CL So Kate – Satin Bouquet Mod Pix!!!

At last, I finally got home to put together the outfit that I’ve envisioned for these shoes since I’ve been traveling all over the place over the past couple of months. My wardrobe was limited to only essentials because I can carry only so much in my 2 luggages. The problem with these shoes is that they’re multicolored, and I’m not the best at mixing/matching colors and textures. I had a lot of difficulty wondering what I would wear with them, until a friend had kindly pointed out that perhaps a scarf with a simple dress would be best. And that was like a *light bulb* reminding me of this beautiful handmade, watercolored silk and cashmere shawl that I bought in Shanghai, China last year. Of course, I’ve never worn the shawl either because I didn’t know what outfit to wear with it either lol! It just so happened that 2 difficult to match items seemed to have come together to compliment each other perfectly in this outfit.




Another outfit of a cute lace dress that I recently picked up at H&M:



Close up pic:


Thanks for letting me share! 😀