Waitlisted for Mansur Gavriel?

Mansur Gavriel Large Tote in Black/Flamma Calfskin Leather


Anyone interested in fashion these days can attest to the highly sought after Mansur Gavriel handbags as the newest brand achieving cult status. The name comes from two very talented female designers who got together in 2012 to conceive the brand. Since then, the waitlist for their famous bucket and tote bags has been endlessly long. So what is so special about their bags?
1. Minimalistic design: Great for those who want a sophisticated bag without the logos. All the bags have only a small print in the front in gold lettering.
2. Vegetable tanned leather: Meaning quality leather that’s dyed without all the carcinogenic chemicals and is biodegradable. The natural tan colour, Cammello, is obviously the most personable as it is nearly a “naked” leather that will patina over time with your daily imprints.
3. Affordable price: $500 – 1000 for a contemporary brand made at a single factory in Italy!

After contemplating for quite some time between the small and large totes, I finally decided on getting the large one. I knew I wanted black and I love anything with a splash of red! So it was easy for me to decide on the Flamma interior colour. I had a chance to purchase this bag last year, but missed out on the SA’s phone call and then the bag got sold to the next person on the waitlist. However, it was really per chance that day when I was roaming around Holt Renfrew and purchasing some other items, that I randomly asked about the Mansur Gavriel tote since I knew it was soon to be restocked soon. They checked their online system’s availability, and then the bag became mine!

MG_Tote2 MG_Tote3 MG_Tote4 MG_Tote5

I plan to use the bag for work as it’s polished and discrete looking. One of my other tote bags for work is my sturdy Louis Vuitton Damier Hampstead MM which I’ve used for many years now. In comparison, the LV bag has a shorter height by 3-4 cm, but the base is wider by 1 cm. I’m used to having the 2 patch-pockets and a bigger zippered pocket inside my LV, whereas the Mansur Gavriel tote has no pockets at all. The pouch that comes with it is supposed to carry your small belongings, but I find it extremely flat and unable to put much inside… I really do like how lightweight the bag is compared to my LV which is quite heavy with the alcantara lining and hardware.


Outfit Pix:

Work Attire:
Helmut Lang coat
Mexx blazer jacket
J Crew trousers
Manolo Blahnik heelsIMG_8562 IMG_8563

Casual Look:
Vince cotton sweater

H&M shirt blouse
Mondor leggings
Michael Kors bootsMG_Tote7
Lastly a pic to show how much the bag can hold – a gigantic binder and more that’s for sure!!! Wearing an oldie but goodie here in Christian Louboutin Orniron booties 🙂


Louboutin’s New Lipsticks


Last month, Christian Louboutin debuted his new line of lipsticks with an array of different shades in 3 finishes: Sheer Voile, Silky Satin, and Velvet Matte. It can be a little tricky to differentiate the 3 finishes, but Sheer lipsticks have a bubbly “pinecone” appearance, Satin lipsticks have a shiny polished look, and Matte ones have a smooth matte finish. All the lipsticks are in gold packaging, except the classic “Rouge” colour is in black packaging and available in all 3 textures again.

I actually knew about this rumour more than an year ago that CL would be coming out with a makeup line and there were mixed opinions about how a shoe company is branching out into the cosmetics industry. I’m a bit of a purist in that I think every company should stick to its roots and focus on doing what it’s best known for and not diverge out. Then the opportunist in me agrees that now’s the time for CL to ride its high while it remains to be the top selling shoe designer since most other premier designers have all branched out.

Regardless of how I feel emotionally about this brand since I’ve been part of its birth and seen it rise to fame, I do think that that they are great gifts! They’re certainly the most expensive lipsticks compared to any other high end cosmetic brand, selling at $90 US ($115 CAD) + tax each, but as a nice present, they’re still affordable which is why I think CL is very interesting in terms of its marketing strategies. Not only so, I am impressed by the quality, texture, and pigmentation of the product itself. Everything is presented in a high gloss box, that opens up to the lipsticks being encased in a red cushion, comes with a black mesh travel pouch, and yellow ribbon. I wouldn’t wear it as a necklace myself, but may attach it to the inside of my bag, so that it doesn’t get lost amongst all my other belongings.



Review of the shade You You (Sheer Voile):

The name You You comes from one of CL’s very classic heels, which is an open toe pump of a modest 100 mm height with a small 10 cm platform. It’s a very comfortable pair, and this lipstick is just as comfy as the shoes themselves with a very richly moisturizing feeling. I’m very impressed by how smooth the texture is and how deeply pigmented it is for a sheer shade which is usually just a hint of colour. It feels like a balm, without the stickiness, and lasts many hours if you don’t eat or wipe your mouth. The colour is quite intense like a very dark rose. It’s very beautiful and great to wear on weekdays or if you need something quick to put together your whole makeup look!


Review of the shade Miss Clichy (Silky Satin):

This colour also derives its name from a pair of shoes that is now discontinued for 3-4 years. I personally did not find them comfortable and prefer an exposed platform, rather than a hidden 1 inch platform of 140 mm height. The colour however is actually very similar to the You You above, but darker, more saturated, and has more blue undertones. I thought the Satin texture was interesting because I’m used to Chanel‘s and Guerlain‘s lipsticks, and CL’s satin is definitely more moisturizing.  It’s got a bit of sheen to it as well, which I was not expecting. The colour wears well for many hours and does not feather from my one time experience when I went out last week.  Another gorgeous colour to wear for special events or going out to a nice restaurant!

christianlouboutin-missclichy-8052000_X320_4_1200x1200_1441102562Christian Louboutin Miss Clichy 140mm Black A

Swatches of the colours below, thanks for letting me share and have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend everyone 😀




So I really love these lipsticks in Silky Satin that I got 3 more to add to my mini collection! I think these are great as gifts for the holiday season as well and you can bet that a few of the closest people to me received them for Christmas 😀
Bottom 3 lipsticks are the new additions all in the following colours from left to right:
Belly Bloom, Bikini, and Impera.


The Most Romantic Céline

Céline FW15 Mini Belt Bag in Light Smoke

YAYYY!!! It’s here! The first Céline bag of the season! I’m so excited!!! 😀176103A31.08SL_1

When I think of Céline, I envision minimalism, modernity, creativity, neutrals and monotones. It’s not often that Phoebe comes out with romantic colours like red, pink, and purple. I actually prefer it this way. The brand should stick to its roots of what it’s best at and not diverge out like many other brands offering the same product in 100 colour ways. Too many options sometimes is not a good thing and to me that means a lack of focus where it has lost its historical qualities.

However, what I’m most impressed by Phoebe‘s work, is that even when she has introduced more pinks and reds this season, the exact tone chosen embodies a level of maturity. I love how the name “Light Smoke” perfectly depicts the subdued pink of this bag in a soft and airy way cast by grey-blue tones which is more prominent under certain lighting. A true light pink would have made this bag too delicate and prone to getting dirty. So the balance with the grey is perfect and will also help to disguise any wear and tear.

There have been previous Belt bags that I’ve liked, especially last season’s tan with hot pink edges. However, there was always something that I did not particularly like about some of the colour ways, because I’m frankly not much into brown colours these days. My wardrobe leans toward black and white, instead of neutrals like beige and brown. So another reason, why I fell in love with these colours is because the Indigo is more resistant to showing dirt when used as a hand-held bag.

Of course, one can also use it with its strap, which frees your hands. It’s quite a versatile bag, where one can carry it on the shoulder, in the crook of your arm, or by hand. Owners of the Céline Trapèze will feel very familiar to the bag as the two designs are quite similar and can be carried in the same ways. Both bags are exactly the same size in every dimension that I measured (see last pic for reference). The only real difference is the opening mechanism of the bags. For those who find the Trapèze to be too difficult to get in/out because of it’s “tab+turn-lock” closure, will find the Belt to be much user friendly in that it’s more of a “hook” where it latches onto the body. Both styles have a zipper for extra security. The Belt bag does feel much lighter though and seems to be less structured compared to the Trapèze. So I would definitely say that it has more of a casual feel.

Other Details:
Leather exterior: Calfskin
Leather interior: Lambskin
Leather quality: 10/10
Country of origin: Italy
Interior Compartments: 2 flap pockets
Exterior 1 large zipped pocket
Size: 27/23/13 cm – thanks Kelly for catching the typo! (about 2 cm smaller on both sides compared to the regular Belt)
Removable shoulder strap (would prefer an adjustable one, and the length seems kinda short?)

In one sentence, this bag is practical, functional, beautiful, and perfect for those of us with petite frames. Thanks for letting me share and enjoy the pix! 😀

Celine_Belt1 Celine_Belt2Celine_Belt4 Celine_Belt5

Celine_Belt6 Celine_Belt7

Modeling pix below to show bag relative to 5’2 height:
– Club Monaco sweater
– Roland Mouret skirt
– Christian Louboutin heelsCeline_Belt9 Celine_Belt8

Lastly, reference pic in comparison to the Trapèze. Again both bags are exactly the same size in all dimensions, including the straps have the same lengths. Hope this helps!