The Perfect Sunday

As I enjoyed the last day of my March break, I decided to do some more casual shopping after having my usual weekend Dim Sum. I strolled into our local restaurant at noon, my usual time for brunch, and I was lucky enough to have gotten there 10 minutes before the massive Chinese stampede of Dim-Sumers! Yikes! I guess everyone decided to go out on such a beautiful day. We have absolutely the best weather here and this entire week was GLORIOUS!!! I saw butterflies, geese, and other exotic looking birds migrating back!

Anyhow, here’s the little damage I did today:

1. Dynamite Blazers X 2 – on sale for 29$ each!!!
2. Dynamite Bermuda Shorts – 35$
3. Dynamite Skirt – 15$ sale
4.  H&M Shorts – 29$
5.  Aldo earrings, ring, and necklace – 35$ total


More detailed pix of Aldo accessories:

Tiger ring:


Jeweled hoop earrings:


And this one is my favorite! Seahorse and starfish necklace! It’s so cute that my Kitty couldn’t resist playing with it too (he’s probably hungry looking at that fish)!


I also love this season’s soft pastel colors together with an ocean-sea shell-barnacles or whatever under the water experience! 😀 Here are two charming little sea-shell purses that I adore! The green satin minaudière is by Lanvin for $1490 and comes with a detachable gold chain with tassles. Charlotte Olympia has a similar black suede version for a fraction of the price at $545 and also comes with a detachable gold chain. In addition, CO adds a golden hair comb that fits snugly inside the pocket of the purse. As much as my wallet prefers CO’s version, I don’t really like how this purse is flat??? A seashell should be naturally curved, plus practically speaking, it will fit better in the palm of your hand as a clutch. Thus my heart goes out to Lanvin since the color and shape are just beautiful. Purchase both through Net-à-Porter.


Me with my new Dynamite blazer and H&M shorts:
Also wearing:
Sunnies – Louis Vuitton Obsession Rond
Tank – Dynamite (I really like this lace tank as you can probably tell by now)
Bag – Chanel SS11 Reissue 226 in Blanc foncé
Shoes – Christian Louboutin Bambou 140 in Leopard Watersnake


By the time I got home, I was pretty tired, which meant that I needed a cup of coffee!

I haven’t shared with you how to make Starbucks’ iced coffees, so here is the know-how:

Starbucks Tall/Mezzo Caramel Toffee-Nut 1% Iced Coffee

1. Place a couple of ice cubes in your cups and add your Caramel and Toffee-Nut syrups (or whatever other syrup you prefer).

You’ll need about 2 tsp of syrup per cup. By Starbucks’ standards, the ice should fill up 1/3 of your cup… I don’t do this, cuz the ice sorta dilutes the taste and they do this in the shop because they want to make more money from you. Milk = expensive and ice = cheap!!! I actually didn’t have an ice-cube tray, so I used a plastic tray that I found from one of these chocolate boxes haha! Whatever does the job, right? lol


2. Set up your espresso machine…

Maestro is curious too…


3. Make the espresso!!! Yay, look at all that crema!!! You’ll need 1 shot per glass.


4. Directly pour in your espresso and then add your cold milk of choice. Do NOT steam the milk! That’ll make your drink hot resulting in a latté… We’re making an iced coffee! 😀


Lastly, enjoy your coffee on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

Haul of Steals!

I haven’t done any clothing reveals in a long time, so I’ve gathered everything that I bought recently for this post. Most of these things were all purchased at really good prices. The ones in bold will have a reveal on its own as you scroll down.

1. Aldo tote bag – 50$
2. H&M colored jeans X 3 – 14$ each
Only the royal blue pair is shown, I also got a turquoise-blue pair and pastel yellow pair which are currently at the seamstress getting hemmed.
3. H&M pink blazer – 60$ (has a very pretty floral lining)
4. Urban Behaviour blazers X 2 in turquoise and black – 24$ each
5. Urban Behaviour sequin dress – 10$
6. Lancôme Hypnôse Doll-Lash mascara – 30$
7. Lancôme Hydra Zen NeuroCalm Moisturizing Lotion – 60$
8. Just Jewelry Silver Bambou Bangles – 18$
9. Gold Jeweled Bangle Bracelet – 1$!!!
10. Belle by Sigerson Morrison New Hefa Wrap-Around Wedges – 140$


1. Aldo Tote Bag – 50$

I’ve been looking around FOREVER for a nice, cute, somewhat professional looking bag for a LONNNNGG time. So now that I found one, I’m EXTREMELY happy to the point where I’m almost more excited than getting my new Balenciaga bag (see below) lol

Ok so you guys think I’m crazy, but I kid you not! Really, how hard is it to fulfill the following criteria for a work bag???

1. Tote style: roomy enough for MAC 13″ laptop and a couple of A4 documents

2. Neutral color: I’m very flexible, black, beige, navy, even dark purple, dark green…etc

3. Flat handles: I think by definition, all totes should have flat handles so that when you’re carrying a lot of documents, your shoulders won’t ache. I don’t understand why there are so many round handle straps out there 

4. Professional looking: Obviously… this shouldn’t actually be a criteria, cuz if you’re going to buy a work bag, it had better look decent. And I think this would automatically EXCLUDE anything Hello Kitty or anything monogrammed with designer logos everywhere… These are NOT work-appropriate! lol

5. Preferably less than $100: yeah… I’m not going to carry a designer bag everyday where viruses and bacteria are galore in clinics and hospitals. My work-horse bag should make me feel free to dump it on the floor or anywhere I wish without worrying my head off that either someone will steal it or that it’s dirty… Those should be the least of my worries.
I can’t believe that some PVC bags are retailing at 200-300$??!??! Yes, there was this impressionable Ivanka Trump bag that I thought looked decent until I saw the price tag and I almost yelled out WTF?!?! lol Thank goodness I don’t actually swear verbally/out loud (only mentally and occasionally in writing) 

Anyhow, I’m very pleased to have found a great tote for work! The bag actually reminds me of a Gucci bag from 5 years ago? There was that floral collection in white and black that had the silk scarves from what I can remember. This bag is also available in black, but I personally like the beige better and the scarf has a nicer pattern. If you don’t like the scarf, you can also remove it.
Another reason why it deserves a reveal is that I think this bag is particularly well-made for only 50$!!! EVERY stitch is evenly spaced, the lining inside is a very tightly woven cotton canvas with nice piping detail, and lastly the hardware is nicely polished with attention to detail from the scarf woven into the chain straps.

The bag has to be spacious enough to fit my daily essentials. Here’s a pic of what fits inside the Aldo bag:

– MAC-book Pro 13″
– Folder/A4 document
– White coat
– Stethoscope
– LV Vernis French Purse
– LV Vernis Cles
– LV Damier Illustré Keys
– LV sunnies
– Pens
– Pager
– Iphone 4S


8. Just Jewelry Silver Bambou Bangles – 18$

These are really pretty bangles that I bought at the hospital, you know those tables on the side next to the gift shops??? lol Well I’m supporting a good cause, whatever research, charity, or program that they were promoting…


9. Gold Jeweled Bangle Bracelet – 1$!!!

I got these at the dollar store lol, they’re soooo pretty!!!


10. Belle by Sigerson Morrison New Hefa Wrap-Around Wedges – 140$

I purchased these at 70% off. So even though 140$ isn’t exactly a fabulous price, they are relatively a steal! These booties are sooooo comfy and cool with the wrap-around zipper! They also look great with my Rick Owens jackets. Our temperature is rising here, which means that these booties are perfect to transition into Spring when I feel like my taller boots are getting too warm. I think they may also be doable with long trouser pants so that I can be lazy in office clinics and not have to change shoes! haha See, these are going to be a very practical pair for me! 😀

See modeling pix below!!!


2. H&M Colored Jeans in Royal Blue and Turquoise-Blue:

These pants are really comfy and fit great! Not only so, the price was fantastic! I’m really into colored jeans this season, but I have to be careful of the fit since my hips and thighs are bigger than my top… I blame my figure-skating days that gave me these super strong frog legs haha!

Outfit 1:
Scarf – Louis Vuitton LE 20th Anniversary Monogram Rock Shawl
Jacket – Rick Owens Lambskin Jacket with Cord Sleeves
Bag – Balenciaga LE Hamilton Holiday City in Ciment and G12 GH
Shoes – Belle by Sigerson Morrison New Hefa Wedge Booties

Outfit 2:
Cardigan – Comme des Garçons for H&M wool cardigan
Tank – Dynamite lace side-detail tank
Belt – H&M
Shoes –  Christian Louboutin Very Privé 120 in Azur Patent leather (1st and 3rd pix) and Altadama 140 in Royal Blue Nabuck Watersnake (2nd and 4th pix)

Balenciaga Revives My Love of Goatskin

Balenciaga LE FW11 – SS12 Hamilton Holiday Collection:
City in Ciment Goatskin and Mini-Giant G12 Gold Hardware


Well this is an overdue reveal, but I have to share my love for goat leather!
I guess from my reminiscent Louis Vuitton Suhali days… Unfortunately LV discontinued this amazing line for, what I think, are all the wrong reasons to increase profit while cutting down costs and quality…

Anyhow, one day over the holidays while I was still on this  Bal-HIGH from my recent acquisition of the Classic City in Argent Foncé, I came across Bal’s LE Hamilton collection which renewed my love of goatskin once again! The Hamilton collection is part of Bal’s annual Holiday collection which uses more luscious leathers for more special occasions. They are more limited and trans-seasonal, often labelled to be part of the end of the Fall/Winter season and incoming Spring/Summer collection. The goatskin used this time is very thick, pebbly, and simply scrumptious – Just the way I like it!!! I particularly like how the color looks white from afar, yet is really a light nutty grey which means for careless freaks like me, I can put it on the floor or drag it around to dirty restaurants without a worry!

There were a total of 4 colors produced in the Hamilton collection:
Bordeaux – A beautiful deep burgundy red with gold hardware
Ciment – Nutty Grey as seen in my pix, also only available with gold hardware
Glycine – A very pretty lavender purple with silver hardware
Gris Poivre – Light taupe-brown with silver hardware
Rose Bruyère – Soft pastel pink with silver hardware

All the gold hardware are 18K gold-plated, whereas the silver hardware are palladium-plated.
Styles of bags available in City, Work, Velo, and Envelope Clutch.

This is also the first time that Balenciaga has used this new Mini-Giant hardware, officially called “G12” because the studs measure 12 mm. As of 2012, G12 will be REPLACING the original Giant hardware, which the company now calls “G21”since the older studs measured 21 mm. They will still be made in goldsilver, and rose-gold colored brass. I was never a fan of the classic Giant hardware, so I’m loving the smaller studs as they are less bling-bling.

However, in comparison to LV’s Suhali line, I still think overall LV’s had superior quality. Maybe the leathers are similar, but the finishing touches and attention to detail is just on a different level with LV. Unfortunately, I find Bal’s hardware to be kinda cheap… Upon close inspection, the brass almost looks like plastic to me… On the other hand, Bal’s REGULAR hardware, made of nickel, is much more sturdier than the Giant hardwares. LV also had 2 kinds of brass, the cheaper kind that would easily chip and the nice shiny polished kind which I loved on the Suhali items.

Anyhow, less ranting and more pictures!!! 


Last, but not least, modeling pictures!!! 😀
Blazer – Urban Outfitters
Tank – H&M
Leggings – H&M
Shoes – Prada Deerskin Platform Boots 

^Sofia Vergara with Hamilton City in Burgundy

More Soup!!!

Coconut Curry Carrot-Broccoli-and-Pea Soup


I was fortunate enough to have been fed this amazing soup recently by a very talented lady and she taught me her recipe! If you like Indian food and want to eat healthy, here’s a great lunch or dinner serving that is loaded with vitamins! Everything prepared here will provide a dozen servings, if you’re cooking for yourself, you can just freeze the rest.


What you need:

– Full bag of frozen or fresh carrots (about 3 cups?)
– 1 cup chopped broccoli
– 1 cup frozen or fresh peas (NOT canned!)
– Campbell’s chicken or vegetable broth
– 1 cup water
– 0.5 cup condensed coconut milk
– A bit of parsley


– 2 tsp cumin
– 1.5 tsp salt
– 1.5 tsp ground white pepper
– 0.5 tsp Korean chili pepper (less if spicy food is not your forté)
– 0.5 tsp cinnamon
– 0.5 tsp MSG (optional)

Step 1:
Boil carrots first for 10 minutes since they’re denser and need more time to turn soft. Then add in your broccoli and peas. Boil everything together for another 5 minutes or until veggies are soft.


Step 2:
While veggies are cooking, we’re going to prepare our spices. Get a small pan, add in some oil, and under low heat, we’re going to sauter the spices! Add in some parsley too if you wish.


Step 3:
Once the veggies are thoroughly cooked, put them in a blender and blend, blend, blend!

Step 4:
Take the puréed veggies and put them in a pot. Under medium heat, add your sautéed sauce, broth, coconut milk, and water. Bring everything to a boil again.


Step 5:
Serve with your favorite bread with the best olive oil you can find! I like to add a bit of brown vinegar and light soy sauce for flavor.


Garnish with a bit of parsley and tada!!! Enjoy your soup! 😀



DIY Glitter Fix!!!

Recollections Signature Special Extra Fine Glitter in Champagne


I was roaming around Michael’s the other day after work looking for gold studs cuz I have this stud issue with one of my spiked shoes, which I have yet to do a reveal… Anyhow, I did not find the studs.

Nonetheless, I found the exact glitter that matches my Nude Glitter Pigalle Plato!!! There aren’t any patchy spots yet (after I DIY hairspray-fixed the shoes lol), but I have heard that the glitter may fall off with more wear. Since the Nude Glitter used by Louboutin can be found on many of his shoes these days, I thought it would be a good idea to share this with others who may need to patch up some spots in the future.

On a side note, can you believe that there’s no Michael’s in Montreal?!?! I guess it’s a good thing knowing that as a kid growing up there, I would have probably lived in that store everyday…