Another Pair of Boots! What Else is New?!?!

Christian Louboutin FW11 Step ‘N’ Roll 140 in Royal African Suede

^Image credit: Neiman Marcus


As you may be able to tell, I have a love for boots and booties. So when these shoes went on sale, I obviously couldn’t resist the temptation. For some reason, CL’s more casual shoes are not that popular… I guess it’s because when people decide to splurge, they’d rather go for something more sexy for which CL is so well known, but I’d rather buy more practical shoes that I can wear daily instead of a pair that I wear once a year. This way, I get my money’s worth when it comes to cost per wear.

I was surprised when I found out that the inside is completely lined in shearling! I thought it was just a bit of trimming at the top. The shearling quality is nice and soft, but I don’t think it’s the most superior kind. I also like this new African color which is the first time that CL has produced it. My only beef against these is that the pitch is a bit more steep than what I would prefer. I think if these were made in 120 height, then they’d be perfect. After an hour of wearing them, my calves start hurting cuz I feel like I’m always standing on my tippy toes. I was hoping they’d be more practical for everyday wear, but I guess not…


Modeling pictures:

Outfit 1:
Top – H&M
Tank – American Eagle Outfitters
Belt – H&M
Jeans – Hudson Jeans


Outfit 2:
Top – Urban Outfitters
Jeans – Hudson Jeans


Outfit 3:
Sweater dress – H&M
Belt – Steve Madden
Wool tights – HUE


Celebs in Step ‘N’ Roll:

^Tamara Eccestone

^Mariah Carey