DIY Magnetic Scarf Hanging System

I haven’t been crafty in a long time, but I would like to share a novel way of hanging your silk scarves. Why let your beautiful scarves sit in the drawer? Take them out, display them, and let all who pass by admire the colorful array of silks! Not only can you use this system for women, make it work for your hubby as well and hang all his ties! It’ll make the morning so much easier to match your attire!


Inspiration: Hermès Scarf Hanging System

Ok… I have a CONFESSION to make – YES, I’ve been visiting the Hermès website more often ever since I came back from my trip to Shanghai. I do promise you that I will not go down the H-road yet… Anyhow with my recent Hermès gift, I wanted to see how much my scarf costs in the USA or Canada in comparison to Chinese retail price. Then I stumbled on this Scarf Hanging System which kinda shocked me that for four measly magnets, it costs $320?!?! Their magnetic clasps also look like they are inspired by garter belts… So if you want to do a DIY project with some old garter belts, I’m sure these will work great. However, I’ve come up with an even easier system.


– Magnetic strips or buttons
– Decorative sequins, rhinestones, beads…etc
– Scissors
– Ruler/Tape measure (optional)

Magnetic strips – 1$
Decorative stuff – 2$
Total = 3$ for at least 10 magnetic hangers!
This is more than 100X the savings compared to Hermès Scarf System of 320$$$ which only allows you to hang 4 scarves!

Time – 30 minutes

Step 1:
Measure desired length of the magnets to be used. You should also correlate with how big your decorative jewels are to be placed on these magnets. In my case, 4 pearls or rhinestones measure exactly 1 inch in length, so I would cut my magnetic tape into 1 inch pieces.


Step 2:
You will need 2 pieces of 1 inch magnets for each hanger (makes sense right? lol). One piece you’re going to stick onto the wall or somewhere that you plan to hang your scarves. The other piece is the decorative one. I’ve pre-cut my rhinestones and pearls which have adhesive backs as well. Peel back the white paper on the magnets and place your decorations here.


Step 3:
Once you have all your magnets decorated, it’s time to assemble them on the walls!


Lastly…. Taaaddaaaaa! That was so simple!
Note: Depending on how ferromagnetic your magnets are, some heavier silk scarves may need 2 magnets to hold them up.
These magnets are also not meant to hang your heavy duty cashmere and wool scarves…

Moncler: Shopping in London in Shanghai? Part III

Part III of my trip is a little amusing. So I was at the Balenciaga boutique in Plaza 66 Shanghai right? Well right next door is a Moncler… I was already trying on Balenciaga’s leather jackets and I really wanted Bal’s classic black biker jacket which they didn’t have in stock. Btw, I should mention that the prices at Balenciaga are not so bad… relatively the same as our Canadian price after tax. Anyhoo after my shopping spree at Bal, I wanted to check out Moncler and saw their classic Angers jacket which I’ve always somewhat liked. The price was not friendly though, especially with China’s hidden taxation system with no (or rather complicated) returns on VAT.

After going back to my hotel at St-Regis Hong Ta, I was going through my emails and found that Matches London had sent me a 20% coupon code! Woohoo and it just so happened that the only thing on their site that was appealing to me was the Moncler Angers jacket for a price that’s relatively a steal now! The jacket is warm enough for fall, but it’s still quite thin, so I hope it’ll be enough for our Canadian winter!


Moncler FW12 Angers Down Jacket with Detachable Asiatic Raccoon Fur Trim

^Reference: Yves Saint-Laurent Chelsea Boots

Jade Bangle – Shanghai Part II

My second objective on this trip to Shanghai was to buy a good quality jade bangle. I was looking at some high end boutiques that were asking for insane prices for what I was looking at (and I know my specifics and how much they should be valued). Anyhow I really didn’t think they were worth it. Plus the SAs there seemed to push me to buy this one particular bangle that I thought was too small for my wrist. And then they were like, “Oh no! This is the correct size! You don’t want it to hang too loose!” So they lubed up my hand and JAMMED the bracelet on me. I was NOT prepared for this kind of pain… So I SCREAMED! lol A little more force, they would’ve crushed my metacarpal bones!!!

Then on an unexpected trip to another city, I visited one of China’s biggest jade factories… Oye… this was trouble LOL. I had the entire tourist group waiting for me cuz I got the manager out to show me some of their jade bangles… After an hour, I came home with this baby which cost me a mini fortune. The jade is jadeite (“new” jade as opposed to nephrite which is the traditional Chinese jade) of grade A quality which means that it’s untempered with, no artificial dies, no UV enhancements, no chemicals…etc. It’s also quite translucent when I hold it up to light. Pink, lavender, or paler green hues are more popular with the younger generation, whereas classically a deep saturated green is more desirable in the older population. Lavender is very rare and I can’t possibly afford one that’s highly saturated which is like extremely rare. So I’m very pleased to have gotten something with just a hint of purple 

“Mini” Reveals!!! – Shanghai Part I

This is part I of my trip to Shanghai where one of my objectives was to buy some Mini Bals which are not available in Canada. They’re absolutely adorable and ever since Bal had its recent promotion of a FREE Mini along with your purchase of a City, I couldn’t get the Minis out of my head. So on my first day in Shanghai, I went straight to the Balenciaga boutique and luckily they had a bunch of Minis for me to choose!


Balenciaga FW11 Mini First in Bleu Paon Lambskin:

This is a very cute accessory with a functional zipper on top to store a few coins or small bills. The front zipper however is fake and does not unzip fyi. The only thing that bothers me about this particular piece is that the leather is a bit dry… I will need to apply some leather lotion later…

^Reference: Background bag – Balenciaga Lagon City with RGH12 shown throughout


Balenciaga FW12 Mini First in Rose Thulian Lambskin:

This is my favorite Mini! I love how bright the red is and it just POPS against any bag you put it on. If you look closely, the clasp here is different from the previous season which was smaller and more flimsy. Now it’s definitely more rigid and also probably less easy to unclasp on its own with less risk of losing it!


Balenciaga SS12 Porte iPhone in Bleu Indigo Lambskin with Mini RGH:

I originally wanted something pink or bright as a small phone accessory but they didn’t have any. So I had to go for the RGH to get something pink! Btw, the zipper is fake as you can see in the pix. I do wish that they’d add the option of a belt loop behind the cover, but I’ve searched far and wide and no designer company is doing that for their phone covers!!!


Lastly, a group shot of my “Mini” haul: