Multiple Reasons to Celebrate this Weekend!

Christian Louboutin SS14 So Kate in Floral Bouquet Satin



1st – Happy belated Chinese New Year everyone!
2nd – Happy Lantern Festival!
3rd – Happy Valentine’s day!
4th – Happy President’s day!
5th – Happy Family day!

For all the above holidays, we should certainly celebrate with something festive (not that I have any parties to attend this year, but that’s besides the point lol)! I knew I had to have these shoes as soon as they came out! I’m really loving this new So Kate style and am kicking myself for missing out on a couple of nice patent leather versions from last season. As we all know now, the new Pigalle 120 is not what it used to be, ie we – the CL community on tPF – despise the recent changes, but are pleased to welcome the So Kate!

Anyhow, this is also my first satin pair because I usually steer away from high maintenance materials (yes… exotics are easier to take care of imo). Given that the heel height and style are NOT practical to begin with, I reasoned with myself that a more delicate material should then be fine. Plus, I don’t plan on wearing them anytime soon…. or probably ever LOL! The Bouquet print is also gorgeous which I have not seen CL do in a long time. Well it’s a no brainer, the beautiful array of colors is inspired by Claude Monet. Who can say “no!” to the master painter?







I haven’t figured out what to wear with these shoes yet as I have limited amount of clothing these days while traveling all over the place like a hobo – not so glam in view of the shoes! I only have one Club Monaco skirt with me (no dresses), so this is the best I can do now for modeling pix:


Will find a nice dress to go with the shoes in the near future. I will eventually make some comparison pix with the Pigalle 120 when I return home. So stay subscribed to my blog! Thanks everyone for letting me share!

Holiday Reveals VI: The Most Amazing Dress by RM

Roland Mouret FW13 Myrtha Wool and Silk Dress in Magenta



YAY!!! My parcel finally arrived after a lot of issues… Anyhow the Myrtha dress is a classic in the house of RM. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this style going on sale in black, red, and this gorgeous magenta color! I remember a few years ago, it went on sale for a short period of time. Since then, it’s been sold out pretty fast. So I don’t know, maybe it has to do with the economy in the USA not being the greatest these days, but I’m still in awe that it went on sale, especially after falling in love with it when I laid eyes on Neiman Marcus‘ holiday catalogue featuring the dress!







Modeling Pictures:

Shoe reference – Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 140





More pictures from Neiman Marcus:





Holiday Reveals V: More Booties!

Christian Louboutin FW13 Bootylili 100 in Black Calfskin Leather

Ok, so I ranted a LOT in my last CL post about the Pigalle 120 change, but there are always a few styles that the designer continues to draw me back to the brand. When this new style Bootylili came out last season, I immediately took notice of these booties. I should mention that I love boots and booties, if you haven’t noticed already :D. They remind me of the Simple Platform booties from a few years ago, but the Bootylili has a more delicate toe in my opinion. I do prefer the look of the 120 version with a steeper pitch, but the 100 is more practical for everyday wear and I went shopping all day in them with no problems at all. I also got them for 30% off which is a great deal since CL rarely go on sale and they’re a staple currently still being sold at major boutiques at full price!







Modeling Pix:

Outfit reference:
Helmut Lang Sonar wool cardigan
Club Monaco T and Tank tops
H&M faux suede leggings




And later going out in Burberry’s wool/cashmere coat:



Model in the same boots, photo from My Theresa:


Bootylili 100 available in:
Black smooth leather
Mastic brown leather
Acier suede leather



^Photo courtesy of My Theresa

Bootylili 120 available in:
Black suede leather
Acier suede leather
Black smooth leather


RANT: A DISASTER with the Famed Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120!!!

I almost never swear, but this time, I really have to make a shout out to the world *W*T*F* happened to the Pigalle 120??!?! I’ve been meaning to write this post for the last 2 months, but I was so busy, so I must apologize. I hope that my pictures of the “old” and “new” Pigalle comparison will make up for the lost time here.

These shoes need little introduction, they are *THE* shoes that made the designer Christian Louboutin famous in the early millennium. He had designed rather average looking shoes that did not distinguish him from the mass, and in fact looked quite matronly and often followed the footsteps of the lead designer Manolo Blahnik at the time. However in 2004, he envisioned the Pigalle 120 – one that would elevate the foot and heighten one’s passionate desires. It was a unique design that was simple, elegant, and full of sex appeal. It has then since been the epitome of the brand and is his best selling shoes.


Now came Winter 2014, Monsieur Louboutin and his design team decided to CHANGE the famed shoe!!!
– How? By making the cut on the sides higher, dramatically changing the pitch to a very steep slope, turning the toe upward, and completely changing the sizing system. I’ve photoshopped the old Pigalle style with the new style for you guys to visually see the difference above.
– Why? Likely to appeal to the mass who find the Pigalle 120 style to be too uncomfortably narrow and therefore their feet “overhang” on the sides. By creating higher cut sides, it allows the shoe to envelope the feet without making it pop out for those who have difficulty wearing it.
I don’t have a problem with the brand making a shoe that will be better fitting for the mass. However, why not design a new shoe with a new name associated with it? He did not need to discontinue or change the old Pigalle at all. With his current fame, he can easily create a new style and women will still buy them off the shelves like crazy. I am also particularly disturbed by the fact that he is no longer following his own principles.

This is a man who once said to Vogue 2012, “it is not my job to create something comfortable. I try to make high heels as comfortable as they can be, but my priority is design, beauty and sexiness. I’m not against them, but comfort is not my focus.” Now making such a drastic change must have been a big decision in the company. I do give him the benefit of doubt that it was likely not him who gave the final word, given that his previous description and utter adoration of the Pigalle 120 style was just so full of passion. I don’t believe that he would sacrifice his design/style for comfort, but I do think that he’s a business man at heart and he is looking to appeal to the mass for more sales and profit.

When there’s compromise like this, I do believe that he will gain new customers, but will ultimately lose some of his most devoted fans – the original customers who first helped him to fame and recognized his design and style over anything else.

Please see the following pictures and let me know if you think the old (black) or new (nude) Pigalle is designed better. For reference, both are size 35, but the new Pigalle is very small and one needs to go up by at least half a size – I can barely squeeze my feet in them, whereas my old ones were a perfect fit.




Lined up against the wall, you can see clearly that the new nude Pigalle is a lot smaller. Heel to tip measurements: 18.8cm – 18.2cm = 0.6cm difference in length.




View of the sides: The nude pair is significantly higher cut and steeper in pitch. I think the heel height is a little different too by 0.2cm but this may just be a variation in hand-craftsmanship. The heel itself has not changed imo.




Measurement of sides (excluding outsole): 3.5cm – 2.75cm = 0.75cm difference!


Vamp cut has changed too! The new style is actually lower cut and shows more toe cleavage by 0.3cm!


More pix: Width has stayed the same otherwise.




More modeling pix of this disastrous shoe *sigh*
I understand that most people probably won’t even notice the difference, but for some of us CL fanatics, it’s heartbreaking and I just don’t feel the same wearing them. Even in the right size, I don’t think I can stand the steep pitch which makes me feel like I’m toppling over. My old black Pigalle fit perfectly!
N.B.: I know there has been rumors of the 100 style being changed too, but I tried them on and I really do not see a difference. It may be just that certain shoes have some variation in cut – most designers allow for upto 3mm of difference.



An ode to the old style:


Cosmetics: Powder Foundations

I was recently asked by a friend about different powders available in the cosmetics industry. So I decided to do this (very) delayed post of an introduction to makeup powders.

There are 2 main categories of powders: “Pressed/compact powder” and “loose powder”
– Compact powder: easier to carry, portable, often using a sponge for application
– Loose powder: MUST have a brush for application, not very practical for touchups on the go

Under each of the above category, one can further sub-divide them into “translucent powder” and “foundation powder”
– Translucent powder: helps to set liquid foundation, blot, and absorb oil. Usually very sheer, minimal color applied.
– Foundation powder: variable coverage – sheer to moderate-full, quick application

My personal preference? Compact foundation powder! I usually use a tinted moisturizer or BB/CC cream (currently I’m mixing Guerlain’s BB cream with La Priairie’s Advanced Marine Biology Lotion), then apply compact foundation on top to help set and add more coverage.

My personal favorite has always been Chanel’s Double Perfection, which is rare to find (I know many retailers say it’s discontinued, but it’s actually still available in some countries!). When I’m running out of this, then I use Chanel’s Mat Lumière, which is supposed to replace Double Perfection. It’s less airy light, more chalky and less pigmented in my opinion compared to Double Perfection. Lastly, to add to the confusion, when I’m in Asia, I also stock up on Le Blanc Essentiel de Chanel (Light Mastering Whitening) compact foundation – a mouthful to pronounce… I would classify the latter as the least pigmented of the 3 Chanel products and actually more oily due to the higher SPF25 (the others are SPF 10 or 15).

Recently I just purchased Dior’s Diorskin Nude Compact. I used to use Dior’s products a decade ago but stopped when I felt like it was making my skin break out more. I was also uncomfortable with the fact that the packaging never say dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, or non-comedogenic. Nonetheless, I decided to give this a try since the online reviews seem to rave about their products over the last few years. I do like the mirror-effect packaging and the double sided brush for a more sheer application.





Here’s a comparison of the shades:
1. Diorskin Nude in Light Beige (20) – More yellow toned… I think it makes me look a little sallow. I’ll use it in the summer as I don’t think it’s the right shade for my fair skin.
2. Chanel Le Blanc Essentiel in Beige Pastel (B10) – Fairest of them all, but deposits little pigment
3. Chanel Mat Lumière in Lumière (10) –  Slightly pink toned, despite having the same color coding as Le Blanc.