My Birthstone – Citrine

I really disliked citrine (aka yellow topaz) when I was young. I thought it was the ugliest mucky yellow color. Yet, somewhere along my teen years, I’ve grown to love my birthstone, probably because my first real gift from a boy was a citrine necklace – not your typical weed flowers from a snotty kid… I like the warmth in the color of citrine and how it’s particularly beautiful to be worn in the evening when the sun starts to set and you get this golden glow from the gemstone. Not only so, it also brings out my Asian yellowness! 😀


Tiffany Sparklers 3.0TCW Cushion-Cut Citrine Earrings in Sterling Silver Setting

These studs are gorgeous with such brilliant shine! I am impressed by the craftsmanship. I’ve heard that David Yurman’s gemstones tend to lose their luster after some wear and it seems to be true. In comparison, even when my DY citrine ring was brand new, I don’t recall it having such faceting brilliance!


Shown on silver background now to better see the faceting shades of citrine 😀



Tiffany Sparklers 1.5TCW Cushion-Cut Citrine Necklace with 16 Inch Sterling Silver Chain

I usually like my neck bare and don’t wear any necklaces, turtlenecks, or even high collared clothing. Some may think I’m bizarre (hey, I’m nerdy!), but we all have a favorite muscle. My anatomy prof’s was the brachioradialis which quote, “this is the SEXIEST muscle on the body, look at it pronate and supinate!!!” as she held out both arms and started flapping them around. She was a bit nuts, but we all loved her personality haha! So I’ve found mine to be the sternocleidomastoid, which I think is really attractive on any women’s slender neck which should not be hindered by any kind of obstructing object. However, I highly recommend this necklace because it’s the perfect size for just enough bling. Tiffany’s is not cheap and I really do not understand how some simple silver designs fetch easily $500+++, but this piece is gorgeous and very affordable.


Lastly, a look at my mini citrine collection with David Yurman’s Petit Albion 7mm citrine ring with 0.2tcw diamonds.

To Keep or Not to Keep?

I was cleaning out my jewelry stash today and incidentally found a Tiffany‘s necklace that I wore once back in 2010. I had completely forgotten about it and actually thought that I gave it back to the person who originally gave it to me as a gift. Then in retrospect, I remembered that I did keep it because I wanted to sell it on Ebay lol but later could not find it after I moved.

Now that I’ve rediscovered it, I don’t know if I should keep it or not? I browsed Ebay for comparative prices and saw a bunch of Tiffany’s hearts by Elsa Peretti. What amused me was that the hearts were practically worthless with some going as low as $30! (Authenticity unknown) Not only so, you wouldn’t believe how many people are selling them as well as similar styles… Judging by these two factors of good price and selection on Ebay, I guess I’d better keep the necklace. If these hearts were not being bid on for 30$, I’d rather not hassle with listing it up, writing a whole bunch of stuff to praise its beauty (cuz truthfully it’s not that amazing), deal with people’s questions, shipping it out, and then all the complications if things go wrong! A waste of my time. I will put it up for sale on my blog here if anyone wants it, but my asking price is a lot higher. This will probably be the only time that I’d suggest buyers to go onto Ebay instead for better prices lol!  beatdeadhorse.gif

In the end, I’m forced to keep the necklace for now. At first when I took it out of the protective pouch today, I was surprised that it had been completely stained with BLACK TARNISH after 2 years of not wearing it. Maybe one day I’ll bring it back to Tiffany’s to ask them to professionally polish the silver and then re-gift it to my cousin lol (she wouldn’t mind, we share stuff all the time). I should’ve taken a pic pre-polishing, but I’d tried my best to polish the silver myself, so here it is now:


Tiffany’s Elsa Peretti Sterling Silver Open Heart (Small) on 16 Inch Chain:

Victoria Backham: Olympics and Fashion

I need to confess that I have a soft spot for the Spice Girls. Having grown up listening to their music, their performance at the London 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony was definitely the highlight for me. I have a major girl crush on Victoria Beckham and she has matured immensely. From her Posh Spice days to her elegance and class now, I’ve enjoyed every moment. I like her attitude and her impeccable sense of style. She is a fashionable and girly woman, who is also extremely intelligent.

Others may not agree with me, but who else can snag one of the world’s most famous soccer/football players? Who else can be such a successful business woman with her highly appraised clothing collection? Who else can promote oneself as a lifestyle, image, brand, and still be highly sought after by paparazzis a decade+++ later at age 38, AND without having released a sex tape? Did I mention that she also seems like a wonderful mother who can balance her job, fame, and FOUR CHILDREN??? No one comes close.

Anyhow, I loved VB’s outfit. She was wearing a dress by Giles that was impressionably short, yet managed to stay in place… The dress was very Posh though and the tail flew beautifully in the air. She made a fabulous choice in footwear – Manolo Blahnik’s BB 120 in black patent leather. Considering that I already own 4 pairs of BBs, I am biased toward them. I think these shoes are one of the most comfortable designs ever and do not get enough recognition. Some pix to enjoy:

^This guy is up to no good… LOL


A couple of my favorite looks from Victoria Beckham’s clothing collection every season since her launch in 2009:
All pictures below courtesy of 

Fall/Winter Jackets, Coats, Leather, and Fur!

Fall/Winter has always been my favorite seasons in fashion. I love the richness in color, saturated hues, luxurious textures, and all that old Hollywood glamour that glimmers out from specific clothing. Not only is the look fabulous, most clothing is also extremely comfortable. Even if you’re wearing a slumpy old sweater, a gorgeous coat will instantly add so much style and sharpness. So a well tailored coat is always an essential for me.

This fall/winter, I’ve chosen a couple of my favorite coats and jackets that would surely look spectacular on anyone! All items and pictures courtesy of Net-a-Porter.


1. Leather and Fur:

Rick Owens: Robot Blistered Jacket – 3000$
This jacket has got to be my favorite! Fierce, edgy, and so “glunge” as Rick would say himself for a mix of glam and grunge styles. RO also makes various washes of leather and Blister is heavily distressed to a point where it’s almost soft like suede. Definitely the jacket of the season for the fashionista in all of us!

Aminaka Wilmont: Leather and Shearling Wrap Jacket – 3265$
This piece is directly imported from the runway this season and it’s something that I saw and loved instantly. The designer duo’s style reminds me a lot of Rick Owens’, Gareth Pugh’s, Ann Demeulemeester’s, and Haider Ackermann’s works. AW is the European “glunge” style for me, that is softer and more feminine, when compared to Rick Owens’ raw street style from his Hollywood upbringing.


2. Coats:

Burberry: Cotton Gabardine and Goathair Trench Coat – 2295$
Burberry makes really beautiful trenches and this one is of no exception! There’s that extra glam and finesse with the goathair sleeves and slight metallic sheen coming off of the aubergine body. My only suggestion is that instead of cotton, I would rather have seen this coat made of a wool base. I think cotton may be a little too thin for winter and with the sleeves which tend to be on the heavier side, perhaps a wool base would be better balanced?

Burberry: Double Breasted Wool Blend Coat – 995$
For a more practical jacket for everyday, Burberry’s wool coats are so warm and comfy. I bought mine a couple of years ago with a wool and cashmere blend and have never regretted it. It’s always my go-to coat when I need to look a little more sharp when going out!

Roland Mouret: Wool and Silk Coat – 2915$
Want a little more glam? More femininity? More sleek silhouette? This coat is perfect for the lady on the go. No need to fuss with all these buttons, just a cinch at the waist and you’re ready to go out on your date! The deeper neckline and pleating at the hips are all what RM is so well known to excel at.


3. Puffer Jackets:

Duvetica: Adhara Hooded Down Jacket – 575$
Dark purple is always one of the most beautiful colors for fall and this puffer jacket adds that extra vibrancy to dull winter days. The coat looks super soft and comfy, great for those ski trips too! You’ll be the most stylish and warm skier for sure!

Juicy Couture: Leather, Felt, and Sateen Coat – 450$
I’m not always a JC fan myself, but this is a cute coat for young adults looking for style, comfort, and practicality. I will always remember my days in the storms of Montreal and seeing this girl with a warm puffy JC coat. I was one of those keeners who regardless of all weather misfortunes still headed to school daily and never missed a single day even if I was sick to death.
There was once this icy storm where buses closed down cuz they couldn’t climb up the roads full of ice and our college with all its Anglo-pride had to be set up at the top of the hill… Of course, when I got there, I was like the only person in class, the prof wasn’t there, no teaching that day, and I looked down at my feet which were all wet cuz my cheap Sears boots weren’t truly waterproof, my hair was also drenched, jacket soaked, and I spent the next two hours in the bathroom under the hand dryer. So you see, a good quality waterproof coat is very important!

Tiffany & Co Bead Bracelets

Recently I’ve been really obsessed with David Yurman‘s jewelry… I’ll just say that my interested peeked when I saw a drug representative decked out in DY’s classic cable earrings, necklace, bracelet, and black onyx Albion ring. I do own 2 Albion rings in Blue Topaz and Citrine with diamonds, but now I need MORE!!! lol I’m just waiting for a major GC event next time so that I can get a couple of things…


Anyhow, things turned to me browsing Tiffany and Co‘s bead bracelets which I adore and sort of regret ever since I gave up a chance to purchase them in person. As you may recall, I bought the Sterling Silver bead bracelet a year ago, so I’ve been eyeing Paloma Picasso’s Blue Chalcedony, Multicolored Precious Stones, and Pearl bracelets. David Yurman also has something similar with their new Spiritual Beads collection, but after countless days of comparison, I went for Tiffany’s cuz they’re cheaper lol (which is rare)…

Unfortunately, the blue chalcedony and multicolored bracelets are on back-order. The SA I spoke to said they’d arrive late September to early October, but I’m guaranteed to get them. I’ve also asked to have the pearl bracelet to be engraved. I can’t wait to stack them all up (and combine them with my upcoming DY jewelry too! I know, DY and T&Co don’t really mix, but I’ll make them work out haha)
Here’s a preview: