Agent Provocateur – Flash Sale!!!



This will probably be the only time I broadcast any form of indecency on my blog, but Agent Provocateur, one of the well-known luxury lingerie companies, is having a GIGANTIC sale upto 75% off right now until Sunday! I don’t know why. It’s a little early for Halloween and even their Christmas sale is only 70% off!

I know in the European countries, they do go on sale, but in the North American countries – it’s RARE, and never before seen in Canada. In fact, we are even lucky if the Canadian retailers don’t jack up the regular price due to the heavy customs charges upon entry to our land. *Cough* Holt Renfrew.

My first shopping experience with Agent Provocateur was back in high school, not that I purchased anything, but I remember a few friends and I wandered into the lingerie section and we were flabbergasted by how one teeny little bra cost 390$??? Another one 495$!!! And the cheapest was around 200$. The four of us started touching the lace on every single item – with 2 sales women peering down at us with dagger-eyes. They must’ve hated our dirty and grubby paws lol.

Anyhoo, the products are flying off the site right now, especially in the UK, but more inventory is still available on the US site. The webpage is a bit wonky and will often flip back to the UK site, so beware if something automatically disappears in your basket… Just open up a new browser to go back to the US site.

The selection is very good – bras, panties, suspenders, night gowns, robes, and including the upscale Soirée collection. There are some cute accessories available too – but I don’t get the leather gloves… I do have to say that the more classic items’ selection is not the greatest, although they do have the Alina, Fifi, and Françoise styles available. Nonetheless, if your girlfriend loves frills, lace, and other frou frou –  c’est vraiment votre chance maintenant d’achéter quelques choses pour votre chérie!

Sorry, can’t resist adding some French when speaking of lingerie lol, but hey no worries, even if you’re single, treat yourself to something special! : )

Some examples:


My favorite must be the Fifi style. I remember Britney Spears wearing it for her Circus tour and she had a Swarovski crystal version custom-made. All these people were criticizing her, it’s like c’mon, give the girl a break! Besides, most people who think so negatively probably are overweight or obese themselves. I can’t say that she was fabulously toned at the time, but if you don’t have a better body, then don’t judge others. I do have to admit that I’ve always had a soft spot for Britney. Although naïve, I think she’s a very sweet and passionate person. Love almost killed her and turned her into a fool. I’m truly happy she’s doing better these days!


The Fifi campaign and as worn by Maggie Gyllenhaal:


The Fifi night gown as worn by Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) in Twilight: Breaking Dawn I:


FREE Mini B-Bag Charm!!!

OMG!!! Balenciaga online is currently offering a FREE mini B-bag charm in various colors with any of their First or City handbags!

The bag charms are soooooo adorable! I’m so jealous as I just made a purchase with NM, then again, I guess I can’t complain since I will get a 600$ gift card in return. Nonetheless, even when I tried to PURCHASE the mini B-Bag charm to match my upcoming Lagon City, Balenciaga online will not accept international credit cards! I’m so bummed!!! Aaargghhhhh! I want a MINI CHARM!!!

If you live in the USA, don’t miss out and make your order now!

30$ Off Bluefly + NM GC Event!

Hi everyone,

I receive a lot of coupons and promotions from all sorts of places and in the past, but I usually don’t use them. For eg. I got 2 codes for 10% off Saks recently, but let them all expire. It’s not that I’m being stingy for not sharing them, but I usually can’t make up my mind for what I want. I wait it out, rather than buying impulsively, but then I later forget about them.

Anyhow, I have another code for

30$ off anything, one time use

Expires Dec 31, 2012

Leave a comment here or contact me via email.

Note: I don’t check my blog daily, but I will try to get back to you ASAP.


Another great promotional event happening right now:

Neiman Marcus’ biannual Bet 2 Get Gift Card Event!!!

This is the event that I speak of so often. The flyer states that you need to buy a handbag or shoes + apparel item to qualify for the double GC. However it’s a lot more items than just this:
“Handbag” – actually includes small leather goods such as wallets, keychains, tech accessories for your iPhone/iPad…etc.
“Apparel” – also includes jewelry, scarves, sunnies, gloves, lingerie, hosiery, skincare products, cosmetics, and much more!
So you actually have a lot of choices to choose from!
The only designer exclusions that I know of are Christian Louboutin and certain Lanvin pieces, unlike Saks or other retailers that basically exclude 99% of sought after items.

*Important note NOT written in details*
All items must be in stock at the time of purchase, which means “This item ships from vendor,” Pre-orders, and Back-orders do NOT qualify even if the overall item is included. Eg. you want a jacket that counts toward the promotion, however your exact size in XXS is not currently available and is on back-order – This purchase will unfortunately NOT qualify, even if the jacket is, understand?
A lot of buyers get confused with this and will later wonder why they did not get a GC or the value is lower than expected, well this is often the underlying reason that is not specified in the details.
As for “This item ships from store” – will count toward the promotion, no worries here.

Have fun shopping!



Jewelry Haul – David Yurman and More!

I’m usually not a jewelry person and I’ve broken my own rule of never buying high end jewelry for myself… I guess I can only argue by saying that most pieces I purchase are still considered to be somewhat costume-like or for casual wear, so in my defense, they’re still not “fine” jewelry lol.

Anyhow, I recently acquired a bunch of things, some of which are overdue reveals but I’d like to show what great steals one can score at 75-80% off from retail price. I also got 3 David Yurman items which were purchased from Neiman Marcus’ Gift Card Event which I “recycle” – a great tip that I’ll share with my fellow shoppers is that NM has these fab promotional events where they’ll give you a GC with 20-30% of your spending value with no restrictions at all (unlike Saks and many other retailers). You then spend the GC on ANOTHER promotional event to really boost your savings or use it on items that do not qualify for the promotional event (eg. Christian Louboutin or sales items)!


1. 1AR by UNOAERRE 18K White and Gold Plated Earrings

Hmm… never seen this brand before, but it was on Sak’s Fashion Fix, one of those super saver deals that I snatched for 30$. I’m not crazy for chandelier or any kind of earrings with too much “dangle” power lol, so these are pretty cute and classic imo. Not bad considering that they’re gold-plated and made in Italy!



2. Raven Kauffman Couture SS12 Crocodile Print Brass Cuff

RK’s a really good brand with fab accessories, including one of a kind handbags. There’s always a couple of evening bags that I really like. The jewelry line is also very unique with some very edgy pieces. This cuff is made with 100% solid reclaimed brass in the USA. There are 3 tones available, all of which are gorgeous! Mine is called “blacked brass” which I scored for 75% off from Mona Moore!

Picture credit: Raven Kauffman Online



3. David Yurman Large Oval Links Chain Bracelet in Sterling Silver – 7.5 Inches

This bracelet is quite tempting… I love the EXTRA EXTRA LARGE version but it’s so heavy!!! Unfortunately the extra large size was not available when I placed the order which is what I would’ve preferred, but this size is still kinda cute. I haven’t seen this one in person before, so I was kinda expecting it to be bigger. Nonetheless, it might go with my Tiffany’s bracelets better since they’re more dainty. I do love the easy clasp/hinge closure!!! And just for this 10/10 points 
OMG!!! I need to rant about how difficult it is to put on Tiffany’s bracelets in the morning when I’m always in a rush to run out lol…  Those tiny lil lobster clasps KILL my manicure AND are so hard grasp! As you can see, I’m petite and my hands are pretty small imo and I don’t think I’m clumsy at all… so I can’t imagine how some others manage. Tiffany has gotta be less stingy with its silver and make BIGGER CLASPS!!!

Picture credit: Neiman Marcus



4. David Yurman Pearl Quatrefoil Popcorn Chain Necklace in Sterling Silver Cable Links – 40 Inches

This is a gorgeous necklace chain that I fell in love with because it can be dressed up or down, and is so versatile. It looks good worn just like that, as a double strand necklace, or even as a bracelet! The freshwater pearls are mostly white, but a few have pinkish undertones. Largest pearls measure 10-11mm and smallest 4-5mm. It’s also one of the few more affordable styles still made in the USA. Surprisingly, it doesn’t bother me that this brand in particular imports their products from several developing countries – I’m not sure why, but I think it’s because I just really like the designs by DY. The quality is still excellent imo, so I’ll continue to buy more DY pieces!

Picture credit: Neiman Marcus



5. David Yurman Petit Albion Ring with 7mm Citrine Gemstone and 0.21TCW Diamonds in Sterling Silver Setting

Well this is a way looooonnng ago purchase that I forgot to post up. Citrine was the original stone that I wanted for my graduation ring last year, but it was not available in all of Canada. I had to either order online from the States which would’ve been very costly with duties and taxes, or buy a different stone color at Holt Renfrew. At the same time I had a big GC for HR and decided to just go with Blue Topaz instead. Nonetheless, I could not forget the beauty of the Yellow Citrine. So when I was in the States recently, I finally purchased it given that I had another huge GC at NM which basically paid it off for “free.”

Picture Credit: Neiman Marcus

Comparison pix with my DY Petit Albion ring in Blue Topaz

Fall/Winter 2012 Shoes!

FW12 clothing has always been my favorite fashion season, including shoe collections because I love wearing boots. Whether they’re ankle, mid-calf, knee-high, or over the knee boots, I’m always in for trying them on when I go shopping. Boots are extremely versatile and you can dress them up or down. They keep your feet comfy and still look in style. Of course… with all this said, the only boots that I’m still not a fan of and will never be are Uggs… Sorry!

First for this fall before we haul out our real boots, we can always keep our feet warm in some cute flats. These slippers are a bit on the trendy side, but they’re so adorable! It’s a great transitional style from the summer sandals and ballet flats which can be a bit chilly to wear in fall. My favorite is Charlotte Olympia’s “Charlotte’s Web” slippers in red. They’re smoking hot!!! I love the crystal spider detail on one shoe – so quirky and fun. CO’s “Kitty” flats are also high sought after and have been sold out real fast every season. Miu Miu’s crystal adorned heel with crested embroidery is another fab option.

My two favorite boots this season are all accessorized in layers of fringe detailing. Christian Louboutin’s Pouliche is a great wedge boot that’s easy and fun to walk in! You won’t want to take them off! Brian Atwood finally makes a pair of shoes that catches my eye with a more cow-girl feel, but is balanced with the metallic leather heel which adds more glamour.

Lastly if you’re more of an ankle boot person, try Charlotte Olympia’s Lucinda booties. They look like killer heels but I promise that you will be blown away at how comfortable they really are! I can probably walk all day in them as the pitch is very forgiving. Try them on and you won’t regret it. Otherwise, for a more practical pair, Rick Owen’s Stivale wedge heels should always be a staple for fall and winter.

All shoes available through Net-a-Porter!