Holiday Reveals III – Massive Jewelry Haul + ROLEX!!!

Best for last, in celebration of my recent birthday and the holidays, my parents were generous enough to have supported my next major purchase:

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust II in 18K Everose (Rose Gold) + Stainless Steel Jubilee Bracelet, Domed Bezel, Silver Dial and Diamond Markers




This is my first “grown up” watch and after much contemplation between Cartier and Rolex, I finally settled for the latter which was custom-ordered from Switzerland. It was supposed to arrive just before Christmas, but the dealers were able to expedite the shipment to me several weeks before just in time for my birthday! As I’m about to venture into a new era of my career soon, I can’t help but feel that a decent watch would be the best investment for a very exciting future.

In my life, I’ve had doubts and fears as do many people, but I’m so thankful to know the wonderful friends around me, mentors and professors who have guided me, and of course my family who have endlessly supported me. Although there may be depressing cases at work everyday, I always come home feeling blessed and fortunate to be living my own life which may not be as glam or wealthy as others’, but I think I’ve matured a little more over the last year and am able to appreciate for things that in the past I did not. (Oh that’s bad grammar with a long run-on sentence… lol)

Thank you all again for letting me share and happy holidays everyone!!! 😀








David Yurman Classic Cable 5mm Sterling Silver Bracelet with Blue Topaz and Diamonds

Got this to match my DY Albion blue topaz ring 😀






Sydney Evan Shy “Laugh” Bracelet with Diamond Accent in Sterling Silver and 14K Rose Gold Plating

I was able to get this at 50% off which is a great deal for this brand. As cute as it is, the diamond is very tiny… I thought DY used small diamonds, but this is barely existent…




Max & Chloe Costume Jewelry:

I like Sydney Evan‘s bead bracelets, but I don’t really know if they’re worth the money… I thought it would be best to experiment with some inspired jewelry pieces first. Max & Chloe is an online jewelry retailer that offers a lot of fun, trendy pieces at affordable prices and relatively good quality. They also have fine jewelry but I’d rather buy from more established brands at those prices.

“Laugh” beaded sodalite bracelet in 14K rose gold vermeil with cubic zirconia (CZ)
Script “Love” ring in 14K rose gold vermeil and CZ
Script “Love” bracelet in 14K rose gold vermeil and CZ



Diamond Bar Bracelet in 14K Gold Fill

This was a custom order from Etsy because most retailers have too long of a bracelet which makes the bar dangle and flip around. I like it tight and properly fitted to my small wrist. It does take some effort putting it on, but the result is much better than a bracelet that’s too loose.




More modeling pix of my arm party!!!

Left to right:
Tiffany pearl bracelet with heart tag
Tiffany silver bead bracelet
David Yurman Oval Links bracelet
David Yurman Classic Cable bracelet
Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch



Left to right:
Hermès Double Tour Kelly bracelet
“Laugh” beaded sodalite bracelet
David Yurman Classic Cable
Rolex watch again
Diamond bar bracelet
David Yurman Albion ring



I have a few other things coming to me in the mail with all the sales going on these days… Will post reveals when they arrive! Be safe and stay warm everyone!

Holiday Reveals II – Prada Runners!

Prada FW13 Suede Wedge High Top Runners

I loved these the moment they came out but I knew they’d very likely go on sale as the more casual styles often do. I waited and waited and finally got them for about 50% off! The dark navy blue is really gorgeous, not as easy to get dirty, and goes well with my wardrobe. They’re also incredibly comfortable with a built-in wedge to give me some extra height. I foresee them becoming my new everyday favorites!!!






Some quick modeling pix before I run out today:

Shirt – Equipment
Jeans – 7 For All Mankind


Holiday Reveals I – 90% Discount on Equipment Blouses!


I never buy Equipment blouses at full price knowing that silk is relatively cheap in Asia at manufacturer’s prices (think paying $20, instead of $250+ in the West). However I’ve only gotten $80 as the best deal at Last Call and Off Fifth in the past. This Boxing Day has treated me well as I was able to dig up several goodies during Saks’ Off Fifth “Buy 1 get 2 Free” clearance event. For the three blouses altogether, I paid approximately $100, which works out to about $35 each with tax. Compared to these blouses at retail price of almost $300 – that’s like 90% discount!!! Thanks for letting me share 😀

Left – Brett style in Cayenne
Middle – Slim Signature style in Shark
Right – Brett style in Fuchsia