Rick Owens – The Ultimate Shearling Jacket!


Rick Owens FW11 Limo Collection Giacca Montone Shearling With Wings in Black Lambskin Leather



This jacket is simply F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!! Just take a look at the pix and you will see how amazing it is! From the sleek tailoring, construction, design, lusciousness of the shearling, the softness of the lambskin, the extraordinary and glamorous collar – WOW! The quantities were limited and when I saw the 2nd to last one being sold, that pushed me over the edge to buy the last sale piece. Somehow a chain of events occurred and I pushed a PF friend to get hers too from NAP LOL!

Luisa Via Roma: FW11 Version

Neiman Marcus: FW11 Version

Net-a-Porter: FW10 Gleam Version


The story is that I need (or rather want lol) another winter jacket. I was looking at Moncler, Add Down, SAM, Burberry, and finally when I started browsing products from Mackage, I knew something was wrong because I despise Mackage lol. Not to go off tangent, but these days this brand is hyped, worn by too many preppy girls, and the quality is going down hill. Their coats are often not Canadian made anymore and for a 500$+ jacket, I don’t even get real down feathers??!?! This is just Hervé Léger – take 2 for for me. Then as I was browsing for more jackets, I was like, well if none of them are even near satisfactory to me, I might as well go all out and buy another RO jacket which never cease to impress me.



When the jacket arrived, I was initially… overwhelmed??? It seemed unmanageable due to its sheer size – I’m talking MASSIVE here! lol It was such a huge piece of leather that I didn’t know which side was the top and bottom! After laying it out, it took me a couple of seconds to orient myself. Then there was the issue with the MASSIVE collar and its weird asymmetrical button??? There’s a loop on the left edge of the collar with the button itself mid-lateral toward the right side. I wasn’t sure how to button it up. Was the collar supposed to go over my head, around my neck, or what? To this day, I’m still not certain and I plan on calling RO‘s customer service once the holiday madness is over.



My friend who thought that she ordered the same jacket as me ended up getting a slightly different jacket instead! So all this time to add to the confusion, we were also trying to figure out why hers looked slightly off with more pleating (see the NAP modeling pix above), but it turns out that hers was actually from the FW10 Gleam collection! I wish mine had pockets like hers, and perhaps buttons in the front too would be good so that my chest is not always exposed to the cold. I am thinking of adding buttons myself… Do I dare??? lol


Outer: 90% Lambskin, 10% New Wool
Lining:  50% Rayon, 50% Cotton
Made in Italy




A look at the jacket “deconstructed” to show how MASSIVE it is, occupying 2/3 of my Queen size bed!!!

Did I mention what a genius RO must be to make a fabulous jacket from the basis of a rectangle??? Who can imagine doing such a thing? I’m still blown away by his creativity. I see all these other designers adding bells and whistles to their clothing with all these elaborate embellishments, and yet the final product isn’t even that flattering when worn on the body. Then you have RO – simple, clean lines, well tailored, fitted to the body, and ingenious designs! Now this is something to be impressed by!



The inside is all shearling except for the sleeves and waist area.



Modeling pix:

Outfit 1: RO Style
– Skirt by Three Dots
– Crystal ring by Sorrelli Jewelry



Outfit 2: More Glam
– Sweater dress by Material Girl
– Wool tights by Hue
– Boots by Christian Louboutin Piros 120

Just so that I could laugh at myself again, I actually fell for the first time while wearing these boots that day! I’ve NEVER fallen before so I was extremely embarrassed. Not only so, I fell in front of some important people and then I was introduced to a physician who saw me fall right in front of him!!! I was like, please don’t introduce me now! They’re not going to remember anything about me other than “the girl who fell in her high heels” lol! At least I saved the handful of gifts which were in my hands! 😀


Outfit 3: More Casual Attire
– Tunic shirt by Dex
– Wool tights again by Hue
– Booties by Topshop



Just to show how huge the collar is if I don’t button it. This is obviously a quick pic when I just got the jacket. Disclaimer: I do not go out with just tights on (remember – Tights are NOT PANTS!!! lol) and I never wear brown with black!!! lol



Jimmy Choo – Summer Forever!!!

Jimmy Choo FW11 Phyllis in Black Patent Leather and Glitter Leopard-Print Wedges

Despite all the WTF bags and shoes JC has been producing these days, Tamara Mellon has at least done one thing right; ie she’s kept the tradition of making stylish work shoes, cute flats, and wonderful summer wedges and espadrilles. I can’t get enough of their wedges which is why I bought my third pair! Not only are they comfortable, they are very reasonably priced for well-crafted shoes for about 400$. You can often find them 30-40% off, which makes them even more affordable at only 250$. These days, it’s absurd how some contemporary brands have mass produced, machine-made-in-(insert your favorite developing country here) shoes that run in the 200-500$ price range. JC’s wedges are always my go-to shoes in the summer for a quick run of errands, groceries, or all day shopping! I’ve been wearing my turquoise Phyllis to death, which is why I thought the addition of a black pair would help to share the abuse lol.

Some women however, have mentioned that Phyllis and similar styles are made really small and cut into their skin. In defense, I would say that if they’re small, just buy the next size up! Problem solved! Now if you do have wide feet, I can understand how the vamp can be quite tight since they’re cut higher for a mule-style. The thing is that they’re supposed to be tight because there’s no other strap to secure your feet into the shoes! If the vamp was cut lower and looser, you’d end up losing your Cinderella wedges! Not to mention that you might fall, sprain your ankle, or even break your legs and hips!

These black glitter wedges are gorgeous IRL and they give you more height while keeping your feet comfortable all day. I like how JC has added a small metal logo in the back of many of their shoes. I think they started doing this last year? The logo is discreet and not blazing out JIMMY CHOO! That would be a major killer for me if JC went along the Tory Burch route… Anyhow that’s a whole different story! lol


Lastly, my small little collection of JC’s wedges and espadrilles 😀

Topshop – RO Style… and More!

As much as I love Rick Owens‘ products, I hesitate buying his RTW clothing – no, let me take that back, I REFUSE to buy simple jersey dresses and skirts that cost 500-1000$. Even at a deep discount which can be frequently found, I still can not justify buying them for 300-500$ when I can get alternatives for a fraction of the price.

So here, I’m going to show you guys a Topshop dress that I recently purchased for 60$ that has a RO-vibe imo. It’s sort of gothy Morticia Adams – like too lol, but I love it! It’s made of polyester and has a cool back-cut and slit all the way up there. I’ve also paired it with my RO Limo jacket to complete the look. I realize that the dress is pretty long, but I like how it drapes so I’m not going to cut it 😀

Reference: Charlotte Olympia Dalva Suede Heels


Topshop FW11 Miffin Boots:

So I need some cheap boots for trotting around in the winter.
I’m pretty specific for what I want:
– Black leather
– Good tracking rubber sole
– Less than 100$

Surprisingly, it took me forever to find a style that I liked and that fulfilled my criteria. The first time I saw these boots, they were completely sold out! There were rave reviews about them on Topshop‘s website. So when they reappeared online, I purchased them immediately and I’m totally impressed by the quality of the worksmanship for only 60$! Not only so, I couldn’t believe that when I flipped the shoes around I saw that they’re made in Italy?!?!?

Jimmy Choo Flats From NAP Sale

Jimmy Choo FW11 Whirl Flats with Croc-Print Toe Cap and Nude Patent Leather

I’m still not fond of JC‘s nude which is very dark and has slight green undertones, but for only 200$ on sale at NAP they’re a pretty good deal. The shoes are very comfy and fit me well. I like how there’s a rubber outsole and the gold metallic insole is beautiful. Had the toe cap been a contrasting color like black, I would not have bought them since this would resemble Chanel‘s flats. I find it atrocious to have bicolored shoes like that. This is not to say that I don’t like patterns and prints which are fine, just that when the toe cap is in such an obvious different color, it actually brings MORE attention to having large feet rather than what Mlle Chanel originally intended. Her thought at the time was that nude shoes help to elongate the leg while paired with a black toe cap from afar would shorten the length of one’s feet (she was never pleased with her large feet), which I agree with, but how often is the background dark or black?!?! Most of us wear flats in the day time now, so to have a black sploch on your shoes from far away looks bizarre imho. Sorry, but I’m very particular when it comes to feet, which theoretically, I’m on par with the Chanel philosophy, despite their end-product being far off than ideal. This is why I do not buy Chanel‘s shoes.


Sweater dress – Material Girl
A new dress that I got from The Bay for 20$. It’s 100% cotton and has really nice gold detailing at the sleeves! I also got some other stuff, including an AMAZING Topshop long black dress that will perfect my RO ensemble! Will post modeling pix next week!