The Corporate Ready Bag

Prada BN2274 “Medium” Saffiano Lux Double Zip Executive Tote in Pomice (Light Grey)


I’ve been wanting this bag for years and finally I’ve made it!!! I always felt that one had to be at a certain career “level” to carry off this bag, and in the past, I’ve been too self-conscious to wear this handbag style to work and I’m not even speaking of the brand. Just the shape exudes a certain finesse, sophistication, and professionalism that I couldn’t pull off in the work environment before… until now! In a way, I think of this bag as a celebration for hard working, dedicated, and career-oriented women. It has a subtle logo that I can easily flip over to the inside facing me should I wish to be more discreet, or stride confidently with the logo facing outward – whatever your mood is – it is the perfect work bag!

Prada1 Prada2Prada6 Prada3

Detailed pix of the top, bottom, and inside:

There are a total of 6 pockets or compartments:
– 2 large zipped compartments on both sides of the bag
– 1 Large zipper pocket on the inner side
– 1 Small leather patch pocket on the inner side
– 2 Smaller leather patch pockets on the outer side

Prada4 Prada5

The shoulder strap is adjustable and detachable. I personally don’t find myself using this that much for everyday, unless I’m carrying a ton of stuff and may need additional support to hold the bag and spare my hands. I think the shoulder strap is cuter on the mini version, but not really as a messenger bag for the medium size.


^I thought these “Bandaid” shortbread cookies were so cute, I gave them to a friend who tore his ACL, but shown here first with my Louis Vuitton French Purse as my Prada purchase has done some damage to my wallet!

Not intended, but one of the sales associates noticed that my OPI manicure that I just had done the day before matched perfectly with the bag! I tend to be indecisive, and always thought that I’d end up with the classic Black or Cornflower blue. So it was really unexpected for me to have purchased this grey as I’m quite fearful of getting light coloured bags dirty, especially because I’m usually somewhat careless and will put the bag on the floor for my workhorse bags. However, the light grey really caught my eyes amongst all the colours on display in the boutique. It’s really professional but chic too, without being that predictable like black, brown, navy, or other neutrals. The colour can look different under various lighting, but it’s got blue undertones and is much lighter compared to the other Argille colour. I believe this is also available paired with silver hardware, but I find that mutes the rest of the bag… whereas the gold hardware provides a really luxe contrast.


What’s inside her bag?
– Macbook Pro 13 Inch laptop (2014 version)
– LV Wapity pouch
– LV sunnies at all times
– LV French Purse wallet
– Keys
– Purell!!!
– And still lots of room to carry more paperwork in the zips and other stuff inside

For the longest time, I could not decide between the medium or large, which also put me off from purchasing the bag. It’s essential for me that as a work bag, my 13 inch Macbook Pro can fit in with ease. It’s really inconvenient for me to shop while carrying my laptop, so in the past I’ve always measured and estimated the fit. I knew that the medium would be a tight squeeze and I’d have to unsnap the sides, which I don’t mind. However, more recently my old Pro died on me and I had to purchase a new one which is much lighter and thinner in comparison. The new computer size helped me finalize my decision for going with the medium, which I’ve always preferred for my petite frame. I have noticed some inconsistencies with Prada‘s bag sizes, and this medium from this season is actually slightly larger, in both width and height, which I confirmed at the boutique! Ultimately the bag was a perfect compromise in between the medium and large sizes!!


Lastly, some quick mod pix that I snapped in the elevator:

Left outfit:
– Helmut Lang wool jacket
– J Crew floral blouse
– Zara denim pants

Right outfit:
– Mexx work dress
– Dynamite long cardigan
– J Crew necklace


Thanks for letting me share again, good night everyone! 😀

A Colourful Summer Ahead

Aquazzura SS15 Amazon 105 in Multicoloured Suede and Elaphe Snakeskin


I apologize for the late reveal, but aren’t these shoes amazing?!?!? I can’t wait for the Summer to arrive as I’m dying in this dreadfully long Winter that’s treading into Spring now. I’m really into Aquazzura‘s shoes these days, and this style is certainly one of his show-stoppers that’s become quite iconic to the brand. The classic version can be found in all black calfskin and suede. Other variations in materials include all sorts of colours and exotic skins, but this is the first time that a multicoloured and multi-textured version has been made available. I love the gorgeous array of tropical colours and the luxe snakeskin, wrapping altogether your feet in this magnificent piece of art.

SS15.Amazon2 SS15.Amazon3 SS15.Amazon4 SS15.Amazon5

Detailed Pix:

The iconic golden pineapple logo of the brand dazzles the soles! And see all the rich colours, zebra-striped snakeskin, and fluffy suede texture in the second pic!

SS15.Amazon6 SS15.Amazon7

Modeling Pix:

I do have to admit that the shoes are not easy to put on! I think it took me a full 5 minutes to put on the one shoe, that’s why I only had enough energy to tie up one rather than both to take this pic lol. I’m so lazy haha! I was so worn out after a day’s work that I didn’t want to take outfit pix anymore, but I promise you that later on in the Summer I will make sure to do so! Anyhow, as enduring as the process is to put them on, the result and effect of the shoes are stunning and so worth it! Given the multiple straps, they’re as comfortable as they can be. I would probably not recommend wearing them all day if you know you’ll be on your feet much of the time. These shoes are made for light walking and mainly sit-downs!

Amazon1.2IMG_5957Outfit Reference:
Nordstrom mesh top
Helmut Lang trousers and bra top

Advertisement and Campaigns:

Aquazzura online March 2015:1

Bergdorf Goodman:BGX2E72_ez

Designer Edgardo‘s sketch:84d7ae0b5bbeb58c09ef99a5ea9362bb

Saks Fifth Avenue ads:121514_PA_BANNER_SH_AQUAZZURA10914391_770533823032459_281769367_n

Past campaigns:aquazzura-_amazon-sandals 617106_379054272178154_417410204_o


Clementine McVeigh in classic black calfskin Amazon:ClementineMcveigh.instagram

Ciara and Blanca Suarez (below) both wearing the Amazon in elaphe snakeskin with zebra stripes:Ciara.websta.meblanca-suarez-and-zuhair-murad-dress-fall-2013-2014-rtw-gallery

Cara Delavigne on the Issa 2013 runway wearing the blue snakeskin Amazons:CaraDelevigne.RunwayIssaSS13

Ariadne Artiles wearing the grey suede Amazons in Vogue Spain:AriadneArtiles.VogueES

South China Morning Post March 2015 featuring zebra print elaphe snakeskin Amazons:SouthChinaMorningPost.March2015

Online model from


Dim Sum and Shopping Day


There’s nothing like a delectable meal to satisfy my tummy before a day of shopping. I’m very pleased to finally find a dim sum place with pleasant ambiance in Montreal that’s suitable to my taste after all these years. The Crystal has been at Chinatown here for a couple of years now, but it was difficult to notice at first because of its location on the second floor of this revived, yet nearly deserted building from many years ago. Unlike the usual dim sum dishes offered inconspicuously at most Chinese restaurants, the Crystal offers more variety and interesting dishes concocted from classical Cantonese cuisine. Definitely a must-dine place if you’re ever in town.


Outfit reference:
Nordstrom mesh top
Rag & Bone jeans with leather and mesh panels
Hermès Clic Clac bracelet
Hermès Collier de Chien belt
Cartier Love ring
Nadri earrings
Céline Phantom bag
Valentino Rockstud booties

I really like the black mesh top which I bought at Nordstrom along with the grey see-through sweater shown below as well. It has very much an Alexander Wang look – that casual American coolness mixed with ingenious technical fabrics, to result in clothing that’s easy to wear and comfortable.


My other new discovery is that Zara actually makes really nice trouser pants! I’m always looking for dress pants that can carry me from the office to personal affairs without looking like I actually stepped right out of the work environment. Perhaps I’ve grown to fulfill my curves more, but a few years ago, I remember trying Zara’s clothing which were all too large for my petite physique. This Z1975 pair is especially comfortable and is office appropriate despite the label calling it “denim,” it’s actually not, but rather made of thin stretch material of cotton and polyester.

As I’m infatuated with mesh these days, so is the fashion industry, which is incorporating it into all sorts of clothing. Lululemon offers this long sleeve top, with finger holes and a bold green stripe in the back, that I thought was nice for the Spring when it could be still a bit chilly; as well as mesh leggings to allow for breathability in the popliteal areas. Unfortunately, I find the top too constricting when I’m doing strenuous exercise that the mesh accents become useless as I’m boiling in my own heat.

Lululemon2 Lululemon3

I also acquired some new jewelry by Nadri with the opening of Nordstrom recently and these two pieces have caught my eye that I actually ended up going back several times to the department store to check them out before settling my mind finally for their purchases. The necklace is quite sexy I imagine especially if worn with a low cut top as it dangles right in between one’s bosum. For this reason, I have not dared to wear it out yet, haha! The matching earrings are also a quite unique and edgy, which you can see me wearing in the above pix at dim sum. Both are well made with glass crystals and plated in 18K gold.

Nadri1 Nadri3 Nadri2

I recently saw a friend wearing Vince’s Addie heels which encaptured my attention. I managed to try them at Nordies, which I instantly fell in love with the leather and comfortable fit. However, the thick strap was not to my fondness as I found it to be bulky and I was not completely enthralled with the $400 price tag for only contemporary shoes. To my later surprise, I actually found The Bay to carry Vince Camuto’s Vamelia, which is a similar derivative, but I was even more impressed with the buttery soft nappa leather than the supposedly better brand Vince. Not only so, Vince Camuto offers their version with a thin buckle strap which is exactly what I prefer instead of Vince’s push-stud closure.  And only at a fraction of the cost at a special price of $90 that I found online at Amazon compared to the in-store retail $175, it was a no brainer for me that I had to get them!

VC_Vamelia1 VC_Vamelia2
VC_Vamelia3 VC_Vamelia4 VC_Vamelia5

Comparison to Vince’s Addie and another similar style Addison:
I do love Vince’s crocodile print which makes me think of it as a perfectly pairing to my Céline croc-embossed Phantom! These almost mule-like shoes are surely a hit for this season as they’re easy for downtown wear and produced en masse by various designers high and low. I plan to wear mine with cigarette pipe skinny jeans, and of course in black to elongate the leg lengthening effect, yes think Givenchy-like! Happy shopping everyone!

^Picture credit:

Sundays Are Always The Best

…cuz they’re the most relaxing day of the week for me!

I wake up according to my biologic clock and leisurely made my breakfast. This weekend, I imagined “Yorkshire Pudding muffins” that is easy to make like the original recipe, but also healthy calorie-wise. Instead of the rule of 1/3’s I added slightly more flour, i.e. requiring  1/2 cup organic flour, 1/4 cup 1% milk, and 1/4 cup egg (about 1 large egg), 1 tsp of Splenda, 1 pump Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup, and a pinch of baking soda. Mix everything up, lightly oil spray the muffin tray, and bake for 25 mins at 375 F. Recipe makes 6, and is about 50 calories each. The centre is mainly hollow and enjoy with your favourite yoghurt and fruits for a breakfast version of the classic Yorkshire Pudding!

This is also similar to a batter that I use to make good French crêpes!

YorkshirePudding1 YorkshirePudding2

Then I went out to do more shopping of course at J Crew: 2 pairs of trouser pants, floral top, shorts, and costume necklace. Here a group shot of all my recent acquisitions at Nordstrom, Sephora, and new shoes… You might notice something that I haven’t done a reveal yet in the pic below, but don’t worry, I’m very excited to post them up real soon! hehe


I packed my bags and headed for Montreal, where I finally got to check out my brand spankin’ new bathroom! I don’t know about the rest of you, but a nice bathroom is essential since I spend like a third of my life at home here lol. I like a large granite counter top to have lots of space for my cosmetics and skincare products, as well as room to place my clothes when I head into the shower. I really don’t like putting my new clothes on the toilet lid…

Bathroom1 Bathroom2

Then off to dinner we went at Aikawa! This is a very good sushi restaurant, prices are fairly expensive, but not too bad considering the excellent service and quality of food. You get some very original dishes here and I love their octopus-seaweed salad which isn’t the typical seaweed that you get at most places, but rather 5 different exotic species of kelp. The appetizer also contains mangos, cucumbers, and imitation crab! YUM!!!

The main sushi dish that I ordered was called “Hero” and has crab, tuna, roe, some other fish, asparagus, cucumbers, asian mushrooms, all wrapped in rice and seaweed. Lastly, add some tempura on the outside in a light batter and gently deep fried, with spicy mayo sauce on the side, finished with some fresh fruits, and a lovely orchid! I’m a sucker for pretty things 😀

Here’s me ready to devour everything haha
Equipment blouse
Rag & Bone leather jeans
J Crew bar earrings
Hourglass Femme Rouge lipstick in Nocturnal

Cartier Amulette necklace

Aikawa1OctopusSeaweed_salad Hero_sushi

Then at the end of the day, there’s nothing like cuddling up with my baby to enjoy a movie before bed! Thanks for letting me share and hope you all had a wonderful weekend 😀


Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation Rave and Cosmetics for Spring

My little Spring haul turned out to be several trips to Sephora

Trip 1:
I was initially looking for a new foundation and heard some great reviews of Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau (LdP). My local Sephora had run out of the color that I wanted, so I had to order online, along with a few nail polishes. I absolutely loved the feel of this foundation and couldn’t forget about it. I think I’ve finally found my ***Holy Grail*** of all foundations!


Left – Guerlain LdP liquid foundation in shade 02
Middle – Guerlain LdP BB cream in Light
Right – Chanel Mat Lumière in 20 (Clair)

Comparison of the swatches shows that the Guerlain foundation is definitely more runny and the Chanel foundation is the thickest and also more mattifying, but provides the most coverage (moderate to full). I’d like to take this opportunity to rave about how wonderfully smooth Guerlain‘s LdP is when applied onto the skin, and not in a silicone way (like Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk). I love the satiny natural finish and I’m just totally blown away. Why haven’t I discovered this foundation earlier?!?! The coverage is probably more light to moderate rather than what they advertise as moderate to full. Anyhow it’s quite buildable and blends like a dream. I always just use very little and apply more as necessary. The Guerlain BB cream is also beautiful and has been my go-to product for the last half a year. In comparison, the BB cream feels slightly thicker and perhaps has more coverage? I know it’s kinda counter-intuitive. If I had to choose, I’d recommend the original foundation because it has better color selection and the packaging is really luxurious, whereas the BB comes in a tube and feels more casual.


Ciaté – Access All Areas
Formula X – The Celestials in Black Hole

I got these 2 nail polishes because I’ve been intrigued by the new matte texture these days. Ciaté‘s is a gorgeous coral orange which matches perfectly with my Chanel Allure La  Favorite lipstick as shown above. I didn’t really like the Formula X polish which is supposed a burgundy charcoal glittery matte color that doesn’t really show the glitter or matte texture  at all. Instead it only caught onto my clothes and was difficult to remove. I decided to return this, so off to Sephora I went again…

LV_Obsession2.2 LV_Obsession1

Trip 2:
After returning the nail polish, I couldn’t resist purchasing some more stuff including 3 more Ciaté nail polishes, a mini version of the Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Canvas, and Hourglass Femme Rouge Lipstick in Nocturnal.


Ciaté – Iced Frappé
Ciaté – Star Struck

Sorry for the night time lighting, but the Iced Frappé is actually a gorgeous soft lilac like the border color I’ve framed around the picture. Star Struck is also fabulous, one coat is all you need to achieve spectacular glitteriness lol, unlike many other non-professional polishes in which you would need to apply several coats.

I thought it might be a nice change to step out of my comfort zone and try a bold new lip color. I wanted something darker and Nocturnal from Hourglass was exactly what I was looking for in terms of achieving a sophisticated, but not really gothic look. I was impressed with the saturated color, easy application, smoothness, and moisturized feeling! I was pretty excited to try this the same night when going out for dinner here.

Outfit Reference:
Equipment silk blouse
Cartier Amulette necklace
J Crew bar earrings


Unfortunately I did not like the Hourglass Opaque Matte Lipstick in that mini tube as shown in the above swatch. It was very drying and blotchy on application, so I decided to make another trip again…

Trip 3:
Went back to exchange for another Hourglass Femme Rouge Lipstick in Peace because I was so impressed with previous Nocturnal. I did notice some differences in the packaging, where my (left) Nocturnal‘s cap was “engraved” with the logo but (right) Peace‘s cap had just imprinted the letters… And I’m making a big deal out of this because there was something definitely off with the new one. I felt like it just wasn’t sturdy for some reason and I was right because the next day, the lipstick’s internal mechanism BROKE!!! The lipstick was fine, but the cap couldn’t be pulled off, but the bottom piece did where you usually snap in the refill cartridge! However it wouldn’t budge, so you couldn’t pull the lipstick out either. What a disaster, I had to go back to Sephora again for a return!


Trip 4:
I debated with myself whether to get another Hourglass lipstick or not, but opted not to in the end just in case if the lipstick broke again. Instead, I went for Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss Shaping Cream Lip Colour in 364 – Pinky Groove. It’s also a darker pink because I already have a lot of neutral and light pink lipsticks. It’s a great color for both day and night. Good for the office too because it’s not overwhelmingly loud, but gives you “presence.” There are blue undertones, and has a slight metallic sheen. Really pretty.
Also shown below with Ciaté’s Pepperminty nail polish, which is a robin’s egg color, like Tiffany‘s turquoise blue.

Guerlain_KissKiss Guerlain_Ciate

Lastly, after all these trips, I was upgraded to Sephora’s VIB status! This comes with a complimentary makeup over and 10% discount on my next purchase. So stay tuned cuz I’ll probably need to a make a massive haul in the near future! lol Thanks for letting me share, hope you all had a nice long Easter Weekend!