Valentino has Me Hooked!!!

Valentino SS13 Rockstud Kitten Heels in Patent Pop Gardenia Calfskin with Platinum Gold Studs

Wow… I pre-ordered these from Europe and within hours of them appearing online, at least 80% were instantly sold out. My size tends to be really popular and is usually the first ones gone (why are there so many tiny Asians with small feet in this world?!?! lol). I only blame myself to be short and cursed with Asian genes, rendering my feet so tiny! Then again, at least in the west, my friends and colleagues can’t ask to share my wardrobe or shoes 😀

Anyhow, these kitten flats seem pretty comfy. I can usually stand in the 100mm version for 4-5 hours, so these should be easy on my feet so that I can wear them all day. The pink is really gorgeous, a beautiful pastel baby pink with gray undertones. The nude straps and platinum studs are still the same as my other pair. I was not very happy when the shoes arrived and a few of the studs were already stained. Very weird. I tried to clean them but they won’t budge so I left them alone as they’re not too noticeable. Again, I still don’t think the worksmanship of Valentino’s is as good as Manolo’s, Jimmy Choo, or Louboutins… one of the studs was really lopsided. It’s like they didn’t pay attention to aligning the studs straight on the straps…







Ferragamo does Flats Best!!!

Salvatore Ferragamo FW12 Tinkerbell in Patent Giglio Calfskin

Another belated reveal. I got these prior to the sales for 30% off which is a pretty good deal. These flats have a built-in mini wedge of 10mm and there’s the same style but with a higher 30mm wedge called Tilda that is really comfortable as well. My only thing against these flats is that they’re a bit too high cut and after a few times of wearing them, I feel like they cut into my extensor tendons… They’re still very comfy and great for shopping all day though.







Belated Reveal: My Continued Love for MB

Manolo Blahnik SS12 BB 105 in Patent Flesh Calfskin

This was my 4rth pair that I forgot to post up. One of favorite go-to shoes for work. It goes with just about any outfit I put on and looks FABULOUS in the spring and summer. The sunlight reflects off of the shoe and gives it that beautiful glimmer. Not blingy metallic, but just subtle enough of a sparkle to give your legs some shimmer. The shoes really compliment your legs too if you have a light tan! If you don’t have a tan and have very fair skin like me, don’t worry either, these shoes will still look gorgeous on you! They have a beautiful pink tone that is a great update on they typical “nude” heels.










Celebs love their BBs:



^Sarah Jessica Parker also loves her classic black kidskin Manolo BBs!!!


^Liv Tylor in Nude BBs


^Milla Kunis in turquoise suede BBs


^Katie Holmes in brocade BBs


^Kate Middleton in her classic navy BBs