R&B Does It Again – The Most Comfy & Stylish Jeans!

Rag & Bone FW13 Plush Twill Leggings Jeans in Ruby Red – Exclusive for Bergdorf Goodman



^Pictures credit: Bergdorf Goodman Online


R&B does not disappoint. You know you’re wearing a good pair of jeans when it makes you look and feel good. I tend to avoid red as it’s too bold for my liking, but recently with all the colored jeans in the market it’s hard to not give in. Especially when I got them at an amazing price of only $65 from retail $190, I could not say no! Although I got them for a steal, that’s not to say that I wouldn’t splurge on designer jeans. In fact, of all contemporary  clothing, designer jeans are just about the only things that I will shell out money for because they are truly made better than cheaper versions which often lose their color AND shape. My fav are usually Seven for All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, Hudson Jeans, and of course R&B.






A few quick modeling pix:
Cotton and silk tank – Club Monaco
Patent leather heels – Christian Louboutin


My Love for Cartier…

From a very young age, my mother swooned to me about her love for Elizabeth Taylor – the Queen of jewelry or the modern day Marie Antoinette in my opinion. What girl would not be enchanted by their charming persona and ravishing love affairs that would go down in history? However, I did not fall in love with Elizabeth Taylor, but only through this great Hollywood actress, was I able to discover my love for Cartier at such a tender age…


^The Cartier Diamond in the original ring setting for Elizabeth Taylor.


On November 12, 1969, Elizabeth Taylor wore for the first time the ever so famous Taylor-Burton Diamond to Princess Grace of Monaco‘s 40th birthday. Three days from today, this will be exactly 44 years! The D-color flawless diamond of 69.42 carats was originally found in 1966 at the Premiere Mine of South Africa. The first owner, Harry Winston, and his team had studied it for more than half a year before attempting to cleave it into its pear shape. When its second owner, Harriet Annenberg Ames sent the diamond to be auctioned in New York, there was immediate buzz as to who would purchase this splendid piece. Of course, Elizabeth Taylor had her eyes on it and even had the diamond flown to Switzerland for her to preview, then flown back to NYC.

The auction was held on October 23, 1969 with the final battle between Robert Kenmore (owner of Cartier) and Al Yugler of Frank Pollack (representing Richard Burton). The diamond was won by Cartier for 1.05 million dollars, but the story is not finished yet as Burton was determined to purchase the diamond as his 2nd major gift to his darling wife, Elizabeth Taylor. Immediately outside his hotel at a pay phone, Burton began calling Kenmore’s agents. I imagine after major haggling, Cartier agreed to sell the diamond at a small premium to Burton on the condition that they showcase the piece at their flagship boutiques in NYC and Chicago, known as the “The Cartier Diamond” at the time (shortly after known as the Cartier-Burton diamond, then finally as the Taylor-Burton diamond).

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^Taylor looks genuinely happy in this photo with Burton at her side and wearing one of the world’s largest diamonds.


^Taylor with the famous diamond as well as Burton’s first gift to her – the Asscher cut Krupp Diamond ring.


^The diamond worn in its original ring setting, before Taylor requested Cartier to turn it into a necklace.


^As the caption in the picture states, “The Cartier Diamond” – 69.42 cts featured at Cartier’s NYC and Chicago boutiques in 1969 with machine guns and +++ security as 6000 – 10 000 people visited daily to feast in its beauty.


Well there you have it, I fell in love with the House of Cartier and have always admired the brand’s heritage in “haute joaillerie.” From various royal courts in France, England, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Siam, Serbia, Belgium, Romania, Egypt, Albania, Monaco, and of course India, Cartier is deemed “the Jeweler of Kings, and the King of Jewelers.” It is just a wonderful read on so many magnificent people over the last century and their affiliations with this luxury company. What speaks to me even more is the brand’s  mascot, la panthère. My Chinese zodiac sign is the tiger, I’ve had 3 cats growing up, and it was interesting that a friend once compared me to a feline creature… I guess I am a crazy cat-lady in the end!!! haha

Anyhow, do remember to give your beloved this holiday season a gift to remember! Even the greatest love in history dies, but a diamond will last forever, especially if it is a Cartier diamond!!! 😀



^Credit: Cartier advertising campaign from Cartier.com

“An Urban Shoe Myth” – The Famed Shoes of the ’90s!

Manolo Blahnik FW13 Campari 105 in Black Patent Leather



As many of us may remember from Sex and the City‘s series 4, Carrie Bradshaw brought fame to these Mary Jane pumps over the last decade when she found these in Vogue‘s accessory closet. They were deemed “An Urban Shoe Myth” as they were sold out so quickly after they were conceived in 1994. This shoe was Manolo’s and probably the world’s best seller for practical everyday wear. They came in various heel heights and different colors to suit everyone’s preferences. Not only were they well made, they were also extremely comfortable. They were certainly the “it” shoes of the ’90s and will continue to be a forever classic in the world of shoes!







Modeling pictures:

Outfit reference:
Wool, silk, and leather blazer – Helmut Lang
Silk and cotton tank – Club Monaco
Waxed jeans – Hudson Jeans
Jewelry – Tiffany & Co, David Yurman, and Links of London

Wardrobe tip:
I usually gravitate toward black outfits, but I don’t demonstrate these attires as much on my blog because black tends to be very difficult to capture on camera even for professionals. However, they can also be a bit harsh and daunting in real life depending on your style. So to balance its raw, edgy fierceness (especially with these motorcycle jeans and leather accents), wear something slightly feminine like a silk top or as demonstrated here – a pair of Mary Janes – sweet and ultra feminine with its grown up high heels updated by Manolo.




For me, any woman MUST own a pair of Campari’s – or multiples for shoe addicts like me! That’s why these are my second addition after my nude 90’s which I bought in 2010. I wore my nude Campari‘s so much that I’ve pretty much exhausted the life out of them. My cobbler has repaired them so many times, that finally he said that there was something that he couldn’t do – fix the scratched leather at the toe point because you can’t just patch on a piece of leather here. So I waited for a long time, and finally found these babies for 67% off at Neiman’s Last Call!!! I could not believe that these classics were available when they are NEVER discounted in the stores. Good things happen to those who wait 😀

Here are some pictures comparing my new shoes and my old ones. Again, heel height 105 vs 90.



As much credit as I want to give Sarah Jessica Parker, I actually did not fall in love with these shoes because of her. It was British Vogue‘s stylist Emma Elwick-Bates who was featured in one of Net-A-Porter’s fashion videos in 2011 (Magazine 120). She was in full on action styling models and running around, rocking these Campari’s. Here are some screen shots that I took:



Last but not least, I just have to link to this Youtube video featuring SJP as Carrie at Vogue: