Christmas Presents – Reveal IV

Sorry for the delay in posting my clothing acquisitions as part of my holiday presents. My seamstress was first on holiday, then she came back and was sick for a week, and then I was traveling… all of which resulted in a month’s delay in posting pix! And I’m still waiting on one other item which was found to be defective and I had this horrendous issue with UPS. NAP was gracious enough to accommodate all my issues and wait on UPS. Anyhow, this item is still not photographed yet, cuz I’m traveling again! lol

Anyhow, the last season I went crazy for leather pants… so I got 3 pairs!!! lol

1. J Brand FW12 Style-L8001 French Stretch Lambskin Pants

These pants are AMAZING! I thought I could never do full on leather like this, but the lambskin has the perfect finish, such that they’re not super shiny nor too matte that you can’t even tell they’re leather. Some people also debate about whether you can wear leather pants with a short top or not, but I think these have the look of jeans (fake pockets), so you can get away with it. I do worry about the leather in the back splitting – I dunno, I just have this constant fear of SPLAT!!! lol

My only issue with them (as well as any leather pants in general) is that they really stretch out! When I got them, they were “perfectly tight,” but now after 5 wears, they feel like a full size too big… The knee area also stretches. Besides the stretch, I think these pants are fabulous and I’d definitely recommend them 10/10! I also got these at a great deal with Bloomies – almost 45% discount! These pants were all the rage with celebs so I’ve never seen them go on sale anywhere else. Anyhow, again sorry I don’t have mod pix yet, but I have included several celebs’ in the same pants to give you an idea of how they wear.

^Picture credit: Bloomingdales Online


Kim Kardashian is rumored to have a dozen of these pants in various colors…


Heidi Klum seen in L8001 numerous times


Kristen Stewart guest on The Tonight Show


2. Rag & Bone FW12 Hyde Jeans with Leather Front Panel

I love these pants as well for the comfort and practicality of jeans behind (no worries of SPLAT!) and with the style of leather in front to give them extra attitude! These pants run SMALL to size – definitely order one full size up, cuz I’m usually a 26 and had to get 27 in them. I don’t think these will stretch that much because of the denim behind. This pair has more of a distressed finish, very very matte looking, so it’s hard to tell that they’re leather. It may be a good thing for some people who are just trying out leather pants to begin with as they’re more subdued.

Necklace – Alexis Bittar
Top – H&M
Belt – Matthew Williamson for H&M
Heels – Christian Louboutin Lady Peep Python Fairytale



^Picture credit: Rag & Bone Online

^Picture credit:

^As seen on model (different style with blue denim) and Alicia Keys wearing Giuseppe Zanotti boots which are fab as well.


3. Danier Collection FW12 Leather Ponte Leggings

These leggings are just okay for me. They were relatively cheap compared to my other leather pants at only 150$ on sale. I do want a more practical pair that I can live in without having to worry about damaging them. The leather is slightly more on the shiny smooth side… The back is made of stretchy ponte material and lined in a polyester sheath that’s kinda cheap feeling… Anyhow, they’re still pretty good for the price and the fact that they’re made in Canada. I do have to apologize for all the poor quality pix. It’s just really hard to photograph black clothing.

Jacket – Teenflo
Marilyn T – Walmart!!!
Bracelets – all 3 by Hermès on left arm, gold bangle on right arm
Heels – Valentino Rockstuds



^Picture credit: Danier Online