My Very Unexpected Purchase

Pigalle 100 in Turquoise Patent Leather


I’ve been on a hunt for Pigalle 120 in black patent leather for what seems like a decade now. Other shoes always got in the way and given that it’s CL’s most classic design, I always pushed it back. However, this time must be the closest that I’ve gotten to the same Pigalle design! It was an unexpected purchase because it was too good of a deal to pass up. Matches Fashion offered me a special discount of 20% off and free shipping from London which made a total of almost 30% in savings. So I succumbed to the price…

^Reference: Mexx silk dress with jewel embellishments

The Pigalle 100 style is horrendously painful… As soon as I put them on, pain shoots up my legs. I ended up going out for Dim Sum in them to force breaking them in and just walking 2 blocks away killed my feet. Unlike other shoes, the toebox is so small that it crushes your toes cutting off all circulation and I swear if you wear these shoes for an entire day, you’ll end up getting ischemic toes and gangrene lol. Please don’t wear them if you have diabetes…

Well this is not a very attractive image of my feet, but they’re very swollen and red just after 2 hours coming home from dim sum!!!


Color comparison to my Very Privé in Patent Azur:

The colors are quite similar but the Azur is a bit more darker and the Turquoise is much more fluorescent bright.


Comparison to Manolo Blahnik’s BB 105:

Recently Manolo’s BB has been very popular and there were several people wanting to compare this style to Louboutin’s Pigalle 100. I personally think they’re two completely different styles.

N.B. Please note that the Pigalle here is like 1/4 size too small, but the BBs are 1/4 size too big on me lol… So overall I would say that the BB here is relatively half size bigger than the Pigalle if that makes sense…

1. Heel height – BB is 5mm higher at 105mm

2. Type of heel – BB is MUCH thinner, maybe 1/3 of Pigalle’s and is slightly curved.

Shoes below lined against flat surface perpendicular to table, so that they’re aligned from the heel, showing accurate length comparison.

3. Toebox – BB is slightly longer and wider.

Like I said, the relative size difference is about half a size. So the BB’s length is probably only about 4-5 mm longer than the Pigalle, rather than what the pic shows at about 10 mm


4. Level of comfort is probably what ultimately differentiates the two styles.

BB is like 100000000 times more comfortable cuz they’re about 5mm longer and 5 mm wider than the Pigalle. Plus, Manolo’s patent leather (suede and fabric too!) is MUCHHHHHH softer than CL’s patent leather which is rock hard, which I guess makes it more difficult to break in… I have 4 pairs and wear them to work, dinner, shopping, just about anything! I can’t imagine wearing the Pigalle anywhere other than sitting on my couch! These new Pigalles will definitely be my home shoes for doing chores… lol

Luxury Skincare Only with La Prairie!!!

What brand do you think of when someone asks you about skincare?

The answer to the question probably will depend on your geographic location. No doubt, the Asian ladies will most likely say SK-II, the American women may say La Mer, and the Europeans will probably say some sort of home-made natural remedy. What do *I* say? Of course, La Prairie!!!

Now I’m not saying that the other brands SK-II, La Mer, Natura Bissé, Amore Pacifique, Chantecaille…etc are not good. I’m sure they use top of the line ingredients, invest much into research, and are suitable for select women in accordance with their preferences. However for me, the epitome of luxury skincare is only La Prairie. Trust me, I’ve tried most expensive things that could be slathered onto my skin lol. At one point in my teen years, I even wanted to become a dermatologist.

I was very young when I first became interested in skin care. I started making my own masks from left over vegetable peels or whatever my mom thought was waste in the kitchen at age 10. By age 13, all my readings pointed to one thing – SUNSCREEN is the only skin saver out there, high end or low end, one must wear at least SPF 15 daily. In my late teen years, I wanted to become a makeup artist which I flunked out pretty badly. Then as I dove into my twenties, I’ve already experimented maybe 80% of what the current industry has to offer from all skincare and cosmetic brands. My final verdict? La Prairie won out of everything that I’ve tried for skincare and Chanel, Lancôme, and MAC are my favorite cosmetic brands.

I think the biggest debate amongst us in North America here is women asking should I go for Crème de la Mer or La Prairie???
My answer is simple: if you ONLY want moisturization, go for La Mer because this is all it’s going to do for you. All that nonsense about reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and minimizing the look of aging is just that – NONSENSE. La Mer’s products do not contain any form of retinol so where do you even get those statements from? Maybe fine lines and the look of aging are meant by plumping up skin from dehydration, but just about any simple moisturizer will do the job, and I would have to promote petroleum jelly here as the best lol. Also La Mer’s classic cream contains wheat germ oil which is comedogenic (ie causes zits) and broke me out worse than hives. It was only in the late 2000s that La Mer added new versions of the traditional cream in lotion and cream-gel types after complaints of pimples breaking out amongst younger women. Then later on, trying to target the Asian market, La Mer added their whitening line. Nonetheless, you only still basically have 2 types of products: Classic simple moisturizer or with the addition of whitening benefit.
On the other hand, if you want a product that not only moisturizes, but also targets specific areas of concern, then La Prairie is the king of the industry. Unlike La Mer, La Prairie has 6 main collections of products: the Platinum, Caviar, White Caviar, Radiance, Anti-Aging, and Advanced Marine Biology collections.  Then you have your choice of day or night cream, lotion, emulsion, gel, plus SPF all to suit your preference and skin type. In addition, each collection has serums, eye creams/gels, body creams/lotions, or additional targeted treatments for that collection.

I’m a person who likes to choose and experiment what is best for me and NOT what some sales associate tells me because, just like the way I have been taught to think for my patients who know themselves better than me, in the same sense *I* know my body best and everyone needs individualized treatment. Thus I don’t believe La Mer’s simple cream (no matter how you alter it) is suitable for *every* woman’s face. Then again, if you just want something simple and don’t want all the headache, go for La Mer or I’m sure any high end brand will do the job 😀

Here’s my haul of recent purchases:
1. La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream
2. La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Emulsion
3. Lancôme Mousse Radiance Foam Cleanser
4. Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Mascara 


1. La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream
For me, a quarter of the product is all about packaging and La Prairie always does an impressive job with everything! The signature silver box, the caviar blue interior lining, the little booklets that come inside, the stickers, the interior silver tissue paper delicately lining another signature silver cylindrical box which opens to reveal the ultimate feast within.


2. La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Emulsion
I loved the original Day and Night Solution which was discontinued, or rather replaced with this emulsion. I have not tried it yet, but I hope the texture will be the same as the solution which was extremely light and watery. Summer is coming along and this would be great for humid weathers. Not only so, the solution was the most amazing base for my makeup application. It made your canvas extremely smooth and it was just superbe. Again, I have not tried the emulsion yet, but I will update everyone on how it’s like. One obvious difference from the packaging is that the bottle is now opaque rather than see-through before. I’m thinking maybe it has to do with stabilization of certain ingredients inside that may not be as photo-stable…?


A look at my La Prairie Collection:
Well this is what I’m “currently” using. In the past, I’ve also bought the Cellular line of eye cream, Radiance eye cream, Revitalizing Eye Gel, Anti-Aging moisturizer, Anti-Stress and Whitening Spot moisturizer to name a few.


My Skin Caviar Luxe collection of Moisturizer, Firming Complex Serum, and Eye Cream.


The Serums: Marine Biology Emulsion, Caviar Firming Complex, Cellular Anti-Spot Brightening Serum, and Retexturizing Booster. Each one of the latter 3 is simply a DELICACY!


My Cellular line of products: Foam Cleanser, Hand Cream, Body Emulsion, and Treatment Loose Powder.
Now I need to rave about the hand cream. Yes, it’s expensive at about 125$ but sooooooo worth it! My hands are completely moisturized after a day of using this stuff and even if I wash my hands, the product seems to still work its magic unlike any other hand cream! Not only so within 10 seconds of putting it on, it literally dries instantly so if you hate greasy hands like me, this cream is a MUST!


This loose powder is probably the best out there on the market with absolutely the finest mill. I hate it when powder looks cakey and DRY on your skin, but this powder is something very special. Not only does it make your face baby soft with all it’s nourishing ingredients, it also smooths out every fine line, and not matter how much you pile on top, it never looks dry or cakey!!! The powder is probably the only thing that La Prairie gives generously lol cuz it’s in a large container, PLUS you get a small travel size compact powder on the go!


Lastly I forgot to show you guys all my samples that I got today lol

– Lancôme Flash Bronzer Gel
– Lancôme Bifacil Eye Makeup Remover
– Lancôme Blush Subtil in Vieux Rose
Lancôme Juicy Tube in Spring Fling
Lancôme  Visionnaire Serum
– Lancôme Absolue Moisturizer
Lancôme Eyeshadow Palette 

29 line of skincare samples (cleanser, serum, eye emulsion, and moisturizer)
Natura Bissé Glycoline Extreme Peel
La Prairie The Oil Controller Serum X 2 (love this stuff, but don’t think it’s worth it to buy the full product…)

Lebanese Food at its Best!


This is a shout out for a local restaurant called Al Sabeel when my preceptor took me out for lunch one day. To be honest, I’ve never been much of a Lebanese food fan or other middle eastern dishes. I mean, I could eat them, but it was never like me craving for a French dessert or in fact any French food lol. It turns out that most Lebanese food is like Chinese food here – too fast food like and too westernized. You lose the authenticity! So the restaurant itself is not the fanciest, but the quality is great! Now I NEED to rave for 3 dishes that I loved so much that I ordered them for delivery the next day lol.

Stir-Fried Chicken:
This is a very juicy, tasty dish!!! The chicken is the same that you get on a skewer and is cooked together with vegetables. I dunno, my Asian taste tolerates any kind of stir-fried dish pretty well lol


This is the MOST amazing rice I’ve ever had! Sure most fast food Lebanese restaurants have this lentil rice, but trust me, I’ve had them too and they taste like CR@P compared to this restaurant’s rice!!! lol The brown rice is cooked together with yummy caramelized onions, and lots of lentils, which make it very healthy and full of proteins, fiber, and vitamins!!! 😀


Lastly, we’ve all had homous/humus/hummous (however you wanna spell it), right? You can have it at almost any kind of middle eastern restaurant or even buy it in a container at your local grocery store. However, this homous is NOTHING like you will ever taste. They’re the most CREAMY SMOOTH whipped dip that I’ve ever had! lol The trick apparently is that you need to buy DRY chickpeas, and not the pre-cooked canned ones which result in a very DRY and GRAINY texture. I thought I’d never say this, but I am VERY impressed!


On the side, I also had a lentil soup which is very healthy again. I like it, but don’t love it.

A Long Overdue Reveal!

Christian Louboutin SS12 Intern Flats in Black Velvet and Gold Spikes and Crested Embroidery

These are my first CL flats and you know that I must love them a lot in order to buy flats from this brand. I was soooooo excited to receive them since they’re so different and cool. I like how the studs are “minimalistic” and only on the toes. The crest is beautifully embroidered to great detail and how can I not buy them when they have my initials??? lol

So everything was going great, me taking a bajillion pictures, having fun changing my outfits, and just as I was going to shut off my camera, I stepped on something hard which almost made me fall cuz the red lacquered sole is so smooth. I looked down and to my horror…


WTFFFFFF??!?! I didn’t expect that a stud would be falling off in less than 30 minutes of me just walking around on my balcony on my FIRST WEAR!!! Yeah, sure I knew that a couple may come off eventually, but so soon?!?! I didn’t hit anything with it or fall or trip over myself, so there was no way anything traumatic could have happened.

So then I contacted CL and NAP who said they’d send me extra studs…

Ok fine, I will wait…

I was expecting maybe a month or two for the shipping cuz they need to order the replacement studs from France.

I waited some more…

I contacted NAP again by the end of the second month.


Still waiting…

Now I was somewhat irritated and I urged NAP again by the 3rd month 

Again, they dunno what was going on but promised to follow up.

Waiting and ready to blow some serious steam!!!  

At last NAP finally emailed back saying they’ve shipped the studs and wanted me to confirm that I’ve received them.

Ughh… Excuse me? YOU never provided a tracking number, YOU never told me when they were shipped out, and YOU never told me if you shipped out to the correct address as I had originally requested! And YOU want me now to say that I’ve received them already??? I don’t think so.

Omg… everything was such a headache.

Finally 4 months later after my original purchasing date, I got the studs last week. I’m sorry, but that is WAYYYY too slow. I am very disappointed that for DEFECTIVE shoes, things are taken care of in such a sloppy manner by NAP. I wonder if I had asked them to repair the shoes instead, how long would that take for them to send to France, back to US, then back to Canada??? A YEAR??? All this time I was waiting and could not wear my shoes out cuz of a stupid fallen stud.



Anyhow, reveal of my shoes, prior to finding out that a stud had fallen off:


Modeling pictures:


Outfit 1:
Polo – Tommy Hilfiger
Jeans – Citizens of Humanity
Sunnies – LV Soupçon Rond in Honey Glitter
Bag – LV White Multicolore Sologne


Outfit 2:
Blazer – Teenflo (it’s a beautiful lilac color, but looks more white here…)
Lace tank – Dynamite
Jeans – Rockstar


Outfit 3:
Vest and shirt – H&M
Jeans – Rockstar


Outfit 4:
Same as 2, but with LV Monogram Rock Shawl


More pictures:

^Sophie Vlaming – Dutch model wearing Intern Flats and Louis Vuitton bag


^Rita Ora wearing Intern Flats in Red Velvet and Silver Spikes and Crest Embroidery


For the men, CL offers an analogous style called Havanna and is available in an even broader array of colors and textures! You lucky guys!!! As you can see, the difference mainly lies in the width of the shoe.

^DJ Cassidy? I dunno who he is, but he’s wearing the Havanna flats which you can see peaking through at the bottom of the pic. Not fond of the suit, but I’m cool with the choice in shoes 😀

Everyone Needs a Pair of Ferragamos – Women and Men!

Salvatore Ferragamo SS12 Baltica in Beige Suede, Oro Bianco Python, and Rhinestones

The first time I heard of this designer was about a decade ago when my cousin wooooed and ahhhhhed over a Ferragamo bag that her friend carried. At the time, it was the utmost designer for which a girl could desire according to my cousin. Since then, I’ve always admired the brand for its classiness and elegance. I knew I would own a bag or some other accessories from the house when I grew up.

Years later now that I’m older but still not fully “grown up,” my girly childhood dream has come true: I’ve finally found the perfect pair of flats and guess who they’re made by? Of course, Salvatore Ferragamo! I’ve always loved Ferragamo’s Varinas and various other flats from the company, but over the years, I’ve always been swayed by heels. I’ve come to realize that I have enough high heels in my collection and I’m actually somewhat intimidated by the super high platforms these days. My collection is really lacking in flats and more practical shoes. I prefer structured shoes that support your feet and I think they always look more put together with any outfit.

My new Ferragamos are definitely my prettiest flats!  I think it’s a fabulous idea to have the rhinestones sewn on AND glued on, rather than just glued on like many other designer shoes. Of course, this would mean more work for the artisans, but they would be less at risk of falling out which I know has happened to CL‘s strassed shoes. I also like how it’s just a bit of decoration with the crystals rather than the entire shoe blinged out. The suede is so luscious and soft too!

The only thing that makes me wonder about this shoe is why are the python scales laid upward???  I think it makes more sense to have them laid down… 

Btw, I’ve come to meet some classy gentlemen in Ferragmo’s dress shoes, and every time, I’m like my cousin swooning over them like she did with her friend’s bag lol. So yes, this post is also for the guys out there – DRESS TO IMPRESS IN FERRAGAMO!



Lastly, a tribute to Salvatore Ferragamo who was and still is the ultimate designer to realize every little girl’s shoe dream. 


Ferragamo for Dorothy’s Red Slippers in the Wizard of Oz


Inspired by the new American achitecture, Ferragamo invents the Wedge heel


Patent for the Invisible shoe made from clear strings



Another famous design, the Cage heel


The original rhinestone covered heel made for Marylyn Monroe in the late 50s, after being inspired by her movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

In the movie, the shoes were actually not completely covered in rhinestones. However they were still made by Ferragamo for Marylyn Monroe.


Marylyn was an avid fan of Ferragamo and had ordered various shoes from him. She had an array of flats made for her in multiple colors.

In the movie, The Seven Year ItchMarylyn Monroe wears Ferragamo again.


Ferragamo attending Audrey  Hepburn.


Ferragamo with Sophia Loren.



The Lady Claude in Fire Opal was part of THE original batch of strassed CLs for which I still have a soft spot cuz they resemble Ferragamo’s shoes for Dorothy and Marylyn. Nonetheless I find that all the strassing is really an overkill these days, whether by CL or fans who have all these DIY strass projects…