, salads, lunches, soups, and coffees. You can dine in on your break for a little treat, come in for lunch, or order a cake and take it home with you on your way back from work. If you need to host a party, they will do catering as well! Price-wise, they’re probably more on the expensive side relative to other shops, but the quality is like none other.

Just an example of some stuff I got. I already ate 8 caramel cookies (the ones that my mom wrapped in cellophane), finished a jar of pear jam, and 6 other danishes which had to be ate quickly since they spoil rather fast.

Top left corner – Double Chocolate Diamants: Fabulous fudgey shortbread-like cookies
Middle – Dark chocolate truffles!!!
Top right corner, going down – Chocolate fudge, Butter fudge, and Griottines (chocolate coated cherries)
Bottom left corner – Caramel biscuits!!! My favorite!!! Once you have these, you’ll NEVER go back to other ones! You have to eat them rather fast since they get hard after a day if you don’t wrap them. Once it’s wrapped, they’re good for another week.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Best Wishes for the New Year!!!


Another year has gone by so quickly and a lot has happened. There were the relationships, the stresses for residency interviews, the exams and studies piling up for my medical licensing, the huge move I made to another province, and adjusting to the new lifestyle. The first half of this year was truly the worst of my entire existence. I never felt so sad, lost, and hopeless. Then everything turned around in the second half of this year. I wouldn’t say that it’s the best time of my life, but it’s pretty darn good from where I started.


Outfit reference:
– Puffer Coat by Juicy Couture
Levi’s Jeans
Prada Motorcycle Boots
– Balenciaga Classic City in Argent foncé 

I am thankful to have met new people in my life who care and support me in the best possible way. I love my new home and lifestyle. Though I wonder about the career that I may have had, I feel blessed to be part of the medical community here where people actually appreciate what I do for them.



I’ve had patients bring me little home-made gifts and thanking me for listening to their issues. It’s such a different experience here where you can help to relieve others’ stresses – something that I felt was not possible from where I trained before, simply because there was a lack of time. All the staff were stressed out from too many patients and too little time, rendering every visit at a machine-fed pace. The biggest difference here is that the doctors are actually happy! Before, it was like saying “a polite and smiling surgeon” was an oxymoron. I’m glad that I am finally able to see the brighter side of medicine 🙂


^Look at these wonderful shortbread cookies!!! They’re amaaaazzzzzinggg! lol (I try not to think of the calories…) I had some other goodies as well, but I didn’t take pix cuz I ate them all haha! These were just too pretty to not take pix, sorry bad grammar!

Anyhow, I want to wish everyone a beautiful Christmas and a wonderful Chanukah with your family! May the New Year bring you all fortunes of love, peace, and happiness! No matter what struggles you have right now, believe in the brighter side of life! Just take a look at how far I’ve come along lol: